My Best Friend


By Luxury

So then we asked Matt one more question “Is there anything we don’t know about this formula?” Matt assured us that there should be no side effects. However he did have a concerned look on his face because we were so huge. I assured him that we weren’t going to hurt anyone or anything. I also asked him if he wanted to be this big, and he told me yes and he looked a little angry it wasn’t him. I asked him why not make more. He said he could but it would take him a few days. He also told me one other thing, and this would probably come back to haunt me later, he told me if both formula’s were taken, the Bigger one and the Mega Man one, that the growing wasn’t finished. He also told me that when they are combined they have a lasting affect, your body can adapt to anything you lift, which mean it grows to the size you need to lift something heavy. Then a horrible thought went through my mind, “Tim!” Once he realizes he has this power there is no stopping him. I decided not to tell him, that would later come back to haunt me too. “Well, Matt” I said “ Tim and I are going to Brad’s house see you later.” Matt just sat there with a pouty face because the house was destroyed.

So Tim and I started walking to Brad’s house which was a few blocks down and was by the water. Of course we weren’t going to go unnoticed, our feet were so big that we were causing rumbles in the ground like an earthquake. Tim asked me how strong we must be. I told him I don’t know, of course everyone was staring and cars were crashing to a halt because how can you not notice two huge men being there. “Well” Tim said “ We’ll find out when we get there.” I didn’t even know what he was going to do to Brad but the possibilities were endless. When we finally arrived there Tim and I cast a shadow over the house. We saw Brad sitting in his room working out. Tim and I laughed, how could you not, I mean we were two giants who didn’t need to work out and we were masses of muscle. Then Tim’s eyes started to glaze over, like in a fit of rage, I could tell he wanted revenge. I couldn’t stop him though he was bigger than me. He took his hand and put it right through the house to grab Brad, Brad did all he could to run away, but he couldn’t, oh yeah Brad lives alone no one else lives with him, Brad was caught by Tim and his massive hand. He took Brad and threw him in a Hummer, it wasn’t Brads but it was parked there. I just watched as this once little guy taking revenge as this huge monster now. He tried to pick up the car at first, he couldn’t it was a little too heavy. Then he did it again, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, his body was adapting it was beginning to grow, his arms were inflating again, Brad was watching with horror of course. His whole torso was growing not that much but you could tell. He then grew enough to lift the car, then he took both of his arms and put the at the ends of the Hummer. He then began to crush the car, you could hear the noise, and his grunting. I didn’t know what he was doing “Dude, don’t kill Brad!” He assured me he wouldn’t, but he wanted to show Brad not to mess with him again, so he kept going, the glass breaking and it squishing into a little crushed box, luckily Brad got out in time, because the car was mutilated. Then Tim grabbed Brad again and said “Now you know my power, you tell your two sidekicks there too, if you ever decide to hurt anyone else I will kill you, and I mean it.” Brad was shaking I never seen him with so much fear. He let him go and Brad ran away crying like a baby.

“Well that was fun” I said to Brad. He still had that glazed looked on his face though, like he wanted more. It was scary, then he came up and stood next to me, he had grown another foot! His muscles were also considerably larger than before. He didn’t notice until now. “How did I grow? I thought I was done. It wasn’t until I lifted the car that I grew more.” Then he realized the power he had. I could see by his grin that he wasn’t nearly finished growing. I knew I couldn’t grow anymore, and I told him this. He looked at me and asked me how come I couldn’t, I told him that he took both formulas that’s why. He told me he wanted to grow and he was going to do it, but he wanted me there to grow too, he told me to have my bro make up some more. I told him that it would take a few days. “Well” he said “I guess you will have to watch me until you get your second part of the formula.”

I didn’t see anything that would make him grow that big though, I mean some stuff would make him grow slightly more. He then noticed a big rig coming down the street, he ran up to it, let out a big roar, and the driver ran out of the truck running and screaming, it was actually quite funny. He tried to pick it up the first time nothing happened which I kind of found odd, he tried again, nothing happened, but the third time his body began to grow again, his legs ballooning in size, his arms growing and growing, his chest pumping out so far that it started to crush the front of the truck. His back was widening a lot. He then was able to pick up the truck with no effort after growing 2 more feet and his body growing muscles that were so big that they were like mountains anywhere on his body. I could see though he was still not content with his size, even though he was almost 20 feet tall now, and the biggest man in the world. I couldn’t believe it a guy who was 5’6” and 123lbs, must have been 19 feet tall and 1000s of pounds of muscle now and he did not even look like he wanted to stop, he had the wanting to grow. Nothing in the area seemed to be big enough to grow as of now, so we talked for a few, of course he did play with me a little because he was about 5 feet taller than me now, so he did have a little fun. Then he revealed a side I didn’t know, that he was a loving and caring man, he also wanted children, and he shared with me some of the most intimate things. He told me he loved me and then he asked if he want to be his. I couldn’t believe it, I cried when he asked me this, we had been best friends our whole lives and now this huge man was pouring his heart out to me. I told him yes and that I would always loved him, and then I couldn’t believe it this 19 foot muscleman giant, started to cry. I couldn’t believe a guy with his height, was crying. I just held him in my arms until he stopped. Then we kissed, it was awesome, it felt like the whole world was just us sitting there, we were about to do more then the horn sounded, it was the carnival cruise coming in, man was that boat huge. Tim heard it too and his eyes glazed over and I thought “ Oh No!” “Want to see me get really big? He asked. A million thoughts raced through my mind, like how big he was going to get if he tried to lift that thing, and what would he do. We both went down to the docks where it was, he look up at It since it was such a big boat and said “It’s ShowTime!” He then…. •

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