From 'O' With Love

By greeneear88

I know, i know! I'm not 'O'....but, i had an inspiration. Isn't there a story behind every picture? Well, why can't that be truth to drawings? So, in honor of 'O's avatar drawings, i'm writing some stories behind every one....if that's ok with all of you(and 'O').

Disclaimer: I do not own 'O', 'O's artistry, nor any of the "Models" in the artwork.

So, without further to do, i'm starting with....DonnieJvilleNC!!!

Donnie arrived home. It was one of those hard days teaching as an Architectural Technology Instructor, and today, being a Friday, was even worse. His students were a bit on the wild side.

Donnie inserted his keys into the door, and swung it open. But instead of walking in, he tripped!

After recovering swiftly, into the wall, he peered down. Sitting on the doorstep was a cardboard box. Stamped on the top were the words "To Donnie From 'O'"

Donnie was excited. O'melissokomos was a very talented artist on the Muscle Growth Stories(MGS) forum. Any gift from him was sure to be good!

After re-locking his door, Donnie sat upon the couch, and set the box on his coffee table. After a little trouble opening the box(the tape was wrapped tightly), Donnie peered inside. There was a 3XL neon green shirt with a cutoff on the bottom, some very large camoflauge boxer shorts, large green army boots, and a letter.

Donnie looked confused. Why would 'O' send him this stuff? I mean, Donnie didn't have THAT big of a body for the clothing. he was 5'8", and about 183 lbs with 20% bodyfat. At best, his stomach may protrude out a bit from the shirt. Donnie grabbed the envelope which contained 'O's letter and opened it:

To Donnie

I've been watching your progress, and thought that you may need a bit of a jump start! Don't get too big though, or your students may not be able to concentrate!

From 'O' with Love.

P.S. Don't worry. The camoflauge doesn't hide much

Donnie looked bewildered. "A...jump start?" he muttered. He shrugged. Hey, it was Friday, and he needed to relax....but oversized clothes may be too much for him.

As he left the couch and ventured into his bedroom, he saw the overflowing clothes hamper. It seems that work was cutting into his laundry duty.

Donnie entered his living room once again, and peered at the box. was the only clean thing in the house, and he didn't want to be stuck in his work clothes! Donnie grabbed the clothing in the box, and headed to the bathroom.

A couple minutes later, Donnie came out. The boxers hardly hung onto his body, and the shirt, despite it's cut off, fell below his stomach. The boots weren't much better. His feet could slip out without even trying. The tops left plenty of room for his calves.

Donnie looked in the mirror, and then closed his eyes. Oh, how he wished that he could fill out his clothes with rippling muscles! It's always what he wanted. He could literally feel himself getting bigger.

Donnie felt a twitch, and opened his eyes. In his reflection, he saw his pecs balooning up, which pulled his shirt up, exposing his stomach. He felt his sleeves stretching, his whole entire arm bulging with muscle. He felt his lats, his back,his quads, his calves, and even his feet getting bigger, longer, and thicker! Soon, he got so big he couldn't look down. He could still see in the mirror, though, and he liked what he saw. He had become what he always dreamed of! A massive man in sexy clothing!

As Donnie viewed his new body, he remembered what 'O' had said in his letter. "Don't worry. The Camoflauge doesn't hide much." He looked down, and smiled. Yes...the Camo didn't hide much. He saw a large package protruding from the fabric of the boxers.

Donnie lumbered to his couch, and sat down, sinking into the cushions. He spread out his legs. This was going to be one relaxing weekend! •

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