Muscle Drain


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason's a good-looking guy, a baby faced, 27 y.o. who looks more like he's in his early 20's. He is extremely tall at 6', 5", but at a weight of 180 pounds, he is very thin. His body is reminiscent of a skinny high school basketball player. Jason works out a lot but his body gains very little weight. But, with his extremely low level of bodyfat, the scrawny muscles he does have show easily under his smooth skin. Jason always excelled in academics, His grad school research attracted a lot of attention from major research organizations and he was able to land a job straight out of grad school that provided him with a very comfortable living. He is a bio-physicist working for a high-tech defense contractor doing mind-over-matter research. Aside from being remarkably intelligent and very tall, Jason is a normal guy...except for one thing. His mind is filled with a craving for muscle. His one desire is to be physically powerful beyond all limits of human imagination. To possess the body of a god, a super-being. He often looks at himself in the mirror, flexing his thin limbs, imagining them covered with huge powerful muscles. His job requires him to spend a lot of time on his research and it has paid off because he is regarded as one of the leading authorities in mind-over-matter bio-research in the country, even at his young age. But, as time passes, it becomes more and more difficult for Jason to concentrate on his research. He constantly finds his mind wandering, filling with visions and cravings for muscle, to have a body packed with power. His feelings and urges for muscle intensify with each day. He finds himself dreaming of enormous muscles and drawing sketches of muscle laden men. Working out seems to make things worse. The slight progress he does make in the gym makes him all the more hungry for muscle. Every time he looks in the mirror at the slight muscles he has built on his thin body, it only makes him crave more. As the months pass, the yearning for muscle grows stronger. He works late into the night because he knows as soon as his mind is off his work, he will be tortured with visions of muscle and a lust to be massive and hard. But, Jason finds himself spending more time using the mind-over-matter techniques he is developing for his employer on himself. He works on controlling his brain's abilities and limitations. He likes to think he is learning to control his brain's thoughts...but in actuality his thoughts are learning to control him. His lust for muscle grows to control nearly every moment of his life. Jason has a work-out buddy at the gym, Andy. They have been working out together for several months. Andy is slightly younger than Jason, he's 24, and shorter than Jason, at 5' 10". Andy has the type of body that gains muscle very easily without much work. He has grown quite a bit since he and Jason first started working out together, building himself a muscular, tight body. Jason envies Andy because even though they both work just as hard as each other, side by side, Jason shows very little growth while Andy keeps putting on pound after pound of muscle. Andy is proud of the body he is building and a bit of a show-off also, especially around Jason. As Andy has gotten bigger he's developed a habit of flexing in the mirror after working a particular muscle. "Hey, Jase, look at these bi's", Andy will call to Jason, as he flexes his freshly pumped biceps, checking them out in the mirror. "Yo, Jase, check out these pecs, you should get some like these", Andy will tease, as he flexes his constantly growing pecs in a most muscular pose. Jason tries to play it off and act cool, but Andy's flexing and teasing drives him crazy. "If only he knew how bad I do want pecs like that and muscle like he has" Jason thinks to himself, as he watches Andy's body grow bigger and bigger day after day.

Jason's fixation and yearning to have more muscle starts to shift. It starts becoming more of a yearning for Andy's muscle. If only his body could grow like Andy's does. If only he could have the muscle that Andy keeps gaining. His work shifts also, Jason finds himself spending his days working on perfecting his visualization of Andy's body. He studies Andy's body every day at the gym. He memorizes every curve and striation. He makes a mental picture of every inch of Andy's muscles working and flexing under his smooth skin. He can almost feel what it would be like to have Andy's muscle. Jason's hunger for Andy's growing muscles increases with time to totally consume his every thought. At work, he spends his research time perfecting his mind's control over his own body, both internally and externally, and burning the image of every inch of Andy's muscled body into his mind. Workouts with Andy become sheer torture. The muscle he craves, the body he needs, working and pumping and growing right in front of him in Andy is almost more than Jason can stand. Jason just stares at Andy's beautiful muscles as they pump and strain and work to grow even bigger. Jason's mind swims with desire and lust as he helps Andy force out extra reps. His desire and envy burns deeper as he helps Andy load up more and more weight on the barbells with each trip to the gym. At work, Jason makes up excuses for delays in his research reports as he continues spending all his research time developing his mental connection to Andy's body.

It's Thursday. Pecs Day. Jason and Andy are working on dumbell incline presses. "I'm gonna go up another 5", Andy says boastfully, as he grabs the 70 pound dumbells. Andy's pecs have been exploding recently. He's been upping his poundages on all his chest exercises for the past couple of weeks. Just last week he went up to 65 from 60 pounds on dumbell incline presses and now he's going up another 5 pounds. Andy's shirts fit tighter and tighter with every workout. Jason seethes with envy as he watches Andy hoist the new weights into position. "It's not fucking fair", he thinks to himself. "I work just as hard as him and get nowhere and his fucking pecs grow by the day". Jason's envy and lust for Andy's muscles seems to grow along with Andy's body, building and compounding each day. Jason watches as Andy's pecs push the 70 pound dumbells up. The muscles swell and strain under his tight tank top. Andy grunts lightly as the extra weighted dumbells move up and down. Jason's mind starts to race with lust for those growing pecs pumping in front of him. He has to have them. He has to know what it's like to feel their power, to have them stretch out the front of his own shirt, to run his hand over one as he flexes it. "Yo, Jase, help me force out 2 more", Andy grunts at Jason, after hitting 7 reps. Jason grabs Andy's arms at the elbow to help him force out a couple of extra reps. As soon as Jason touches Andy's arms he feels a strange sensation. First, he feels what seems to be a small electrical charge shoot from his body through his hands into Andy's arms. Then Jason can actually sense the feeling of Andy's straining pecs. He can also sense the feeling of the pump in the other muscles that Andy has just worked out. Jason can actually feel every muscle in Andy's body as if they were his own. The feeling is incredible - just what he imagined it would be. Just what he somehow knew it would feel... Jason knows the time has come.... •

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