Mentor, The


By Corwin

Mark listened to the message again. "Hi Mark, this is Chris. I was hoping maybe we could get together again. Workout maybe? I could show you how to wrestle. I want to apolo... I mean ... well, the other day was so fucking hot. I'm not use to guys beating me, and ... well... call me. God, if the other guys find out, but man, you are worth it. Please..."

Mark loved the way Chris was begging. It got to him. He'd saved the message for a week, not returning the call. "Keep waiting... I'm just getting bigger." Mark put down the phone and walked over to the barbell. It had 6 plates. He thought about Chris worshipping his arms as he picked up the barbell, and squeezed out 12 reps for his warm up. He loved the way his huge 27 inchers flexed and bulged as he controlled the weight.

"Arm day?" said Jim, walking in for his own workout.

"Gotta keep growing, right?"

"You said it, Mark." Jim walked over. "Mind if I work in?"

Mark smiled. "Go ahead." It was only two days ago that Jim stopped calling him 'kid' and began calling him Mark. He knew it signalled a change. As he watched Jim warm up, pumping his 28 inch arms, he knew that Jim considered him his equal. He was not longer the boy Jen had asked him to train, but a man that commanded his respect.

It happened after their evening workout. They had both begun to take multiple injections during the day, and both were pumped huge. Jim was checking out his progress in the bedroom, and Mark was just about to step into the shower. Jim called him back.

"Check out these guns now. Fuck! I never thought I could get this big. Come on, kid, feel them."

Mark nodded. He knew what Jim wanted, and he was willing to give it to him. He grabbed the tape measure Jim had begun to keep on his night stand, and came up behind Jim's back. He pressed his naked body against Jim's and placed his hand on Jim's arm. "Huge man. Hard too."

Mark relaxed his cock, keeping his hard on small, for now. Jim had other ideas. He flexed, stretching Mr. Fantastic, causing his monster to grow into his pecs. He bounced them, massaging his massive hard on with his preditious muscles.

Mark reached down and pulled on Jim's nuts. "Looking huge there too."

"Ya," Jim sighed, getting lost in the attention. "Fucking big muscle man. Big everywhere."

"Huge," whispered Mark, biting on the sensitive spot where Jim's traps met his neck. "Biggest you've ever been."

"Measure it," Jim demanded.

Mark wrapped his hands around Jim's massive torso, moving the tape to the base of Jim's organ, and pressed it along it's length. Jim flexed, causing his cock to bounce up as Mark raised the tape to its tip.

"That's not a dick... that's a couple of feet. Fucking monster..." Mark said, allowing his own organ to expand up the small of Jim's back.

Jim made a growling noise. "Feels like you're getting pretty big too."

"Just a growing boy," said Mark. "Growing into a man for my man."

Jim turned around in Mark's arms. "Big boy," he said, kissing Mark on the lips. As they embraced, Jim moved his hands to Mark's, taking the tape from him. Jim grabbed both their cocks, running his hand up their length. As his hand got higher, Jim began to flush. He pushed back a bit, and looked at Mark's organ. Mark remembers the expression on his face. Mark's cock was nearly as big as Jim's. He pulled the tape next to it, and read the number 22 1/2.

Mark stepped back, and raised his arm. "Growing for you, Jim. It's almost 27 now. Want to be huge, just like you."

Jim walked up and flexed next to Mark. He knew Mark was growing, but hadn't realized just how big he was becoming. Mark's arm was only slightly smaller than Jim's.

"Gotta surprise for you too." Mark let his cock shrink, flexing different muscle to make it thicker. He stopped at twelve inches long, and increased the girth, making his cock resemble a fat beer can. "Come on Jim, your turn."

Jim copied the boy, letting his cock become fat and a foot long. Mark stepped forward, letting Jim compare. "I got an inch on you here, man." Mark said.

Jim wrapped the tape around. It was nearly ten inches. When he did his own, he didn't break nine. It was true.

"See. Little Fantastic is actually Fat Fantastic. " Mark bragged.

That's when Jim stopped calling Mark "kid" and "boy" and began referring to him by his first name instead. What Jim didn't tell Mark that he had predicted all of this. Mark was still in high school, and the formulas had a greater effect on his body. Jim had also noticed that night that Mark's legs were huge, already bigger than his own. When he watched Mark squat, he was pushing almost a hundred pounds more than Jim could. Soon, Mark would be bigger and stronger than Jim in every way.

Jim finished his warm up set, and Mark put on another set of plates. Jim moved behind the growing boy under the pretext of spotting him, even though neither of them needed a spotter. Their muscles grew faster when pushed. Mark did twelve at this weight as well.

"Your turn," he said to Jim. "I was thinking about going out tonight."

"Going to visit your sister?" Jim asked, starting his set.

"Nah. Thinking of seeing that guy Chris."

Jim took a breath, "Isn't he the one..." he concentrated on the weight, not completing the sentence.

"Ya. Tried to teach me a lesson." Mark laughed. "Boy, was he surprised. I think I gained at least 10 pounds of solid muscle thanks to him. Broke twenty one on my bis, just by overpowering him. Anyway, he called."

Jim slowly raised the bar. "What's he want?" he grunted, lowering the weight for the ninth time.

Mark smiled. "You can't always be the big man. It seems Chris really gets off on being dominated. I figure, why not? I'm way stronger and bigger than he is now. I think I might like having a slave boy worship me."

Jim struggled with the last rep, and stopped at twelve. "Slave boy, huh?"

"Jealous?" Mark asked, adding another set of plates to the bar.

"Don't need to be," Jim lied.

"Damn straight you don't need to be," agreed Mark. "I may be a muscle demi-god, but you're in an entirely different league man. Everything I learned, I learned from you." Mark looked longingly at Jim, taking in the man's body. "And damn, you are one hot mother fucker!"

Mark began his next set. Jim watched as Mark's arms pumped huge, taking every advantage to grow that his youth and genetics gave him.

"Your sister came by my office today," Jim said. "She said you haven't called her."

"So," Mark grunted.

"She's worried. She wants to see you."

Jim stared at Mark's growing guns as he cranked out an eighth rep, and put the bar down.

"I'm not sure I want to see her," he said, moving out of the way for Jim to do his set.

"Why," asked Jim, rubbing his hands on his shorts to dry them. He lifted the weight.

"She's dating that asshole Clint. I don't like the way he treated you. Besides, she's just using him until someone better comes along."

Jim didn't reply, concentrating on curling the massive weight and trying to keep his form. It was hard, but he had to make it look easy. Mark made it look easy. Jim had to stay strong. He stared at Mark, concentrating, psyching himself to lift the bar.

Mark misunderstood. He thought's Jim stare was one of disapproval. "OK," he said as Jim forced out his seventh rep. "You win. I'll call her, let her know I'm OK, but I don't want to see her. I'll call her tomorrow. Got other plans for tonight." Mark winked at Jim.

Jim eeked out the eighth rep.

Mark walked over, and rubbed his hands over Jim's arms. "Damn, you are fucking huge." He laughed. "And a great guy too. You know, I'd do anything for you." Mark kissed him, then moved and added another twenty pounds to the bar.

Jim looked at Mark's arms. They were huge, and Mark didn't seem to notice. Jim knew he was in for a gruelling workout. •

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