Condom, The

By Musclebuff

Not a growth story per se, but a very horny fantasy for all to enjoy.

Haven't you all heard the rumors about a sexual encounter between T.P. and D.N.? (Of course I mean Tad Pride and Dan Nexus, don't I?) I have it on very good authority that it is all true and that it was sanctioned, even urged, by T.P's wife. What wouldn't I have given to be a fly on the wall - or better still, the bed sheets they rolled and fucked their huge contest muscles on - or, even better , the condom that was used. So that's it, guys, I choose the condom!

Now my condoms are very special and to make sure that T.P. had me available, I was slipped into his posing pouch so he couldn't miss me. In fact, it was when he discovered me that he decided to take his life in his hands and make an approach to D.N. It didn't take much persuasion for T. had made sure D. got a good look at his monstrous dick in the pump-up room while they were changing and oiling and flexing those mountainous slabs (would you rather be the oil? Nice idea, being spread over every inch of those swelling, vascular torsos but No! my experience will be much more exciting) and my "very good Authority" assures me that D. is crazy hot for big dicks.

So, after the banquet, during which they flirted outrageously and squeezed any muscle they could reach out of sight under the table, they raced up unseen to Tad's bedroom where he had left me waiting, panting for the exercise and the experience. I had to wait a bit - wishing I was the bedsheets, or the monstrously tenting underpants or something else - while they mauled each other's muscles, getting turned on by each other's vascularity, and stuck their tongues down each other's throats as they mashed their giant pecs and swollen dicks against each other.

This was all too much for Dan: he pulled away and literally tore Tad's t-shirt off him and made a dive for the pants too. He had just grabbed hold of a handful of swollen cock under the silky material when Tad pushed him off (nearly losing his equipment, Dan was gripping so hard) and ripped his t-shirt off him. With one hand he pulled Dan's naked chest into his and the other pulled down both pairs of underpants which were kicked unceremoniously away. (see? glad I wasn't them after all - much better to come!). Now they were both naked as the day they were born and Dan pulled Tad down on to the bed on top of him. For a while they wrestled around and finally Tad got Dan's arms pinned above his head, gripping those great 22" biceps, while he reached his mouth down to encompass Dan's eager, steel-hard dick.

The groans and moans began as Tad sucked, swallowed, swirled Dan's dick around in his mouth and forced the full length down his throat. He let Dan's hands go at that moment and Dan seized the opportunity to grab Tad's head and fuck his deep throat hard and fast. Tad of course then swung those tree-like striated thighs around over Dan's head and they were soon 69-ing it like crazy. The trouble was that Tad's dick was really too big for Dan's throat, so Dan cried time out. Then it was my turn.

Not to be thwarted, Tad reached out for me, unzipped me, dropped a little EROS into me and pulled me over his dick while Dan was furiously pumping his own. I felt Tad enter me as no one has ever entered me before and when he lubed me up with that great fist with its thick calluses on his palms, I nearly went crazy and came myself. Not time for that yet, for Dan's legs went up in the air and I was forced unceremoniously into his tight but willing hole. In my opinion there's nothing like fucking and being fucked at the same time and that's what I was getting from these two heroes. Tad was in me and I was in him AND in Dan.

"Christ, fuck me, Tad!" moaned Dan, humping his hips up and down on our dick, and Tad obliged. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, to the enormous sexual satisfaction of both Dan and ourselves. Dan unlocked his meaty quads from around our neck and hoisted his rear even higher into the air; we did a kind of press up over him so that our dick sank in even deeper, which was exactly what Big Dan was after. Dan grabbed our pecs and twisted our nips which had Tad moaning and drove us to an even wilder attack, crashing into Dan's joy button over and over again as we fucked him in a circular motion.. He pulled our head down and sank his tongue deep into our throat, Our lips locked as our tongues endlessly fucked each other.

Tad and I got really violent when Dan's great glutes closed like a vice round our pumping rod. Gasping, he said he wanted to fuck us before anyone came. "I've got a better idea," said Tad. He pulled us slowly out of Dan's reluctant hole, knelt up on the bed and pulled Dan up so we were really close, face to face. Tad grabbed Dan's huge bis and said "Ready for this? Give me your dick." He rubbed some Eros onto Dan's pole, then pulled me wide open, grabbed Dan and slowly pushed him into me, then let the latex snap tight on the two great muscle-dicks. Their lube-covered weapons started to rub up against each other as each had a hand on my outside. Oh wow! I was being double fucked by two muscle gods! Their double hugeness pumped in and out of me and I could both feel and hear the groaning satisfaction both men were getting out of sharing me like this.

Dan grabbed both sets of balls with one hand and reached behind Tad with the other and stuck a long finger up his arse. Tas went mad and so did I as those two muscle hunks rubbed up against each other, feeling every swollen, flexed muscle in the body while I was going crazy being-double-fucked. I was on the point of cumming myself when Tad called time out. "You've got to get that finger out of me and get that great fuck-pole up me instead!" he yelled. So he pulled out of me, letting the latex snap tight against Dan's giant member, turned round, stuck his arse in the air and yelled "Fuck me, big guy! Fuck me!"

I was of course already being fucked by Dan (my heart's desire for years) and now we entered the sick, hungry, greedy hole that Tad was waving in the air. If you thought we fucked Dan violently, it was nothing to what Dan and I did to Tad! Our dick was raping him hard, fast and deep, he was pushing back against us as hard as he could, and we had our hands clamped to Tad's giant flexed pecs which was driving us all even crazier . They felt so good in our hands, but nothing felt so good to me as being fucked by Dan and fucking Tad at the same time.

Suddenly, mutually, we came - all three of us, roaring like bulls and spurting huge jets of jism up Tad's hot hole while he, defying the laws of gravity and in spit of his position, hit his own face and filled his own mouth with his milky, powerful torrent of DNA muscle juice.

Then it happened. Dan said "God, I'm going to cum again, right now, all over again!" and this was almost immediately after he had already released that ocean into Tad. He pulled us out of Tad, grabbed hold of me, fucking the inside of the latex, and came AGAIN with such power that the overfilled latex burst, and there I was, between the two of them, as large as life, and larger than both of them put together.

"Where the hell did you come from?" said Tad. "You were both inside me and here I am!" there was a stupefied silence for a moment, then they were all over me, feeling, stroking, clasping, flexing. slapping, grabbing. And I was doing all that back to them, filling my hands with as much gorgeous mighty muscle as I could, licking, kissing, clamping my huge quads round their waists, grabbing all three dicks - "Hey guys, I can't.... Yeah, I'm gong to cum again....hey guys...Oh my God....!" And sitting there between those two muscle gods, this third one, now even bigger than either of them since I was overfilled with both their DNA's, this one jetted almost to the ceiling, the biggest load of the three yet. Dan and Tad had the sense to catch as much as they could in their hands, faces and mouths and then we were all sharing it, mouth to mouth, clasped to each other, cocks still rampant and trapped between three sets of rope-like eight-packs.

And then the muscle magic worked again for, as we were sharing so intimately, I could feel them both growing in every muscle to equal my new huge size. Then they felt it too and it was time for the mirror game - laughing with delight, posing, flexing, admiring, grabbing, yelling, double bicep, side tricep, most muscular and all that. Then the three of us stopped to draw breath, looked at each other, saw our dicks rising again to their full magnificent heights again, and , before you could say "Joe Weider" all three of us were at it.

And we haven't stopped yet.

So who is this undiscovered young bodybuilder who nowadays is seen constantly in Dan's company, giving rise to such fascinated gossip? Parading him around the Arnold Show etc? You don't need three guesses. You don't even need one.

Did I make the right choice? You better believe it!

That's it for now. •

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