Case, The


By Ender

Jason slips one of the red vials into his pocket and heads for the school. At what was now for him a brisk jog he covered the 6 miles between his house and the school in less than five minutes. Wanting to make an entrance for Larry he takes a running jump at the building and lands on the wall midway up the second floor. He clings there for a moment by his finger nails and then scrambles spider like to the roof to wait for Larry.

It took Larry a bit more than the 15 minutes to ride his bike the 2 miles to the school. And when he got there he collapsed panting on the steps. He lay there trying to catch his breath. After a couple of minutes he gasped, “Jason… Jason… Where the fuck are you ass hole… Watching from the roof Jason rolled with silent laughter…. And standing on the ledge he jumps. Jason lands with a thud, cracking the stone step a few up and to one side from Larry and says, “Who are you calling ass-hole, deweeb,” as Larry turned to see the source of the crash. •

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