Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Fred woke up slowly. The darkening light filtering in through the window shades told him it was almost evening. The curtains blew in the evening breeze, and Fred felt the gentle caress of the cooling air as it touched his naked chest. Fred was halfway wrapped in a thin sheet, covered from the waist down. The fabric rubbed softly on his skin, warmly contoured to his muscles.

Toby was gone, the armchair cushion still depressed from the musclestud sleeping in it. The air was steamy and Fred realized that Toby had showered before leaving. Through the open door Fred could see there was a note taped to the steamed over bathroom mirror, with a large heart drawn around the note by Toby's finger trailing on the wet surface of the glass.

As comfortably sated as Fred felt, in a moment he realized he was becoming completely awake. Fred was very rested, feeling fine. He didn't have his usual afternoon nap headache, and there was no sensation of bruising anywhere on his body, except a tired lingering muscle ache which told Fred that he'd definitely had a hot time with the absent Italian biker stallion Toby. It felt good to know that he could still feel that tired, at least.

Fred stretched and yawned, his hands pushing against the headboard and sliding his body downward until his lower legs were hanging over the edge of the bed. Then he slid off the bed completely onto the floor, wrapped in the bedsheet. He rubbed his face, and felt the wonderful even features of his new face, the skin smooth and strong, unblemished. He held his strong, large, long fingered hands in front of his face and looked at them with clear sighted blue eyes. They were handsome. Fred smiled, bathing in the delicious glow of feeling that even his hands were attractively seductive now.

Fred stood, looking into the mirror. He dropped the sheet. Again, he'd changed. He'd known it would continue, somehow, this time. He didn't even gasp although he was startlingly different. His height was increased dramatically, from 6'1" in height to over 6'6" in height, he estimated from his now loftier viewpoint. And the increase was all in his legs, he could tell. His arms were a lot longer now too, to balance the proportion of his incredibly long yet totally muscular legs. His arms were also carrying a lot more muscle, and his torso was dramatically V shaped. His deltoids were much bigger, but his shoulders were wider too, it wasn't just the increase in deltoid size, his bones were actually longer, his rib cage wider.

His eyes searched out his body, looking everywhere but at the most obvious part of his body. Finally, reluctantly almost, his eyes settled on his huge genitals. His cock, soft, hung 17 inches, probably more, perhaps even 18 or 19 inches. His cock head was like a huge fist, it was so large. The width of his cock was over 4 inches, as much as 5 inches at the widest. Fred couldn't tell how huge he'd really become, as his increased height and extra long legs now made everything off from the normal proportions he was used to. And his pubic hair was now an enormous thick curly chestnut brown tangled jungle of lust, spread across his lower abdomen almost up to his belly button.

Fred felt an unusual sensation creep over him. His body was a magnificent lustful construct of his deepest desires now. His enormous testicles, a testament to his studliness, hung 12" down in his scrotum, each a ripe melon over 6" in width. They were huge, hairy, and bestial. The unusual sensation grew and grew. Fred couldn't identify what he was feeling, until the sensation was overpoweringly prevalent. Fred was in love with his body for the first time in his life. He was incredibly turned on by his body, by this stunning supermodel of a hung stud that he was now. He knew that he was feeling something new to him, that as a geeky little guy he'd never felt turned on by his own body. Now he knew differently. Now he felt differently. Fred grabbed his nipples, twisting them gently. The sensation was electric, like a lightning bolt shooting through his nipples and down through his abs.

His enormous cock started to become erect, quickly growing longer and longer, blood filling his engorging cock... His cock was now so large that his cock head swelled quickly with the weight of his engorging cock. As his cock became erect and heavier, it stretched longer, his half hard cock swollen and thick headed, with a decidedly more erect form at the lower end of the massive member than the top. In a moment, however, his shaft evened out as his cock became more engorged. In a moment, his cock appeared erect, now still hanging down straight between his legs, lower than his knees even on his extra long legs by about 8-10".

Then Fred felt the sensation of erection spread from his hot groin throughout his thick muscled abs and pecs and incredible bubble butt and legs. The tip of his cock began to turn upwards, and then his cock began to lift itself erect, Fred's now superstrong muscles cranking it erect like a huge crane. The sensation didn't hurt, it felt warm and hot and good. His strength could easily handle his huge size now, and quickly he was now completely erect, his cock bigger than ever. Still there was more to come.

His cock grew a few more inches, but began to become thicker and thicker, growing oddly out of proportion... His shaft at the bottom by his testicles grew thicker and thicker, inches thicker, while the top of his shaft ballooned up about the enormous cock head, almost threatening to engulf it like a foreskin. But finally then his cock head swelled, grew huge, the widening edges of the thick knobby head pushing back the swolled cockshaft until the growth finally stopped.

His huge cockhead sat atop an enormous erection, bigger than Fred had ever dreamed even in his wildest fantasy. And Fred loved it. All in all, the growth from soft to erect had taken less than 30 seconds. Fred was staggered by the size of his enormous erect cock, already leaking precum and even by itself slowly building to an inevitable climax. Fred licked his precum, his enormous tongue now over 12" in length wrapping around his cock and sucking on his huge erection. He reached down and hoisted a huge hairy testicle in each hand, and they drew up under his huge cock, and he spread his legs wide to accomodate their massive size between his muscle thighs.

His hands slid up to his cockshaft, and he was more sensitive than ever, even with his massive size. He began to suck on his enormous cockhead, spreading his jaws as wide as possible. He looked into the mirror, and saw the incredible sight as he sucked himself off. This was selflove like he'd never known. He began to build to climax. His balls began to pump into his enormous cock, and he felt the hot load pump fiercely up his shaft, the load working up 4", then 8", then 12", as he sucked harder and harder. Suddenly, his jaws opened wide and his cockhead slid completely into his mouth. 16", then 20", his load worked up his cock and then was passing 24"... seconds later Fred spewed into his own mouth. His reflex shoved his cock down his throat and he began to unload a massive load right down his own throat. He enjoyed a private, intense orgasm which lasted and lasted, for almost 5 full minutes. When he finished, he literally was hanging on his own massive cockshaft, weeping with an ecstasy of joy he'd never had. His body was still growing, changing, he could feel. Then his thoughts turned to Jack, his lover Jack, the musclestud that he loved more than anyone. He wanted to be with Jack, to show him, introduce him to the now complete Fred, the Fred who liked himself.

His cock quickly grew flaccid, and he stood. He was now 6' 10" tall, all of him legs, arms, and muscled torso, and that fortunately made his enormous cock at least jokingly proportional to his body, as outsized as it was. He looked into his eyes in the mirror, and liked the man he saw there. •

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