Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

"Fuck! Oh My God!" Jack exclaimed, with a now deep, rumbling bass voice. And then he felt his stomach start to get warm, a glow spreading outward. His heart started to pump faster, more powerfully. And his new body began to grow more muscular and powerful at a very fast rate. His pecs grew bigger, thicker, hairier -- And his cock quickly grew to full mast and then began to grow further. The levi's 501's shredded and tore off his body. His t shirt stretched and shredded across his chest, and he felt his libido catch fire. He stepped up to the handsome blonde angel in front of him. In seconds his growing height made him loom taller and taller over Toby. He leaned down and stuck his growing tongue deep into Toby's sweet mouth.

Toby- the Toby now inhabiting Jack's blonde body... felt an enormous rise in his libido as he was kissed... his cock sprung erect, and he stared at Jack in his body... realizing that Jack was growing huger and huger... more and more humongous. In seconds Jack had to pick up Toby to keep kissing him as he grew taller and taller. Toby was crushed against Jack's hairy muscled Italian musclegod stallion chest.

It was only seconds later that Toby felt his feet leave the floor... After Jack finished kissing Toby, he tossed Toby down on the bed. Toby bounced once, then stared at Jacks cock. Jack grunted and posed a most muscular, his growing muscles swelling and swelling. His cock grew thicker by inches, and longer and longer. Toby gasped. Jack grabbed Toby's legs and shoved his still growing cock into Toby's ass. Toby cried out as his ass was stretched to the limit. Jack pumped the massive cock rising from his hairy crotch deep into Toby. Toby writhed and thrashed on the bed. Jack grunted like an animal, fucking Toby like an animal. Toby felt his body protesting the huge cock up his ass, and yet he started to orgasm and thrash more violently as Jack began to shoot HUGE loads into his ass. Toby felt the room spinning as the cock up his ass became the center of his universe. Toby felt the cock growing bigger and bigger. He felt the heavy balls in the oversized scrotum growing bigger and heavier, sliding down his ass as they grew. Toby felt Jack's huge muscles roiling against his body. Toby felt the cock pumping as he shot. Toby became the cock, his cock and Jack's huge monster merging, growing larger and larger, shooting and shooting and losing all reason with the intensity of the orgasm. Toby felt his huge hairy muscles quivering, pumped, hard and intense. He pulled his cock from Jack's ass as Jack groaned with relief. Suddenly he stopped. He realized that he'd switched back into his own body...

Toby was now the huge hung Italian muscle stud again- and Jack was the blonde stud writhing on the bed. Toby looked up at the mirror over the dresser. He was ENORMOUS. "Fuck!" he exclaimed. "What the hell did you do to me Jack????" •

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