By Florian

Emil's high school was like any other, a large student body each with it's own group or clique. For Emil it was between the "good" guys against the "bad" guys. The "good" group was made up of guys he had grown up with since childhood. Most he had known since second or third grade with a few going back to kindergarden. There was Edwin Purcell, Eric Lazier, Greg Williams, Andrew Laird, Tommy Taylor, Steve Lipton and his long time friend Joey Saul. All these guys never bothered or bullied anyone. With this group there was always a sense of comraderie and community. Everything would've been perfect had it not been for the "bad" guys. This group seemed to exist for only one reason, to make everyday a pain in the ass for all the rest. It seemed to be their mission to make daily life difficult through bullying, name calling and sometimes out right physical violence just for the hell of it. If you were their target for the day you simply had to bite your lip and take it. Emil wondered what drove these guys, what motivated them to be a bunch of sadists. Perhaps they had an inferiority complex, perhaps their fathers encouraged them to be idiots or perhaps these guys were abused at home and took it out on their fellow classmates during school. Whatever the reason Emil would put a stop to all of that, once and for all. Guys like Randy Roberts, Terry Nelson, Dax Williams and Bill Cairns made up the core of the "bad" group. A group who for some unknown reason called themselves "Chow Mein" would ultimately pay dearly for all the torment they had caused over the years to so many students. Chow Mein had an un-official membership numbering 15 with it's leader being Terry Nelson. Up till the end of the Junior year nobody in their right mind would stand up to this crowd and get away with it. After the 11th grade in June Emil put away the thoughts of school and looked forward to a summer without the daily harrasment from Chow Mein. Two weeks after school was out Emil began to notice changes to his body that he could not explain. His clothes began to get tight and soon wouldn't fit at all. So he would have to purchase an entirely new wardrobe. This went on and on until his muscle growth stopped in mid to late August. By then he had spent hundreds of dollars on clothes to fit his increased size. With each spurt of growth Emil felt a tingle of energy throughout his entire body. Sometimes he would go to bed and during the night another layer of muscle would graft it's way onto his formerly thin frame. He was perplexed as to why or how all this was happening. One morning in July after he had woken he went to the bathroom to urinate. As he fumbled in his half awake daze to pull his cock out to piss, his hand felt a penis that was much much bigger than the one he had the day before. "What the hell?", he thought. not only was it bigger but it was heavier and it was attached to a larger set of balls. "This is insane, what is happening to me?", he murmered to himself. This was only the beginning. Within a week by late July his cock had grown to a flaccid length of 10" and his balls had inflated to the size of grapefruits. His mother and father were dumbfounded by his huge growth. They simply thought Emil had been working out....a lot. But he hadn't, not one bit. They feared steroids but Emil reassured them he wasn't touching the stuff. Whatever was happening was just happening, so Emil thought there was simply nothing he could do about it and go along for the ride. Along with the enormous growth of his muscles and sexual organ came an unfathomable increase of strength and sexual libido. •

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