Muscle Control

Anthony glanced down at the small bottle of magic potion he was holding. The label was clear in its instructions: It would turn a heterosexual male gay, but as a side effect would enhance their physique. Anthony loved Jesse's slender body - it was much like his own - but he was desperate that Jesse would be gay too, and that he would love him back. So he resolved himself to grab a six pack of beer, walk over to Jesse's house, and give him a spiked drink. It was the only way he could get what he wanted.

Jesse answered the door wearing jeans and a sweat shirt. "Hi Ant!" said Jesse. "I brought beer," said Anthony, his heart had made little skip when Anthony had opened the door. "Man that sounds great, come on in" Jesse said, he had been working in the yard all afternoon and was ready to relax. The thought of Jesse's smooth chest was distracting Anthony as he carried his beers inside. Jesse took the beer. Anthony followed Jesse into the living room and they sat down in front of the TV, he had his hand in his pocket and was fingering the bottle nervously.

The friends sat down on the couch and Anthony cracked open two cans and handed one to Jesse, trying not to look too nervous. He was kicking himself for not figuring out how to spike this beer...but knew he had a couple more beers to get the potion into. Luckily, after cracking open beer #2, Jesse went in to the kitchen to grab some snacks. Anthony took a deep breath, and seized on the opportunity to pour a couple drops of the potion into Jesse's open can. Shaking with nervous energy, Anthony had just enough time to hide the bottle back in his pocket before Jesse came back in, sat down, and took a swig of his beer.

"Urg man, this beer tastes gross," he said, but took another swig anyway. He was oddly intrigued by the sensation the drink sent through him. After a few swigs he hardly cared about the taste of the beer at all. In a matter of moments, Jesse started to sweat profusely and his skin looked flushed. He absently began rubbing his slender tummy and feeling the small abs there. Jesse then noticed something. He felt a sort of electricity in the air between him and Anthony that he had never felt before. It was embarassing because he felt his cock begin to harden and push out his pants making them painfully tight. Tighter than they had ever been before. His cock normally measured in at around 5 inches but now it was closer to 6 inches and plumper, too. Anthony also started seeing changes in his behavior. Jesse was stealing glances at him, then looking away, a little shy. "My god! He's checking me out!"

Jesse and Anthony locked eyes. Jesse started to feel extremely horny, and he couldn't figure out why. What was happening to him? Absentmindedly, Jesse allowed his hand to continue tracing up to his chest. The skin felt hot and tight, almost as if there was something hard beneath. No, wait. He pressed harder into the skin, but it did not indent much at all. It was almost as if his well-formed but slender chest had somehow been replaced with that of a young athlete. His pectorals were still pancake flat, but they were hard and hot to the touch. Then he made the mistake of allowing his fingers access to his nips. Jesse felt light headed and a wave of intense pleasure washed over him.

He gasped, losing whatever thoughts were running through his mind in the wake of that ecstasy. Anthony was staring at him, frozen with indecision, his own seven inch hardon pressing against the front of his jeans like a beast trying to escape from its cage. Jesse winked at him.

That was all it took to make Anthony to run a hand up his shirt and begin playing with his flat pectorals. As he massaged his own nips, Anthony plunged the middle finger of his right into Jesse's mouth, which the other young man began to suck vigorously. Each time Jesse sucked on Anthony's finger, his abs contracted, sending them into relief against his belly. Each time they looked harder and more defined. He was almost as big as Anthony now, and would soon surpass the skinny boy if he continued to grow.

"Wh... What's happening to me?" Jesse gasped, he had a moment of clairty, and realised something was very wrong. Anthony, unaware that his friend was upset, ran his hand over Jesse's abs, causing the drugged man to involuntarily gasp.

"Just go with it man," Anthony whispered, extending a hand to cradle the biceps forming on Jesse's arm. Still slender, the youth was beginning to take on a swimmer's build.

Jesse pushed him away, and Anthony fell backward, surprised by the strength of his friend's shove. Jesse stood back, and Anthony quickly followed suit. Jesse was staring, oddly, at their feet, and then looking back up. Anthony saw why: Jesse had always been a little shorter than he, but now, face to face in their identical shoes, they were almost exactly the same height at 5'7. Then Jesse straightened, and it was clear he was even a little taller than Anthony. A sinking feeling hit Anthony as the reality of what he had done began to set in. The growth was just beginning.

And Jesse looked angry.

"What have you done to me?" he demanded to know. His heart was pounding and his blood was boiling. His shoes and clothes pinched and pulled at his body every time he moved.

Jesse waited for Anthony to respond, but suddenly his head clouded over again. He could feel his shirt beginning to stretch at the seams, but all he could concentrate on was the strange feelings he was having for Anthony. Anthony waited for the punch that never came. Instead, Jesse grabbed him in a strong embrace and kissed him roughly.

Jesse's kiss was long and strong, Anthony groaned as Jesse's tongue wriggled in his mouth, he could actually feel Jesse's tongue getting longer and stronger in his mouth! That was not the only thing growing on Jesse's body, Anthony could feel Jesse's pecs growing against his own chest as he was held in the strong embrace, the muscles on Jesse's arms were pulsing and growing as they held Anthony, and Anthony could feel Jesse's dick lengthening and thickening through his jeans. Anthony had been standing on his tiptoes as Jesse grew taller, but now he realized that his feet were dangling in midair, Jesse must be well over 6 feet tall now!

Jesse pulled out of the kiss with Anthony, "I don't know what you did to me Ant, but I'm beginning to LIKE it. Anyways, I couldn't be mad at you, you're just so adorable!" Jesse did like it, his body grew in surges, and every time his muscles flexed bigger and his bones lengthened his whole body felt like one big erection! Here came another surge, Jesse felt his arms, legs, chest, back and butt flex and build more muscle, Jesse's dick surged in response to this power. Suddenly Jesse heard Ant give a little yelp, the last surge in Jesse's muscle mass had made the muscle hug a little too tight for Ant. Jesse quickly put Anthony back down on the ground, admiring his friend's slim fit body as he stood back up. "Sorry, Ant, I'm growing too fast for hugging you right now."

Jesse noticed how tight his clothes had become, his sweatshirt had already begun to rip, his jeans felt like a second skin and his shoes were so tight they hurt. Jesse could feel the next growth surge coming on, he wondered what would happen if he actively flexed during this next surge, he decided to give it a try.

Anthony by now was in total shock. The short skinny but toned body of his friend had been transformed into that of a tall musclestud, and he was still growing! Anthony took a step or two back to better take in Jesse's form since he now towered over him. Jesse's sweatshirt fit him like a second skin, his pecs were now bulging mounds straining the fabric, his arms, even unflexed, had begun to tear apart the sleeves like growing mountains, and his legs, his legs filled Jesse's once loose jeans so much they looked like a cyclist's lycra pants, especially because they'd ridden up on his much longer legs!

Jesse stared at Anthony, he was so cute, so delectable, how could he not have seen it before? He needed to flex and grow so he could make love to Anthony, cradle and protect his beautiful body and be strong enough to fulfill his every desire. Jesse could feel the surge of growth starting, it was time for him to flex, stretch and intensify that wave of growth.

Anthony saw Jesse's intense stare, he looked like he wanted to come right over and tear Anthony's clothes off and hump his brains out. It was a real turn-on, it was also a little scary. Suddenly Jesse grunted and groaned, it sounded like another growth spurt was about to begin. Jesse leaned over a little and flexed in a most muscular pose. Anthony had thought Jesse's muscles had grown a lot before, now the growth was incredible and it was accompanied with the sound of ripping fabric as Jesse's clothing ripped apart under the muscle onslaught.

Like some bodily muscle tsunami Jesse's arms surged with muscle, his biceps peaking, his triceps tripling, his forearms swelling, the sleeves split open and fell away, revealing a network of pulsing veins crisscrossing Jesse's flexing arms. Jesse's pecs rolled up and out like a muscle avalanche busting open the chest of the shirt at the same time as his writhing traps and bulging delts demolished the collar and shoulders. Finally, what was left of the shirt fell away as Jesse's lats crested and tore apart the sides of the shirt. All of this happened almost simultaneously, accompanied by the sound of the tearing sweat shirt.

Jesse's shirt fell away, revealing the craggy veined rockface of his upper torso and arms, then, with a sound more like a machine gun than ripping fabric, Jesse's surging, growing, flexing legs conquered his jeans. Ropes of corded thigh muscles cracked through the tough denim like it was an eggshell, diamond calves carved themselves out of the stonewashed fabric, all with a tearing rat-a-tat-tat sound. All was quiet for a moment and then with a POP! POP! Jesse's shoes gave up the struggle and busted open, revealing big strong feet.

"Wow, that potion worked better than I could've ever hoped," said Anthony "What potion?" said Jesse. His voice box had obviously grown inside his thick neck, as his voice was now deep and manly.

"Uh..." Anthony tried to think of a way to get himself out of this one but it was too late. "Just something I thought you could use to ... help ... yea ... help you to relax! I've noticed you've been really stressed out about your girlfriend..."

Jesse was only dimly aware of what Anthony was saying. His memory of his girlfriend was faint, and growing fainter. On the other hand, he was growing more and more horny by the minute. Oh man, I can't wait for a girl to come along, he thought to himself. Maybe Anthony would be just fine, he was pretty damn hot anyway... what the hell! But first, he had to do something really important.

"Jesse! What are you doing?" cried Anthony as Jesse hefted him up and turned him upside down. Jesse was amazed at his own strength. With one hand he held Anthony upside down. With the other hand he groped his slender friend. His hand found what he wanted, and triumphantly, he pulled out the bottle of potion. It was still mostly full as Anthony had only given him a few drops.

Jesse put Anthony down, but instead of letting him go, grabbed him around the waist.

"What ... " said Jesse, not really fighting his hot, muscled friend very hard.

Anthony unstoppered the bottle and poured the entire contents down Jesse's throat.

"It's only fair..." he said. He kissed Jesse deeply and waited for the growth to begin. •

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