Iceman Cometh, The


By Lemur

After an insane day of travel and hot phone sex with Jake I was ready for bed shortly after 10. I drifted off easily and had the most amazing dream. There I was standing naked in the middle of this beautiful, tranquil valley. The gentle breezes swept around me stirring the tall grass and my brown curly hair. Despite being so exposed I felt at peace. Then the ground began to tremble under my feet, subtly at first then stronger as the mini quakes grew louder and closer together. The sound of trees falling and cracking caused me to turn.

Something was coming at me through the woods only a short distance away – something big. I began to run away from the sound and just as a reached the river nearby I fell. A giant hand scooped me up from the shore and turned me over.


“Oh Emmett, I miss you.” Jake’s voice was so loud it echoed off the valley walls. I starred in awe at my new lover. He was over thirty feet tall and swollen with muscle. He held me like a doll in his hand. He pulled me up close to his face, and kissed my head. Then he gently placed me on his cock. I straddled it like a horse, clinging with both my arms and legs. It was as big around as a tree and just as hard. I began to hump the gargantuan member as Jake began rubbing his cock-head with one hand while exploring his massive, muscular frame with the other. I started humping faster and faster as Jake’s loud groans, rang-out through the valley. As I reached climax Jake did too. I held on for dear life, but Jake’s cock’s spasms shook me loose, and I started to fall.

I awoke from my dream gasping for air. The hotel pillow between my legs soaked with cum. I thought of the giant Jake in my dream and realized how much I hated being in Boston right now. I reminded myself it was only few days, and how much trouble I’d be in with Dr. Gannon if I left, so I resolved to stay. I tried calling Jake, but there was no answer so I left a message. It was still early so I decided not to worry and try out the treadmill in the hotel gym before breakfast. After my workout I felt a little better in general. The first seminar might have been interesting if I wasn’t so pre-occupied. One other attendee kept giving me the eye – had to be gay. He wasn’t bad looking, but compared to Jake? Well, there was no contest.

When my cell-phone rang I felt everyone’s eyes on me. It was Jake so I tried to quietly step out and answer the call. “Hey, how are you feeling?” I asked.

“Pretty fuckin’ good right now. I slept in late - sorry for missing yer call.” Jake said apologetically. “I went to bed pretty late last night. I just couldn’t stop wackin’ off. I think you were right though. I’m not feeling so *hyped* this morning. I still feel strong as an Ox, but I’m not sportin’ wood right now. How about you?”

“Glad to be hearing from you. Have you changed out your patch yet?” I asked. “Oh, yeah I guess it is about that time isn’t it? I’ll take care of it after I hang up don’t worry Doc,” Jake continued. “Listen I just wanted to call and let you know I’m okay. I need to go out to the store. I about ate myself out of house and home last night, so I need to go pick up a few things.”

“So you’re appetite is up as well?” I asked.

“Well I did work out for about four hours yesterday if you just count the weight lifting. If you add in all the jerkin’ off you can add another seven hours, and that makes a boy hungry.” He said chuckling. “Well, I won’t worry about that then. Anything else unusual?” I asked.

“Well my clothes feel a little tight, but other than that I feel fit as two fiddles. I’ll call you back later after I get my shopping done. I’ll be spending most of the afternoon and evening at the Arena – It’s a game night you know.”

“I know. Wish I was home and not here, or better yet with you.” I added.

“Miss you.” Jake said softly into the phone

“Miss you too. Bye, Jake” After hanging up I needed to go to the men’s room for a while. Talking to Jake got me all hard again, and the last thing I needed was having all eyes turn to me going back into the auditorium and me sporting a stiffy.

The clock seemed to hardly move at all for the rest of the day. Finally, the seminar torture was over. I had dinner alone despite the staring man asking me to go out with him. Humph! One hell-of-a Gaydar I got. The hotel didn’t have ESPN2 so I couldn’t even watch the game from Boston – suck! My cell finally rang a little after nine.

WOOOO - HOOOOO!!!!! Came Jake’s voice booming over the phone. I quickly jerked the phone away from my head trying to let the ringing in my ears subside. “Well, hello to you to mister. I take it the Mariners won?”

“Hell YEAH!” Jake shouted again. “Ah, could you bring the volume down a little. I’d like to be able to use my right ear in my old age.” I pleaded.

“Sorry Babe,” Jake said bringing his voice down to a dull roar “But damn you should’a seen me play tonight. I kicked ass! (“Damn right you did!” came a voice in the background.) Aw, Emmett I was on fire tonight. I was zippin’ around so fast – knockn’ those losers into the wall. Hell, by half-time most of their team avoided the puck like it had the plague or something. Anyhow, this one dumb fuck must have been thinking he was hot shit when he pulled off an intercept from Scotty, but I taught him a lesson.”

“What did you do Jake?” I asked trying to see the game in my mind.

“I plowed into him so hard from the middle court I sent his ass flying into his own goal. Took down their team goalie with him. It wasn’t till he got up he realized he was laying on the puck. What a dumb fuck.” Jake said laughing out loud now. “Hell eight of the goals tonight were mine. Do you know how long it’s been since I got that many goals in a game?” Jake asked almost demanding. “I don’t know stud, but I sure would like you plowing into me tonight.”

“Hey Jake when are you gonna get ready?” I heard from somebody in the background. “You going out with the fellas?” I asked. “Well, the boys all wanna buy me a drink tonight. But first I gotta take a shower and I don’t know if I can do that.” He said his voice getting lower all of a sudden. “Why? What’s wrong? Are you not feeling good?” I asked.

“I’m feeling better than good. That’s the problem. Right now my jersey is almost hiding my woody, and you’re little plowing comment didn’t help by the way. I can’t go in the showers like this – the guys would freak out. I mean to say, they are pretty okay with me being gay and all, but if I walk in the showers with this baseball bat stickin’ out in front of me - I’ll never live it down.”

“What are you gonna do?” I asked.

“What can I do? I’ll have to lie. Tell ’em I hurt me knee and need to put some ice on it – that should buy me some time. I’ll tell ‘em that I’ll meet ‘em down at the bar – wait till the coast is clear then get cleaned up.” Jake said.

“Did you have the same problems today that you had yesterday?” I asked. “Not quite as bad, but still a problem. Maybe I shouldn’t have worked out this afternoon again, but it just feels so good to workout Emmett. It’s like I can almost feel my muscles growing with each rep. Hell, my pads have been cutting into me all night – everything is just tight everywhere, and it was already a tight squeeze to put this dick of mine in a cup, but now with my balls all swollen up, damn! Didn’t keep me from kicking ass on the ice tonight though did it? Jake said proudly.

“Listen Jake, I’m getting worried. You’re symptoms are getting extreme. I’m gonna try and catch a flight in the morning. I’ll just have to tell Dr. Gannon what's going on with you and how it's more important than a bunch of pompous blowhards going on about how brilliant they are to a captive audience.”

“You won’t get in any trouble or nothing will ya?” Jake asked all concerned for me when he should be worried about his own health. “Jake, I got you placed in our trial drug program, it’s obvious we have some unplanned side effects here, and they need to be looked into. I don’t want you putting on another patch in the morning; as a matter of fact I want you to take the one you’re wearing off. Okay? I said insistently.

“Let me know when you’re flight is coming in okay? I’ll be there to pick you up.” Jake said worry now in his voice. “Okay, I’ll call you as soon as I know. Just be okay when I get there, please.” I begged.

“Don’t worry Emmett I feel fine. I feel better than fine. I’ll wait for your call – the guys will forget about me after a few rounds anyway. All I want is you back here with me.”

“Bye, Jake – I’ll call back soon” If anything happens to him I’ll never forgive myself. •

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