By Florian

They were both in the shallow end of Sonja's pool making small chit chat about various topics like the upcoming school year, teachers, fellow students they knew, and the classes they would have together. "Ya know i bumped into Terry yesterday afternoon after I saw you.", Sonja said. "Oh ya?", Emil said raising an eyebrow. "Joey and I saw Randy at the Zero Zest yesterday. We walked up behind him and when he turned around he looked like he was goin' ta shit his pants." Emil added. Sonja laughed, "I bet." "I mentioned you to Terry and he seemed kinda concerned." she said. "Ya when Joey and I saw Randy leave he was on his cellphone. No doubt tellin' his master about me." said Emil. "Emil when you see these guys don't do anything stupid." Sonja added. "Hey if they don't fuck with me or any of my friends then there ain't a problem. But I know they will and I'll have to step up to the plate. They'll be sorry, you'll see.", he said. "I know Terry and his lot have been a pain in the ass to everybody. i just don't want to see you get into trouble dealing with them." she said concerned. "Don't worry Sonja, I'll be careful. Promise." "I don't know how you got this freakin' big Emil, but no doubt you could hurt someone real bad if you weren't careful. You might not know your full strength.",Sonja said. "Hmmm I have an idea trust me.", Emil said with a smile. Sonja looked at Emil's massive shoulders and arms, and his big juicy tits. God he could kill Terry and his guys if he wanted too she thought to herself. She just wasn't sure Emil could control himself when the showdown happened. She knew it was only a matter of when not if. "Let me take a look at your cross again." Emil said. He wanted to get close to her but couldn't think of any other way to do it. She took her Orthodox cross pendant in her hand and showed him. Sonja knew what he really wanted. Emil took the cross in his hand and looked at it carefully. "Ya know if you want a kiss all you have to do is ask.", she said. He looked up from the cross into her green eyes that made him melt inside. "Really?", he asked. "Ya.", she smiled. So he did. He kissed her gently on the lips. She answered by opening her mouth and sticking her tongue into his. He felt his dick begin to harden and snake it's way to the bottom of his shorts. He extended his freak tongue into her mouth and swirled it around. "Hmmmmmph" she moaned. "Let's go into the bath house." Sonja said breathlessly. He followed her out of the pool and loved the way her ass moved in her bikini bottom. His cockhead had now poked it's head from under his swimming trunks. His balls began to ache and swell with cum. The bath house had several places to sit and even lie down. It was actually kind of roomy. Sonja turned to Emil and put her hands behind her back to undo the big hooks that held her massive red bikini top in place. She took off her top revealing what so many guys at school wish they could see, her truly massive breasts. They hung to her small waist looking so pendulous and ripe. Sonja had very large pinkish red areolae capped with large suckable nipples. "Like 'em?", she said with a naughty smile while slightly shaking them back and forth. Emil didn't know what to say. His enormous beefbat was about to tear itself free from the restraints of his trunks. Sonja then untied her Brazilian bikini bottom revealing a small V shaped wedge of black pubic hair. Emil noticed she had very large labia, pink and succulent. "Oh god", he wimpered to himself. She knelt before him like a subject praying before some pagan god. For the first time she caught a glimpse of his fat cockhead peeking under his trunks. "Sweet mother, my god." she muttered to herself. Sonja was getting wet. He took off his trunks. Free from any restraints his 15 inch monster sprang forth. "Oh bozhe(Serbian for God)!", she said aloud. Sonja was confronted with the biggest cock and balls she had ever laid eyes on. It was so massive it just spelled out power. His grapefruit sized balls hung halfway down his thick veined thighs. She place her hands upon his thighs and began to tongue his dick's big piss slit. Emil looked down and his eyes crossed from first contact. •

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