Muscle Sponsorship Out of Control


By sunquestor

JUNE 2000 (15 months after Rico moved in)

Ted becomes 40. Rico becomes 310lbs. Ted begins to wonder if his muscle sponsorship has gone too far. Yes, it costed him money, but with his software company prospering, money was not an issue. However, the sponsorship was costing him physically. Because Rico was on so much testosterone provided by his brother, he had an insatiable sex drive. Being screwed by a 300lb behemoth 3 times a day pounded Ted's colon almost into mush. So now at the relatively young age of 40 Ted was no longer able to control his bowels, and had to wear diapers. But Ted loved Rico silently. He more than loved him, he worshipped him. He would do anything for him. Just recently Rico received a new Hummer to replace the Ford truck that got too small for him. Rico himself was in love with himself. He would spend hours posing and flexing in his room with wall to wall mirrors. He prided himself on the fact he did not have to work. His only work was to lift and get huge. Not bad for a poor, brown boy from Puerto Rico. One morning, while Rico was admiring his physique, Ted stepped in hesitantly. "Morning Rico. Gosh I can't believe how massive you've become. Flex that arm for me Rico" Rico complied " Look Mr. Ted it is as big as your head" At 24inches it certainly was. "You know Rico, I have done a lot for you" said Ted. All the while Rico was self-absorbed in his flexing in the mirror. "Ah, I was wondering if once." Ted hesitated "Just once I could fuck you?" "Mr. Ted I don't think that is a good idea" said Rico. Ted looked at the globalar glutes on Rico. The glutes being the largest muscle in the body, and Ted was looking at one of the largest, most powerful ones on Earth. On glute equaled Ted's entire butt. "Please Rico just once" Rico stopped flexing, amd listened to Ted. "OK Mr. Ted, but I don't think it is a good idea." Rico and Ted stripped. Rico laid on his back with his big, brown bubble butt ready. There was a fearful excitement in Ted, because he was going to penetrate his 6 incher into the most powerful yet beautiful ass he's ever seen. Ted had to push hard and deep to get to the hole, because of Rico's bubble butt. "Ahhhhh…." sighed Ted in pleasure. Ted proceeded to hump slowly. Rico never experienced anything like this, and wasn't sure what he was suppose to do. Rico being the muscle monster he is thought he should flex. His stallion-like glutes flexed, and flexed, and flexed. Ted screamed in pain, because his dick was being drawn in, and stretched. His testicles were squeezed until the scrotum became torqued. "Ahhhhh….." screamed Ted. "Stop Rico" but Rico continued. Ted's little body was being bounced by Rico's flexing bubble butt. Ted could do nothing. All life was squeezed out of his dick. If Rico hadn't stopped, Ted's balls would have burst. Ted rolled on the floor in pain. " Mr. Ted, I told you it wasn't a good idea."

SEPT 2000(18 months after Rico moved in)

At 340 lbs. Rico was larger than ever , and most beautiful. He was now more than twice the size of Ted. Ted could no longer have sex with Rico. The penis implant Ted received after the last incident never fully functioned.Ted's ass no longer received Rico's 10 incher, because it was too loose to give Rico any pleasure. And because Ted had no control of his bowels, it could get messy. Ted would now have to pick up hustlers from Miami's seedier parts. He would bring 2 or 3 over so that Rico could satisfy his testosterone enhanced sex drive. Ted was allowed to watch. All the hustlers left nearly crippled by the experience. Even the most experienced hustler never felt such crushing pounding that a 340 lb muscle behemoth could inflict. At times Ted would have to haul a hustler to some back alley. Leaving him there in excrutiating pain.

Once again Ted entered Rico's room. Rico was so self absorbed in his beautifully massive physique and the power it possesed as he flexed in the mirrors. "Morning Rico, here is your protein shake" Ted looked at Rico's brown arms as he lifted the gallon jug to his mouth. A few drops dribbled onto his bare chest. " Hey, Rico let me lick that off." Rico heaved out his 60inch chest. Ted proceeded to lick. "You like that Rico? You know my bottom half may be crippled, but I still have my tongue." said Ted " Let me worship you like a God with this tongue". Rico was bored with Ted sexual advances, but tolerated them. Ted proceed to lick Rico's feet, then thighs, then stomach, then to the chest. "Ahhhhh….. Moaned Ted with pleasure. The crevasse of Rico's chest was deep, and slightly darked by the hair he let sprout there. As Ted licked the deep crevasse of Rico's monstorous pecs, Rico stepped forward to the mirror pinning Ted's head between the mirror and his chest. Then with a forceful flex of the pecs clamped Ted's small head. Ted's moans of pleasure was replaced with surprise. Rico continued flexing and pressing Ted' s head against the mirror. "How do you like that Mr. Ted?" growled Rico. The pressure of Rico's flexing pecs were powerful enough to cause Ted's brain aneurism. Rico stepped away from the mirror with Ted's face still clamped in his chest. He unflexed his chest to allow Ted's limp body to be released. Ted's small, pale body with newly soiled diapers under his boxers now lay at Rico's brown wide feet.

Rico magestically struck a double bicep pose over Ted's lifeless body. "Soy Supremo" roared Rico. •

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