By Florian

Joey held Emil's penis and was hypnotized by it's size and power. "If you keep shakin' it like that it's gonna get hard," Emil said with a smile. "I've gotta see what this thing looks like hard." Joey answered, never keeping his eyes off the growing sex organ. "Trust me it won't be long.", Emil said as his heart began beating a bit faster. Joey could now feel it getting bigger and harder. Within half a minute it stood at full mast. It was simply awesome to look at, an object of beauty. Emil's dick was simply too big around to put in any mouth. Joey thought Emil must've had a few extra pints of blood in his system to keep something so big and heavy erect. Joey wasn't sure what to do next. Should he perform oral sex on his very best friend? It would be the first act of sex of any kind between the two of them since they had known each other. Would it be right? Emil looke down and noticed that Joey had stopped touching his cock. He seemed unsure of what to do next. "If you want to do more ....you can Joe.", said Emil. After all Emil didn't want to force Joey to do anything. He actually wished Joey would ask to suck his monster. "Uh... how about you jack off, I'd love to see you do that." Joey asked. Emil knew his dick wasn't going to rest until it had unleashed a torrent of jizz. He had to orgasm one way or the other, after all he was very turned on by the whole situation. If Joey wanted to see him masturbate then he would gladly oblige. "Absolutely". Emil answered. Emil leaned up against a work table, took off his shorts and was now completely nude. He spread his huge veined legs apart and placed his right hand on his prized staff. Both his parents were away at work so there wasn't any worry about being seen or caught by anyone. "You ready?," Emil asked Joey with a naughty smile. "Yeah man", Joey said Emil began to stroke his dick from the tip to base of his shaft. Even his strong hands couldn't wrap around the circumference of his beefstick. He closed himself off from sights and sounds around him. It was just himself and Joey. With every stroke, Emil felt small waves of warm pleasure gravitating to his cock. He felt the pleasure even between his eyes. His beautiful mouth was slightly open and he began to moan softly, and his eyes rolled back in his head. Joey just sat watching his muscle god friend pump his penis. With every stroke, muscle moved and tensed up at times, his friend locked in a state of ecstasy. Joey watched Emil's huge pecs jiggle with every stroke of his massive arm. "Unbelievable." Joey thought to himself. Emil's mouth was now open as he began to breath harder. The time of orgasm was near. Pre-cum was already dripping from his engorged member. His moaning was almost constant, reinforced by every stroke, layer upon layer of pleasure washing through him. "Uh..... here it comes," Emil said breathlessly. His face was a mix of pain and pleasure trying to keep the dam from breaking. but the dam was crumbling and even with his incredible stamina Emil could do little to stem the flow of cum that was boiling to get out. Finally it did. Emil gave a shout. A sort of primevil one. Joey moved back a bit. What Joey witnessed made every porn flick pale by comparison. What came forth from Emil's thunderstick was nothing short of amazing. Streams of hot semen shot across the width of the garage. Ropes of Emil's man jam struck the ceiling. An endless train of silvery white fluid belched out from his massive love tool. One train almost hit Joey smack in the face missing him by an inch. It travelled past him and smacking into the recycling traschcan on the far side of the garage. Joey couldn't believe how much was coming out of Emil's prick. It never seemed to stop. Emil was completey lost in a tidal wave of warm fuzzy pleasure. This orgasm was huge, one for the books. Finally it began to subside. He was breathing very hard his huge chest heaving up and down. Cum was everywhere, it's scent, Emil's scent, permeated the garage. "Jesus dude", Joey said quietly. Emil still looked to be in la-la land but was coming out of it. A smile came across his face. "Awwwww uhhhhhhhh jeeeez that waaaaas sooo nice man." Emil breathed. •

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