By Florian

Emil parked his car and walked up to Sonja's house and rang the doorbell. He was wearing a brand new pair of swimming trunks that he had to buy for two reasons. One was because of his old pair simply didn't fit his big thighs and bubble butt, and the other was because his old pair didn't go far enough down his leg to hide his long flaccid cock. He wore a tank top that showed off his beautifully muscled upper body and bulging man tits. Sonja opened the door wearing a pair of sandals and extra large Tshirt that just went below her crotch. Emil guessed she was wearing her bikini underneath. "Hey man, come on in, looking good.", Sonja said. "Hey Sonja thanks you too." Emil added. God she did look good, real good Emil thought to himself. Her hair was in a ponytail and he could smell a hint of perfume. "You wanna pop?", she asked. "Uh yeah, Coke would be great." Emil answered looking around the living room. Sonja got Emil a Coke and glass with ice and gave it to him. "Your mom and dad at work I suppose." he asked. "Ya they'll be back late this afternoon." she remarked. Emil wandered around the living room looking at various folk art paintings and objects. "Where is all this from?", Emil asked. "Serbia." she said. She looked at him from behind and marvelled at his broad back and tiny waist. "You're last name is Serbian right?" said Emil. "Ya well my mother's side is from Serbia and my father's side is from a region in Croatia called the Krajina." "Ahh okay, interesting." he said. "So you're Serbian Orthodox." Emil looked at an icon painting and saw the Orthodox cross. "This cross looks like the one you wear around your neck." he noted. "Ya see?", Sonja brought out her cross from under her Tshirt and shoed him upclose. Man that cross lives between her huge tits he thought to himself. "Eichinger is German right?" she wondered. He took a sip of his Coke and answered," Ya, it's Austrian actually." "Well come on let's go to the pool. Bring your pop" she motioned to him. "Okay sounds great." he said as he followed her out the back door to the pool. Emil was amazed by the big pool area that even had a small bath house and sauna neaby. "Wow very nice Sonja." Emil said. He took off his tank top and slipped of his tennis shoes. Sonja was breathless as she stared in awe of Emil's muscled god like body. "Jeez that's a slab of beef." she thought to herself. She couldn't find any flaw in his body and honestly couldn't decide on what part of him she liked the best. He seemed to have everything. She loved the big veins on his arms and shoulders, his massive back, and ripped six pack. "Sweet tight ass that you could bounce a quarter off of." she noted to herself. Emil dove in water and slicked back his hair. He smiled at Sonja who took off her oversized Tshirt. What he saw made his cock rumble in approval. "My god." he thought. She was wearing a two piece red bikini that perfectly fit her body. A Brazilian bottom outlined her shapely ass and cameltoe and a top that strained to contain her gargantuan breasts. Emil was fixated on her huge massive wobbling tits. Apart from his mother he had never seen a bigger pair of breasts. No wonder she's the envy of every girl at school he thought. Her nickname "The Bosom" was very appropriate. She didn't dive in but walked down some steps into the shallow end. She took her hair out of her ponytail, knelt back and slicked her raven black hair back. Emil loved watching her, every movement was poetry in motion. Interesting because Sonja felt the same way about Emil. He had a feeling that he wasn't going home today without some sort of sexual contact. He needn't worry. Both secretly wanted each other. •

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