By Florian

The roots that once firmly held the oak gave way to Emil's physical power. His physical grasp was the only thing suspending the tree from the ground. He tipped it forward, let go and sprung back to avoid the roots as he let it fall to the ground. It did so with a thundering crash coupled with the sound of snapping tree limbs and dirt flying everywhere as the trunk smacked into the ground. Emil just stood there in total amazement. He looked at his forearms and hands red from physical exertion. "I can't believe I just did that.", he said to himself. He felt a tingling sensation, almost electric, throughout his massive arms. He noticed his T shirt had torn from the friction of the tree bark upon his chest and he wiped the dirt from it as best he could. He looked at the oak now lying on it's side like a wounded dinosaur and thought,"Just wait till those Chow Mein fucks see me." The following day Joey Saul a friend that Emil had known since Kindergarden showed up at the Eichinger house on the bank of Lake Minnetonka. He rang the doorbell waited for an answer but there was none. So he decided to walk around to the garage and see if anyone was there. The garage doors were open and Emil's car was parked inside. He walked out from the garage and looked to his left onto the huge backyard and saw a blonde guy wearing khaki shorts and no shirt with his back to Joey. "Damn that guy's huge", Joey thought noticing the blonde's massively muscled frame. Joey thought it was a lawn guy until the figure turned around. "Holy shit! That's Emil!" Joey thought to himself. "Hey man what's goin' on!?" Joey shouted to Emil. Emil looked up, and saw Joey walking towards him. "Hey man, not much haven't seen you in a while. What's up?" Emil responded with a smile. "Forget about me dude, what the hell.....workin' out much? I mean you're freakin huge. Last time i saw you you were like normal." Joey added. "Uh yeah kinda" Emil replied knowing it was a lie. What was he going to say, that magically over a few months he was imbued with massive muscles and superhuman strength? "Dude the chicks are goin' to flock to ya. You'll have to beat 'em off with a stick.", Joey noted while shaking his head. "So will the guys," Emil added with a smile. Joey looked at amazement at Emil's body,"Like damn dude." he thought. Emil looked at Joey,smiled then asked, "Hey, you wanna see somethin' really wild?" "Uh yeah sure.", Joey replied Emil walked into the garage and over to the front of his car. "Watch this.", he said. Joey looked on and saw Emil with one hand pick the front end of the car up over 2 feet with hardly any noticeable exertion at all. "What the hell....!?", Joey excalimed in amazement. "How the fuck did you do that! I mean what the hell dude!", he added incredulously. Emil lowered the car slowly and replied with a smile,"Somethin' else huh? I did the same last night to my mom's Navigator." "But how jeez!" Joey stood there wide eyed. "What do you think Terry Nelson and his crew are gonna say when they see me?" Emil asked. ""What the fuck!", just like I did when i first saw you." Joey replied "If they screw with me or you or anyone else they'll wish they had never met me." said Emil. Joey looked at Emil's broad chest and tiny waist. For a moment he actually felt a slight stir from his cock. "Heh I bet," Joey replied looking up at Emil's blue eyes. •

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