My Best Friend


By Luxury

Well it was a pretty boring day today, my best friend and I just were playing some ball and having fun. My name is Brain, I am 18 and I am 5�8� 145lbs and I have a skinny type build. My best friend who�s name is Tim and he is 19 is about 5�6� 123lbs and is skinny too. So we were playing some ball when some bigger kids from our high school decided picking on my best friend, I tried to stop them, but they were way too big for the both of us, they always picked on my best friend Tim. I never knew why and it broke my heart every time they did, whether it was at the school or at the park or anywhere. Well they held me back so I couldn�t even help him, they beat him up, they beat him up good. I could only watch helplessly as he was brutalized by these punks. After they left leaving him so hurt, I went over to see if he needed any help, I could see he just wasn�t physically hurt he was hurt emotionally too. I could see he wanted to cry but held it back because it was a man thing. So he decided to go back home which was only a few houses down. I understood so we cut the day short. The reason for the bullies not picking on me was because I have a much bigger older brother named Matthew. They knew not to mess with me for that reason.

Well the week past on, and his injuries were healing from that horrible fight he had with those bullies, whose names were Brad, Todd, and Rick. They were pretty average sized guys for that age, but they loved to pick on the smaller kids and who was more perfect for that than Tim. So the week passed it felt like it flew and it was already the next weekend, so we decided to hang out again. This was a little different then last, he told me about how he felt about being beat up last weekend. He told me that he was sick of being small and being so defenseless. He wanted size and power but he couldn�t achieve it because he had already passed puberty and this is what he was stuck with. So we ended up playing video games the rest of the time but I am glad I got to see a different side of him. He was caring but he also wanted to get back at them. I don�t know I wanted to see him succeed I was sick of these guys always getting away with being bullies.

So at the end of the weekend going towards Sunday night we were just going through my house or my parents house since I still live at home and happen to come up to my brother�s room. Since he usually is at College even on the weekends we peaked in and yes this is my brother Matthew�s room. He is 21 in case you didn�t know. We were going through his stuff, and we happen to come upon three bottles of drink. At first we thought it was water bottled up funny, in those weird beakers. Then we read what was written on them, it was entitled �Bigger�. We both thought �Why was it called that?� It must have been a project he was working on in College, and forgot about or something. So we took the three bottles to my room.

� I wondered what we should do with these.� that was what was going on in my mind. I thought to myself and I decided that he should try one of them, because I am such a wimp. So he took the first beaker full of liquid and downed it, he told me it tasted pretty good, but it seemed to have no effect on him. So we just kept the other two beakers there for a while. So we went back playing some video games again because we didn�t want to do homework for school or anything, and we had all that worrying about college to think about too. Then he began to complain about pains in his stomach, I was worried what if what he took was poison or something. I ran to the phone to call the ambulance and he told me not to. I looked back and I couldn�t believe what I was seeing, he was bent over in pain, then it began just like that, his chest started to grow, it was becoming more defined and I could see it buldging against his shirt, he was growing and I couldn�t believe it, then his shirt began to rip where his chest was growing it was unbelievable, then it ripped showing two huge pecs, then his growth began to move, next were his shoulders, they began widening and began to rip his shirt even more, he was getting broad shoulders, he was moaning with I couldn�t tell pain or pleasure. Next came his abs, he started to develop a six pack and you could see it through the bottom half of his shirt that wasn�t ripped yet. God this guy was growing, next came his arms, you could here them inflated like balloons, they started too look like cannons, as they began to tear the sleeves, they must have been growing to tremendous proportions. Then his back wow did that get muscular from this, and it tore the rest of the shirt apart as it widened and thickened. His forearms grew rapidly too, they were as big as anyone�s normal biceps! So now his upper body was ripped it moved to his lower part, all of a sudden his legs began to swell, he was standing up now, and his legs swelled through his pants, he could barely fit into them, I though he wouldn�t be able to take them off, but to my surprise in one swoop from his arm he ripped them right off. This was turning me on, if I haven�t told you I have a crush on my best friend anyways. He revealed his cock, which must have grown too, because it looked extremely thick and long. He must have grown in height too. I wanted to take his measurements too, so I did, he had 21� arms, 34� waist, 56� chest, and he had grown in height to 6�2�! Wow this kid was a monster now, but this is far from over.

He grinned at me and told me about the two other beakers upstairs. �I thought what is going on here? This kid is huge now what he wants to get bigger now?� So we went to the other two beakers. These ones had a little more writing on them, it said on them �Mega Man�. We both didn�t know what that meant, but I knew what was coming. He was going to take one of these too. In which he did, I thought to myself �Why didn�t he just take both of them.� Then he threw one to me and said, �Why should I be the only one who enjoys the growth?� �I want you to too.� He also told me to wait, because he wanted me to watch him grow first, then vice versa. So 15 minutes went by nothing, I could tell he couldn�t wait though, all these years being so small now he has the chance at being huge. Then it began but differently then before, it was much faster and more powerful, his chest pumped up so fast, I could barely keep up, then his arms went from cannons to something beyond human, his back expanding to explosive size, his legs becoming giant slabs of meat. He also began to grow in height, he went from 6�2� to who knows how tall, all I know is he hit the ceiling and his growing was far from over, the ceiling began to cave in, I said �what are you going to do?� He said � what any man this size would do?� He then crumbled the ceiling with his size and power. His growing began to slow but he was enormous now, he wasn�t even human anymore he was the biggest man on earth. Then it began to accelerate again, he was growing bigger than the house and there was nothing to stop him, he yelled �YES!�, until he hit the top of the house, he began to knock the whole house down, then it finally started to slow, although he didn�t quite grow through the house, his muscles pretty much filled my house. I couldn�t believe this one formula did this. �OK, now it�s your turn, Brian� I asked him �Why?� �I gave you the second bottle because I want a partner in crime, someone who is going to be there with me, it�s lonely being at the top you know.� His voice was so booming that he shook the ground.

So I took the formula too, in about 15 minutes I began to grow, and man was it painful at times, and then pleasure I loved seeing my muscles inflate, My chest ripping through my clothes, my arms inflating to size unimagined by man. I couldn�t believe this was happening. I grew in height, until eventually I stopped at just a few inches shy of Brian, I know why too because he took the other formula too. My dick must have been huge too it looked so massive. We both must have been 12-15 feet tall, it was amazing. Then he gave me a kiss and said �You know I have always wanted to have a guy I can love and have known for a long time.� I cried I knew he meant me. We could barely fit in the house anymore, our muscles were so huge that we couldn�t move anywhere. Then the door opened it was my brother! He was shocked, and then satisfied, �My experiment did work, that�s good to know.� My brother then asked what we were going to do now that we were so big. Tim knew what to do, gave me a grin and said, �let�s go to Brad�s House first.� We both walked through the house enjoying our new size. Of course Matt wasn�t too happy. The house was destroyed. So then we..�.. •

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