My Boy


By Richard Jasper

Let's call him Kel, OK?

I met him soon after moving to Houston. I was hanging out on the patio of the Ripcord and the Rip was doing a booming business on my account. Not too surprising, really, considering I was even then (and that was three years ago) El Primo Musclebear. Thirty years old, 6 ft tall, 300 lbs, all of it muscle, enough fur to land me a Colt contract any time I wanted. I got LOTS of attention at Houston's only leather bar. The patio reeked of cum and beer and cigar smoke and poppers by the time I was ready to head out.

That's when I spotted him. Not a leather guy, at all. In fact, the type who looked like he'd be much more at home at Rich's or some other twink bar. Not that he was a twink. Maybe 22 or 23, like me 6 ft. tall but no more than 180 lbs. Wavy light brown hair, big brown eyes with long dark lashes, an oh-so-sexy mouth, and about the perkiest nips you'd ever wanna see. We came around the same corner from opposite directions and he crashed right into me.




That was HIS reaction, not that he said anything aloud. You could read it in his face. He took in the breadth of my shoulders, the thickness of my chest, the rippled power of my cobblestone abs, the monstrousness of my biceps - and fur, fur, fur, all of it covered in fur. His jaw simply dropped.

For my part, I immediately sensed there was something special about him, not that I could put my finger on it. A worshipper, sure, but there were plenty of worshippers at the Ripcord. This one, though, this one had something extra.

I stopped right there and started chatting him up, leaning my massive arm against the wall, my bicep about the same size as his head, putting one meaty paw on his chest, thumbing his right tit, noticing that every time I gave it an extra little THUMP his eyes started to roll up. Yeah, I thought, this boy has SOMETHING. But was it the SOMETHING I'd been lookin' for?

Turned out he was 23, just finished up his MIS at SMU, just landed a nice new IT job back here in his hometown, temporarily living at home but he was out to the 'rents and he'd just joined Fluid Exchange, Houston's best known predominantly gay gym.

"So you wanna get big, huh?"

He licked his lips.

"Well, yeah, that'ud be great," he answered. "I've never really gotten into it, y'know, and I really don't know what I'm doin'."

I gave that titty another thumbing, and a little twist. He sucked air between his sweet, sensual lips.

"You've got the frame for it," I told him. "Nice broad shoulders, slender hips, nice long muscle bellies. You can get nice and big if you want."

He looked me straight in the eye then, an almost pleading look. Yep, I knew he was special.

"You think so?" It was like a prayer, a desperate plea.

I rubbed my hand across his nice wide chest. This boy hadn't worked out at all? Not bad!

"Oh, yeah, baby, definitely. How big you wanna get?"

I practically begged him to say it.

"How big.?"

"As big as me?"

He whimpered.

"Oh, my fucking God," he answered. "Do you really think.?"

I put my mouth next to his ear, nipping his earlobe gently.

"You wanna know what I think, babe? I think you could be totally fucking awesome. You just need some guidance."

He reached out a hand.

"Can I.?"

"Do you wanna feel it, babe? You wanna feel what you can become? Yeah, babe, go ahead. Touch it. Touch the body you're gonna have someday."

His knees sagged and his face went into the deep crevasse between my pecs, his mouth inhaling my scent and my fur.

"Let's take this somewhere else, studmuffin. We've got some talkin' to do."

I'm not sure his feet touched the ground as we exited the bar.

We made love all night and half the next day. The Boy had the most beautiful dick I'd ever seen. Not the biggest, by any means, although at 8 x 6 it was plenty big enough. But just PURTY. Straight and sleek and perfectly shaped, not a blemish on it, the cockhead like silk. And he was a young 'un, after all. It got hard and it stayed hard.

That afternoon we headed to Fluid Exchange. I weighed him, I measured him, I queried him about his diet. Then I put him through his paces, getting him to show me what he already knew, showing him stuff he hadn't figured out yet, critiquing his form. He was like a sponge, he soaked up every word I said. I showed him how ONCE and then he knew EXACTLY how to do it.

I thought I could see him growing in front of my eyes.


We were back at my place, by then, freshly showered and ready to go at it again.

"Yeah, babe?"

He ran his hand through the fur on my thick chest.

"Why me.?"

I put my hand on his hard cock.

"Because you can do it, Kel. You can be the man I've always wanted to have by my side."

He looked doubtful.

"But I'm such a boy by comparison to you."

I laughed.

"A boy indeed. A boy with broad shoulders and a hairy chest and a big dick. A boy in a man's body and a body that's going to be the envy of any man."

He whispered in my ear.

"Are you sure?"

I answered him the best way I knew how. •

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