Concrete Angel


By brahmabull

Mere moments pass by - making it feel like eternity. I stare agasp at what I see before me. White lushious wings hooked as if being set to fly. Spanning what seems to be nearly twelve feet across each from his muscle-toned back. I blink twice wondering if it is real as of the man - no... not a man. An Angel! He is an Angel. That has to be it. He has to be an Angel. I peer back towards his gazing golden eyes.

I feel so shallow in front of the being that is standing before me. Waiting. Feeling the immense warmth radiating from his expanding chest. Expanding chest? No it can't be. He is GROWING before me. He inflates like a balloon. But more than that. It is his muscle contracting. Firming upon itself with more muscle. I nearly faint from what is going on before me. As my mind is reeling from the amazing sight - I wonder why no one has yet seen was is going on. I turn my head to see people frozen. Locked in time. Barely moving a millimeter at a time. He slowed time to a stand still.

In awe, I bring my focus back to god before me. Yes. This Angel must be a God. Reveled at what is to be a sight to behold. He grows more and more. Expanded - his wings are now jutted out from his back. Spread and floating now two feet above me - I feel more heat now barreling in towards me. Pain. Fuck the pain!!!!!! Clutching my chest as though grabbed a branding iron and shoved it through my back and into my heart.

All I can feel is being light-headed and just staring at his eyes. Eyes too heavy. Can't keep them open anymore. God - what is going on. Am I dying? Must sleep. Pain hurts. Must sleep. Pain....... the pain......


'Ow. What the hell was that?'

Slowly I open my eyes up. Bright. Bright lights. God my head hurts. Why do I feel so heavy? Ow. My chest. Feels like some one dropped an elephant on me and told it to sit on my chest. Where the hell am I? How did I get on a bed? Wait a second. I'm on my bed. I glance at the clock on the night stand. 7AM! Huh?!

It's 7o'clock in the morning. I had just gone out at about 10AM. How can this be? My eyes re-adjust. The display says Sunday, 7:01A.M. I look at the date. Grabbing the alarm clock out of instinct. I noticed something wrong with my hand. It's not my FUCKING hand. It's a meaty muscle hand. HELL. Not a hand - bigger than a hand. A BEAR'S PAW. A muscle-bound meaty bear paw with white hair on it. White hair? On my arms too! This can't be right. No. I don't have a bear paw or white hairs. No - shit. I am only 29 friggin' years old. I don't get white hairs. I am too damn young to be getting white hairs. The only white hairs I am interested in are on a Grizzly Daddy Leather Muscle Bear. Not on me. Well not in that way yet......

What is going on?! •

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