Muscle Conquest

By Muscle Wimp

I couldn't believe it, I was sitting at the jocks' table in the High School cafeteria!! Of course, it had taken an alien invasion to do it. My name's Tim Delany, lots of people, especially the jocks, call me Tiny Tim, I hate that name but it is accurate. I'm a senior in high school but I'm only 5'6" and 100lbs, I have brown hair and brown eyes and I'm gay, but I haven't told anyone yet.

I really was at the jocks' table because of an alien invasion. Flying saucers had landed on Earth a week ago, they were in all the world capitals. The saucers were gray and they had broadcast a television message. "You have seven of your days to form a world government to end all war and killing among your kind, we await your answer. If you fail to comply we will impose our own solution on you."

The aliens, it turned out, were those gray, short, ovoid-eyed creatures that the ufo people had seen for all those years. In the last week the government had revealed its massive cover-up of the fact that the aliens were studying us.

I was at the jocks' table that day because it was in front of the big screen tv in the cafeteria. The principal had ordered it set up so that everyone could watch the president's response to the ultimatum. I'm in the AV club and was there to tape the president. The screen showed the White House and the flying saucer in front of it, with tanks all around it, their cannon pointing at it. The jocks had let me sit up there because they wanted me to be right there in case anything went wrong with the transmission.

Garth was sitting right next to me, resting his well muscled arms on the table. Garth is the captain of the football team as well as center on the basketball team. Garth is everything I'm not, he's big, 6'6", around 300lbs., all of it muscle. He has close cropped blond hair, very blue eyes, and muscle everywhere! Right now he looked like he might burst out of his shirt and trousers.

"I hope the president tells them to shove it, then we can kick some alien ass!!", Garth said. This was Garth's approach to everything, I knew, he'd kicked my ass a few times. I find Garth very attractive, but he and the other guys at the table were the worst type of bullies, they dominated the school and humiliated and crushed anyone who stood in their way.

"Damn right!!", said Travis, "Those little gray guys couldn't stand up to real muscle!!" He smacked one massive fist into the other to emphasize his point. Travis was 6'2", about 275lbs, with curly brown hair and brown eyes. Travis was the worst bully of all, many was the time I'd seen those massive, veined arms lifting me up by the front of my shirt so that I was face to face with Travis' handsome, snarling face. "Who's the boss, Tiny Tim?", he'd ask me before demanding my lunch money or something. "You are, Travis.", I'd reply, secretly very aroused at such a display of dominating power. Travis was definitely number two behind Garth and he knew it, so he was a much worse bully than Garth.

David, sitting right next to Travis, said, "I dunno, Trav, they have superior technology, why else would they be here threatening us?" Both Travis and Garth just glared at Dave and he immediately wilted under their gaze, "Then again you guys are probably right." Dave was probably the best looking of the jock bullies, as I called them. Dave had straight black hair, shiny black eyes, and perfectly white skin. He stood an even 6' and weighed about 250lbs, he wasn't as "beefy" as the other guys, but his muscles were more defined, and he had a bicep so perfectly peaked that I just longed to lick it. Dave was the least enthusiastic bully, he was clearly a follower of Garth and Travis and I'd often wondered if he was secretly gay and had the hots for them.

"Dave, you always were such a wuss!", said Pete. I think Travis is the worst bully, but a lot of people, especially freshmen, would say Pete is the worst. Pete's my height, 5'6", but he has double my weight, he's 200lbs, the muscles are really crowded onto Pete's small frame and, for his size, I think he's the strongest of the jock bullies. Pete is very handsome, he has red hair and green eyes and heavily freckled skin. Pete normally left me alone, we'd grown up together, next door neighbors, but we weren't friends any longer, not since he'd joined the jock bullies in high school. All these guys were seniors though, and a lot of kids, and teachers, couldn't wait for them to graduate.

"Shut up guys," Garth said, "The president's coming on." The cafeteria fell silent, I noticed there were no teachers here, they must all be in the teachers' lounge. The president appeared on the tv. I forget his exact words, I just remember that he basically said Earth would decide its own affairs and not buckle under to threats. The view on the tv immediately shifted to the saucer outside the White House, it had begun to glow with a bright blue radiance.

Then I noticed something weird, well two weird things. The first was on the tv, the hatches on the tanks around the saucer were all opening up and the soldiers were jumping out of the tanks. They were sort of dancing around. Then I was distracted by the second weird thing, I noticed Garth, and the other jock bullies, were breathing heavily and sweating like hogs.

Sweat was trickling down Garth's face in heavy streams as he panted. "Are you OK, Garth? Guys?", I asked as I noticed all the guys at the table were sweating and breathing, "What's wrong guys?" "Can't you feel it?", Dave asked, his elbows on the table, his hands wiping the sweat off his face. "Feel what?", I asked, looking around the cafeteria, all the other students seemed unaffected. Then I realized I did feel something, a tingling in my groin, and I realized I had a throbbing hard on.

I had precious little time to notice this, Garth stood up, away from the table. "It doesn't feel so bad," he said. He stretched out his and flexed his right arm, his bicep muscle writhed and flexed under the fabric of his long sleeved shirt. Suddenly the massive veined peak of Garth's bicep flexed through the fabric of the shirtsleeve, bursting it apart. Garth's arm looked more massive than I'd ever seen it!! His forearm writhed and burst through the remnants of his sleeve, the muscles more defined and hard than I had ever seen them. Garth repeated the process with his other arm, this time the sleeve tore smoothly off, the tear spreading from bicep across his forearms down to his wrist and up to his shoulder, at the same time he flexed his right tricep, revealing a pulsing horseshoe of iron hard muscle.

"What a rush!", Garth said, and flexed his pecs, bursting the top of his shirt open, revealing giant strong striated plates of muscle pecs grinding together on his massive smooth chest. Then he pulled a lat spread which seemed to have the wing span of a 747 that demolished all that was left of his shirt, revealing the granite cobblestones of his abs, gleaming with his torrents of sweat.

It was then that I noticed that Garth must be getting taller, as well as bigger musclewise. The legs of his jeans had ridden up on his calves and you could see every muscle of his quads through the straining cloth. Then Garth grunted and flexed and the legs tore apart, revealing quads that were a group of incredibly defined muscle teardrops that seemed to be held together by the pulsing veins coursing across them.

Then Garth's feet burst through his leather workboots, laces and leather giving way to expanding toes and a flexing instep, the remnants of the boots were ground to fragments under his now immense feet! The only clothing left on that growing, musclestud body of Garth's was the remnant of his jeans around his waist, which only now were beginning to strain the waistband, his waist set off his other muscles by its slimness. But Garth's package was challenging the remnants of his jeans and underwear. The clearly visible cock was thrusting out at the denim and the jeans were losing. With a loud rip the last scrap of cloth tore away, flung at my feet by the thrusting dick. It rose up proudly, it was oozing precum and it had to be well over a foot long!! Released, it hit his hard eight pack with a resounding "thwack!!" I looked up at Garth, up and up, damn, he was tall now!! Judging from the twelve foot high ceiling he must be ten feet tall! Garth was beyond human now, a massive muscled giant. "It's great guys, isn't it?!!", he yelled. I looked around, all the guys had grown and flexed out of their clothes.

Travis was around nine feet tall (Garth was still the biggest), and flexed his pecs, covered with a dusting of curly brown hair, they looked like forest covered muscle mountains. Dave was around eight feet tall, his already defined muscle was even more so, he flexed his right arm and the bicep peak rivaled a muscle Matterhorn in size and pointed definition. Pete was still the shortest, at about 7'6" tall, his freckled pecs crested over a solid eight pack like a surging wave of muscle that was ready to carry all before it.

The muscle giants were all staring at me, they looked at me like I was the prime turkey in the butcher store window, I wasn't sure I liked their gaze. Meanwhile, my cock throbbed and ached, I deeply desired to worship the sheer perfect muscles I saw before me. I wanted to lick those abs, caress those pecs, ride those flexing biceps, but I was too afraid. It was all I could do to keep from running away, "How strong are they?", I wondered in my head.

"Tim, look at this.", Garth said, and bent over and picked up the big screen tv, which it had taken both him and Travis to move before the muscle growth. The cords from the tv pulled out of the wall and Garth bent over (the ceiling was too low), and raised it over his head and tossed it across the cafeteria. The tv sailed over everyone's heads and slammed into the opposite wall, bursting into thousands of plastic and metal fragments.

People scattered, all the other students had been frozen like I was, now they scattered to exits. This didn't bother the muscle giants. "That's nothing Tim, watch this.", Travis said. He picked up the steel and formica table we'd been sitting at, no mean feat. Travis' now giant arm span meant he could carry the table upside down with each hand at one end of the table. Travis brought his arms together, his traps, delts, tris, biceps, and pecs bunched and writhed. With a crack! and a groan the table bent in half! Travis contemptuously tossed the broken mass across the now deserted cafeteria.

"Shit!!", I said, "You guys are fucking strong!!" Travis smiled and flexed his huge muscles. I was almost painfully erect now, my pants now had a wet spot on front from my precum. I had to figure out a way to get away, to calm down, assess the situation. Dave, meanwhile was crushing the steel stackable chairs, he'd pick one up, hold the seat in one hand, the back in another, and twist. The steel yielded like taffy and he ended up with a knotted ball of steel that he'd toss away. Travis was still bending tables, and Garth had gone to the serving line and was pulling the steam table out of the floor and demolishing it at the same time. Only Pete seemed unsure of what to do, he looked at me for approval while flexing his muscles.

I suddenly realized, they were competing for me, like a mating dance!! Had they responded to my thoughts? Maybe I could get away! "Listen," I said, "You guys keep doing what you're doing, I'm going away for a second." I walked as fast as I could out of the cafeteria, with a strange gait because of my erect dick.

I hadn't bargained on Pete, he wasn't doing anything, he desperately wanted to please me, and he followed me out. "Wait, Tim, what should I be doing?", I had no idea, but he strode after me ducking under the door. I darted into the hall, Pete caught up with me, he reached out to grab my arm.

"FREEZE!!", someone yelled. We both turned around. Not six feet away from us was Vice Principal Tate and our security guard, Mr. Jones. "Don't move!", Mr. Tate said, "We've got a gun!!" Jones had his pistol pointed straight at Pete. Pete looked at me with a smile and an expression like, "I know what I can do to impress you!"

Pete stepped forward with a menacing look on his face, not that he needed it, he was over seven feet and five hundred pounds of flexing, freckled muscle. Mr. Jones was 5'10" and 165lbs, tops, he fired the gun. "No!!", I yelled, it was no use. Jones emptied the clip into Pete's freckled chest, blood, skin and flesh exploded outward from Pete's pecs and he staggered back a step. "He's dead or dying," I thought.

But then Pete straightened up, smiling, we stared in disbelief at his chest. The blood was absorbed into Pete's skin, then the holes in his chest closed up, but the most amazing thing was the bullets emerging from his pecs. They slipped out from beneath his now unmarked skin, sounding and looking like pennies as they plinked onto the floor, they had been flattened by the impact with his super dense pecs!!

Pete reached out and took Jones' gun from him and bent it in half in his hands, then he bent it again. Remember when Khan does that to Kirk's phaser in Star Trek? It made a screeching sort of sound on tv, not so when Pete did it, it was a grrroooaannn and some popping sounds as the metal gave way. Pete tossed the remnants over his shoulder and reached out and picked up Mr. Jones like he was a feather pillow and threw him down the hall. I'm sure Jones would have been killed except for some open classroom doors. His body flew through the air into the doors, one by one, slamming them shut, he slowed down gradually and by the third door he'd landed on the ground, he got up slowly and limped away as fast as his legs would carry him.

Mr. Tate just stood there, his mouth hung open. I wondered why he didn't run while he had the chance. Normally he wouldn't have anything to be afraid of, Tate was a big black man, 6'6", 280lbs, with a shaved head and muscles. But Pete obviously could crush him like a bug. Why didn't he run? "Pete," he said, "Is that you?" I realized he was stunned in place with the shock of realizing this muscle giant was Pete.

"Yeah, Mr. Tate, do you want to take it up the ass like I did so many times from you to get out of being suspended?", asked Garth. I was amazed, I'd always wondered why Mr. Tate had never suspended any of the jock bullies, the worst they'd gotten was detention, he'd been trading sex for leniency.

"Yes, Pete, you musclestud, take me!!", Tate said, spreading out his arms. Pete leaned over, ripped away Tate's pants and picked him up. Tate lifted his legs up to Pete's shoulders, exposing his ass. Pete's dick was slick with the precum he'd been leaking since his musclegrowth and he easily thrust himself into Tate's ass. "Way to go Pete!!", I heard Garth say and saw that the guys had come out into the hall, they must have heard the gunshots.

Pete thrust into Tate, one, two, three, times, his powerful muscles flexing, Tate groaning with pleasure. Suddenly, every muscle in Pete's body flexed and shuddered, Tate screamed. Cum leaked out of Tate's ass squirting, so powerful were Pete's spurts. After a minute or two, things slowed down and stopped. Pete lowered Tate to the ground, slipping out of his ass. His semi-flaccid dick grew erect again quickly and began leaking pre-cum again. "Shit!!", what would it take for then to lose their boners?", I thought.

"Holy fuck!", Travis said, "look at him, he's growing!" It was true, the exhausted Tate was growing, his legs were stretching, his upper body beginning to strain his shirt. All the guys were looking at Tate, they had been too busy to watch each other grow, they were fascinated. I saw my chance to get away, I had to find out what was going on and find a place to hide. They'd soon notice me gone and I couldn't out run them.

I quietly and quickly walked down the hall towards the av room. I knew none of the guys had been there and it had a heavy steel door, even if they found me they'd have a hard time getting in. I reached the room, the high school was evidently deserted, everyone had fled, where were the police? I closed and locked the heavy steel door behind me.

I switched on one of the tv's in the av room and switched to CNN. Bernard Shaw was talking over the video of the White House and the tanks and the flying saucer. "Here you see it, ladies and gentleman, the soldiers have turned into muscle giants and are tearing their tanks apart." One soldier, naked and erect, was bending the cannon of a tank in two, while another, muscles straining, was tearing the turret off a tank, he was bent over, standing on the tank, his muscles straining, hands under the turret. His muscles seemed to be exploding they were so pumped, suddenly the turret jerked upward slightly, then more, then he straightened up and flipped it onto the ground. The other tanks were now disabled and the soldiers advanced toward the White House, past the blue glowing flying saucer.

Bernard Shaw continued, "The whereabouts of the President are unknown at this time. The same scenario is showing up all over the place, they seem to have two priorities, destroying all weapons and securing government installations. They also have the ability to increase their numbers, we apologize for the graphic nature of this footage." Some muscle giants were advancing on some soldiers who were firing on them. They might have been advancing through a heavy rain, like Pete, their bodies absorbed the bullets and then exuded them. Suddenly, two soldiers fired an antitank missile at one of the giants. He exploded in a spray of fire and blood, clearly dead. The other giants turned, looked at the antitank gunners, and then disappeared.

Suddenly one muscle giant was holding the antitank gun, and bending it into useless fragments, two other giants were picking up the soldiers and tearing off their clothes. Then in slow motion you saw the giants moving toward the soldiers and their antitank gun. Bernard Shaw, "Our time lapse photography clearly shows the muscle giants moving at super speed and disabling the soldiers." The video briefly showed the muscle giants about to enter the captured soldiers with their erect dicks, then cut away. Then it showed the soldiers were on the ground bursting out of their remaining clothes, when they had finished growing they got up and joined the other muscle giants. "Clearly, the muscle giants can turn any male into one of them, there are no reports of any women being turned into muscle giantesses."

"One other curious thing," Shaw said, "It seems the muscle men have captured some hostages." The video zeroed in on a giant carrying a struggling man, it was useless, he was short and scrawny like me and no match for a super powerful ten foot tall man. "All the hostages seem to be short, thin males. What is the meaning of this? We know our world is being conquered, but how or why, we don't know. So far our very armies have been turned against us and all resistance has failed. We will know more soon, the aliens have promised us a statement within the hour."

BANG! BANG! BANG! I jumped about a foot, someone was banging on the door. "Come on, Tim, open up!! I know you have to be in there!" It was David's voice. I calmed myself down, if I didn't answer he might give up and go away. "OK, I'll just come in the hard way," Dave said.

BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! David's fists were hitting the door like a pile driver, it was bending in the middle and shifting back on the top and bottom. I backed up into a corner, as far away from the door as possible. Dave's fingers appeared above the top of the door and pulled downwards, with a screeching groan the door, bending in half, pulled away from the doorframe. There stood David, his straight black hair soaked with sweat, his hairless chest with its powerful pecs heaving, those perfect peaked biceps pulling the door back. The hinges and the bolt gave way, the door came free, and he threw the mangled door into the hallway.

"Come on out Tim, if you know what's good for you." "No! I won't come out, you alien monster!" I yelled. Dave ducked and came in sideways to get his eight foot frame into the room. He stood there, so beautiful, perfect pecs, a rock hard stomach, legs and arms bursting with muscle. The others might be beefier, but Dave had them beat in definition and proportionality, and he'd always been the nicest among them. Dave smiled his killer smile, white even teeth and flashing black eyes. "Come on, Tim." Part of me ached to lick and lust for every inch of his muscle, but part of me ached with fear too. "No! You can't get in here anyways!" This was true, Dave was too broad with his wide muscled shoulders to stand in the middle off the room with its set of metal shelves holding equipment on either wall.

"I'll make it fit!", he said, and reached out his arms, straining and pushing against the shelving. Dave's arms swelled to giant proportions, then, with a grinding sound, the cinder block behind the shelves began breaking, the walls and shelves tumbled out into an adjoining room with a crash. Dave continued on down, pushing out the walls like Samson with the pillars until he reached me.

I was trembling as he reached down to pick me up. "What are you going to do with me?", I asked. "Something wonderful!", he replied. I struggled a little, I might as well have tried to resist the gravity well of a black hole.

Everything happened at once. Dave drew me towards him, I put out my hands to push myself away. Then he opened his mouth, was he going to bite me, eat me alive? I was filled with panic. Then my warding hands touched his chest, I felt the enormous power in those pecs. It was better than I ever imagined, I shuddered with fear and desire. Dave's mouth came close to mine. Then he did a strange thing, he didn't bite me, he didn't kiss me. He stuck out his powerful tongue and licked me right across the face!!

It was too much, the muscles in his chest, the power and warmth of his tongue, the mingled fear and desire. I came, I came in the biggest most powerful orgasm ever, my semen flooded my pants. It was such a powerful, shattering climax and relief that I fainted dead away.

I woke up in a bright room, lying on something soft, covered with a blanket. I sat up quickly, I was in the high school gym, on a mat. Surrounding me were five men: Garth, Travis, Dave, Pete, and Mr. Tate, all were seated on the mat and all were still muscle giants. Mr. Tate looked to be as big as Garth, with his dark black skin showing off his muscles to good effect.

"Hello Tim," Dave said, "Feeling better?" "OK, I guess, what do you want from me?" "Simple," Garth said, "We want you, need you, to worship our muscle." I looked around, there were other mats around the gym, with other skinny guys in the middle of five muscle men. I counted twenty mats altogether, and recognized some of the men in the other groups, Mr. Kenny, the school librarian, and one of his muscle giants was Coach Brown, the football coach.

"Why aren't any of them worshipping?", I asked. "Because they're all waiting for you.", Dave answered. Suddenly it was as if I knew what it was they wanted, and what I would have to do. The first one I worshipped would become my special companion, my aide, the next would command the others and so on down the line. I don't know how I knew this, but it just came to me.

I knew who I wanted as my special companion, I went over and sat on David's lap. "Flex your arm for me," I asked. He did, and I licked and caressed that perfect peak of muscle. "Rip off my clothes." He eagerly shredded them off my body. Soon I was going over every one of his muscles, I sucked on his muscle tits, licked his abs, massaged his perfect abs. He kissed me passionately, lifting me up and sucking on my fully erect dick. Once again I came uncontrollably, spurting more cum than I thought I had, David drank it all. Then he gently lowered me onto his dick. I had never had such a cramping, humping experience of total dominance as that first ass-fuck. When he came David's muscles grew larger, more defined.

Next I did Garth, he was surprisingly gentle, laying down most of the time so I could reach all his massive muscles. Garth was the Viking god of muscle men with his close cropped blond hair and piercing blue eyes and giant proportions. Garth's muscles were rock hard flexing power. As I licked his pecs I couldn't help but marvel at their power. "Fucking plates of power!!," I said. "They're all yours to command!!" he replied. Soon I was saying this about every body part, "What peaking burly biceps!! Grinding crushing abs!! Rippling pillars of quad muscle!!" and he would repeat, "They're yours." I can't tell you how desirable it was to worship and get fucked by such power.

Each one of them let me lick and worship their powerful muscles, each one sucked me dry, but I came back for more. Travis licked me in places I thought no tongue could reach, he stood up and lifted me effortlessly, rubbing my thin body across his muscular one. It felt great to be gently lifted by him as my whole body, especially my dick massaged itself over his rock hard muscles.

Pete let me take him up the ass instead of sucking me and got what seemed like quarts more of my cum than the others. As I thrust into him my hands roamed over the hills and valleys of Pete's freckled, muscled back, my hands gripping his massive lats to help me thrust.

Tate, or Dan as he wanted to be called, massaged my dick between his powerful pecs. If Garth was the Viking god of muscle Dan was the African god of muscle. I was fascinated with how his black skin defined each muscle with more sharpness and depth. Tate's thighs were unbelievable, shifting columns of muscle that could absorb my tongue, or my dick, massaging them to climax like his pecs did to my dick.

The other groups were worshipping too. I soon sensed why they'd aited, it seemed as if all the experiences of all the other skinny guys were feeding into me. I felt what they felt, not directly, but more in the way memories crop up in your mind while you're doing something you've done a million times before. And I was "remembering" a million times, not just the worship here in this gym, but all over the world. When we were done the guys got more blankets and pulled them over us, I slept in the gym, nestled in muscle.

In the morning I awoke to see all the muscle men and skinny guys, getting up and pointing at a gray alien who'd walked in the door. It turned toward us and then walked up to me and my group of muscle giants.

We heard the alien in our mind. "You are left in charge now, do not rule the Earth, serve it. Use your power simply to prevent war and killing, otherwise let the governments run as before." "What are you saying?" I asked out loud, "Are you putting me in charge?" "In a manner of speaking," it replied in my mind. "The muscle guardians serve you their feeders, without your semen they will lose their powers. You, Tim, have the power to read the minds of all feeders and guardians, wherever they are. You can make decisions by knowing what all think is best, where there is no consensus you will decide."

So that's what I did, the era of war and murder was over, with the muscle guardians to protect us. Most people didn't realize the feeders controlled the guardians, they thought we were their slaves, we didn't mind, it was good cover. No one realized I was the Supreme Feeder, as the guardians and feeders called me.

Dave served as my aide, I was with him and his perfect muscles every night. I regularly serviced Garth and the others, as well as other muscle guardians. My psychic link with all feeders and guardians kept us with one single purpose, all armies and weapons were dismantled, governments spent their money fighting poverty, ignorance, and disease.

It's now fifty years later, Earth has changed, there is no more war, poverty and disease are almost conquered. According to the aliens we are almost ready for star travel. I'll live to see it, muscle guardians and their feeders live for five hundred years. Dave is as beautiful as ever and even Travis has mellowed by being a guardian. We still recruit new guardians and feeders, muscle guards the world. •

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