By Muscl4life

It all seems so normal now, but I still remember the chaos it was just a little time ago.

Bill and I were friends since we were kids. I always had been much taller than him, he was so tiny and cute, his little hands flying around his pretty face. But when as we were getting bigger, I was becoming so much bigger than him, at 12 I was 5'7", OK I always had been pretty big for my age, and Bill was pretty short even for a 11 year old kid.

When we hit 17 I was at 6'1" and 200 pounds of a massive jock, although Bill remained 5'5", skinny and lump, but even though we were so different , I was the popular one with all the chicks around me and he was so shy and skinny, I had that need inside of me to be with him each day and he was so glad with me because of that , we used to spend hours just laying on the floor of his bedroom chatting about everything, usually I told him about my last dates, and Billy just kept there staring at me, or better, staring at my torso or at my arms, I pretended not to pay attention to that particular point.

Billy was so petite, he was so fragile, of course he was my protιgι, no jock would mess with him without passing by me first and that made Billy safe against the cruelties he could be suffering. Billy never knew about this, and he just imagined he was so insignificant that nobody care about him even to mess with him.

That afternoon, I was laid on his bed with my T-shirt off and Billy was sit right next to me looking astonished at my chest and abs. You must guess that I kinda enjoy this behavior of Billy, yeah I love to show off my muscles especially for Billy, how many times I asked him (not that he wasn't dying to do it) to feel my muscles, to rub my firm stomach and dent my six pack abs, and Billy was more than mesmerized in responding my requests.


"Yeah, buddy!

"Can you answer me one thing?

"Sure! I said, sliding my arm under my head, and being sure that his gaze was following the bulge of my arm, which I flexed even harder to make it even bigger...

"Did u talk to anybody about me?

"What do you mean Billy "Well, you know Todd, your fellow football player, he was giving me a real hard time, and suddenly he just stopped he spoke to me politely at break time...

"And what do I have to do with that?

"You sure that u didn't talk to him about him?

In fact, I had forced the poor bastard to apologize to Billy, I wouldn't let that bully mess with my buddy, but I didn't want him to know about that " WHY YOU KEEP LYING TO ME YOU BASTARD! – Billy exploded and threw his sneaker at me. I was so surprise that I barely felt that thing!

" Billy what's the matter with you?

" You think I like to be patronized ? You really believe I don't know about you cleaning the floor with Todd and saying to him to "apologize to my buddy" I froze, how did he find out?

"Steve, don't you think I am so miserable with myself, I am so wimp I can't even stand for myself, and you are so big and strong, I feel like a bug near and you like that, don't ya? You like me to make you feel bigger? You miserable sun of a bitch!

Billy jumped trough the window and ran the yard, got on his bike and vanished down the hill.

I followed him, he was running near an old abandoned chemical industry, It used to be some kind of biochemical research center, but as the Government changed its policy , it stopped working, but they never came to take all the things inside of it...

I could see when Billy entered the building by breaking the window, what the hell would he want inside of that crap?

I followed him inside there and the smell of chemicals and dust almost made me choke.

" Billy! Billy1 Where are you: Can u hear me !

" Go away! I don't need you to take care of me!

"Billy I just wanted to make sure u stay well!

" I am OK ! Go away ! Leave me alone!

" Where the hell are you ?

" Up here! But I won't tell you! Now go away!

I was turning myself to the front door and preparing to leave, when suddenly I heard a loud noise from the second floor and Billy yelling. I ran upstairs and found Billy knocked out under a lot of a greenish liquid, it looked the stuff was kept cabinets which came down as he tried to open them.

" Billy, Billy !

" Y-yeah! I am here!

" Good lord! What the fuck were you doing here?

"Don't stay here talking, help get of here! – I pulled him under the thing and realized he was covered with a thick lay of the greenish stuff...

" What's that thing on you, it smells like dirt!

"I don't know! I tried to open one of this cabinets, but it was stuck! So I pulled the door and the thing came on my hand and I fell over the other cabinets!

"And why would want to open these things ?

" I've heard they did chemical research in here, maybe I could get some thing which worthies good!

" And you drag me down here with you? Why!

"You weren't supposed to be here! I only realized you entering the door " You yelled at me and ran out like an wild animal, what you expected?

Billy wiped the stuff of his body as we spoke, but it seemed to penetrate in his skin, the more he tried to clean, the more it was getting into him " Steve! This stuff won't come out!

" What? – I tried to help him but as we tried to clean him up, the stuff seemed to disappear into his body, it was like he never been covered by the stuff, even his clothes were clean "Billy what the heck is this? – I asked him afraid of the answer " I don't know Jake!

" Are you all right?

" I-I feel strange... – Billy started shaking and trembling , I grabbed him firmly and he screamed He ended fading in my arms , I carried him home, fortunately his Aunt Mary, his only relative was spending the summer in Europe, and there wasn't nobody at his house, otherwise I wouldn't know how to manage the situation...

I laid him in his bed, and checked his breathing again, I was so nervous, if anything happened to Billy I would never forgive myself!

"What's going on? – I heard his weak voice from the bathroom and went running to him "Thanks goodness you are all right! I hugged him strongly and he gently tapped my back to stop "OK! OK! You are crushing me "Sorry man! But you scared the hell out of me today "I'm sorry! I was a total jerk "Never mind ! I am so sorry about Todd, I just wanted to see you safe, I didn't mean to patronize you! You like the smarter brother I've never had "Well you are certainly the stronger one – He laughed loudly and I could realize something strange, somehow Billy didn't seem so fragile anymore, he looked kinda strange " Oh man, my head is spinning ! He tried to stand up, and fell down again, I ran to get him and said?

"We should go to the hospital right now, Billy! – I was afraid of what was that stuff who covered him and mysteriously disappeared !

"No! If they found out where we were, we could get in trouble, that place is prohibited to civilians!

" But what could happen to you, we don't know what that stuff might do to you ...

But Billy was sure of his opinion, he asked me not to go there and I wouldn't make any harm to him.

I wanted to spend the night at Billy~s but he insisted with me to go home, otherwise we could alarm people Next morning, I went to Billy's on the crack of the done and rang his doorbell, he opened the door hiding himself behind the door "Hey Billy what's going on? Are you feeling OK!

"Yes, Yeas, please come on in, I gotta show you something! There was something strange in his voice...

"Billy what's the matter with yo...

I looked back as he close door and almost fainted. It was Billy. Well, an enormous version of my Billy! He was almost 7' ft tall, an wider than the own door itself, he was barely nude and I could see the mountains of muscles on his back , his calves looked bigger than my tights, his butt was so round and muscular "What do you think of me now – His voice boomed into a new tone I've never heard before, it was so low and sexy I've almost creamed my pants!

"W-what happened to you ? –I fell down on the couch as I saw his front, he was unbelievable wide, his chest formed two big slabs of a mighty meat, his thick neck and his new wide jaw, his stomach was popped and his giant six pack abs, his enormous biceps bulging with slightly movement, his powerful legs seemed to be always flexed, and his cock! How come , his shlong was now so long and thick, it barely touched his knees, somehow Billy had turned himself into some kind of muscle freak from night to day.

"Steve! Steve! Are you OK? – He said as he grabbed me by the waist an lifted me easily from the couch, I confess that I never felt that in my life, being carried so strongly and gently at the same time.

"Yeah, I just felt dizzy.. – What happened to you man?

"He looked into my eyes, and I could see his beautiful blue eyes, they were the only thing in this augmented Billy which reminded me of his old version.

"You think I know? – Billy opened his thick mighty arms and looked to himself – I don't know, Steve! All I remember is this strange dizziness and having the most amazing sexy dreams, and when I woke up in the middle of a puddle of cum, and I was this BIG!

" You say that you were somehow transformed by that green stuff? – I asked, remembering the facts passed yesterday "Well, unless I had the most fucking growth spurt on the history of medicine – He smiled, and I wished him in that exact moment, he was so desirable his unexplainable newly growth muscles were just perfect "Billy, it is amazing! Fucking awesome! I just don't know what to say , you fucking awesome, man you're bigger than any one in the school, fuck you are bigger than any bodybuilder I saw!

Billy blushed, and just for one moment, that gargantuan man tried to hide himself, but then he was so fucking big, he needed to feel his newly discovered muscles.

"Steve – he said in a low tone which gave me the goosebumps – I don't know what shit had happened to me, but I don't want it stop! Never...

I heard his voice , and his warm breath spreading around my face and neck, his fresh breath smelling like cold mint, just then I realized that he was still carrying me by my waist , his two powerful hands lifting effortessly many inches above the floor.

"Billy I know you are, "happy" with all of this but we need to find some help...

"NO! – He exploded and let me fall down on the floor, but he almost immediately came in my rescue lifting me back where I was "I am sorry Steve, I didn't mean to hurt you, never! It's just that I finally got something good in my life...

"Billy, what are you saying? I've never noticed that said tone in his voice before "what you know? I lost my parents in that damn accident, and my aunt Mary isn't traveling to Europe, she moved to there, she insisted to take me with her, but I couldn't go, I couldn't let you...

" You were supposed to move out of the country? Why?

"It doesn't matter now! Steve, I , I – He looked deeply into my eyes and hold me near his big face and said "Steve I couldn't let because I love u! – that phrase made my head spin and I just couldn't believe my ears, my heart went crazy at that time. All I could see was Billy, the eighth wonder holding me firmly with his big strong hands, I focused on his precious mouth and my mouth went alone into Billy's like an oasis in the middle of the desert and I lost it, I kissed him firmly our tongues met, and danced around each other, Billy was so damn horny he hugged me and rubbed me against his marble muscular sculpted monstrous body.

"Oh, Billy! – I said as trying to recover my breath – I love you too!

"Yeah, because of this miracle we now can love each other – he said with a lustful smile " Nooo! – I said – I love you since even I don't remember, I loved you in your smart look and your shyness behavior, I loved your talk and made me feel so big as your desired my body...

"You mean, you already loved me ? How come ?

" I love you now, and I only hope you can get all you desired, because you deserve it "Steve – he called my name as I never heard before, the sound of his pure virile voice went right to my prick and made instantly horny.

"Y-yeah Billy...

" What do you think of me, now? – he repeated that first question, only in a way too sexy tone "Oh, man ! You are the most impressive thing I've seen, Your body makes me so tiny , your muscles, are wonderful, you're freaking big, and I want u to take me now!

"Oh, yes, yes, that's what I've always dreamed of ! "Let me feel your muscles Billy – please !

He flexed his powerful guns and two meatballs came up and ballooned as cannonballs and then to basketballs, his chest rolled one over the other, and his abs seemed to pop out his stomach, he was freakish and yet the most beautiful thing I've never seen, he was so wide and veined, his white skin was shinning because of the sweat and it made him smell, his musk odor came up with the effort he made to flex for me and I couldn't resist and kissed the peak of his biceps, licked the sweat on his muscles, until his armpit where his newly hair made me so horny as I kissed.

"Oh, man worship me make me your musclegod – As he said that I felt his already hard cock getting even bigger engorging as it became more and more erect, his prick was so hard and hot , I could feel it pulsating under me because all the time Billy had to take his hand of me, I crossed my legs on his waist and laid my head on his mighty chest and felt his heavy breathing .

"Babe, be sure that I'll never let you alone, I am here for you and no matter what happens to me I'll always love you.

Billy kissed me deeply and I felt his dick pushing on my pants. He ripped my clothes and soon we were laid on his bed, his enormous dick inside my anus, I never did it nor did Billy but we let our passion guide us trough it all, and just in a while Billy managed to shove almost everything into my prick and I could moaning and feeling my entire rectum burning with pain and pleasure in a dangerous cocktail Billy rimmed with power and kissed my ear and whispered "I want u to desire me", "I am all yours, just have to call me" "Oh Billy, this feels so good! Please give me it all!

"Steve, you no long is Steve for me you're my lover, my skinny little lover, my Stevie!

And with that , I felt a rush I've imagined possible , Billy moaned and so did I as the river of cum filled inside and I could feel its warmth coming down my legs , Billy rimmed so much stronger and he kept calling my name "Stevie, Stevie, Stevie" He kept cumming, kept cumming and rimming.

" Oh Billy – Won't you stop cumming babe? I asked as he licked my ear and passed his hands trough my hair as he moaned with his rush of cum, "Since yesterday, I can cum much more, hmmmmmm!

I thought "What the heck, the guy is a freaking muscle fucking machine, let him cum neatly" "You mean you are still enjoying orgasm?

"Totally! – He said with his eyes closed and I kissed his dimple as he smiled and moaned on my ears "My Stevie" Then I noticed something really weird , my legs were all covered with his jism but it was shining, a green shine , and the spunk was really shining and the shine was growing and also was Billy's moans "Billy, Billy!

"Oooohh! Stevie, what do you want, can't I cum in peace, babe?

"Well, if you at least open those eyes of yours, you would see what I am talking about "Holly crap! – He said as he saw the green light coming from his spunk, he managed to take his cock out of my prick and we were shocked as we saw it still not dripping but spewing enormous amounts of brilliant greenish cum, and Billy could barely stands on his owns, such intense was this feeling of orgasm.

"Billy you can't be serious, are you still cumming?

"Yeah , if I've never cummed in my whole life, Stevie, it is so fucking good, I feel soft and it is amazing.

And then the florescent spunk which covered him started shining even more and Billy screamed as the intensity of his orgasm grew unstoppable, the spunk on our bodies , shone but it did most on Billy and he grabbed me and kissed me hardly I could almost suffocate, I broke the kiss and tried to call Billy back " Billy, please, you gotta stay alert, we don't know what it might do to you...

And then it started, Billy started to grow taller and more muscular in front of me, his chest shinig and becoming the most impressive thing I've ever seen, his legs, biceps , and most of all his prick was gigantic, Billy only could smile and moan , as his already transformed body became even freakier "Billy, Billy you are growing!

"Wow! This is so fucking cool, how much, can I go?

Such question seemed without answer as he grew taller by the inches, and wider by the feet, he was so fucking muscular, his arms became two monstrous columns of muscle, and his chest was fucking unbelievable, his abs popped out like popcorn, his hands were impossibly big, Billy was literally out of proportions, he was very very tall, but not such he looked wider and muscular, his face was so square, and his cock became an enormous tube of muscle, strong as steel and pulsating with desire.

Then I noticed something very weird, the greenish cum stopped shining and Billy's spurt subsided and a finally ceased, but he still had that same beautiful smile on his impressive face.

"My God1 Billy are you OK?

"HOW COME I AM NOT? – His new improved voice echoed on my ears as thunder, he was so changed, if Billy was the epitome of Muscle before, now he made his old self look like a piece of Spaghetti.

" Billy you're way too big!


"But Billy, look at you1 You are so freaking – I tried to think in another thing rather than the my own horness, but I had to admit, Billy was simply unresistible.


He grabbed me with just one mighty hand and kissed me hard, which I tried to retribute, but my lungs gave up soon, he was so big, I couldn't cross my legs around him.

"NOW WHAT DO I LOOK? – He asked as he looked himself(or the portion he could see), and he said "OH YEAH! FUCKING AWESOME!" Billy flexed, what I called the ultimate posing , he made all the bbers look like bugs near him, but he wanted to accurate his tremendous size, I got a strip and measured him?

Height – 7'5" – We were lucky he didn't overgrow the ceiling Weight" well that would be a problem because he was far too wide for any human standard, the 240 pounds scale just broke down as Billy stepped on it, we would have to figure how weighing Billy.

Billy's chest was something unbelievable I had to stop measuring at 145" because I couldn't just embrace his chest at all,, I could barely embrace his backs and part of his mighty pecs, and that's all. My new giant musclefreak kept his recent intimidating smile finding every measure the discovery of the his always desired fantasies. – When I got to the biceps, I realized the peaks were so high I had to climb in a chair to read them, and looking into them so near, I felt my spine freeze as they blossomed from two might muscle balls to the most impressive cannonballs could be in the world, or better, which couldn't exist in a normal world, they were way bigger than my head, it was bigger than Billy's own augmented head for heaven's sake : 48 fucking incredible, amazing astonishing fucking ultra mighty biceps! I tried with all my strength but they didn't bend.

"Stevie I wanna get bigger than this, you gotta help me out! And saying this he grabbed me as if weghed nothing and kissed me storking his member as a giant fucking pole.Billy was sure something now, and we were just beginning our story. •

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