By Florian

Emil parked his car at the short term lot at Minneapolis Int'l, and walked inside the int'l arrivals area to await his mother who was arriving from Amsterdam. He was very proud of his mom, who was a pilot for Northwest. She was a captain for the airline and was in command of the inbound flight he was waiting for. Soon she would be leaving her current command of DC-10s and would soon be flying Northwest's brand new A330s. A constant line of people trickled out from the arrival area, and Emil waited patiently to see is she was among this group. Soon he spotted her dressed in her pilot's uniform, four gold stripes emblazoned on her navy blue jacket. "Hey Ma!." Emil waved. "Emil hope you weren't waiting too long!", his mother said. He hugged her. He noticed other people mostly men looked at his mother. He knew what they were thinking. Andrea Eichinger 49 years of age was 6 foot, an inch taller than himself. She was blonde, blue eyed and it was clear to anyone where Emil got his facial beauty from. She had a figure that women half her age dreamed of having. Andrea also had a feature that made most men weak at the knees, her enormous breasts. All of Emil's friends loved to come over to his house just to look at his Mom. Her official measurements were 52-22-38 and no matter what she wore including her pilot's uniform every outfit showed off her remarkable figure. "Here Ma let me take that." he motioned to her suitcase and pilot's bag full of airport charts. They soon left the airport and made small talk about a variety of subjects including his upcoming school year. They arrived home and he took her bags up to the master bedroom, she went into the bathroom to change out of her uniform and freshen up. Emil pondered the idea of going out but decided to stay in and keep his mother company. After all she had been gone nearly two weeks of constant flying. The next morning Emil awoke, ate some breakfast, and saw his mother out in the backyard doing some gardening. She was wearing khaki shorts and a lime green bikini top. "Jesus Ma.", Emil said to himself looking his mother's breasts through the kitchen window that overlooked the great expanse of the backyard. He walked out back towards her and his mother called him over. "Yeah Ma?," he said. ""Uh do me a favor, go to the store, there's a list of things we need on the kitchen table. Take the SUV.," she said while spreading some mulch. Emil caught himself staring at her enormous quivering mounds of pudding that shimmied and wobbled with every move she made. For Emil huge tits were his kryptonite. He looked at them and thought to himself, "Good for you Ma if ya got it flaunt it." He got his mother's keys for the SUV and drove to the grocery store. Women at the grocery store stared and looked at his beautifully muscled body. He was used to the looks by now and when catching one looking he simply looked back and just smiled. After shopping he put the bags in the back of the Lincoln Navigator and shut the hatch door when he heard a voice behind him, "Oh my god, Emil?" He turned and instantly felt his knees wobble. It was Sonja Savich. He had known Sonja for years and always had a soft spot for her because she was so nice to Emil and his crew. Now they were both going to be seniors and by coincidence share every class together. She bore an uncanny resemblence to a young Jennifer Connelly. He hugged her and noticed that she was giving him a nice warm titty hug. Sonja was nicknamed "The Bosom" by Emil and his friends because of her capacious breasts. They were almost as big as his mothers. "Damn man what have ya been up to?" Sonja asked her liquid green eyes staring into his. "Ah ya know just here and there." he answered. "Jesus Emil you're fuckin' massive. The last time I saw you in June you were thin but now like damn!" Emil smiled, and said,"Ya now look." "Oh god can I feel your muscle?" Sonja said with a smile. Emil made a perfect massive peak with his right arm, Sonja squealed and touched it. "Wow it's hard" she marvelled. Without asking she took her left hand and rubbed his big man tit. "Oh shit, that's nice", Emil thought to himself. "Jeez Emil lookin' great man." "Hey listen why don't ya come over for a swim at my house tomorrow?" she asked. "Ya how about around 1." he said. "Sounds great. I'll see ya then." she gave him another titty hug and he held her real close so she could feel against her flat stomach his monster that was beginning to awaken. She walked off looking back at him with a big grin and waved. He couldn't wait to see her massive tits in a bikini. His powertool twitched, apparently it agreed with him. •

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