My Best Friend


By Luxury

He then started to lift the huge boat but nothing happened for a while, it seemed his body was not cooperating with him right now. So he stopped for a few, meanwhile I told him, I would be heading back to the destroyed house cause by both of us. We just both laughed. Tim would just stay there, he had such a frustrated look on his face. Like he was angry he couldn’t grow at the moment, he then told me to wait “Come on I want to show you how big I can get, I don’t know why I can’t right now.” “Just One More Try” Tim said, I told him “Sure, I guess I’ll wait one more second.” Tim tried one more time to lift the huge boat, must have been way bigger than Tim, but something happened this time as he lifted. His body began to grow, he grunted and groaned, and somehow his body was listening now. His arms just starting inflating like balloons it was like from a comic book or something. His chest heaving out, he kept lifting, his body exploding in size. I watched as this already huge man, grew and grew. I was starting to get afraid. He stopped for a bit, because he just had to take a rest, he barely budged it but his body was growing to lift it. It was when he lift it the second time his body exploded, his muscles doubled in size, his legs were as huge as my whole body now and still growing, his arms were bigger than the largest boulder in the world and still growing. His back, oh his mighty back, expanding like never before, he was growing in height unbelievably too. Then he began to lift the boat out of the water, it was amazing, I couldn’t believe it, and he was still growing! He had enough power to lift it over his head, when he did that, he was the ultimate man, every muscle so huge, no one could compare, not even me, who was pretty big too. He then tossed the boat over to the side, causing a huge rumble. Of course everyone had left town because of this scary incident. I don’t know how big he got, but he must have been over 50 feet now, the length of his arm was as big as me. “Haha, I guess I grew more than even I expected.” Tim Bellowed. His voice shook everything and shattered glass. “Wow, I need to get the rest of that formula, As soon as possible.” I said. Tim just grinned, I had a feeling the world had a new leader now, who could grow even more if he wanted. “Hey can I go back to the house for a few?” I said. “Sure” Tim said.

As I started toward the house, I noticed how big I was again after being away from that giant now. It felt really good, I could pick up a car and just throw it and I wasn’t bound by law anymore, who could stop me, of course except Tim. So when I finally got back to the house, I noticed something weird going on, Matt was all tied up in a chair, in his room. There was Brad, drinking something. “Hey, what’s going on?” I said to Brad. “You’re worst nightmare.” He told me. Stuff raced through my mind as to the though of what he was drinking. Was it the muscle formula we took earlier? I didn’t know, I was starting to be afraid. Matt had this horrified look in his eyes, and then I knew it was the formula. What I was thinking was how much did he drink and how much did Matt make. “Brad, how much of that did you drink?” I said. “Three bottles, worth.” he said. I gazed in horror, he could get even bigger than Tim if he wanted. As soon as I thought that Brad grunted, his body began to transform, he was growing, and growing, his arms were growing into cannons, then mountains, his chest ripping the shirt he had on open. “Yes!” he grunted. As his body just grew and grew right in front of me, he surpassed my height, almost instantly, he was growing into the 20 foot range fast and there was no stopping him, I could see the rage in his eyes, he loved every moment of it, finally he slowed down, he was bigger than Tim now, he was 55 feet tall, and he was angry. His rage was deep too, after all he was embarrassed by Tim. “Where is Tim?” he bellowed. “Down by the docks” I said. “Good, it’s time for some payback, and I will be back for you guys later.” he told me. He then walked away still growing, flipping cars over, crushing anything in his sight, with all the new power he had who was to stop him.

I then untied Matt. “Matt, What the fuck happened?” He then proceeded to tell me that he had made more formula, but was then overpowered somehow by Brad. “You know now that I know how to make this stuff, I can make this in less than a day now.” Matt told me. “I think we need to get rid of this Brad guy, he seems more than just a bully, he seems pure evil.” I agreed with him and we both proceeded to make another set of formula. “So who’s going to take this new stuff?” I asked. “We both are, I can make enough for the both of us.” Matt told me. “Sweet, but how am I going to get that little jar in my big hand?” Matt just reassured me that I can handle a little jar, Matt was happy that it worked though, I am about 14 feet high still, and I loved all the muscle I gained from it. So Matt started making the formula again, and I headed to where Brad was going, it was easy to see where he went, there was path of distruction wherever it seemed he went. I then saw Brad and Tim fighting, and Tim was losing. Brad for some reason ballooned more in size, it must have been the three doses he took, Brad must have been almost 100 feet tall, he was on top of the world you could see it no one could stop his unlimited power. Brad was winning and there was nothing I could do, and Tim was getting a beating, and I could do nothing for him.

So I decided to run back to the house to see if anything was happening and Matt seemed like he was almost done with all the formula, so that we could take and get Brad out of our lives forever. “Hurry up, Tim is getting badly hurt and Brad might kill him!” Matt looked like he was almost done and annoyed that I said that. “Don’t worry we will be so huge by the time we take this Brad will be begging for mercy.” Matt look assured. I wasn’t so sure. “What about Tim will he need anymore of that?” I asked. “He will need 2 more to beat Brad.” He told me. “Ok done.” he said. “Cool, how many did you make?” “I made 9” Matt said. “Wow that many!” I was so excited. So then Matt downed 3 of them. Matt couldn’t wait to grow huge. “Finally it’s my turn!” he cried. After he drank it his body began to inflate under his clothes “Oh yeah! That does feel good” His body exploded under his clothes, he exploded in size much faster than we did, he was surpassing me already. “Oh yeah, I told you, I am going to be the biggest, out of the three of us.” He finally stopped growing at about 70 feet. “Oh man this is awesome, the power, THE POWER!” he mumbled which rumbled the ground. I can see why Brad got greedy with this, unfortunately, he was stupid. We both laughed at that. “I can’t wati to cream the fucker, I am so sick of him terrorizing poor Tim.” “Oh yeah did you make 2 more for him too?” I asked. “Yes, Tim is what made this a success, I want him to enjoy getting him back.” Matt was finally happy to be a muscle god, he was in exstacy. “Why aren’t you drinking yours there little buddy?” I told him because I wanted it to be him, he never has had the chance to just be bigger than me yet, and he was happy that I was going to wait a bit. “Hey bro, one more thing, What are you going to do to him?” I didn’t want the guy to die but what other way were we going to get rid of this evil man, I mean he had not one nice bone in his body and there was nothing to shrink him or anything and he would continue to grow if we didn’t kill him. Matt flexed his arms and said “Don’t worry I will find a way to get him” As soon as he said that, he started to grow again, his chest, his arms, his height, he was so angry at Brad it was making him grow. Matt started to head to where Brad was, where he was still beating Tim, although Tim was holding on, Tim also had grown, but not to the extent of Brad, and the Matt let out a huge roar, and then………. •

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