By Florian

Sonja pushed her tongue into Emil's cock's piss slit making him moan. She then lifted his heavy member with her right hand and buried her face into his semen sack sucking, licking loving his natural scent. "Grmmmmmph", her voice muffled against his flesh. Emil began breathing harder and was loving every minute. "Shit!", he thought to himself. He put his left hand on the back of her head and pressed her face deeper into his massive ballsack. "God that's nice Sonja.", he said to her. Sonja then licked the bottom of his godcock up to the tip, kissing and smacking it with her lips. Emil looked down and realized she was about to try and deepthroat his missile. "It it's too big to suck Sonja.", he remarked. "Uh uh you'll see what I can do.",she answered looking up at him with a naughty smile. She put both hands around his shaft and brought the tip up to her sweet mouth. Sonja then moved her left hand and grabbed Emil's tight right ass cheek. Holding the cock with only her right hand and teeth, she followed by taking her right hand and placing it on his other ass cheek. What happened next amazed Emil. Because his cock was so thick he believed that deepthroating it would be impossible. It would be a sensation he would have to live without because of his size. How wrong he was. He looked down, his jaw dropped and said aloud," Holy shit!". Sonja was taking it, absorbing it, like a snake swallows it's prey. Slowly at first centimeter by centimeter, then inch by inch. Her face became like a caricature, contorted and distorted by his big manhood. Her cheeks were stretched laterally to their limit. Her thoat expanded to nearly twice it's circumference. Veins in her throat stood out as his beast was on it's way down her gullet. Only the whites of her eyes were visible, her eyes rolled back in her head. "Ohh jeez shit Sonja!!", Emil exclaimed. "Grkrmmmphmm.", she replied. Sonja did indeed deepthroat it, all the way to the hilt. She held it there for a few seconds then slowly retracted his cock from her deep innards. Finally it passed her mouth and was out. Sonja's face was red and her features back to normal, no longer a caricature. She finally took a deep breath as her airway was no longer blocked by Emil's huge cock. Her eyes were a little red and watery. "Phewww, how was that Emil. I told ya I could do it.", she said looking up at him. "My god Sonja you're fuckin' unbelievable!.", he said breathlessly. "I didn't think anyone could do that to me." "Only me baby..",she cooed. He gently picked her up in his huge arms, and took her to a sturdy fixed bench in the bath house and put her down. His balls and prick where screaming for pussy. "Now it's my turn to show you what I can do. Just lay back, relax, you're gonna love it." he smiled to her. "Hmmmmmmm, fuckin' nail me to the wall." she moaned fingering herself with one hand and squeezing one of her massive tits in the other. "God I'm gonna enjoy this..", Emil thought. •

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