Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

The Hotel room was darkening, as the sun was setting outside. Toby Let himself into the room with his access key. He'd managed to find some huge old torn levis that he'd squeezed into, and in moments they'd worn and conformed to fit his muscled italian body. His cock made a huge wicked lump under the thin cotton blue fabric. He'd pulled on a large t shirt, now already stretched and torn, and a pair of old leather work boots. Best of all he'd found an old torn leather jacket that was in the lost and found, that no one had ever wanted or picked up. It fit him like a glove.

Toby stood for a moment, looking at the sleeping figure on the bed. Then he flicked on the light switch. Jack lay for a moment, then started, not waking. His body was changing, but growing and shrinking both, morphing in size and appearance. Toby stepped forward, concerned, and saw that Jack's eyes were unresponsive. He almost appeared to be having an epileptic fit of some kind. Just then, the motion of Jack's limbs subsided, and the size of his limbs quickly reduced.

In seconds, Toby was looking at a different Jack. Not the youth of that morning, but a young man, appearing to be in his early 20's, with a strong build and a shocklingly handsome face. He was an angelic adonis, designed as if by Michelangelo, but his muscle size was much reduced.

Jack woke suddenly. He smiled up at Toby. "Hello! Who are you?"

"It's me, Jack...! I'm Toby!"

"Toby! I see you and Fred had some fun!"

The sudden wide grin set Toby's mind at ease.

"Yeah, Jack, a lot of fun... but you've changed!!"

Jack sat up and looked at himself. Toby expected him to be disappointed with the loss of muscle size, but Jack merely jumped out of bed and stood looking in the mirror. His chest and body was much less hairy, almost smooth, and his youth and vigor was astounding. He moved with a grace that was unconciously seductive. Even standing, his pose was enticing to the extreme. He was like a statue of a Greek god. "More changes!" Jack shook his head. "Why am I even surprised! I like it though!"

"Yeah, but your muscle is mostly gone, Dude!"

Jack flexed a bicep. It was very sexy, larger perhaps than most, but still very ordinary. But there was something about Jack... something almost too perfect, too handsome... Toby shivered. Jack was so sexy, that in spite of his now much more normal size, he was even more attractive than ever.

Jack picked up the shorts he'd been wearing before sleeping and stepped into them. They were stretched and much too large for Jack now. Jack laughed and pulled open a drawer, pulling out a pair of boxer cut Calvin Kleins. He pulled them on and they fit him very snug. Tight, revealing, and hot. Jack looked even better with the shorts on and his still considerable genitals making a big bulge in them. Toby loved the white fabric, and the way it suggested the contour of his cock and balls packed under the stretchy fabric.

Toby walked up to Jack. "But what happened, Jack? Why did your muscles shrink?"

"Don't know stud...! But I think I'm still ahead of this morning!" Indeed, Jack was huge compared to this morning, standing now at 6' tall. Toby looked down at Jack. Jack was staring at Toby's Pecs... almost level with Jack's eyes. Jack felt a pressure on his Calvins. He glanced down and saw Toby's thick wicked looking cock pressing against the white cotton stretched thin over Jack's package. Toby's cock had slipped through the torn fabric of his jeans, and was rapidly swelling to a frightening erection.

"I see that Fred has really given you something to write home about!!"

"Yeah! But I want to keep it! What if I shrink like you?"

"Well, we can always have some fun with Fred again!"

"Would that work?"

"I imagine it might!" Jack laughed. "I know I should worry but I feel so good!!!"

"You look really good Jack! Almost too good! You're still so fucking hot!"

Jack paused then and looked at himself in the mirror. "You're right...! But its strange... almost as if..." he smiled bemusedly, then shook his head.

"As if What?" demanded Toby.

"As if I've gone to another level! Look at me... I'm still hunky, still muscled, still hung, but nothing extraordinary, really...! You could go out on the beach and find a lot of taller, bigger, more muscled studs... And my cock and balls are big, but not rediculously huge like they were...!"

"Yeah but you are SO HOT!"

"I know I am... I feel it too... but more self assured, more in control... It's like... I've gone on to another level... I don't think I'll ever be afraid of.. or... without self confidence again! Do you feel like that?"

Toby dropped his eyes... "No, I still... part of me still feels like the little boy Toby who had to seduce men with blow jobs in the shower!"

"I remember a different Jack, who had to pump iron to build himself up... to cover his insecurities... I had to pump to grow... to get men, to try and make myself more manly. Because I'm gay. I was always ashamed! But not now. Not ever again!" Jack's voice rang out loudly in the hotel room.

Jack looked at Toby, his eyes flashing with fire. Toby, now a dominant top, felt his heart melt. He dropped to his knees in front of Jack. As he did, his 501's tore out at the knees and across his buttocks. His huge devil cock was throbbingly erect. Toby felt his desires melt, although he was now a huge black-haired Italian fuck machine, he felt again like that little boy in the showers.

"I want to suck your cock, Jack! I want you so bad! I want you to fuck my ass, I want to service you...! I need you so badly!! I have to have you!! Please!" Toby felt his deep voice begin to break.

Jack looked at him in astonishment, then reached down, tilted up Toby's chin and passionately kissed the hot stallion, their tongues melting together, mingled with the salty taste of Toby's tears running down his cheeks. Toby's thick stubble scratched Jack's mouth as their tongues wrestled. In a moment, Toby's embarrassment faded as his passion caught the fire of Jack's sensuous kiss.

Toby broke the kiss and traveled down Jack's perfect torso, his skin so fine and clear without blemish, played for a moment with Jack's erect nipples, and then traveled down his abs to the white hem of Jack's boxer cut Calvins. With his teeth Toby caught the white cotton and with a single tearing snap tore the Calvin's completely off of Jack. Jack's cock and balls, so perfectly formed, dropped before Toby. Jack gasped, once, as Toby took him in his mouth and he quickly became erect. Toby's cock throbbed and pulsed in time with Jack's rythmic thrusts deep into Toby's throat.

Jack felt the tip of his cock sliding deep into Toby's throat -- the sensation was electrifying. Toby seemed to be lost in ecstacy. Jack imagined Toby's body getting bigger, more muscular. Despite his new-found self realization, Jack was still a muscle freak. Jack could feel Toby's sensation -- he could feel Toby's hot hairy chest, he could feel his own cock in Toby's throat -- or was it Toby's cock in his throat?? He could feel his huge hot devil cock exploding with jism just as the cock in his throat shot a load of fuck juice deep into his hairy muscled torso. His muscles were huge, throbbing with power. He opened his eyes and looked up at the hunky blonde haired green eyed stallion whose cock was still down his throat.

As he regained his senses from the hot orgasm, Jack realized that-- incredible as it seemed, he had switched bodies with Toby. Jack was now in Toby's body, and -- Jack presumed from the look on his- Toby's? - face, that Toby was realizing the same thing!

"What the Fuck!!!" Toby said- with Jack's former voice- hot, liltingly sensual.

Jack staggered to his feet. His body- his new body, was massively muscled, hairy, hung with bigger balls than even his earlier incarnation, a longer dick, and he felt different. He was hugely muscular, as before, but with a harder, deeper edge to himself. He knew that it was the feeling of inhabiting Toby's former body that was driving his new sensation.

"Fuck! Oh My God!" Jack exclaimed, with a now deep, rumbling bass voice. And then he felt his stomach start to get warm, a glow spreading outward. His heart started to pump faster, more powerfully. And his new body began to grow more muscular and powerful at a very fast rate. His pecs grew bigger, thicker, hairier -- And his cock quickly grew to full mast and then began to grow further. The levi's 501's shredded and tore off his body. His t shirt stretched and shredded across his chest, and he felt his libido catch fire. He stepped up to the handsome blonde angel in front of him. In seconds his growing height made him loom taller and taller over Toby. He leaned down and stuck his growing tongue deep into Toby's sweet mouth. •

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