Mentor, The

Enemies and Friends


By Corwin

Clint's frustration grew. He resisted slamming his powerful fists on the table, knowing he'd split the desk without any real effort. He had already destroyed his garbage can, twisting and folding the metal into a little cube. He grabbed the dense metal and squeezed. The steel oozed through his fingers like silly putty.

For three days he had tried to break into Jim's computer. He had searched Jim's office looking for the enhancement formula, but to no avail. The locks on the door, filing cabinet and desk were not match for Clint's muscle. He broke them with ease. But once inside, all written records of Jim's secret were gone.

PharmTech's computer administrator was uncooperative when Clint demanded access to Jim's private files. That changed after Clint met him at his truck. The guy actually thought 285 horse power was stronger than Clint's right arm. After blowing out his transmission trying to either escape or run over Clint, the guy had second thoughts. When Clint flipped the truck with one hand, the guy couldn't give Clint access to Jim's private files fast enough.

Clint knew he was on the right path when he found his simulation program on Jim's machine. His heart skipped a beat when he discovered that his own susceptibility to the muscle enhancer was greater than Jim's. No matter how hard Jim tried, he'd never match Clint's muscle or power.

Clint had continued to explore, and found the folder named "FF", but when he tried to open it, he found Jim had encrypted everything. Jen thought the password was "MisterFantasitic", but that hadn't worked. Jim had changed it and nothing Clint had tried had succeeded in breaking the code. Jim's secret was still safe. He'd have to try a brute force method, and that could take weeks.

To add to Clint's frustration, Jen had told him about the effects of Jim's serum. Jen described in detail Jim's total control over his cock, and how she had never experienced any sexual encounter like the ones she had with Jim. Clint could her the desire and longing in her description. For all of Clint's new power, he felt immasculated at the thought of Jim's sexual prowess. Clint was determined to get it for himself.

Clint grabbed the deformed metal that had been his garbage can. He opened his window and formed it into a ball. About a mile in the distance was an abandoned building. Clint pitched the ball with all his might. He saw the smoke and dust as the metal crashed through old brick and mortar. Several seconds later, he heard the crack of thunder, the result of the building's failed effort to stop the projectile. As the dust cleared, Clint saw the glint of sunshine from the hole his muscle-powered missile had drilled through the building. Clint didn't worry about any damage done to objects on the other side. He had decided it was his civic duty to remove the blight, and if he had to do it piece meal one garbage-can rocket at a time, all the better. Maybe, if he tired, he'd just walk over and tear it down with his bare hands. If that's what he wanted to do, who could stop him?

He turned back to his computer. He accessed an online dictionary, and selected terms that had to do with sports and fitness. He programmed an algorithm that randomized capital letters, added numbers, and made other common substitutions. He started it, hoping Jim's password wasn't too sophisticated or too random.

Clint still felt tense. He pulled out a vial of the muscle enhancer and gave himself a shot. He headed off to the gym to work of some steam.


Mark stepped into the school's gym with authority. He wore only a pair of Jim's workout shorts. They were still loose on him, but he filled them better than any kid at his high school would.

Mark relished the expressions he saw on the kids faces. Lifting weights was a favorite activity for the football and wrestling jocks. Other kids hoping to build a little muscle were bullied and intimidated by these jocks, who ruled the weight room. Mark saw them stare at his bulging chest, ripped abs, huge traps, broad shoulders, massive guns and tree-like legs. He laughed at the fear in their eyes as they realized the wieght room had a new king.

Mark looked around. Kevin wasn't there, but Brad and Brent were over at a bench. It looked like Brent was pushing a couple hundred pounds while Brad spotted him. Mark walked over to the pair as Brent put the weight down.

"Move over ladies and let me show you how a man does it." Mark looked at the bar. Picking it up, he flexed his 19 inch arms and curled the bar. Lowering it slowly, he raised it again with perfect form and control. He smiled as he did rep after rep, before lowering the weight back to the bench. He felt the muscle elixer fueling his muscle growth, knowing that soon this poundage would be like a feather to him.

"Better add more weight. I wanted to work my chest," he bounced his pecs, "not arms today." Mark raised a bicep and kissed it. "I'll get around to these power houses tomorrow." Mark pushed the twins aside and took over the bench, adding another hundred pounds to the bar for his warm-up set.

Brad and Brent walked to the other side of the gym, and stood by the entrance to the locker room. Brent went inside, grabbed his cell phone and dialed. "He's here." "See you in five." He came back into the gym and nodded to his brother.

Mark was doing his first set with four hundred fifty pounds when Kevin came in. He was accompanied by his cousin Chris and his two training partners. The three college athletes wore wrestling singletons that hugged their muscular bodies. The jocks in the gym stopped working out and crowded behind the four men as they walked over to Mark.

Brad and Brent sized up Kevin's cousin. He was definitely more muscular than Mark. They were a bit surprised to see that Mark compared favorably to the smallest of the college athletes. Mark hadn't seemed that big just a couple of days earlier.

Chris's two lifting buddies walked on either side of Mark, and grabbed the bar, pressing it into the lifter's chest.

"Having some problems there Mark?" said Kevin, standing over the bench. "I'd like you to meet my cousin Chris and his buds. "

Mark strained at the bar, unable to overcome the force of the two college men pressing the bar down. Mark concentrated, feeling his strength begin to surge.

"Hear you been pickin on my Cuz here," said Chris, grabbing the bar in the middle and pressing down. "You pick on my blood, you pick on me." He nodded at his friends, and they jerked the bar up and moved it to the bench. "Think you can beat me," Chris said, flexing into a most muscular pose.

Mark sat up, looking at Chris. Mark felt small, and the years of being intimidated came crashing around him again. He froze.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Not gonna say hello?" said Chris.

Mark felt the two guys grab his arms and begin to lift him to his feet.

"Let's see what you got..." said Chris, feeling Mark's upper arm. "Pretty good. What is that? Seventeen? Eighteen?"

"Nineteen," Mark squeaked out.

Chris smiled. He flexed his arm, forcing a huge boulder to form. "That's over 20," he said. "Saw you lifting too. I did 535 for reps last week." Chris slammed his hand into Mark's chest, forcing him to fall back onto the bench again. Chris's friend grabbed two plates, and added them to Mark's bench. "Why don't you try a little more weight?"

Mark looked at Chris. He felt the energy in his body. He was ready to grow. His confidence returned, as he laid back on the bench. He struggled to lift the bar. He was failing.

"Don't worry," mocked Chris, "we'll help." The two guys lifted the bar, and lowered it to Mark's chest.

Mark struggled to control the weight. It wobbled on his chest as it tried to crush him. Slowly, he steadied the weight. He wanted to call for help, but wouldn't give these bullies the pleasure. He was a different person now. He had to remember that. He pushed with all his might... his increasing might. Slowly, the bar began to raise. First the left side, then the right. He strained to control the bar. He was its master, it was not his. He pushed hard. His pecs hurt with the strain, but he demanded more. The weight moved. Slowly he lifted it. His eyes were closed with strain, and he longed to see Chris's face. He expected surprise, shock. He locked his arms. Then, he lowered it again.

The weight almost fell to his chest, but he controlled it. He lifted it again. He opened his eyes. Mark was right. There was surprise in their eyes. He started a third rep.

This time, Chris grabbed the bar, holding it down. Mark struggled against the weight and Chris's strength. Chris was trying to crush him. Mark screamed, and began to move the weight up.

Chris's triceps burst into ripped horseshoes of muscle, forcing the wieght down. This kid was strong, but Chris was stronger. He pressed with all his strength. Chris had to be stonger. He knew he was. He told himself that, only to feel the boy's might overtake his own.

It was harder than Mark had ever worked in his life, but he pressed hard and the bar went up. Chris's arms buckled, unable to stop the force Mark put on them. The bar clanged down and Mark jumped up. His chest was pumped huge.

Mark stood next to Chris and pressed his chest into the wrestler's. Mark bounced each pec, noting how swollen each was with new power. "Looks like my man tits are bigger and stronger than yours, dude."

Mark felt someone grab his arms. It was Chris's friends. They grabbed Mark's arms and pulled them back. Mark strained, his pecs demanding that his arms come forward. Again, Mark felt the power surge in his body. His delts bulged into ripped bowling balls and his arms broke free of the two men's grips.

Chris was on Mark in a flash. He grabbed Mark and flipped him to the ground. Before Mark could react, Chris jumped on him and wrapped his legs around Mark's torso. He squeezed. Hard.

Mark reacted. He grabbed Chris's legs with his arms and he pulled. Chris's legs squeezed tighter.

"I... fuckin... squat... six.... ugh.... hundred..." he screamed. He felt something his mind wouldn't allow him to accept. As he squeezed, the body below him seemed to pulse -- pushing his legs apart. He felt mighty hands dig into his thighs and calves, and with a power he couldn't resist, begin to push his legs apart. "No!" he cried as he felt his legs lose their grip and Mark broke free.

Now, the tables were turned. Before Chris could react, Mark jumped on him, grabbing Chris's wrists and pushing them to the floor. One of Chris's friends tried to interfere, but Mark kicked him in the knee and there was a loud crack, and the man fell to the floor.

"Don't even think about it," Mark warned the other guy, and he backed away.

Chris struggled, but his arms wouldn't move. He looked at Mark's arms, and suddenly realized that they were inches bigger than his own. He stopped struggling.

"Give up, creep?" Mark asked.

Chris stared at this high schooler. For the first time, it struck him that Mark was bigger than him. Way bigger. "Whoa... uh, ya,..." he stammered, trying to control his fear at a man who could obviously best him.

Mark let Chris go. Flexing his body in the mirror, he looked at his new muscle size.

He walked to the locker room. Turning to Kevin, Chris and the other two college guys, he said, "Thanks for the workout, dudes. Anytime you want me to whoop you again, feel free to stop by." Mark went into the locker room.

Chris looked at Kevin. He punched him, and Kevin fell to the ground. "Why didn't you tell me the guy was that big?"

"He wasn't... I mean..."

"Oh shut up," yelled Chris. He had never been beaten so easily. He walked into the locker room.

Mark was pulling down his shorts. He turned, and saw Chris.

"Uhm... kid... I just wanted to..." Chris stopped. He stared at Mark's cock. "Your boys is amazing," he finally got out.

Mark said nothing as Chris walked over. Chris raised a hand, and rubbed Mark's chest. "Big pecs..." Chris's hand moved to Mark's abs... "hot abs..." Chris grabbed Mark's cock... "fucking horse hung."

Mark made the next move. He moved his lips to Chris's and pressed into them. Chris's breath was hot, and his tongue wrapped around Mark's. Mark moved his hand's to Chris's head and pressed him close. Mark broke the embrace, and whispered, "So, you like what you see?"

"Never had a guy beat me like that..." Chris said. "Kinda hot..." Chris was stroking Mark's cock, which was growing to a hefty twelve inches. Chris looked down. "Fucking huge..." Chris put his other hand on his growing bulge.

Mark pushed that hand aside and began to stroke Chris. He was thick and definitely hung. "Pretty big yourself..."

"I got ten," Chris said. "Man, you make me look small everywhere."

"Bigger than you...." Mark agreed.

"Ya..." Mark sighed.

"Stronger too..."

"Fuck ya..." Chris was getting hot.

"Show me," said Mark, and Chris ripped his singlet off.

Mark grabbed Chris's cock and squeezed, hard. "Time to be dominated," Mark said. He felt's Chris's cock flex hard. "You wanna worship me?"

"Like the god you are..." Chris said.

Mark laughed, and Chris knelt and began to suck on Mark's cock. •

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