Iceman Cometh, The


By Lemur

I was so exhausted from lack of sleep it was no wonder I passed out in the seat of the 727 shuttle from Boston. My nerves were wound so tight with concern about what was happening to Jake I’d wore myself out. The only excuse my mind needed to drift away was to lean the seat back.

I had the dream again. There I was naked in the valley again, but this time when I heard the rumble I ran to it instead of away. I greeted Jake the Giant as he broke through the trees. He lifted me up onto his shoulder, and patted my head with his strong, giant hand. “Everything is going to be fine Emmett, just you wait and see.” He assured me. He showed me the valley and pointed at the herd of deer drinking by the rivers edge.

As we approached I expected them to run, but they didn’t. Jake squatted down and held out his hand to the small group as they moved closer. He stayed perfectly still as the dear quietly walked up to him and began licking his fingertips. “See Emmett, everything is going to be all right,” he said as he set me down amongst the dear. They gathered around me and started to nuzzle against my body. At first I felt a little nervous since I didn’t have a stitch of clothing on, but somehow I knew they meant me no harm. They started licking me as well, and one managed to start licking around my cock. It tickled and I started to laugh as the other deer gathered in closer almost pushing at each other to get close to me. There nuzzles became more like shoves and I started to panic.

“Sir, sir wake up!” I opened my eyes to the blurry vision of the male flight attendant, his hand on my shoulder gently stirring me from my slumber. “Sorry to disturb you sir, but we are getting ready for the landing cycle so, I am going to need you to put your seat in the up-right position.” He said, briefly staring down at my crotch. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to doze off. I guess I’m more tired than I thought,” I responded still not quite awake. I looked down and saw my erection clearly showing through my dress pants. Well, it could be more embarrassing. I could have formed a wet spot *sigh*.

I felt the landing gear extend beneath me as the plane began to lean into the approach for the runway. By the time we touched ground and were taxiing in my erection was gone so I could stand up and retrieve my carry-on bag. The captain let us know it was okay to use electronic devices again. So me and about half the other passengers whipped out our cell-phones and stated dialing.

“Hey, it’s me! We just landed.” I said feeling relief.

“I know, I just saw the marquee status change to arrived. I’ll be waiting for you at the gate.” Jake said. “Thanks, for offering to pick me up.” I paused for a moment, “Oh Jake, I just feel so awful about what’s happened.” I said feeling ashamed.

“Awful? Why should you feel bad? I don’t. As far as I’m concerned this is the best thing that has ever happened to me, so don’t you go beatin’ yourself up about it. It’ll all work out, you’ll see.” It was good to hear Jake’s deep voice again even if it was digital. We kept on talking; me shedding more worries, and Jake assuring me everything was just fine. As I walked along I looked ahead and saw the crowd waiting at the end of the gate. I was so caught up in talking to Jake and trying to see him over the crowd I didn’t even notice the step up.

The world slowed down, as it seems to always do when you fall. I dropped my cell phone trying to catch myself before I hit the ground, but forgot to let go of my carry-on stroller-bag. That arm jerked me back as it caught on my heel flipping me over so I landed on my back hitting my head so hard everything went black for a second.

The voices of people shouting stirred me back to reality.

“Hey buddy – watch it!” “Ouch!” “Look where you’re going!” “Asshole!”

I stared at a world turned upside-down as two teenage boys above me were shoved apart like the trees from the forest in my dream - falling away to reveal Jake. The view from the ground stunned me as Jake’s massive form appeared over me. “Emmett, are you okay?” He said reaching down to me. I couldn’t speak. All I could do was stare at him. The gray team sweat suit he wore was ready to burst. His pectoral muscles were swollen so large they lifted up to bottom of the shirt showing the waistband of his pants, and a peek of skin. I moved my lips but nothing came out.

Jake lifted me off the ground, one arm around me the other taking my bag. He had perched me on his hip when words finally came to me. “Ah, Jake I think I can walk.” I whispered feeling like a bit of a spectacle in the middle of the Airport. “I’m sure you can, but now that I got you I’m not letting you go just yet.” He snickered back.

“Everything all right here?” came the voice of the female TSA agent. “Yeah,” Jake answered, “My buddy here took a fall on that nasty step of yours. You really should do something about that.” He continued, challenging the agent’s authority. “Jake, it’s not their fault I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“Sir, would you like to see a medical attendant?” She asked me. “No, I’m fine – really. Only my pride was hurt.”

“So, does that mean we’re ready to go?” Jake asked me. “I didn’t check any bags, but I dropped my cell-phone. Do you see it anywhere?” I asked. “I got it!” said a small voice from below. Jake turned us around to face the small boy in a Mariners jersey holding out my cell. “Hey, don’t you play for the Mariners?” he asked. “That I do little fella.” Jake said smiling. “Wow, you’re really big.” The boy said in awe. “Yea, I guess I am. You look like a fan; would you like an autograph?”

“Oh, boy would I!” the little guy answered his face beaming. “I don’t suppose you have a pen on ya?” Jake asked. “I have one” interrupted the TSA agent handing Jake a Sharpie pen from her shirt pocket. “And, the little guy’s right. I’ve been to some of your games and I had no idea from watching in the bleachers what a huge guy you are.” The female agent said now gushing. “Good clean living as they say Miss.” Jake set down my bag, and took the pen and signed the boys shirt. Retrieving my bag he said; “Well, I guess we should be gettin’ off then?”

Jake adjusted me on his hip and carried me out of the terminal. As we entered the parking garage elevators I spoke. “Jake, you really can set me down. I just tripped that’s all. I can still walk.”

“Aw, all right.” he resigned. “Go ahead and ruin my fun. You’re just so light, and it feels so good holding you close.” He said sounding like a boy just told he wouldn’t get a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas. “Well if it means that much to you I guess I can deal with a little more embarrassment. Just don’t carry me in to Dr. Gannon’s’ office okay?” I said submissively.

“Dr. Gannon? Do we have to go there first? I kind of had something else in mind.” Jake said. “And what might that be?” I said my curiosity peaked. “You’ll see.”

Jake carried me all the way to his Truck. “Tall enough?” I teased staring up at the Red Ford F150 sitting atop four ridiculously large tires. “Don’t make fun of my truck, or I’ll have to kick your ass.” He said placing me inside, and dropping my bags in the back of the extended cab. All settled in my seat. Jake entered the cab, and filled it up quite nicely. As we drove off I let my hand slip to his thigh and gave it a squeeze, or at least I tried. It was as hard as granite, and hardly felt like real flesh.

The interstate was crowded and I soon realized where we were going when Jake took the Exit. “Why are we going to the Arena?” I asked.

“You’ll see, just be patient” he said a smile spreading across his face. Jake pulled into his reserved spot, and stepped out of the truck grabbing a gym bag from the seat behind. “Well, come on then –time’s a wasting.”

Jake walked me through the maze of the Arena, and I recognized the locker room as we passed them. “Well, Emmett here we are” he said as he stood before the double doors marked “GYM.”

“Why are we stopping here first, Jake?” I asked. “Because I think you need to truly appreciate what’s happening to me and the best way for me to show you is here,” he said as he pushed the doors open and motioned me inside. Jake followed me into the impressive facility that seemed to have everything a gym rat could want. “I already worked out once this morning, and I’m ready to go again.”

“Jake, you mean even after taking off the patch the effects are still lasting?” I asked. “Now, don’t be mad Emmett but I didn’t take it off. As a matter of fact I put on two this morning, and I feel great.” Jake said beaming. “Jake are you insane? You’re putting your health at tremendous risk!” I said slightly angry he hadn’t done as I asked.

“DO I LOOK UNHEALTHY TO YOU!?” Jake shouted performing a crab pose. As he continued to squeeze his muscles I heard the seams of the sweat suit starting to rip. When Jake brought his arms up into a double bicep pose the seams under his arms split open. “Yeah! That’s what I am talking about Emmett! Look at me! I’m growing bigger by the hour.” Jake said, and then he tore off the sleeves of the shirt revealing he massively muscled arms. He reached into his gym bag and pulled out some type of sport shake and chugged it down. “Emmett I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life, and I don’t want it to stop. Please be happy for me, and help me for Pete’s sake. Don’t make me give this up.” His voice was pleading now.

This scientist in me wanted all this to be stopped and studied, but the horny, gay man inside me wanted to do nothing more than worship Jake’s body. Jake stepped in close and took my hand and placed it under the remnants of his shirt. “Feel my body Emmett, and tell me you want me to stop.” Jake said tempting my wildest desires. Jake peeled what was left of the sweatshirt off, and let my hands browse his thick, meaty pecs covered in dark fur, and then running my fingers down the bulging abdominals. His muscles were so hard it was amazing Jake could even move the bulging masses.

I slid to my knees as Jake removed his pants revealing his magnificent cock now nestled between massive thighs covered in more dark curly hairs. His cock began to stiffen as my hands roamed the bulging sinews that made up his legs. Jake gently lowered himself so he could take off my clothes till we were both equally naked.

“Let’s work out?” Jake whispered, a smile spreading across his face. “Aren’t you worried about somebody coming around?” I asked. “Nah, not today. I’m sure the guys partied pretty hardy last night. They won’t be coming around.” Jake said brushing off my concern as he stepped over to the bench press, and laid down, positioning himself under the bar. “Well, don’t just stand there come over here.” Jake ordered. “What? Do you want me to do? Spot you or something? How much is on that bar anyway?” I said teasingly. “Only 500 lbs, that should get this party started. However, you I want right here,” he said slapping his cock that was beginning to rise to the occasion. “Always fantasized about fucking and lifting at the same time – now seems as good a time as any.” Jake said chuckling to himself.

It wasn’t easy but I managed to climb onto Jake’s monster fuck pole and placed my hands on the cobblestones of his abdominal muscles to balance myself. “You’re in charge of counting.” Jake said as he grabbed onto the bar, and began his first rep.

Slowly he pushed the bar off the rack and lowered it down – resting it on his large erect nipples. He pressed the bar up, and I could feel him trying to push his cock further into me slightly bucking his hips when he reach the lock position. “One,” I called out. “Oh, fuck this is gonna be good,” Jake purred. From there he continued to pump out one perfect rep after another. By the time he reached 20 my insides where on fire from the piston fuck I was getting. “Need a little more weight” Jake said almost in passing as he racked the bar and sat up. I started to easy myself off his cock when, “Unh, Uh… you aren’t going anywhere.” Jake said as he wrapped one arm around me and carried me while still impaled on his super-sized member. Using just one arm Jake added another 100 lbs to each side of the bar, and moved us both back into position.

I could see he was straining now with 700 lbs on the bar, but only for the first few reps. After five he was moving the bar like a machine, and pounding my ass at the same time. “Oh fuck Emmett it feels so good,” Jake said after reaching 20. He racked the bar and started pressing me, moving me up and down on his cock. I watched as his pecs squeezed together, pumping ever larger as he moved me up and down his pole. With each landing I felt his balls stopping me shorter than before until I had to reach behind touch them. Good Lord they were getting huge – on the size of oranges.

Oh, fuck Emmett I’m gonna explode, and he did. Jake pulled me in tight as I felt his cock jerk inside me pumping, and pumping his load deeper into me. After what felt like five minutes I too was pushed over the brink. My cock pressed against Jake’s granite stomach sliding up and down the center of his abs, each ridge sending waves of pleasure through me as my cock rubbed over them. I finally released me insignificant load as Jake continued to pump out more cum. So much poured out my ass and oozed down onto Jake. Soon he and the bench were covered in his creamy, white seed.

“Oh, Emmett I don’t ever want this to stop.” Jake whispered.

“So, what shall we do next? Squats?” He teased. •

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