By Florian

"Seriously Emil how did you get this huge, I mean there's no way you could've gotten this big so fast.", Joey said. Emil put his hands on his hips and looked down for a moment. He couldn't lie to his very best friend. "To tell ya the truth Joe, I have no idea. I mean it just happened. Day by day I'd wake up evry morning and I'd be bigger. I don't know how or why man." Emil replied. Joey saw the sincerity in Emil's eyes and he knew his friend wasn't lying. "You mean you just grew for no apparent reason? No reason at all?" Joey questioned. "Sounds impossible I know, but it happened. Who am I to question how or why?", Emil said. "My muscles aren't the only thing that got bigger", he added. "Whaddya mean?" Joey asked. Emil stuck his tongue out and Joey couldn't believe his eyes as a 13 inch pink tongue snaked it's way out of Emils mouth. "Awww dude that looks like a snake tongue! Awww man!,"Joey exclaimed. "Trust me that's not all." Emil said after retracting his tongue back into his mouth. "Oh don't tell me, it got bigger too." Joey said pointing to Emil's crotch. "You wanna see it?" Emil asked with a naughty smile. "Uh yeah I guess, God this is so freakin' weird." Joey said shaking his head. Emil unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down slightly. Joey could see his friend was perfectly shaved save for a thin racing stripe of blonde pubic hair. Emil took his right hand and began pulling out his true gift. Joey stood in amazement, transfixed to his friend hauling out a huge sex organ. "Jeez!" he thought to himself. It was uncut, a foot long and had to be as think as his own forearm. Emil's balls were even freakishly huge as well. "Holy mother!", Joey exclaimed. "You could hurt someone with that thing!." he added. He almost felt like reaching out and touching it. "Nice huh", Emil smiled. "I mean damn dude, serioulsy like god damn!" Joey said in complete disbelief. "You wanna touch it?", Emil asked. Joey didn't know what to say. He had known Emil all his life and here he was standing before his friend who looked like some muscle god fantasy asking him if he wanted to touch his cock. Part of him wanted to, the other part was simply too confused as to what make of this whole situation. "Uh yeah I guess.", Joey finally said. "It won't bite man, if you don't want to you don't have to." Emil replied. "No uh i'll touch it, it's okay.", Joey said. "Jeez this so freaky", Joey thought to himself. Joey walked over and outstetched his left hand towards Emil's monster. Everything seemed to go into slow motion for Joey as his hand reached for it. The moment of touch was electric not only for Joey but for Emil as well. Joey touched the top of Emil's cock near the base of his shaft. He then took his hand and wrapped his fingers around the organ and lifted it. It was like holding some kind of limp snake. "It's so heavy and hot", Joey thought. Emil took a deep breath. He peered down over his huge chest to his best friend now wide eyed actually touching his thick manbat. "God this is soooooooo nice.", Emil thought to himself. •

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