Iceman Cometh, The


By Lemur

It was so hard thinking about work. I normally looked forward to Mondays. Sphye was a great place to work. Every day had potential to be “The Day” we made the next big break-through. I guess the saying of “do what you love and the money will follow” is true, at least for me. Despite loving my job this morning was filled with nothing but distraction. All I could think about was the weekend I spent with Jake.

After having the most satisfying sex of my life on Saturday night, Sunday held several encores. Jake even humored me by going down to the park and playing soccer for while. I needed to remind him tackling is not a part of standard play more than once. I think he knew it, but he liked the excuse of grabbing me and falling on top too much. I had several bruises by the late afternoon, but I didn’t mind one bit.

The morning dragged as I waited for Jake to come in at eleven. I knew he was here when I heard Gracie, our front desk flirt, laughing just a little too loud. God, how she threw herself at any man who was remotely attractive – the afternoon visits from the UPS man were more than I could bear some days. Of course she had to “help” Jake find my office. How could he get lost going only ten steps? I would love to see the expression on her face if she knew he was mine.

Jake and I were very professional in front of her but as soon as the door was closed that all changed as Jake scooped me up. There is just something about being with a man that can pick you up like you weighed nothing that made me rock hard. After a gentle kiss Jake set me back down, and I went over all the forms with him. He gave me copies of his medical records from the Mariners’ doctor and then I explained the risks of the treatment, and had him sign the dotted line. “I called in quite a few favors from the lead research physician to get you in the trials Jake. I really hope this works for you.” I told him.

“So, ‘Side effects may include minor aches and pains, high blood pressure and increased libido,’ I think I can live with that.” He chuckled, “Are those just initial side effects or prolonged?” he asked. “Well, Jake like I said we are still in the early stages of human trials. You may have none or all of those side effects. You’re a bit of a wild card based on your age. The next youngest participant is 55. Since the drug stimulates the endocrine system and you’re a still relatively young man you should respond to the treatment extremely well.” I tired to assure him. I handed Jake the small box of 30 patches and he looked it over with great skepticism.

“Are these bandages or drugs?” he asked a bit confused. “They are trans-dermal patches. You’ll need to place them in the low groin area – one every 24 hours. The drug is absorbed into the blood stream via the skin. Easy enough?” reassuring him that this wasn’t some kind of prank. “So, I stick these on my nuts?” He asked.

“No, just stick them low on your stomach - just above that horse dick of yours” I said taking one out of the box, un-zipping his pants and showing him how to apply it. “Hmmm, kind of tingles against the skin.” Jake commented taking my hand and sticking it further down into his pants. “I don’t think it’s the patch giving you that tingly feeling Mr. Naughty.” I said pulling out my hand. “You need to behave. We aren’t at my house now, and Gracie has a bad habit of barging in un-announced.”

Almost on queue as Jake was zipping up Gracie stuck her head in the door. “Dr. Gannon needs to speak to you. Can you make yourself available?” she said in her sing-song-iest voice. “Intercom not working again Gracie?” I asked as sarcastically as I could. “Sorry, bad habits die hard. So, can you see him or not?” She asked insistently. “Yes, yes, send him in. I am done with Mr. Wyzkowski for now. Unless Mr. Wyzkowski has any more questions?” I continued.

“Nope, nope, I’m good. Perhaps I can call you later should I think of any more “questions?” Jake inquired giving me a devilish look. “That would be fine.” I answered. As Jake walked out lead by Gracie I got one last look at that marvelous ass of his, and let out an audible sigh as Dr. Gannon came in. We shook hands and he got straight to business. “So, Lange how do you feel about Boston?”

“It’s a nice enough city I guess why do you ask?”

“Your associate Peter Burchman appears to have taken ill and cannot attend the conference there. I was thinking you could go in his stead. You’re single aren’t you? You don’t need to give notice to anyone do you?” He went on and before I could respond. “Good then, I’ll have your secretary Gracie make all the arrangements. We should be able to get you on flight late today. It’s about time you got out of the research lab and networked with your colleges. Have a good day Lange.” And with those words Dr. Gannon excused himself from my office, and then my cell phone rang.


“Hey, nice shove out the door there sport. I wanted to ask you out to dinner tonight.” It was Jake. “I’m sorry Dr. Gannon is the senior scientist as well as a member of the Board. I have a tendency to get a little nervous when he comes around. Can you forgive me?” I asked. “I guess that depends on whether you can join me tonight.” Jake said with just a touch of that sexy chuckle of his. “Damn, I can’t. My good buddy Pete screwed me by getting sick, or so he claims, and now it looks like I have to go to Boston in his place. I’m sorry Jake.”

“How long do you plan on being gone?” he asked

“I guess I won’t be coming back until Friday night, but that means we still have the weekend to look forward to. Of course I’ll miss Wednesday nights game, and I really hate that.” I added.

“Keep talking like that and I may start thinking your just dating me to get free tickets.” God, he is so adorable when he gets all cheeky. “Nah, It’s that big dick of yours.” I said holding my hand over my mouth and the phone. “Tell you what, I’ll call you once I get settled in at the hotel tonight, and maybe we can have a little fun on the phone.”

“If that’s the best I can get from you this week I guess it’ll just have to do. I’ll miss you.” Jake said almost whispering. “Me too, bye Jake.”


It was Hell having to run home and pack things as quickly as I could. Gracie managed to get the airline tickets for a five o’clock flight, which was cutting it tight, but I made it. I got to the hotel, registered for the conference and before I knew it, it was nine in the evening until I had a chance to call Jake.

The phone rang and rang until it rolled over to his answering machine. Half way into the message Jake picked it up sounding like he just ran a marathon. “Hey Emmett! I almost gave up on you calling.”

“Sorry babe, it’s been a crazy day, but I’m here safe and sound, and glad to hear your voice. Are you all right? You sound a little winded.” I said kind of worried considering he had just started taking a very powerful, trial drug. “I guess you could say I got started without ya’.” He responded. “What does that mean?” I asked.

“Well you aren’t the only one who’s been having a crazy day, so let me tell you about mine.” Jake said in an excited tone. “After leaving your offices I went down to the Arena gym like any other day, but about halfway into my workout I started getting such a rush I just couldn’t stop myself. Anyway, before I knew it five o’clock rolled around and I had to make myself stop. Emmett, I was so jazzed, and pumped I couldn’t believe it. I jacked off in the showers twice. Then when I got home I just had to look at myself again. Hell, it’s like four hours now since I stopped working out and I still have a pump.”

Like a little boy talking about his day at an amusement park Jake kept talking a mile-a-minute. “I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve jacked off since getting home. Fuck, that’s what I was doing when the phone rang. I’m just standing here in the hall right now completely naked and I’m boning up again.”

“Wow, you’re really good at this phone sex thing.” I purred into the phone. “I’m not kidding Emmett. What the Heck is in this stuff you gave me. You guys weren’t kidding about increased libido. It’s like my nuts are working over-time. My whole bathroom is covered in jizz, and I’m ready to go again.”

“How do you feel otherwise? Any joint pain? I asked getting concerned.

“Come to think of it I really haven’t noticed any pain. That’s kind of unusual for me.” Jake answered. “Well, then let’s not change anything about your dosage just yet. The side effects could level off in a day or two.” I assured him.

“Hey, with side effects like these who cares about joint pain? Speaking of side effects Emmett I think I gotta take care of my boy again.” Jake said his voice taking on a mischievous tone. “Oh, really why don’t you tell me about that big horse dick of yours – I miss it so much.” I begged

“Well, it feels more like a baseball bat than a dick tonight. Damn! It’s so hard I think I could pound it through a cinder block wall. I’m stroking it right now with my free hand. Goin’ up and down my long, thick shaft – fuck it feels so good Emmett. I’m lookin’ at myself in the mirror too. My muscles are so pumped and hard I feel like I could takedown the whole fuckin’ Raiders team by myself. Pre-cum is flowing like crazy as I’m strokin’ my rod. Does that make you feel hot Emmett?”

“Oh, yes” I answered, my hand already pulling my own cock out of my boxers.

“My muscles are lookin’ so big and pumped Emmett. I wish you could see me right now. My body all hot and wet from the shower, my skin all red, the vein on my bicep standing out from pumping my big cock. My balls look bigger too. I swear they’re as big as lemons now. Fuck it Emmett, I’m getting close again. How about you?”

“Oh Jake, you are so sexy. I think I’m gonna blow any second.” I said half speaking, half gasping for air.

“Oh, Fuck! Emmett! I’m gonna…. Explode! Arrrrghhh, Uhhnnn, Ahhhhhhhh, Oh fuck baby, that feels so good.”

As I heard Jake blow his load I spilled my own onto the hotel carpet. Falling down onto my knees. “Oh, Jake I wish I could see you know.” •

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