Muscle Teen, The


By nymuscleboy

I had grown a lot since three weeks ago. My body was atleast the size of an amature bodybuilder. That guy was right, this stuff is effective and fast. My biceps and shoulders looked like boulders. My pecs were about eight inches bigger than before. I now had an eight pack. My legs were like pillars. Even my cock had grown. Before it was eight inches, now it was a huge thirteen inches long and four inches wide. But I wasn't satisfied, I needed more muscle. I wanted to be the biggest bodybuilder ever! I needed more muscle. I called up the same guy. We met on the same corner as before. "Hey, I see you like the stuff." He said. "Yeah, and I want more, I have to be the biggest ever." I responded. "Good, then you'll like this new stuff, It's faster and better than before." He said. "Gimme that!" I shouted. I tossed the money in his face and swalloed the whole bottle of pills. "Holy shit this is enough for four more bottles!" He shouted. "Good!" I said as I grabed more from his truck. I swallowed all of the pill in each bottle. I thanked him and went home. ********************************

Later that night, I felt shap pains in bed. I tossed and turned in until after about five hours of pain, it stopped. I went in the bathroom to see what happened and to get a drink. I looked in the mirror. Suddenly I felt funny, like I had butterflies in my stomach. I knew what was going to happen, my body swelled with muscle. My eight pack tightened and became even more ripped. My pecs swelled with power and veins started showing up everwhere on my body. My biceps became even bigger and stronger. My back was defined and ripped. My legs became thicker and longer. My cock grew several inches. I got a raging boner as my muscles thickened. I flexed for hours in the mirror. Thank god my parents were on thir honeymoon, they would be thinking I went crazy for drugs. Luckily they had another two weeks and then a business trip for three weeks and then they were going to visit my Uncle Frank for another three weeks. Lucky me.

I knew that if I had taken five bottles, then I was going to grow more and I would be huge. I flexed my pecs one more time and finally went to bed. This was going to be a hell of time. •

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