Muscle Teen, The


By nymuscleboy

Click! My lock opened and i pulled out my regular clothes. I looked around at the other guys getting dressed, the thin dorks, pathetic. The fat bastards, don't give a damn, they did it to them selves, not gettin any sympathy from me. HELLO! The jocks, wrestling team, football, the big men on the basketball team.They were my guys, bid pecs, broad shoulders, the nice six-packs. I looked down at my body, it was't massive, but it was like a model. Every day I said to myself, im gonna get bigger, but I just can't keep a promise. I got dressed and went out onto the gym floor. The bell rang and I walked out into the front of the school and on my bus.

I got off and saw that some of the guys from school who drove home(lucky them) were in on of their garages pumping themselves. I tried not to stare. I couldn't resist though and my head looked right in their direction. I bit my tounge and turned back. Soon, I wouldnt be able to take it any more, I'd have to pump up, even if it meant steroids.


I waited on the corner for the dealer to come, he guarenteed that I would like what would happen to me. Speak of the devil, he drove up to me in his yellow truck."Hey man, you got your money with you, right?" He asked. "Yeah, wouldn't wanna miss out on this." I replied. "I got your juice, lemme tell you bout it. This shit has no side effects, won't kill you and you wont go nuts, just plain old muscle enhancements." He said as he held out two bottles of pills "They work faster too." I took them from him and gave him a hundred dollars, much cheaper than I had expected. I didn't know why till a little later.

Later that night I took the harmless pills. Little did I know what was in store for me. •

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