Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

Hey guys; been reading stuff from here for a while, so finally thought I'd try posting something. This is a story I wrote based on a couple of e-mail ideas a friend and I came up wtih, and the muscle growth stuff doesn't really come in until later chapters, but hope somebody out there likes it. Obviously, the story's meant to be read by readers over 18, contains sexual content, yadda yadda yadda. Enjoy!

I'm almost ready. According to my friend's notes, this stuff only has to simmer another ten minutes, and I'm good to go. I look up at my reflection in the mirror and get a reminder of why I'm doing this.

I'm not a bad-looking guy -- thirty-five, salt-and-pepper hair, kind of non-descript. A short beard with patches of gray frames my roundish face, and my dark eyelashes bring out the bright green of my eyes. Then my gaze drops downwards, and I see my out of shape body. I've got a bit of a beer gut that I can't seem to lose, and some of the tone is gone from my arms from working too hard and skipping out on the gym in the past few months. All in all, not bad, really. But I want better.

- - -

I first saw Chad when I was scoping out the gym. I couldn't help but notice his picture, even hanging among all the photos of other trainers on the wall in the gym's entryway. I looked up to see his sexy brown eyes looking down at me over huge naked pecs peppered lightly with the same dark blond hair that was artfully spiked on his head. I made a note of his name.

I followed the manager from the front desk and into the gym, and there he was. He was facing me, guiding a client through a complicated-looking motion at some machine or other.

Chad was amazing -- a total bodybuilder, obviously in his early twenties, his muscles rippling and flexing under the tight tank top he was wearing as he guided his client through the work out. I could barely pay attention to the manager who was showing me around the facilities. When we passed by Chad, I swear I got a hard-on just hearing his voice as he told his client, "That's it, Frank. Push a little harder." A deep voice, with a heavy Brooklyn accent.

I signed my membership papers in a daze, keeping an eye on Chad through the window into the gym as the manager took my credit card and ran it through. I was very glad I was wearing my baggy cargo pants, that's for sure. With a strange twinge, all of a sudden all I could think of was what it'd feel like having arms like that, a body like that. My cock throbbed in my pants as I signed my name to the receipt.

"You get a free training session with your membership, Dan," the manager said, snapping me out of my reverie. "Any preferences for who you'd like your session to be with?"

As if she had to ask.

I told her to schedule it with Chad, and, after a few minutes sifting through his ledger, she was able to schedule me in a week later. Chad had a pretty busy schedule, but I was determined to find a spot for myself in it.

Getting home, I returned a call from my friend Scott, a serious devotee of Wiccan, witchcraft, and anything off the beaten religious path. I didn't necessarily believe any of it, but he swore he'd had an out of body experience recently, and was begging me to try it with him.

Scott showed up at my place after dark that evening, bringing with him a vial of some dark green fluid and a big grin. I had never gone along with any of his "witchcraft" before, and he brushed aside his thick mop of curly hair to wink at me. Not exactly my type, Scott was one of those rocker types, thin and wiry, pale and pierced. He had a striking face, with pale blue eyes under his thick dark brows. Again, not my type, but I definitely understood the draw; his entire personality was infectious, and I guess that's what made it easy to put up with his Wiccan affectations.

"You're totally gonna get off on this," he swore.

"What is that stuff?" I asked him. He just smirked at me, and poured us each a shot of the green stuff, then lit a black candle he produced from his jacket pocket.

"What's the candle for?"

He smirked at me. "Just atmosphere. I think it's cool. Bottoms up."

We drank the stuff, and immediately I felt extremely dizzy. Scott was obviously feeling the same thing, and together we passed out on the couch.

When we came to, not too much later; I saw that the clock on the VCR had only ticked off a couple minutes.

Aside from the rush of the shot of whatever-that-was, I felt really good. I sat up, rubbing my eyes... ouch!

I looked down to see Scott's silver skull ring on my finger.

The hell? My hands didn't look right. I have thick, shorter fingers. I waggled my hands in front of me, mesmerized by my longer, bigger digits.

Scott's leather wristband was poking out from under... Scott's long-sleeved sweater.

My mind raced.

I looked over to see... me, sitting up next to me with an amused expression on "my" face.

"Cool, huh?" my own face said to me.

I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to say. Somehow, whatever the hell was in that green stuff had made it possible for Scott and me to switch bodies! I jumped up and ran to the bedroom and the full-length mirror there.

My jaw dropped. I stared at myself in the mirror. Well, I mean, it was me, but I was in Scott's body! I was very disoriented. I had almost tripped a couple times just getting to the mirror, which I realized was because I was taller. A few minutes ago I had been a respectable five foot ten. Scott was easily six-two. All of a sudden I was over 6 feet tall!

Scott, in my body, came into the room and stood beside me at the mirror. We stood there in silence for a few minutes, just touching our new bodies. I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue, feeling the metal stud that now ran through it. Still didn't make me want to do it to myself, but it felt kind of cool.

"How long--?" I started to ask, then stopped myself, as I felt an unfamiliar voice come from my throat. My own voice was gone! For some reason, this turned me on more than anything else so far, and I felt the thick knot of Scott's dick twist in his boxers. I moved to adjust it; wanting right there just to strip my pants off to see it.

"It'll wear off in a few hours. You're not too freaked, are you?" Scott turned to me, and I could see the rise of my own cock in, well, they were still my pants. "I've always been turned on by your body; I thought you wouldn't mind seeing what mine feels like for a while."

He rubbed his (my?) hands across his belly, running them under the shirt to feel fine coat of dark hair that spread across it.

"Mind?" I was still getting used to the sound of a new voice in my inner ear. "Jesus, Scott, this is amazing." I watched him run my thick fingers through the new beard on his face, and I raised my cool fingers to my smooth cheeks, only finding the soul patch beneath my full lips.

Now I was seriously turned on. I stripped off the sweater I now had on to see my new pale, hairless torso, the dark pierced buds of my nipples standing out in relief as I ran my long fingers over my ab muscles. He was right about the piercings being hot; as my fingers strummed over them, my new dick stretched itself further in my pants.

"Oh, man," I said, enjoying the feeling of Scott's voice as I said it. This body was also hungering for something else, but it took Scott a while to figure out what I was complaining about.

"You need a smoke." He laughed at me. I've always hated his smoking. But this body needed it, and he got his cigarettes from his jacket in the living room.

He lit one and handed it to me, and it was like inhaling pure oxygen to this body.

"Very erotic, no?" Scott winked at me, and I reached out to feel my own carefully trimmed beard now bordering his familiarly wicked smile.

I leaned forward and kissed him gently, the taste of smoke mingling with the cologne I could smell on his body.

Without another word, we helped each other out of our clothes, and made our fumbling way to the bed. I don't know how many times we had sex that night, and the sheer pleasure I got from feeling his uncut cock (now a part of me-- this feeling of a foreskin was amazing!) pushing into what had been my own tight hole (and his moaning in my voice) was beyond anything I'd ever imagined. I loved the feeling of his bearded lips on my new hairless chest, our scents mingled in a whirling confusion.

It was a very wild night, while the effects of the potion lasted, and we drifted off to sleep in happy exhaustion. We woke up the next day, in our own bodies, and I was kind of glad to be back home again.

Scott rushed off to work, promising to show me how to make the stuff myself. I know both of us were ready to test the limits of what this could do, and I also knew there was a new and powerful bond between us that would never be broken. A part of me was always going to be remembering the feeling of living in him, even for a few hours.

I was focused on getting into the body I couldn't stop thinking about. "There are some ground rules you have to know," he said. "But it's pretty simple stuff."

I knew just exactly who I intended to share it with.

- - -

My appointment with Chad is in a couple of hours, and I'm concentrating so I don't spill a single green drop of this stuff as I pour it into the water bottle I'm taking with me to the gym. I top it off with more water and toss it into my bag, and I'm good to go. •

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