By Florian

Emil Eichinger stood before the large mirror and looked at himself. Standing 5' 11" the blond, blue eyed 17 year old young man was a power house, an exquisite example of the male form. He weighed over 275 lbs, up from his paltry 145 lbs three months ago. His chest, arms, thighs, calves, traps were huge, and that wasn't all. His penis and scrotum had grown bigger much bigger during his miraculous muscle growth. Emil's cock went from an average 5" in length to a monstrous 15" when erect. Not only was it long but had nearly 11" girth at the middle of the shaft. His balls had swelled from walnuts to grapefruit sized semen recepticles. Emil's waist had even shrunk to 22" which seemed to highlight even more his massive broad back. He had veins everywhere, in places where never knew he had any. Even his tongue lengthened to 13" when he stuck it out. The only thing that hadn't changed was his face. It still remained beautiful, almost effeminate with his full lips, and piercing blue eyes. Emil had no explanation how all of the physical changes had taken place. In a space of three months from June to August a beautiful ordinary young man had transformed into a hypersexual muscle god. As the beginning of his senior year at high school drew near he suddenly had an inkling of why the changes had taken place. Revenge. Sweet revenge upon all those who had bullied and tormented Emil and his friends. Now looking at himself in the mirror, all that was going to change. Those who bullied him would pay, and there was nothing any of them could do to stop Emil. He would reward his friends and allies and make his enemies suffer. Just the thought of his new mission made his cock rise. While he viewed perfection in the mirror he pleasured himself by pumping his immense sexual organ until it produced rope upon rope of his sweet cream while waves of pleasure rode over his entire muscular frame. "Yes it would all be different now.", he thought to himself. •

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