Big Brother, Little Brother


By johnd7102000

Brian and Nate were brothers. Their father George was a schoolteacher and their mother Angela was a stay-at-home mom. I guess you could call them barely middle-class, since schoolteachers don’t earn much money. Brian was two years and one and a half months older than Nate was. Our story begins as Brian turned 15 years old. Nate was still 12. Brian had always been his father’s favorite, since he was really good in school and always brought home A’s on his report card. He always did his homework. As the older brother, and the smarter one too, Brian was used to getting his way around the house. His father was always telling Nate things like, “why don’t you do your homework like Brian? Why don’t you get A’s like Brian?” Nate knew he couldn’t compete with Brian in the brain department and he didn’t even try.

Nate was a big disappointment to his father. He hated school and his grades were terrible. He never did any homework. He just played outside with his friends and then came in and listened to rap music or played computer games. He couldn’t give a shit about school.

Brian actually looked like his father. Average height for a kid his age and kind of wimpy-looking. Pasty white skin, dark curly brown hair, brown eyes, nose too big for his face. Since he spent his time mostly indoors reading and studying, his body was soft and flabby. Nate looked more like his mother. A little taller than kids his age, steel blue eyes and light brown hair, cut really short, good-looking face. Brian and Nate really didn’t look too much like brothers, but they were.

Because the family didn’t have much money, Nate always had to wear Brian’s hand-me-down clothes. Shirts, pants, underwear, everything. Nate hardly ever got to buy new clothes. The rule in the family was that when Brian had stopped wearing something for a month, it got handed down to Nate and it was his. Nate hated this situation, but there was nothing he could do about it. Sometimes he would do things like rip off the sleeves, making a long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve shirt. But most of the time he would just wear the hand-me-downs. Because they were often a couple of sizes too big when Brian gave them up, they looked cool and baggy on Nate. He liked the baggy look. Sometimes the clothes looked better on Nate than they had looked on Brian. Nate had the kind of a look about him that made clothes look good.

When Brian turned 15, he acted just like all big brothers act towards their little brother. He bossed Nate around whenever he felt like it but otherwise he paid hardly any attention to the little kid. As the older brother, he had always ruled the house. He was taller and heavier than Nate, so he could physically overpower him if the little brat gave him any trouble. And their father always sided with Brian anyway, so there wasn’t much Nate could do about the situation. He just accepted the fact that he was the little brother. He mainly kept away from Brian and did his own thing, which was just fine with Brian.

On Brian’s 15th birthday, Angela cooked a special birthday dinner for the family and invited over her brother Joey as a guest. Joey was Angela’s kid brother. At 28, he was 8 years younger than Angela. He was still single, but everyone knew he had fucked just about every pretty girl in town. Joey was a stud. He stood 6’2” tall and weighed 230 pounds of solid muscle. He looked a lot like Angela — blue eyes, light brown hair, strong jaw. Joey was really good-looking, a ruggedly handsome jock. Joey had been a star athlete all his life. He never went to college and was now working in construction. He lifted weights every day at a local gym and was one of the strongest guys in the gym. He could bench press 450 for reps. Every time Joey came over, Brian and Nate just stared at his muscles. They couldn’t believe how big and muscular he was. Being kids, neither of them could comprehend how strong he was. They just knew he was huge and a hell of a lot stronger than their dad. George never got along with Joey. To him, Joey was just a dumb jock while he, George, was an educated teacher. But deep inside George knew that Joey was everything George wasn’t — big, tall, strong, and aggressive. A real man. Joey liked to tease George about being a wimp, just like he teased all the wimps in his high school. George had to put up with Joey because he was his wife’s brother.

George was at the head of the table and Joey was sitting next to him. Joey was wearing a polo shirt that could hardly contain his chest, shoulders and arms. Muscle was bulging out everywhere. He punched George in the shoulder and said, “Your bod is just as flabby as it was last time I was here, George. You should work out more and keep in shape like me. You gotta set a good example for your two sons here. You don’t wanna have them grow up to be wimps, do ya?” Joey lifted his arm and flexed it right in George’s face. The huge bicep peaked up high, forming a giant ball of rock-hard muscle. George turned red in the face and kind of gulped. Joey continued. “Now that Brian’s 15, he should be packin’ on some muscle. Shit, when I was 15, I could already bench 250 pounds. How much can you bench, Brian?”

“I never lifted any weights, Uncle Joey. I don’t know,” said Brian sheepishly. “That’s what I thought,” said Joey. “Never lifted a weight in his life! Well, we gotta stop you from becoming a total wimp like your dad, here.” Joey punched George in the shoulder again, this time really hard. George lurched backwards and winced in pain. This was Joey’s way of reminding George who the real man was in the room.

“Well, I brought a birthday present for you, Brian. It’s a set of weights. Use it every day and you’ll put on muscle real fast. Pretty soon you’ll start lookin’ like this.” Joey stood up and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. He lifted up the shirt, exposing his washboard abs and the bottoms of his huge, bulging pecs and his flaring lats. The shirt was so tight around his huge chest that it stayed in place even when Joey let go. He raised his arms and hit a double biceps pose as he flexed his chest, lats and abs. His huge muscles bulged and rippled under his thin, tan skin. Brian and Nate looked at the rock-hard muscle in awe. Brian just stared at Joey’s muscles. Nate stared too, but then he flexed his own arm without anyone seeing and felt his little bicep. He wished Joey had given him the weights instead of Brian, but he figured Joey thought he was too young at age 12 to start lifting. Maybe in a couple of years, Nate thought, resigned again to his position in life of the little brother.

“I’ll bring in the weights after dinner, Brian. They’re out in my truck. Right now I’m as hungry as a horse. Angela, you know how much I like your cookin’. I hope you made enough!” Angela nodded at her muscular brother. She knew how much he ate to feed those big muscles. She liked it when he gobbled down her food. “Yeah, Joey, I made lots,” she said. “So dig in!” Without waiting for anyone else, Joey stabbed three big pieces of beef with his fork and put them on his plate. Then he loaded up with potatoes and vegetables and started wolfing down the food with swigs of milk. “Delicious!” he said between bites with his mouth full. Joey finished his whole plate of food before George had eaten even a few bites off his plate. Brian rolled his eyes along with his father as he watched his uncle eat like an efficient machine. Nate put a little extra food on his plate and ate it as fast as he could without drawing attention to himself. He finished way before his brother and smiled to himself. Joey helped himself to two more huge plates of food and gobbled them down just as fast as the first one. He finished his three big plates at the same time George finished his one little one. At that meal, Joey ate way more food than the whole family. Joey always did that.

After dinner, Joey went out to his pickup truck and brought in the weights. There was a barbell and two dumbbells with about 100 pounds of plates — 10’s, 5’s and 2-1/2’s. Joey explained that this was just a beginner set. As soon as Brian packed on some muscle and the weights became too light, Joey would buy him some bigger weights, maybe even a bench for bench presses. The 100 pounds of plates were all in a box. Joey picked it up like it was a feather and carried it up to Brian’s room. Brian and Nate carried up the barbell and dumbbells. Joey ripped off his shirt and showed Brian how to lift the weights, going through each exercise of the beginner’s routine. Even with the tiny weight he was lifting, Joey’s delts bulged under his skin as he pumped out 20 reps of military presses with two 10-pound plates on the bar. When he did curls, his biceps looked incredible as they pumped up and down, going from shredded cords of muscle when they were fully extended to a huge ball of rock when they were contracted. With each rep, the muscle got bigger and bigger. The striated muscle and veins looked liked they wanted to burst out from his skin. Nate ran over and wrapped his hands around Joey’s huge arms as they pumped and flexed. Joey looked at Nate and smiled. “Your time will come, little guy,” said Joey.

After Joey demonstrated all the exercises, he handed Brian a magazine with the beginner’s workout routine in it. “I gotta go,” said Joey. “Good luck with the weights, Brian. Next time I come here I hope I see some muscle on that body.” Joey flexed for the boys. Brian kept his distance but Nate came rushing up again and felt Joey’s huge muscles.

Joey said goodbye to Angela and George. George’s shoulder was still sore from Joey’s punch. Big dumb jock just gets his way all the time, thought George. Even pushing weights on our son. George didn’t think Brian really wanted a set of weights for his 15th birthday. He thought Brian would have preferred a couple of books, but he sure wasn’t going to tell Joey that. Joey did what he wanted and there wasn’t anything George could do about it.

After Joey left, Nate came running into Brian’s room. “Let’s start liftin’!” he said breathlessly. He went over to the weights on the floor and started to pick up the barbell. Brian quickly grabbed his arm and jerked it away. “Hands off, punk. These weights are mine. You can’t use 'em unless I say so, and I’m not gonna let you use 'em 'cause you’re too young and might hurt yourself. Weights like these are for big kids like me. Joey gave 'em to me, not to you. So fuck off and get outta here.” Nate looked dejected. “Can’t I watch you work out, then?” he asked. “I’ve got homework to do,” said Brian. “No time to lift tonight. I’ll try it tomorrow, and I don’t need you around to watch.” At that, Brian pushed Nate out of his room and moved the weights over to the side. Then he went to his desk and started on his homework. Nate went to his room and listened to rap music.

The next day Brian came home from school and decided to try lifting the weights. He methodically went through the beginner’s routine in the magazine. He was a lot weaker than he thought he would be, barely able to press the bar for 10 reps with a five-pound plate on each side. The bar weighed 20 pounds, so he was pressing only 30 pounds. He could only curl the bar itself for 10 reps. He went through the beginner’s routine, doing 10 reps of each exercise, kind of going through the motions. Then he took off his shirt and looked at his body in the mirror. Nothing but pasty white flab. The workout didn’t do a thing for him. He really didn’t like lifting the weights. It was hard work and his body really felt tired at the end of the workout, even though he didn’t break a sweat. But he didn’t want to disappoint his Uncle Joey, so he resolved to stay with it for awhile. He never let Nate see him lifting. He always had his door closed.

Well, Brian kept up the lifting for another two weeks. Then he stopped. He wasn’t getting any stronger, still lifting the same amount of weight for the same amount of reps. He decided that lifting weights was boring. Just a lot of work for nothing. Not as interesting as reading a book or doing a fun math puzzle. He was just going to have to tell Uncle Joey that the weights weren’t his thing. So he put the weights in his closet and went on with life as usual.

Exactly a month after Brian stopped lifting, he was reading in his room after school when he heard a loud crashing sound down the hall. He got up to see what was happening. The sound seemed to have come from Nate’s room, which had the door closed. Brian walked down the hall, opened the door and said, “What was that noise, punk?” Before he could get out the last word, his jaw dropped open. Nate was standing there in just his shorts. Brian’s eyes grew wide with shock. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Nate had muscles! Nate had muscles that were bulging all over his body. Muscles that had literally sprouted up from nowhere in a month. His muscles were pumped and rippling from the hard workout he had just finished. His skin was glistening with sweat. On the floor below Nate was Brian’s barbell, loaded with 25 pounds of plates on each side. Brian looked up again at Nate’s body. He hadn’t seen his brother’s body in over a month and he couldn’t believe what he saw. Muscles were bulging in Nate’s shoulders, chest, back and arms. And they weren’t little muscles. They were big muscles, muscles that looked a lot bigger than Brian’s.

Nate had shed all of his baby fat — he really didn’t have much even as a young kid — so all those muscles were showing in bold relief under his thin skin. His shoulders seemed a lot wider than just a month before, with thick caps of deltoid muscle composed of hard fibers that twitched at every little move of Nate’s arms. His arms were big and muscular. Hanging at his sides his upper arms looked so big and strong to Brian, with his triceps flexing into three heads of muscle every time Nate straightened his arm and his biceps looking like steel cords, ready to flex into a solid ball of rock at Nate’s command. His forearms looked like writhing snakes. His pecs bulged out from his chest, with striations of muscle flexing under his thin skin without Nate even trying. His lats flared from his wide shoulders down to his narrow hips. They looked thick and strong. Nate’s abs were a corrugated washboard of muscle, a true 8-pack that looked as hard as steel. His thighs and calves were big and muscular too. Brian could see slabs of muscle flexing in those big thighs. Nate’s calves bulged with every movement of his legs and looked like they were cut with a knife. His butt was round and firm and was obviously made of solid muscle. Brian couldn’t believe the physical transformation that had come over his little brother in a month. Nate looked like a perfect specimen of muscular youth. Brian just stood there, totally stunned by what he was seeing. “What the fuck........” he finally said, still in shock.

“The barbell slipped outta my hands,” said Nate. “I was doin’ my last set of curls with the heaviest weight I’ve ever done and the fucker just slipped out of my hands and crashed on the floor.”

Brian looked at Nate’s new muscles and then he looked at the weights on the floor. “Hey, you’ve been using my weights,” he said. “I didn’t say you could use my weights, punk. I’m gonna take 'em back right now.” Brian reached down to pick up a dumbbell on the floor but before he touched it Nate grabbed his older brother’s wrist and held it tight. Brian tried to pull his arm away but Nate was so strong his hand didn’t move. Nate was crushing Brian’s wrist so hard it really hurt.

“These are my weights now, big bro,” said Nate, looking Brian right in the eyes with a look of pure superiority. “I’ve been using 'em for a whole month and you didn’t even know it. I took 'em out of your closet the day after you stopped your pathetic workouts. You didn’t even know they were gone. Jesus, you just did one set per exercise with a puny little weight for two weeks and then you gave up. I knew you’d give up 'cause you’re a wimp. A nerdy, brainiac wimp. So as soon as you stopped I took your weights and I’ve had 'em for a month, which means you haven’t been usin’ 'em for a month, which means they’re a hand-me-down, which means they’re mine. They’re mine now Brian, just like all this other shit in my room that used to be yours. For once I got a hand-me-down that I like. Guess what, Brian. I’ve put on 25 pounds in the month I’ve been liftin’, and it’s all solid muscle. I’ve gone from 100 to 125. How much do you weigh, Brian?”

“About 130, I guess,” said Brian, still stunned at the sight of his little brother’s bulging muscles. Nate grabbed Brian’s waist and pinched his skin. There was about a half an inch of fat under his skin that Nate was squeezing hard with his strong fingers. Brian’s whole body was covered with a layer of fat. In a sense he was a skinny wimp, but his body was still covered with fat. Brian winced in pain. “One hundred thirty pounds of total flab and fat,” said Nate with a contemptuous tone to his voice. “You got at least 30 pounds of fat on that fuckin’ wimp body of yours. That’s fucking disgusting. Nothing but flab and fat. You’re fucking pathetic, ya know that Brian? Shit, I’ve only been workin’ out a month and I’ve already got tons more muscle than you got.” Nate pinched his own skin covering his abs. The pinched skin was as thin as two pieces of paper. Nate’s skin covered his hard, corrugated abs like cellophane, revealing every fiber and vein. “And look at that, bro. Not an ounce of fuckin’ fat on my whole body. Nothing but muscle. One hundred twenty-five pounds of fuckin’ strong muscle. At the rate I’ve been putting on the muscle, I’m gonna blast by your weight in the next week! And I’m still gonna be solid muscle, just like I am now. And you’re still gonna be a flabby wimp.” Nate raised his arms and hit a double biceps pose. Brian couldn’t believe how big and muscular Nate’s arms had gotten in just a month. His biceps were solid balls of muscle, about the size of a small orange. Their peak was incredible. Brian could see the fibers of the hard bicep muscle tensing under his thin skin. Blue veins crisscrossed between the skin and muscle. “Holy shit,” said Brian softly. “You got that right wimp-boy,” said Nate. “Feel that muscle. Feel that fuckin’ hard muscle that’s been growin’ bigger and bigger and gettin’ stronger and stronger every day.”

Brian wrapped his fingers around Nate’s right bicep and squeezed. He couldn’t make the slightest dent in the bulging muscle. It felt like warm marble. It was as hard as rock. He had never felt muscle that hard before except on his Uncle Joey. And Nate’s muscle was just as hard as Uncle Joey’s. “Pretty hard, huh,” said Nate. “My muscles got hard real fast after I started lifting. It only took 'em a couple of days to get real hard and now they’re stayin’ hard and just gettin’ bigger and bigger. Fuck, I gained seven pounds in the first week. That’s a pound of muscle each day, Brian. Think of it. Twenty-five pounds of rock-hard muscle in a month. It takes a lot of food to build muscle that fast. Mom’s been giving me lots of extra food 'cause I’m hungry all the time. You didn’t even notice that I always eat twice as much as you do for dinner. I eat the food so fast I can eat twice as much as you do and still finish before you. And I eat a shitload of food all day. After you go to school mom cooks me a huge breakfast. Then I have a protein drink in the morning, a huge lunch at school, another protein drink right after school before my workout, a huge dinner, and another protein drink before I go to bed.

Mom thinks I’m eating about 4 times as much food as you do. Mom’s really into my lifting. She thinks its cool I’m putting on so much muscle. She says I look just like Joey did when he was a kid. She’s helped me keep my lifting a secret for this whole month so you wouldn’t come and try to take your weights back. I’ve been wearing big shirts all the time so you and dad never had clue. Now that the month is up, I don’t have to hide my workouts or my muscles any more. I can walk around without a shirt on any time I want.” Nate stood in front of Brian and let his big brother take in the full enormity of what he was seeing — a muscular, sweaty 12-year-old stud, just radiating with health and strength. Although Nate was 5 pounds lighter than Brian, his 125 pounds of pure muscle looked huge on his body, which was three inches shorter than Brian’s.

“Oh yeah, one more thing. I dropped the barbell on purpose. I wanted you to hear the crash. I wanted you to come in here and see what I’ve been doin’ to my body while you’ve been a fuckin’ couch potato sitting in your room reading and doing fucking homework. These weights have changed me from an ordinary kid to a stud with muscles. Now these weights are mine and you can’t do a fuckin’ thing about it, punk.”

Brian’s face got red with rage. His little brother had just called him a punk. And the kid was taunting him, saying there wasn’t a fucking thing he could do to get his weights back. This was too much for the older brother. Instinctively, he lunged at Nate, pushing him to the floor. Brian got on top of Nate and pinned his arms to the floor, just as he had done hundreds of times in his life. To his surprise, Nate just smiled. Then he felt Nate’s arms rising up, forcing Brian’s whole body up until Nate’s arms were fully extended. “Piece of cake,” said Nate, almost surprised at his own strength. After holding Brian above his body for a few seconds, Nate let go and let Brian fall on top of him. Then he wrapped his arms around Brian’s chest and started squeezing. It looked like the younger brother was hugging his older brother as they lay of the floor. But this was not a brotherly love hug. This was a bear hug. An incredibly powerful bear hug.

The muscles of Nate’s back, shoulders and arms bulged under his skin as they applied an incredible force to Brian’s wimpy chest. Brian couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t believe how strong his younger brother had gotten in just a month. He tried to squirm free, but Nate held on like an iron vise, squeezing harder and harder. Nate’s body was still sweaty from his workout, and now new trickles of sweat formed on his skin as the pumped, hot muscles worked underneath. Brian could feel the hardness of Nate’s pecs as his flat little chest was forced into the solid, bulging muscles of Nate’s chest. He could also feel Nate’s big, rock hard biceps as they pushed themselves harder and harder into the sides of his torso. Nate’s strength was completely overpowering Brian. The strength of the younger brother who had been working out and eating like a wild man for the last month was now totally dominating the feeble body of the couch potato older brother. Brian turned beet red and gasped for air but it was impossible for him to breathe. Nate looked over and saw his delts and arms bulging with rock-hard muscle as they crushed the life out of his big brother. He loved the way his muscles looked when they were flexing, applying tremendous force to whatever they were attacking. He also like the way his body felt when his muscles were working hard. He felt strong. He felt confident. He felt superior. He felt a rush of power surge through his body. He felt like a stud. Adrenaline and testosterone coursed through his veins, making his muscles even stronger. He grunted like an animal and pulled on his arms even harder. His arms dug deeper into Brian’s back and Brian’s chicken chest was crushed even harder against Nate’s sweaty body. Brian gurgled, trying to cry out in pain.

Finally Brian managed to mumble “I give” in a very weak voice. Nate smiled and gave him a final bone-crushing squeeze just for fun. Brian moaned in pain and looked like he was almost going to pass out. Then Nate let go and let Brian collapse on his sweaty body. Brian could feel Nate’s pecs bulge as his bony chest rested on top of Nate’s strong torso. Nate flexed his pecs a couple of times and Brian’s body rose up with each flex, pushed upwards by the big flexing muscles of Nate’s hard pecs.

Then Nate spun around, threw Brian on his back, and sat down on top of his older brother’s stomach. Brian looked up at the kid, not yet 13 years old, who had just thrashed him. Brian could now see a resemblance between Nate and Joey. They both had steel blue eyes, light brown hair, strong jaws and very good looks. And now Nate was getting muscles just like Joey had. Suddenly it dawned on Brian — he wasn’t going to be the big brother anymore. Oh yeah, he’d still be older, but this muscular kid sitting on top of him was going to be the big brother. Shit, Nate was already twice as strong as Brian. Brian still weighed five pounds more, but Nate was solid muscle. Nate had already taken over as the big brother.

Brian’s eyes were open wide as he looked up at his muscular younger brother. Nate sat on Brian’s stomach and flexed his pecs and then his abs. Brian just couldn’t believe how hard the muscle looked as it rippled underneath Nate’s paper-thin skin. “Feel my abs, Brian,” said Nate. “Feel how hard they are.” Brian reached up and ran his fingers over the corrugated washboard of muscle. He pressed in his fingers as hard as he could, but he couldn’t make the slightest dent in the muscle. It felt like brick. Brian ran his fingers over all eight of Nate’s muscle-brick abs, feeling the crevices and bulges of the shredded muscle. “I do six sets of 100 situps, Brian,” said Nate. “These babies have gotten real strong and real hard.” Nate looked down at his washboard of muscle and ran his own hands over the hard ridges, smiling proudly. “Punch my abs, Brian,” said Nate. “Punch 'em as hard as you can.” Brian was not going to forgo this opportunity to punch his arrogant little brother, so he made his right hand into a fist, pulled back his arm as far as he could and punched his fist into Nate’s abs. There was a loud smacking sound as Brian’s fist hit the brick wall of muscle. Brian pulled back his arm and grabbed his hand, which was now throbbing in pain. Nate laughed and rubbed his fingers over his rock-hard abs. “Jesus, dweeb, I didn’t even feel that. I can’t believe you’re so weak. Try it again with your other hand. And this time make it harder. My abs wanna take a real hard punch.” Brian looked at his injured right hand and said “Uh, no, I don’t think so.” Nate’s face turned mean. He reached over with his right hand and wrapped his fingers around Brian’s left upper arm. Then he started squeezing his fingers, digging them into the flabby flesh of Brian’s bicep. Brian tried to flex his bicep to resist, but his weak little bicep was no match for Nate’s overpowering strength. Nate’s fingers were way too strong for the flabby muscles of his weakling brother. They dug further and further into the squishy flesh. Nate’s forearm flexed and bulged as the big muscles gave enormous power to his fingers, which had grown thick and strong as his muscles got bigger.

“Stop! You’re hurting me!” yelled Brian. Pain was throbbing through his upper arm. Nate smiled with a look of total superiority. He liked being the dominant brother. Far from heeding his brother’s plea for mercy, he wiggled his fingers and dug them deeper toward Brian’s bone, causing incredible pain to shoot through his arm like lightening bolts. “Oh, are little brother’s muscles too strong for big brother’s flabby little body?” he said mockingly. “Well, you better do what I tell you from now on and maybe you won’t get hurt. You understand, big bro? You understand who’s the boss around here now?” Brian’s face was contorted with pain. He looked up at Nate and nodded his head in agreement. “Good, that’s better,” said Nate as he released his iron grip. “Now punch me in the abs. And make it hard.” Brian’s left arm was so sore from Nate’s squeeze that he could hardly move it, but he couldn’t disobey his brother’s orders. So he made his left hand into a fist and punched Nate’s abs as hard as he possibly could. His fist bounced off the wall of muscle just like the first time. Nate laughed. “Fuck, what a weakling,” he said.

Then Nate ran his fingers over the soft flesh of Brian’s gut. Brian could only do two situps and his abs were non-existent. Nate easily poked his fingers deep into Brian’s gut, laughing the whole time. “Jesus, Brian, your abs feel like Jello,” said Nate. “They feel like fuckin’ mush!” Nate made his right hand into a fist and held it over Brian’s soft gut. Brian’s face immediately took on a look of total fear. “No, no, no!” he cried out. Nate smiled and pulled back his muscular right arm, getting ready to punch. His thick delt, pec and tricep muscles quivered under his skin as they prepared to power his fist into the soft flesh of his helpless brother. “Little brother’s hard fist is getting ready to smash into big brother’s soft gut,” he said. “Little brother’s got big muscles now, and those big muscles are gonna punch his hard fist into big brother’s soft gut like a fuckin’ battering ram. These muscles are so strong they’re gonna drive this fist right into big brother’s fuckin’ backbone.” He moved his arm up and down a few times, letting Brian see his big, rippling muscles flexing, getting ready to deliver an enormous force to his arm and fist. Brian’s eyes grew wide with fear.

“No, no,” Brian cried, but Nate just laughed. He was enjoying torturing his big brother. After a few more moments of torture, he pulled his arm way back and suddenly smashed his fist down. Instinctively Brian closed his eyes. He thought he was dead. “Smassshhhhhhhh!” There was a loud smashing sound, but incredibly Brian didn’t feel anything at all. He looked over to the side and saw one of Nate’s plastic CD boxes smashed into hundreds of pieces. The power of Nate’s punch had smashed the box to smithereens. Nate looked proudly at his fist, the fist that had just dealt a devastating blow to the box. Then he looked at Brian, who was beet red and still had fear written all over his face. Nate laughed. “Had you goin’ there, didn’t I bro? Well, you better be a good little boy or this fist just might have to smash your soft little gut the way it smashed that CD box. Now I need a new CD box. You can give me one of yours.” Brian looked over at the smashed plastic and then at Nate’s fist and muscular arm, which he casually flexed. A sudden chill went up his spine. “Uh, OK,” he said meekly. Nate was in total control of his brother.

Nate stood up and grabbed his brother by the shoulders, jerking him to his feet. “Pick up the barbell, wimp,” ordered Nate. “If you ever touch these weights again without my permission, I’m gonna smash you into a bloody pulp. But now I want you to pick up the barbell.” Brian looked down at the barbell and realized it weighed 70 pounds. Brian had never put more than five pounds on each side of the bar — 30 pounds total — so he had no idea if he could even lift the weight off the floor. He bent down, grabbed the bar, and slowly lifted it off the floor. It seemed like it weighed a ton. He could barely straighten his back. He strained with all his might and finally was able to straighten his back, lifting the bar about two feet off the floor. “Lift it higher,” ordered Nate. Brian struggled as hard as he could but his arms were just too weak to lift the 70-pound barbell any higher. After a few seconds, he gave up and started lowering the bar to the floor. The weight was so heavy for Brian that he couldn’t stop its fall and it came crashing down. Nate laughed. “Shit, you’re such a fucking weakling,” said Nate. “Watch this.”

Nate walked up to the bar, bumping Brian out of the way with his muscular shoulders. He picked up the bar like it was a broomstick. Then he easily lifted it up to his shoulders and proceeded to press it overhead.. “This it nothing,” said Nate as he held the bar easily overhead. “This is the weight I was usin’ a couple of weeks ago for presses. Now I can do 10 reps with 95 pounds. Next week I’ll be able to use 100 pounds. These delts just keep getting’ bigger and stronger.” Brian watched in awe as his 12-year-old brother pumped the big weight up and down easily. Nate’s delts bulged in his shoulders as they conquered the heavy iron. As Brian watched his brother pump the heavy weight, he got a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach.. He felt so weak and inferior as he watched the big muscles of his little brother flex and bulge with every rep. Those muscles looked so awesome to Brian. So big, so strong, so powerful, so ripped, so shredded, so beautiful. Brian’s cock started getting hard under his pants as his eyes feasted on his younger brother’s buff body. Brian just stood there staring at his brother, mesmerized by the awesome power and beauty of his muscles. Finally after 15 easy reps, Nate put down the bar and flexed his delts right in front of Brian’s face. The big muscles looked like striated cannonballs on top of his wide shoulders. The fibers of the muscle twitched and flexed at his every move. He smiled as Brian looked at the bulging muscle in awe. “I figure I’m three times stronger than you, Brian, you little nerd. You never pressed more than 30 pounds the whole fuckin’ time you were workin’ out. And now I can do 95 pounds easy. Jesus, what a weakling. How’s it feel to have a little brother who’s three times stronger than you are and he’s only been liftin’ a month. I bet it feels pretty bad, doesn’t it Brian. I bet you think it’s not fair for me to be so muscular and strong when you’re so flabby and weak. Well, tough shit, Brian. That’s life. You’re weak and I’m strong. I got muscle and you don’t. And I’m gonna get so much bigger and stronger I’ll be able to crush your pathetic little body with my little finger. You’re a wimp and I’m a stud and you just better get used to it.” Brian stood there just stunned, staring at Nate’s muscles. His cock got rock hard as he listed to his brother brag about how muscular and strong he was and how much bigger and stronger he was going to get.

Then Nate bent down and picked up the barbell again, this time in curl position. He curled the 70 pounds of iron up and down 10 times. With every rep, his biceps pumped up bigger and bigger as his strong, athletic heart pumped gallons and gallons of blood into the working muscle. Brian couldn’t believe how the muscle grew bigger and bigger in Nate’s arm as he cranked out rep after rep. Brian had never seen a pump before. Brian’s muscles never got pumped, so he had never personally experienced it. And he never before had seen a real muscleman work out hard and pump up his muscles, so as he watched Nate’s biceps bulge and grow with each rep, he was totally amazed. After about 7 reps, the fibers of Nate’s pumped biceps seemed to almost burst out of his skin. His skin was red from all the blood surging through the muscle. Veins crisscrossed everywhere, transporting the surging blood. Brian’s cock was harder than it had ever been in his life as he watched his brother’s big biceps pump up to incredible size and hardness. Instinctively, he reached over and put his fingers on Nate’s right bicep as he pumped out the last few reps. Nate’s skin was hot, and the muscle working underneath was incredibly big and hard.

Brian gasped as he took in the enormity of his brother’s muscularity and strength. He could feel the big muscle flex and extend as Nate slowly curled and lowered his arms for reps 8, 9 and 10. Even extended, the fibers of muscle in Nate’s bicep felt like steel cords. As he curled his arms up, those big steel cords contracted into a huge ball of solid muscle that felt like warm marble-solid rock. Brian squeezed the working muscle and couldn’t make the slightest dent, as the big, hard muscles obeyed the orders of their young master to use their brute force to power the 70-pound barbell up and down. A chill went up Brian’s spine as he felt the incredible size and hardness of his younger brother’s bulging bicep. When Nate finished his 10th rep, he put the barbell down and flexed his biceps in front of Brian. Brian immediately grabbed the muscles, almost wanting to worship their size, strength and hardness.. “That’s the exercise I was doin’ when I dropped the weight to get you in here,” said Nate. “I’m up to 70 pounds for reps, as you can see. My biceps have really been growin’, getting’ bigger and stronger every day. Pretty fuckin’ big and strong, aren’t they Brian? Feel those fuckers, you little wimp.” Brian ran his fingers all over Nate’s flexed upper arms. Not only were his biceps big and hard, but his triceps were too. They bulged out on the back and lower part of his arms. Nate looked over at Brian’s pipe-stem arm. “Fuck, my biceps are already three times stronger than your little pieces of flab. You’re just such a weakling, Brian. You deserve to get fucked up by my big muscles. I can do it any time I feel like it, Brian and there’s not a fuckin’ thing you can do about it.” At that, he reached over with his right hand and squeezed Brian’s little bicep. “Fuck, you just ain’t got nothin’ there, do you wimp-boy. I bet my forearm’s twice as strong as your pathetic little bicep. Nate dug his strong fingers into Brian’s flabby flesh. His forearm writhed with muscle and veins. Nate’s thick fingers easily busted through Brian’s flabby bicep, just like they had done before. Nate smiled as Brian grimaced in pain. But Brian’s eyes and hands were still locked on Nate’s throbbing, pumped arms. Brian was willing to endure the pain if he could keep feeling Nate’s buff muscles. “You’re a total stud, Nate,” he finally said in total submission as he squeezed as hard as he could on Nate’s rock-like masses of muscle. Nate smiled and let go of Brian’s arm.

“I love workin’ out”, said Nate, as Brian rubbed his sore arm and continued to stare at Nate’s body. “Ya know, when I started liftin’, I did just one set per exercise like you did. But my muscles got bigger and stronger so fast I went to three sets after a week. Then I went to six sets after three weeks. All the big studs in the magazine do six sets per exercise, so I wanted to do it too. I’m doin’ six sets of all those fuckin’ exercises with super-heavy weights. Now I train different muscles on different days so they have time to grow. My workouts last about two hours. At the end of the workout, my muscles are just burnin’ up. They’re pumped as hell and it’s like they just wanna bust outta my skin. I’m sweatin’ like a pig. My whole body’s in pain. But at the same time, I feel great. The harder I work out, the better I feel. I feel like a fuckin’ bull. I get this rush in my body that makes me feel like a fuckin’ stud. Its like a surge of power that makes me feel like I’m invincible, like I can do anything I fuckin’ want. Did you ever feel that way after a workout, Brian?” Brian thought about his boring one set workouts where he didn’t even work up a sweat. “Uh, no, I guess not.” Nate looked at Brian’s pathetic, flabby body and laughed. “Yeah, I didn’t think you did. You didn’t work out hard enough to get a pump. You’re such a pathetic weakling you’re never gonna feel that rush. You only feel that rush if you got muscles like me and work that muscle so fuckin’ hard it wants to bust out of your body. Its a fantastic feeling, Brian. You feel like Superman. But you’re never gonna feel that rush, Brian. You’re a fucking wimp loser.” Brian’s hard cock twitched under his pants as he listened to his stud little brother describe the joys of having muscles and getting a pump, joys that Brian would never experience.

“Well, I gotta get ready for dinner,” said Nate. “I’m really hungry. Gotta feed these muscles. So get outta here.” Without hesitation, Nate grabbed Brian and shoved him out the door, slamming it behind him. Brian went to his room, took off his pants and shorts and lay on his bed thinking about the incredible experience he had just had. It took him only 30 seconds to blast a load of cum three feet in the air.

Brian sat down at the dinner table with his mom and dad. The family always ate at 6:00 sharp and as usual, Nate was late. He was still upstairs in his room, probably listening to rap music or something his father thought. George got up, walked over to the stairs and called up. “Nate, get down here. The food’s getting cold.” He sat back down and looked over to the stairs as Nate came down and walked towards the table. George’s jaw dropped open in shock. Then he said “Holy shit,” under his breath, as his younger son approached. Nate was wearing one of Brian’s old hand-me-down tee shirts, except that Nate had cut off the arms so you could see all of his bulging shoulder and arm muscles. His delts were thick and striated, big round melons of muscle with fibers that twitched with every movement of his arms. His arms were big and muscular. His even relaxed, his big triceps filled out the sides and backs of his arms. His biceps were rippling under his thin skin. Brian could see a big vein running up the outer part of the bicep on each of his arms from his elbow to his delts. His pecs bulged out from his chest and his lats flared out from the sides. Nate had cut off the bottom part of the shirt, way above his belly button, so you could see the bottom four of his rippling 8-pack abs. Those abs looked like corrugated steel. The shirt, which fit him just fine a month ago — maybe it was even a little big — was now way too small. The cotton fibers strained as they tried to contain Nate’s bulging pecs and lats. He was wearing a pair of Brian’s hand-me-down shorts. His shredded waist was several inches smaller than Brian’s flabby waist, so the shorts hung low on his hips. The low hanging shorts exposed the tops of the globes of hard muscle forming his firm, round bubble butt. His ass crack looked firm and tight. His obliques slashed down from his narrow hips towards his crotch, which was almost exposed by his low-hanging shorts. His shorts were so low that Brian thought he would have seen pubic hairs if Nate were a little older. Nate’s voice was starting to change and Brian suspected he was entering puberty already. That would certainly help explain some of the fantastic muscle growth Nate had gotten in the last month.

The muscles in Nate’s thighs almost filled out the leg holes in the shorts. Big slabs of quad muscle bulged out right above his knees and then disappeared under the shorts. His quads had really gotten big from the heavy squats he was doing. He was working them and his calves just as hard as he was working his upper body and it showed. His calves bulged out like cut diamonds. Every time he took a step, his quads and calves flexed and bulged under his paper-thin skin. Brian’s cock got hard as he looked at his brother’s handsome face and incredibly muscular body. Nate looked like a young fitness model. Blue eyes, incredibly good looking face and a buff body that looked almost unreal on a kid who wouldn’t be 13 for another few days. George just sat there with his mouth wide open. Angela smiled proudly.

Nate casually sat down at the table and said, “Hi, dad.” George looked up and down Nate’s muscular body and said, “My God, son. What’s happened to you?” Nate smiled and said, “I’ve been workin’ out with the weights Joey gave Brian for his birthday. Brian didn’t use 'em for a month, so they’re mine. They’re hand-me-downs. My body looks pretty cool, huh.” George looked over at Brian. “Is that true, Brian? Do the weights belong to Nate now?” Brian kind of hesitated. Nate made his right hand into a fist and flexed his right arm. Brian looked over at the rippling muscles and another chill went up his spine. “Yeah, Dad, it’s true. The weights are Nate’s now. I didn’t really like 'em much. They seem to be working on Nate a lot better than they worked on me. Nate really likes 'em and I told him he could have 'em.” Nate relaxed his fist and smiled.

George turned to Nate and said, “Yeah, you put a lot of muscle on your body, young man, but I want you to stop lifting, starting right now. First, you’re much too young to be lifting weights. You might hurt yourself. Second, lifting weights is a waste of your time. You’d be much better off spending that time reading books and studying like your brother Brian here. So after dinner I’m going to take those weights away from you and lock 'em up somewhere. Nate got red in the face with rage. He jumped up off his chair and stood in front of his father. “Brian, get over here and stand next to me,” he ordered. Brian got up from his chair and stood next to his muscular little brother. George was puzzled by how Nate seemed to be able to order Brian around like that. Without hesitation, Brian obeyed his little brother’s orders, the little brother who would now rule his life. “OK, Brian, now flex your arm,” ordered Nate. Brian immediately complied. He raised his little right arm and flexed. “Feel Brian’s bicep, Dad, while he’s flexing.” George just sat there, not raising his hand to feel his older son’s little biceps. Nate grabbed his father’s hand by the wrist and placed it over Brian’s bicep. George tried to pull his arm away, but Nate was much too strong for him. He firmly held his father’s arm in place with the brute strength of his muscles. “Feel it, Dad,” ordered Nate, as he pushed his father’s hand down on Brian’s bicep. George was in a state of shock at the overpowering strength of his younger son. He grabbed Brian’s bicep and squeezed. The squishy muscle felt like a sponge.

“OK, now feel this,” said Nate, as he flexed his own right arm and, still holding on to his father’s wrist with an iron grip, moved it over to his own bicep. He pushed his father’s hand onto his big ball of living rock. George squeezed the bulging muscle and gasped out loud. Far from being soft and squishy like Brian’s, Nate’s big, round bicep felt like solid steel. He squeezed as hard as he could, but he couldn’t make the slightest dent in his 12-year-old son’s flexed bicep. “Does that feel like I’m hurting myself, Dad? Does that feel like a waste of time?” said Nate with a mocking tone to his voice. “I don’t think so. I’m totally healthy and I’m strong as a bull. My workouts are the best two hours a day I’ve ever spent. I’ve only been liftin’ for a month and I’m already three times stronger than this wimp here.” Nate punched Brian in the shoulder real hard. Brian winced in pain, but he didn’t say anything. “And I’m not gonna let you stop me from workin’ out and getting’ even bigger and stronger than I am already. I’ll fight you, Dad, if I have to.” George looked up at his son’s buffed muscles, which were now all flexed and pulsating with power as adrenaline surged through his body. A shiver went up his own spine, as he realized his son was now undoubtedly a lot stronger than he was and could easily thrash him in a fight.

But before George could say anything, Angela spoke up. “George, I gave permission for Nate to lift the weights. And I think he should keep lifting. Some people are blessed with great brains, like Brian, and some people are blessed with great bodies, like Nate and Joey. As a mother I love both my boys equally, Brian for his brain and Nate for his body. George, I’m making the decision here. Nate’s gonna keep lifting and I’m gonna make sure he gets plenty of good food to feed his growing muscles.” Nate turned to his mom and said “Thanks, mom.” Then he turned back to his dad and lifted the bottom of his tee shirt, exposing his pecs and lats and of course his abs. Then he flexed the muscles right in his dad’s face. His pecs bulged out in his chest, round globes of striated muscle. His lats flared out, the thick slabs of muscle forming a perfect V-shape from his wide shoulders down to his narrow hips. His shredded abs rippled under his paper-thin skin. “Check 'em out, Dad,” he said. “These muscles are just gonna keep getting’ bigger and stronger and there’s nothin’ you can do about it.” Then he sat down, took a huge helping of meat, potatoes and vegetables and started eating like a wild man. George just sat there, stunned by the sudden dominance of his young son.

Nate had almost finished his huge plate of food before the rest of the family had even gotten in a few bits. He was ravenously hungry, and just like Joey he was a super-efficient eating machine. “Delicious,” he said to his mom between bites. After he finished his plate, he looked at the extra meat, vegetables and potatoes still on the table. “You guys want any more?” he asked. They all shook their heads, so Nate piled all the rest of the meat and half of the remaining vegetables and potatoes on his plate and started eating again, just as fast as before. His stomach was like a bottomless pit. He knew his body was going to turn all the meat into muscle and that the vegetables and potatoes were going to help fuel that muscle. He wanted those muscles to grow at maximum speed. Well, Nate ate his second plate so fast that he was done before Brian had finished even half of his meat. He had already eaten four big pieces of meat and Brian had only finished half of one. So by now, Nate had eaten eight times more meat than Brian. And he was still hungry.

“Hey, bro,” Nate said. “I’m still hungry. Gimme the rest of your meat. My muscles need more protein.” Brian looked down at the meat on his plate and then looked over at Nate’s clean plate and his big muscles. George spoke up and said “You don’t have to give your meat to Nate, Brian. You’ve got to eat too.” Nate looked down at his right arm and made a fist. Then he started curling his fist up and down, flexing the bulging muscles in his forearm. The shredded muscles had the shape of a bowling pin. They writhed with power and were covered with veins. Brian stared at the bulging muscles and at Nate’s big fist. A feeling of total fear overcame his body as he thought about the devastating power Nate had in his arm. Overwhelming power that could pound that hard fist into his flabby body like a pile driver. Adrenaline shot through Brian’s veins, the hormone of nature’s “fight or flight” instinct. Brian knew he had no hope of fighting his little brother, so his adrenaline was completely fueling his fear and his flight instinct. Brian was afraid of his little brother. But even while those strong feelings of fear were surging through his body, he also felt a strong feeling of desire. As he looked at Nate’s flexing muscles, his cock stiffened under his pants and he felt an overwhelming sense of attraction to Nate’s body. Nate’s muscles were both fearsome and beautiful. These two clashing emotions surged through Brian’s brain and body as he watched Nate’s flexing arm and his hard fist.

“You wanna give me your meat, don’t you Brian?” said Nate in a commanding way. “You know I need a lot of meat to feed these big muscles so they can get even bigger and stronger. You don’t have any muscle so you don’t need any more meat. You can just eat some vegetables.” Nate started flexing his bicep and triceps as well as his forearm and moved his fist back and forth, sort of like he was warming up for a punch. Brian’s eyes were fixated on the throbbing muscle. His skin was turning red. He was in a state of total fear, but his cock was rock hard. Finally he said “Yeah, dad, it’s OK. I want Nate to have my meat. I want him to feed his muscles. I’ll just eat some more vegetables.” At that, Nate smiled, stabbed his fork into Brian’s meat and put it on his plate. “That’s a good boy, Brian,” he said. He raised his right arm and flexed his bicep. The huge ball of muscle looked incredible. Nate looked approvingly at his bulging, shredded muscle. “That mother will be even bigger and stronger tomorrow,” he said confidently. Then he wolfed down all of Brian’s meat in four big bites. •

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