By Florian

Emil's sexual drive was like any other male teenager. Seeing someone who you were attracted to, hearing stories about sexual encounters always gave him a rise. However after Emil's metamorphoses into something superhuman his libido went into over drive. He masterbated several times a day, up from his former once every other day in his old body. every orgasm was unbelievably intense. Every orgasm produced thick ropes of hot silvery white semen that never seemed to stop belching forth from his 15" monster. Cleaning up after session was beginning to be pain in the ass. Speaking of ass, Emil now wanted as much as he could get his hands on. Masterbating was great but the thoughts of seeing his love bat sink into someone else's ass made his balls want to explode. Throughout these feelings Emil discovered that not only had his sexual prowess increased but his physical strength as well. Around mid August one day he thought to himself, "I wonder if I could lift that". He was staring at his mother Lincoln Navigator in the driveway. Emil looked around to see if anyone was watching, "Good nobody around", he thought to himself. He walked over to the front of the black SUV, put both hands under the bumper. "Well here goes" he muttered. Emil was surprised when he lifted the front tires 6 inches off the ground, with very little effort. He even let go one hand and was still able to hold the SUV front end off the ground. He slowly lowered the vehicle back down , with his right hand. "That was so easy", Emil thought. He looked for something else to try his strength on, as if he still wasn't completely convinced that his beautiful body held god like power. He walked down the street from his house to a small field that had a patch of forest off to one side. In the forest was a medium sized oak that had been struck by lightning a few months ago and was now dead. Emil walked up to it and was able to wrap his mighty arms around the trunk. He squatted a bit and while maintaining a tight bear hug on the hapless oak Emil lifted. At first nothing happened, but slowly popping sounds came from the base of the tree as the roots began to give way. "Holy shit I'm doing it!" Emil thought. •

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