Case, The


By Muscl4life

Jason anticipated the actions of their followers, after all if ChemTech had been stolen, they wouldn’t be waiting for the police to retrieve something so important like the case, they would be tracking down any clue after their property. He had seen the big SUV surrounding the school a long time ago, that’s why he asked Larry to walk with him making sure he would have sampled from the strength enhancer – if anything went happened he would be able to defend himself – but at the same time he didn’t want to alarm Larry, the geek boy wasn’t ready for such emotion so soon, so Jason pretended to be casually walking down the main roads, making sure they crossed through large, clear places – Jason’s brilliant mind had already traced a perfect plan. He just needed his ChemTech friends to cooperate with him.

“It’s show time!” Jason thought as he noticed the guy coming from the SUV. When he told Larry to run, he already had everything prepared. He knew their followers would split if they ran to opposite directions, and that’s what he was counting on.

Since Larry looked a chubby out of shape geek teen, it seemed easier to catch him instead of the incredibly agile and fast Jason, who simply disappeared from their sight in no time.

Jason held behind a dumpster, looking at the big vehicle going after Larry – “Now the predator becomes the prey!” he grinned, grabbed the two green vials on his pocket – “I just needed an excuse to get me a double dose any way!” he said breaking the seals and the green fumes surrounded his body.

The effects were simply amazing – Jason felt his entire body shaking and growing, but this time it was painless, just the rush feeling of increasing power, augmenting muscles. Even his senses are so much sharper now; he listened better, saw better and even his skin could feel everything so much more detailed and precisely.

His clothing stretched further and further – Fortunately, Jason came prepared, under his clothing he wore black spandex pants, so as his muscles grew bigger and bigger, his mass augmenting by the seconds, he could hear the non-stretching baggy flannel shirt ripping, his muscles tearing it like a paper tissue. Jason kneeled as he felt his back expanding and his chest pressing his lats, his muscles augmented incredibly big now, he could just feel his body sure reached over 200 pounds of pure muscle, even his bones seemed heavier, stronger, denser. The growth was even faster and more dramatic this time, apparently the increasing dosage also resulted in faster results – Jason watched his even more massive body incredibly ripped muscular – he looked bigger than any bodybuilder could ever be! His muscles were so packed and ripped, so dense and lean, exactly every fiber could be seen, so striated and cut they were. The kid watched in awe as even his spandex pants were almost ripping, stretched to the max the enormous thick thighs of the teen were about to tear the fragile fabric at any moment now…

“If one dose made me grow 35 pounds, I assume the double intake would give me 70 pounds which would bring me to 245 pounds, but this is even bigger than I estimated!” Jason pondered as he looked to his body – his muscles were so big and dense, they bulged and flexed just with a mere movement – “So the muscle growth effect does not follow a linear rate…” Jason considered for one moment his mind even estimated a possible formula standard that could translate the effects of his last growth spurt, something about 280 pounds – considering he was a 5’9” tall teenager, he looked wider than any pro-bodybuilder, especially if you consider the definition on his superior muscles.

“Larry, I gotta help him!” Jason said as he started running after the ChemTech SUV.

Larry’s muscles were still boosted by the strength enhancers, he could run much faster and with great agility, which caught his persecutors off-guard. Jason followed them from a safe distance, preparing to act at the right moment. When he saw Larry going into the old woods way, he smiled – “That’s perfect Larry!”

Jason felt his incredible muscles running with fluidly grace, he just ran a little faster and soon he was side-by side with the SUV’s front door, waving to the driver “Hey bonehead!” he yelled with a mean smile.

The poor guy didn’t have time to react, Jason simply inserted his super strong muscles into the running vehicle’s wheels, easily breaking the steel axle, causing the car to lose its control and almost hit a near three, giving Larry the opportunity to escape safe and sound.

The big men got out of the car – “It’s the kid who found the case!” one of them said, looking around for any signs of Jason. They had stun guns on their hands, each guy should be over 220 pounds, with big strong bodies and a dangerous look.

“Looking for me gentlemen?” Jason grinned. The henchmen rushed against him, but it was useless. Jason simply stood there he could see their movements, so dumb, slow and inefficient.

The first one tried to hit Jason with the stun gun, the boy simply ducked and grabbed his thick arm, twisting it around, the dumb henchman screamed in pain, dropping the gun to the floor. Jason, lifted him from the ground and threw him against the second guy, who didn’t have time to turn off his own stun gun, the impact made him shoot the electric discharge on both of them. The imbecile duo laid convulsing on the dirt. Jason looked to the third one – the same guy who called him a few moments later and smiled – “I guess your friends are taking their nap!”

The big man gulped – “You have something that does not belong to you, boy! Give it back and we won’t file any charges” he said pointing his stun gun towards Jason’s chest, but the kid simply smiled – “Come and get it!” he said provoking the henchman, who lost his temper and attacked the incredibly muscular boy.

Jason just thought “That’s just too easy!” as he had the man completely overpowered in his arms – “Who else knows about the case?” Jason asked holding the man’s arms firmly on his powerful grip.

“ARGH! ChemTech will come after you! They know all about you and your friend there!” the man screamed in pain.

“Bullshit! You just got lucky! You don’t even know who I am!” Jason replied tightening his teeth.

Jason noticed the man tried to reach for something under inside his jacket – “Oh come on, that’s such an old trick!” he said as he quickly twisted the other arm around, the guy screamed like a dying chicken, dropping a strange gun on the ground. The teen smiled, quickly retrieving the object before the man could notice.

“What is it? A dart gun? You actually thought you could hit me? How dumb are you?” He laughed out loud. Jason threw the man against the vehicle and easily knocked him out of his senses with a precise blow on his back. The teen opened the gun and saw it filled with darts – Tranquilizers, they would have caught us and take back to ChemTech” he considered for one moment.

“What else can I find here?” Jason searched the car; finding communicators, cell phones and lots of other modern appliances. He also found a small business card with a bunch of numbers printed, he kept the card with him and continued his search, much to his surprise he found a small box with a syringe and a few other vials – those were crystal clear – “Serotonin. Those bastards are smarter than I considered! With such high Serotonin levels on our organisms, Larry and go completely crazy! I guess that would be their way to eliminate threats like us!” Jason nodded, once more thanking for his cleverer mind, which could quickly recognize the complicated formula written in the label.

“Well, guys, I’m sorry but I can’t let you find out about me yet!” He said as he injected the Serotonin into the bodies of the defenseless men – “Don’t worry, once the effects wear off, you’ll return to normalcy, until there, ChemTech will have to keep searching!” Jason laughed out loud as he used the cell phone he found with them to call the police.

“ChemTech's got explaining to do…” he wondered as he paid attention to the little numbers printed on the card – “That’s probably an I.P. address, I’m sure it won’t tell us what the vials are, but at least we’ll have a starting point!” Jason smiled – “Now, I need to know all about those vials! They are POWER, and I want it all for me!” Jason laughed as he took the way to Larry’s house – “It’s time to pay a visit to my new associated!” •

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