Mentor, The



By Corwin

Clint left Jen's house. He was shirtless, having decided that it was cheaper than continually buying new clothes to cover his growing body. Clint's hair was still wet from his shower. He planned on going to the gym and then to work. The vandalism to his SUV changed his plans.

"Shit!" he screamed as he ran his finger over the chipped paint. Clint kicked the tire, and even though he held back, the force caused the whole vehicle to shake. He stomped to the back of the truck, only to find the jack missing. Clint's anger grew. He picked up the crow bar, grabbed both ends, and bent it in half. He threw the useless tool onto the asphalt with such force, it embedded the metal a good seven inches into the ground.

"What is it," Jen yelled, running from the house. She saw the flat tire and the huge scratch on the truck. "Is that all?"

"It's my truck!" yelled Clint. "Look what some asswipe did to it! And, they stole my jack."

"It's not the end of the world. I'll go call triple A and they can help you change the tire." Jen began to leave.

"I don't need no fucking triple A," said Clint, kneeling by the flat. Grabbing a lug nut between his thumb and index finger, he twisted.

Jen saw what Clint was doing. "Don't hurt yourself, I have another..." but before she could complete her sentence, Clint acted. His forearm burst into rippling muscle. The vice grip of his fingers was more powerful than any wrench, and the bolt twisted off easily.

Clint turned, put the nut on the ground, and scowled at Jen. "I don't need no god damned help. This," he pointed to his arm, "is all the help I need." He turned, and unscrewed a second nut.

Jen stared, trying to fathom how much torque was required to unscrew the nuts. How strong was Clint. She saw him lift amazing amounts of weight, but it never really dawned on her the power he commanded.

After the last nut was off, Clint walked to the back of the truck and took out the spare tire. "When I catch the asswipe who did this," he said, carrying the tire to the front of the truck. His muscles rippled with anger as he thought about the creep who did this. He stood by the loosened tire, and leaned the spare against his leg. Kneeling, he found the truck's frame. Positioning one hand on the metal, he lifted. The truck raised with ease. ".... fucking kill the asshole..." Clint muttered, seemingly unaware that he was holding a truck by it's engine eighteen inches off the ground. With his free hand, he pulled the flat tire off the truck, and tossed it thirty feet into Jen's yard. He then grabbed the spare and positioned it. Grabbing a nut, he twisted it on, then he grabbed another, and another. When the tire was secure, he lowered the truck to the ground. He hadn't even broken a sweat.

"Clint," Jen said in awe, "do you know what you just did?"

"Told you I didn't need any help," he said, still scowling.

"That truck must weigh... I mean, how strong are you?"

"Not strong enough," he said, getting into the SUV. "Never strong or big enough," he said, starting the engine and driving away.


Jim gave Mark the second hormone shot. They were ready to begin today's workout. As Mark began to walk down stair's, Jim took in just how much the boy had grown in one week. He had put on at least fifty pounds of muscle. The way he ate breakfast today, keeping up with Jim's insatiable appetite, he'd put on more in the coming week. At the same time, Jim had only put on twenty five pounds, although with his foundation, his strength had increased radically.

Jim thought about what he learned of the formula. He worried that they might be over training, but Mark said he felt fine. No soreness at all. Jim wanted to test a hypothesis.

"Kid, let's do this. You work legs first, I'll do arms. Then we'll eat. If we need another shot, we'll take one then, then you do arms, and I'll do legs. We'll eat again, then you do chest and I'll do back. We'll do a total body workout today, eating in between and taking shots as necessary. Let's see just how much we can grow! What d'ya think about that?"

Mark smiled. "Don't you think you're big enough?" he said, grabbing Jim's upper arm and squeezing the huge bicep.

"Never kid. You?"

"Not until I catch up to you, big guy."

Jim charted each of their progress. His curls increased by fifty pounds on bicep curls, and 20 pounds on dumbell/scott/concentration curls. Mark's legs squated two hundred fifty pounds more than they had days before, pressed three hundred, and his leg extensions increased by 100 pounds. Jim's bis grew by a half inch. Mark's legs now measured 26.5 inches, a gain of an inch an a half.

When they tired, they went upstairs to eat. It seemed like they devoured food for a small army. Jim filled two syringes, and gave them each another shot. The serum felt warm in their bodies, and reinvigorated. The both bounded down stairs for another round.

Now that the roles were reversed, Jim could really see the difference between he and Mark. Mark's curls increased by 100 pounds, with fifty more on dumbell exercises. Jim's legs could only squat and press another two hundred pounds, while his leg extensions increased by 75. Mark's arms gained a solid inch of muscle, and Jim's legs grew by only three quarters of an inch.

The rest of the workout was similar. Mark managed to bench over four hundred pounds for reps, and his lats spread huge. Jim also gained another hundred pounds on his bench. By the end of the day, Jim had put on another 15 pounds of muscle, but was dwarfed by Mark's 27 pound gain.

As they stood naked in the bathroom, Jim continued to stare at the numbers on the scale as Mark weighed himself.

Mark smiled. "Pretty good, huh?"

Jim didn't answer. Instead, his cock began to grow. He looked at Mark. His envy of the kid's body and potential overtook him. Jim stepped behind Mark, and grabbed the man's traps, massaging them and feeling their power. He moved his hands to Mark's arms. "Flex them for me," he said. He almost begged.

Mark giggled. He raised his arm, and flexed. Jim grabbed the muscle and squeezed hard. He was so much stronger, but he could barely dent it. As Mark resisted, Jim could feel Mark's muscle growing, pulsing subtly larger and harder. Jim's hands moved to Mark's pecs. Mark flexed his lats, and bounced his pecs. Mark could feel Jim's cock snaking up his back as his muscle display excited the older, bigger man. It excited Mark too.

"You like?" Mark asked.

"Mmmm hmmm," Jim hummed, and moved his mouth to Mark's neck and began to kiss him. Jim's hands moved to Mark's abs, and he felt the boy's growing cock snake into reach. "You are becoming one sexy man," Jim whispered as he continued to kiss him.

"You should know," said Mark back.

"You like to be worshipped, big guy? Last week, it was you feeling me. Now, god, you are so much bigger. You're growing so fast," Jim's pulse raced as he felt the boy-god.

"All because of you," Mark agreed. "Worship me all you like, but I get to return the favor."

That was all Jim needed to hear. The shower could wait. Jim picked Mark up in his mighty arms and carried him to his bed. He climbed in with him, and the two began to kiss. "I don't think you need to sleep in the guest room anymore," Jim said as his head moved to Mark's fifteen inch dick.


Kevin spent Saturday in bed. His body was black and blue, and his eye had swollen shut. On Sunday, he walked across town to where his cousin attended college. He knew where to find Chris. In the gym.

Chris was a state champion wrestler in high school. His huge arms ballooned with power, and he had eighteen inchers when he graduated. Now, two years later, his five hundred pound bench press and twenty inch arms powered him to victory in his college wrestling matches.

He found Chris training with two of his friends. They were just slightly smaller than Chris.

"Kevin, what the fuck happened to you!" Chris said when he saw his cousin walking across the room.

"Some kid at school," he said. "Chris, I need your help."

"Anything, cuz. Nobody does this to my blood." •

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