Big Brother, Little Brother


By johnd7102000

The next day, Brian came home from school a little late and went up to his bedroom to do his homework. Nate’s door was open and loud rap music was blaring out of his room. Jesus Christ, Brian thought to himself, how am I ever going to study with that noise blasting down the hall? Brian went down the hall to Nate’s room and walked in a few feet through the open door. The air in room smelled like sweat, just like a gym. Brian hadn’t noticed the odor yesterday because he was so shocked at Nate’s muscular body. But now he could really smell Nate’s sweat permeating the room. The sweat from many hard workouts, pungent sweat that had soaked through the well-used workout clothes that were thrown around everywhere in the room. This was the room of a real jock stud, a jock stud who worked out until his muscles were burning up and the sweat was pouring off his body. Nate left his manly scent in the room, just like a male animal leaves his male scent in the wild as a warning to other animals. Brian could almost sense the intensity of those workouts from the smell of the room. Brian also noticed pictures of huge musclemen taped to the walls of the room. Nate had picked out his favorite bodybuilders from the muscle magazines and posted their pictures on his walls. One day he was gonna look like those guys. He knew it.

Brian looked at Nate, dressed only in workout shorts, squatting with the barbell. His body was glistening with sweat and his legs were pumped and red. Brian could see that Nate had put every one of the plates on the bar, down to the tiny 2-1/2 pound plates. He was squatting with 120 pounds and he was cranking out the reps like it was easy. His quads bulged with every rep, the thick slabs of muscle easily pushing up his muscular body and the heavy barbell at his command. When he finished 15 reps, he held the bar on his shoulders. Then in an athletic, coordinated move, he pressed the heavy bar slightly higher, ducked his head underneath, and lowered the bar to the floor. Brian stood there in awe at this amazing display of strength.

“Gotta get a squat rack,” said Nate. “Gotta get more weights, too. I’m usin’ all the plates now for squats and it’s still way too light.” He slapped his quads. “These fuckers have gotten real big and strong real fast. I’m crankin’ out 6 sets of 15 reps. Gotta use more weight to challenge these big mothers and make 'em grow huge.” He flexed his quads and the big slabs of muscle sprang to attention, the shredded fibers bulging under his thin skin. Brian’s cock was already hard from breathing in the jock-boy sweat smell and watching Nate pump out the heavy squats. Now it was quivering as he watched those huge quads flex and listened to his little brother boast about how strong they were.

“Hey, turn down that noise on your stereo, dude,” Brian said. “I gotta study.” Nate laughed. He walked over towards the door and stood right in front of Brian. “You gonna make me, punk?” he said. He flexed his pecs and bumped up against Brian’s chest. Brian could feel the hard muscle bumping against his bony ribcage. Nate’s chest was hot and sweaty. It felt big and strong as it pushed against Brian’s little chicken chest. “I like to work out with music, bro. Loud music. So I’m gonna do it. And there’s nothin’ you can do to stop me, you weak little shit. And I’m gonna leave my door open too so I can get some fresh air in this room. I’m gonna do whatever I fuckin’ want from now on and there’s nothin’ you can do about it, 'cause I got muscle and you don’t. So go fuck off, wimp.” Nate bumped his big chest hard against Brian, literally driving the weaker boy backwards. The force of Nate’s bump was so great that Brian fell down in the hallway, landing on his butt.

Nate stood astride his fallen brother and flexed his quads, abs and chest. Brian looked up at the bulging muscles in complete awe. Nate’s quads were pumped to the max, flushed with red blood and hard as rocks. The slabs of quad muscle bulged out at the top of his knees and continued all the way to his crotch. His calves were also pumped and hard, standing out like cut diamonds. His abs were totally shredded, rippling like a steel washboard. Huge pecs bulged out over his abs, the striations of muscle forming perfect round globes with deep cleavage between them. His nipples were firm and erect. Brian noticed a large bulge in Nate’s crotch. Nate’s cock looked big as it pushed itself out into his workout shorts. Brian watched as his brother’s cock pressed against the fabric of the shorts. The cock looked big and thick. Bigger and thicker than Brian’s own cock, he thought. Then, as Brian was taking in all this muscle and manhood, Nate reached his hand down and started scratching his balls. He did this very non-chalantly, just like a jock in a locker room scratching his balls in front of all the other jocks. Scratching his balls like it was nothing. Scratching his balls like its the thing all jocks do when they’re pumped and sweaty. Nate was totally uninhibited as he scratched his balls, completely unaware of the incredible erotic effect it was having on his big brother. Brian could see Nate’s big balls press against the fabric as he scratched them and pushed them up with his fingers.

Nate looked down at his brother and sneered. He hit a most muscular pose. His muscles bulged and rippled as he flexed. Brian was overwhelmed by this display of total domination, as his little brother stood over him like a conquering warrior standing over a puny runt. Finally Nate relaxed and said “Yeah, like I said, go fuck off. I gotta finish my workout.” He stepped on Brian’s chest and walked right on top of him like he didn’t give a shit, crushing the little chest with his heavy foot. Then he strutted back into his room to finish his workout. Brian went back to his own room and took his brother’s advice. He fucked off.

About an hour later, Brian was finally trying to study in his room. It was all he could do to stop thinking about his little brother working out less than 30 feet away, his young muscles pumping all that heavy iron and getting big and pumped. Brian had closed his door so he could try to get some peace and quiet, but the loud rap music still pulsated through his room. Suddenly the door burst open and Nate walked in. He had just finished his workout and his muscles were pumped as hell. His body was dripping with sweat. His thighs were especially pumped, bulging and red. Brian could see the fibers of muscle under Nate’s thin skin. Veins were crisscrossing his thighs, pushed out by the hard muscle and pulsating with blood. Nate strutted up to his brother and said, “Feel these mothers, bro. Feel how big and hard they are. They really got hard from that brutal workout.” Brian reached down and felt Nate’s bulging thighs. The muscles felt like slabs of rock. Brian pushed his fingers in as hard as he could, but he couldn’t make the slightest dent in the rock-hard muscle. He ran his hands all around Nate’s thighs, feeling the front, the outside, the inside and the back. Every side was a hard as rock. It was like Nate’s legs were two big tree trunks. Nate smiled as his wimpy older brother felt the size and hardness of his thighs.

Then he spotted something in Brian’s room. It was a large trophy Brian had won last year in a math contest at school. The trophy was about a foot and a half high and was in the shape of a big cup, with a diameter of about eight inches at the rim. It was made of bronze and looked very solid. Brian’s name was inscribed on the base. He was very proud of that trophy. Nate grabbed the trophy off the shelf and said, “Watch this. I’m gonna try somethin’.” To Brian’s horror, Nate placed the trophy between his thighs and started squeezing his big legs together. “No, no, you’re gonna wreck it!” shouted Brian. “Shuddup, wimp,” said Nate. “Watch these big mothers squeeze.” Brian knew there was nothing he could do to stop his muscular brother. He was far too weak and Nate was far too strong.

Nate flexed his quads and willed his legs to move closer together. The huge muscles instantly obeyed their young master and closed in on the trophy like a python killing its prey. It looked like Nate’s muscles were harder than the metal, because they didn’t dent at all as they began crushing the big trophy. Brian was horrified but at the same time awed by the display of muscular power he was witnessing. Nate screwed up his face and commanded his muscles to apply even more force to the helpless object. His thighs responded by bulging even bigger, now totally engorged with blood. “Crush the fucker,” yelled Nate, and his legs moved together like a steel vise. Suddenly there was the sound of crinkling metal as the trophy started bending under the enormous force of Nate’s thighs. “Smash it,” yelled Nate and his thighs moved even closer together, smashing the trophy between them. His big thighs closed in on the trophy like a vise, obeying the orders of their 12-year-old master. They had grown so strong over the last month that the bronze cup was nothing compared to their enormous strength. A month ago, they were a boy’s thighs. Now they were a muscleman’s thighs. Within a few seconds, those big thighs crushed the eight-inch wide cup like cardboard until it was down to four inches. But Nate wasn’t done. Fibers of muscle were almost leaping out from under his skin. Veins popped out everywhere. He grunted like an animal. Sweat was covering his body. Slowly the hard metal of the cup gave way even further. “Yeah!” he yelled as his big, rock-hard thighs suddenly crushed the cup down to one inch wide. He looked down at his rock-hard muscles that were throbbing with power with the defeated metal crushed in their iron grip. He smiled as he looked at the muscle. He liked the way his big muscles looked when they were working hard and crushing some poor, helpless object, living or dead. Then he grabbed the trophy from between his legs and handed it to Brian. The crinkled metal was covered with Nate’s sweat, sweat that poured out of his skin as he crushed the trophy with his pumped-to-the-max thighs. “Looks like your math trophy came up against some big hard muscle and lost the fight,” he said. “That big hard muscle crushed this fuckin’ piece of shit just like it could crush you.” Nate looked down at his quads, flexed the hard muscle and smiled. He liked the looks of his big thighs. Thighs that had just crushed the metal trophy into nothing.

Brian looked at the trophy and almost cried. His beautiful trophy had been crushed into a pile of crap by his little brother's huge thigh muscles. “What am I gonna tell dad?” he asked plaintively. “He liked that trophy as much as I did. He’s gonna be real mad.” Nate looked at the twisted metal. “Tell him you’re so clumsy you fell over and crushed it with your fat butt,” said Nate, laughing. “See ya at dinner, wimp. Mom’s makin’ extra food so I won’t have to take any of yours. Not unless I’m super hungry, that is. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I gained another pound last night. Another pound of solid muscle. All that meat I ate last night was changed into muscle by my body. Fuckin’ strong muscle.” Nate flexed his quads one more time, as Brian looked down in awe at the bulging slabs of rock. Then Nate turned around and strutted out of the room. Brian put his tongue up against the wet trophy and tasted Nate’s sweat. It tasted real salty. Brian liked the taste of his brother’s sweat. There was something clean and pure about that sweat. Clean and pure salty sweat that had just been produced by Nate’s hot, muscular body. Jock boy sweat that real studs make when their big muscles are working real hard. Sweat that just oozes out of their pores and covers their skin, trying to cool down those hot muscles. Brian took another lick of the sweat and then put his crushed trophy back up on the shelf. He looked up at the crinkled metal. From now on, that trophy wouldn’t remind Brian of his winning a math contest. It would remind him of his little brother’s incredible strength, of Nate’s big, rock-hard thighs crushing the strong metal. Metal that folded like cardboard under the enormous pressure of his little brother’s muscles.

The next day was Nate’s 13th birthday and his mother had invited Joey over for dinner. Nate told his mother to tell Joey not to bring any gift. He wanted to tell Joey what he wanted in person. And he didn’t want his mother to tell Joey he had been lifting Brian’s weights. He wanted to surprise his muscular uncle with his own new muscles.

That day after school, Nate did his hard two-hour workout as usual. His door was open and rap music blasted out. Brian tried to find excuses for taking “study breaks” and watching Nate pump his heavy weights, weights that Brian couldn’t begin to lift. Nate didn’t seem to care if Brian watched him working out. In fact, he often gave Brian a little flex after finishing a set. Brian’s cock was rock hard the whole time he watched his little brother, but Nate didn’t seem to notice. Near the end of the workout, Brian looked in as Nate was doing barbell rows. Brian checked out the weights on the bar and saw that Nate was rowing 115 pounds. There were only two little 2-1/2 pound plates on the floor. Brian could see that Nate had blasted through the little beginner weight set and was going to need a lot more weight real soon. Brian watched Nate’s lats and his lower back muscles bulge as he hoisted the heavy bar up and down. Brian couldn’t believe how wide his little brother’s back had gotten and how thick and strong his back muscles were. His delts and biceps were also bulging as he did rep after rep. When Nate finished the set, he stood up and flexed his lats for his admiring brother. “Pretty wide, huh,” said Nate in an understatement, as the slabs of muscle flared out from his body like wings. “Come over here and feel 'em, Brian. They get really hard when I work 'em like that.” Brian didn’t need any more of an invitation. He raced over and placed his little hands on Nate’s huge lats, feeling the size and hardness of the thick muscle. He also felt the big hard ridges of muscle in Nate’s lower back. He couldn’t believe how big and hard those muscles were. Then he moved his hands up to the big slabs of muscle that were bulging out from Nate’s neck. “Those are my traps,” said Nate as he felt his brother’s fingers squeezing the hard muscle. “They’ve really been gettin’ big from the heavy rows and shoulder shrugs. My neck’s gotten a lot thicker too.” Brian looked at his brother’s thick, muscular neck, his big trap muscles and his wide, muscular shoulders. He looked like a total jock, and his handsome face and blue eyes made him look absolutely stunning. Brian’s cock was as stiff as a steel pipe as he took in the muscular beauty of his younger brother.

Then Nate started talking. “Ya know, Brian, there’s something I wanna tell you. You know I’ve been sayin’ that I need a lot more weights 'cause my muscles have gotten so big and strong so fast. And I need a bench with a rack so I can get a big Olympic size bar and put on some real big plates, like 45’s and 35’s, and not this little 10-pound shit. And I need a squat rack. And I need a pulley machine for lat pull downs and rows and stuff like that. I need a lot of workout equipment, Brian, and I’m pretty sure Uncle Joey’s gonna give it to me for my birthday, 'cause he’s gonna be freaked out by my muscles. But there’s a hitch, Brian. All that equipment and those big weights have gotta go in this room. Now look around here, Brian. With the bed and my desk and the dresser and all this crap in here, there isn’t enough room for all that equipment. So I’ve made a decision Brian. I’m movin’ in with you and turning my whole bedroom into my gym. I’m gonna move my bed, my dresser, my desk, all my stuff into your room. You can have one half of the room and I’ll take the other half. Oh yeah, I want the half by the window.”

Brian was dumbfounded. He just stood there, looking at Nate’s body and thinking about what he had just heard. He had always had his own room. He liked having his own room. It wasn’t fair that his little brother had decided to turn his own room into a gym and then expected Brian to share his room. Brian decided to put his foot down. He was the older brother and he wasn’t going to take this shit. “No, Nate,” he said. “It’s my room and I’m not gonna share it with you. You’re just gonna have to use your own room. I guess you’re just not gonna be able to get all that equipment and those big weights you want, 'cause it won’t fit in here.”

Without hesitation, Nate reached over and wrapped his right arm around Brian’s neck. He positioned his arm so his bicep faced Brian’s windpipe. Then he pulled in on his muscular forearm, crushing Brian’s neck between the hard muscle of his forearm and his bicep. Brian felt like a steel vise was crushing his neck. His flabby little neck was no match for the steel-hard muscles of Nate’s rippling arm. “I think you will want to reconsider your decision,” said Nate, as he looked at his big bicep. As he said “decision” he flexed his bicep real hard. The huge muscle exploded into Brian’s windpipe, crushing the weak cartilage like a piece of fruit. Both boys could hear a sharp crackling sound as Nate’s big, rock-hard bicep smashed into his brother’s windpipe. “Geez, that sounds cool,” said Nate. “I wanna hear that again.” He relaxed his bicep and then flexed it again, this time even harder. The big muscle exploded to an even greater peak and bashed further into Brian’s neck, again crushing his windpipe. “This feels real cool,” he said, as he rammed his huge muscle into his weak little brother’s neck over and over again. He liked the feeling of his big muscle forcing itself through Brian’s windpipe. He liked watching his bicep explode at his command, changing from taut fibers of steel into a solid, peaked ball of rock-hard muscle. Rock-hard muscle that was so strong it just blasted itself into Brian’s skinny neck. The muscle seemed to get bigger and harder with each bash as it got more and more pumped by the blood that was surging through Nate’s veins. “My big bicep feels like its punchin’ through a fuckin’ melon, just crushin’ the fuckin’ shit out of it. It feels really cool. How’s that feel to you, bro?” Brian couldn’t talk. His throat was totally smashed by his little brother’s incredibly big and incredibly hard bicep. All he could do was gurgle. Since Nate didn’t hear an answer to his question, he stopped the flexing and unflexing and just flexed his bicep hard, bashing that big, peaked muscle into his brother’s neck with unbelievable force. The hard muscle forced its way into the deepest recesses of Brian’s neck, pushing itself almost up to his spine. Brian’s windpipe was totally crushed and his whole neck was in incredible pain. He couldn’t breath at all. He was beet red in the face. Nate laughed as he watched his big bicep bulge into his brother’s neck. He liked how his muscles looked when they were pumped and bulging. They looked great.

“Maybe you wanna change your mind, wimp,” said Nate as he watched his flexing bicep crush the life out of his big brother. “These muscles don’t like it when someone tells 'em they can’t get all the equipment and weights they need to grow even bigger and stronger than they already are. These muscles wanna grow huge. These muscles want that equipment and those big weights real bad, and they’re gonna make life totally miserable for any little punk who stands in their way. You get my meaning, bro?” Brian looked up at Nate’s steel blue eyes, eyes that looked cold and mean as their owner’s young muscles crushed him like an insect. “You want to share your room with me, don’t you bro? You want to help these muscles get even bigger and stronger so they can crush you even harder, don’t you bro? Say yes, bro. Say it now or say goodbye." Nate cranked up the power in his arm one more notch and the steel-hard fibers of his peaked, bulging biceps forced themselves even further into Brian’s neck. Brian was almost at the stage of passing out. Spasms of pain seared through his neck. He was gurgling saliva out of his mouth. Finally he managed to croak out “Yes.” Nate smiled and let go of his neck. “I’m glad we were able to work that out on a friendly basis,” he said. “I knew you’d make the right decision once you considered all the relevant factors.” He flexed his pumped bicep right in front of Brian’s nose. Obviously that huge muscle was a very relevant factor.

It was now time for Nate’s 13th birthday dinner. Nate had dressed in a big sweatshirt and baggy pants. He wanted to surprise Uncle Joey with his new muscles. Brian wore a short sleeve shirt that was loose on his little torso. Around six o’clock, the boys heard the doorbell ring and Nate ran over to answer the door. Joey walked in, as big and buff as always. “Happy birthday, little guy,” said Joey. He looked at Nate in a funny way. He thought there was something different about the little kid, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. “Your mother told me not to bring any presents. She said you wanted to ask me for something while I’m here.” Nate smiled. “Yeah, that’s right, Uncle Joey. I’ll ask you in a minute.”

Joey walked over to Brian and squeezed his upper arm. “How are your workouts going, Brian?” he asked. “Are you startin’ to pack some muscle on that little body of yours? Here, flex and let me feel that muscle.” Brian flexed his arm and all Joey could feel was flab. “Jesus, Brian, you ain’t got nothin’ there. You’re still a wimp,” said Joey. “Have you been usin’ the weights like I showed you?” Brian looked at Joey sheepishly and said, “Well, no, Uncle Joey, not any more. I tried 'em for a couple of weeks but they weren’t doin’ anything for me and it was boring. So I stopped.” Joey looked disappointed. His nephew was going to be a wimp after all, just like his dad.

Then Nate walked over to Joey. “I’ve been usin’ the weights, Uncle Joey. Look.” At that, Nate ripped off his sweatshirt and took off his baggy pants. All he was wearing underneath was a pair of skimpy workout shorts. He stood in front of his uncle and smiled. He didn’t even have to flex. The muscles just bulged naturally all through his body. “Holy shit!” yelled Joey. “You got muscles! You got big muscles! You’re a stud!” Joey raised his right hand and gave Nate a high five. Then he flexed his biceps and Nate flexed his biceps too. The resemblance between the two muscle studs was amazing. Nate looked like a smaller but still very muscular version of Joey. Joey did a few more poses and Nate copied each one exactly. Nate already knew how to pose. He practiced every day in the mirror in his room. He looked great. Joey turned to George and Brian and said, “Well, I guess we know who the man is in this house.”

Nate was beaming with pride. Angela was smiling too, proud of her muscular son. George and Brian were stone-faced. They were both embarrassed that this muscular 13-year old kid was obviously the man of the family. Then Nate spoke up. “Now I can tell you what I want for my birthday, Uncle Joey. I’ve gotten so big and strong so fast that those little weights you gave Brian are way to light for me now. I need bigger weights, like an Olympic bar and some big plates. And I need a bench with a rack, a squat rack and a pulley machine. And maybe you’ve got some ideas for some more equipment. I need lots of equipment and more weights so these muscles can get huge like yours.” Nate flexed the triceps in his arm and placed his arm right next to Joey’s huge ham. Joey flexed his triceps too. The muscles looked the same, both rippling and shredded, except Joey’s were a lot bigger. Nate continued talking. “I’m gonna turn my room into a gym. Brian said its OK if I share his room.” George looked at Brian in disbelief. “Is that right, Brian?” he asked. “Did you say Nate could move into your room with you?” Brian kind of hesitated. Nate looked at his brother and sneered. Then he slowly curled his right arm and flexed his big bicep. Brian gulped as he saw the bulging muscle. “Yeah, Dad, I did. Nate convinced me he needed his room for all that equipment and those big weights. He’s really strong and he wants to get even stronger, so he needs the big weights and the equipment. Nate is very convincing, Dad.” George looked over at his buff younger son, who was now smiling broadly. It suddenly dawned on him that his strong, muscular younger son was now totally dominating his weakling older son. That’s just the way it was going to be and there was nothing he could do about it. The strong always dominate the weak. A chill went up his spine as he realized he was weak too.

Joey punched Nate on the shoulder and said, “Stud, I’ll buy you all the weights and equipment you want for your birthday. You deserve the best. You’re a total stud. I’ll go out and buy the stuff tomorrow and then I’ll come and help you install it in your room. Happy birthday, kid. Those big muscles of yours are gonna get even bigger — and strong as shit!” Nate beamed with pleasure. This was the best birthday he ever had. But he had one more thing he wanted to do. He turned to Brian and said, “Hey bro, take off that shirt. I wanna try it on for size.” Brian looked down at his short-sleeved shirt. It was almost too big for him but he liked the shirt a lot. It was way too early to give the shirt to Nate as a hand-me-down. Brian just stood there. “Take it off, wimp,” said Nate, this time with a commanding tone to his voice. “Can’t you understand English?” Brian now knew this was an order not a request. And he knew he had to obey his little brother’s orders or suffer the painful consequences. He slowly took off the shirt and handed it to his brother. Nate started putting it on, but it was clear immediately that the shirt wasn’t going to be a loose fit on his big, muscular torso. He put one arm and then the other arm through the sleeves. His big upper arms completely filled the sleeves of the shirt. In fact, the fabric of the shirt was straining against the rippling muscles of Nate’s biceps and triceps, and they weren’t even flexed. The shirt would hardly fit over his muscular delts. Then he started to button the buttons. He started with the lowest button and that was easy. Nate’s shredded little waist was several inches smaller than his brother’s. The next button was also not a problem, but now the fabric was stretching tight across his upper abdomen as Nate’s big chest and lats stretched the fabric right above the button. Finally he tried to button the top three buttons. It was hopeless. All the buttons were much too far apart. The top button was more than two inches from the buttonhole. Nate’s chest and back were much too big for the shirt that had hung loosely on Brian’s wimpy body. But Nate’s wasn’t a quitter. He blew all the air out of his lungs and crunched in his chest as much as he could. Then he quickly buttoned the top three buttons and stood up straight. “Watch this,” he said with the last air left in his lungs. He raised his arms, took in a big breath of air and simultaneously flexed his arms, his delts, his pecs and his lats. Instantly the top four buttons of the shirt blasted off. One of them hit Brian right in the face. At the same time, Nate’s bulging arms and delts ripped open the sleeves of the shirt. The shredded fabric exposed the hard fibers of his bulging arms and delts that had just busted through the cloth. His pecs pushed out in his chest. The shirt was completely busted apart, revealing the big, round globes of muscle striated with fibers. The only part of Nate’s upper body you couldn’t see was his lower abs. The bottom button of the shirt was firmly in place. Those shredded abs were much too small to bust through that one.

Everyone in the room except Joey was shocked at this incredible muscular display. Nate grinned as he saw the stunned look on their faces. “As you can see, I’m a lot bigger than dweeb-boy here,” he said. “So now I get to buy all the new clothes and he gets my hand-me-downs.” Nate tore the ruined shirt off his body and handed it to Brian. “Here, bro. It’s yours. I don’t want this one.” Brian stared at the ripped shirt and trembled. Nate smiled and gave Joey a high-five. From now on, he would be getting the new clothes. He was the man. He put on his tight, cutaway tee shirt that showed all of his bulging delts and arms and most of his rippling abs. Brian slipped his shredded shirt back on. •

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