Joe's Story


By Muscledude49

As the boys split from one another Joe decided to go outside to the football field. It was another place that kids hung out when not in class and it was a beautiful day. When he got there it was mainly football players and other guys throwing footballs and running. He sat down to watch and over came Sam. Sam was a football player and was big. Now Jim and Joe had gotten a lot bigger than they had been, but Sam was huge in comparison. He wasn’t one of the starters on the team, and in fact wasn’t all that good, but the coach wanted him on the team because he was so big, he was hoping that he would improve in the next couple of years. Sam loved football, the body contact, the lifting of weights, the attention it got him in school, even if he wasn’t a starter.

Sam and Joe started talking, first about the weather and then other topics and then Sam asked Joe about him and Jim’s change. Joe told him they had just decided to start working out and how much it had changed him. Sam asked him to show a muscle, he flexed up his arm and Sam felt it. Man that’s nice and hard but feel this. Sam pulled back his sleeve and up rose a huge had ball of muscle.

Joe was impressed. It was as big as Jerry’s his trainer, but Jerry was older and had been lifting longer. He also felt a stirring he hadn’t felt before and he felt himself getting hard in his shorts. He thought, “I’m glad I’m sitting.” But like Jim experienced this wasn’t his normal hard-on. It felt bigger somehow and was really getting uncomfortable.

Sam and Joe continued to talk and Joe asked him if he had a girlfriend, to which Sam said no. Joe was surprised. He figured anyone with that much muscle and on the football team would have them hanging off him. Sam said he didn’t have time for that.

Sam went on to say that he did have a good time though with a couple of friends. “What you mean?” asked Joe.

“Well, we get together and just have fun with each other,” said Sam. “I’m still not sure what you mean,” said Joe.

Sam looked around and said, come on I’ll show you. So he and Joe got up and went over to the woods on the edge of the field and went in for a ways, they came to a place under a big tree that had really grown up and yet under the tree was a large clear spot.

Sam said this is one of the places we have our fun. “Ok, let me know what you mean,” said Joe, still somewhat confused.

Sam took off his shorts and sat down and invited Joe to do the same. Then he reached over and took Joes’ cock in his hand. Joe just about jumped out of his skin. No one had ever done that before, especially not another guy. But Sam really had a grip on him and set him back down. Sam said, “Just relax, let it feel good.” And so Joe sat back and he found himself getting hard…just like back at the field when Sam showed him his muscle. Bigger and harder than ever.

Sam was amazed. He said, “Man, you are so much bigger than anyone I’ve ever seen.” And kept on stroking him. Joe reached over and took Sam in his hand. He could tell Sam was much smaller than he was now. But it felt good in his hand and we worked the bigger bodied boy. Joe asked him to flex again and felt the huge muscle rise up as he was being stroked and as he continued to stroke Sam.

Then Sam got on his knees in front of Joe and took him in his mouth. Joe thought he was going to lose his mind. In a few minutes he blew a huge load into Sam’s mouth. Sam couldn’t believe how much cum there was.

Then Joe got down and did the same for Sam, Sam directing him what he wanted Joe to do. When Sam came Joe stood up and his dick was standing hard and proud again and Sam sucked him again.

Sam didn’t get hard again, but said they could do this again soon if Joe wanted. Joe did.

Sam also asked if he could join him and Jim working out. He said he needed more inspiration and was tired of an over crowded workout gym when he was lifting.

Joe said, “Sure! Come on, we’re going today right after school!” •

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