Big Brother, Little Brother


By johnd7102000

The family sat down for dinner. Angela had cooked a huge beef roast, with lots of potatoes and vegetables. She knew that she had two huge appetites to feed. Joey and Nate immediately stabbed the meat with their forks, taking three big pieces each. They also loaded up their plates with lots of potatoes and vegetables. Nate watched what Joey put on his plate and then put exactly the same amount on his own plate. He wanted to see if he could eat just as much as his huge, muscular uncle. When Joey and Nate were finished loading up, the other family members put small portions on their plates. Joey and Nate devoured the food on their plates before the others were even half finished. Then they loaded another big helping of meat and some more potatoes and vegetables. And they wolfed that down. Nate was keeping up with Joey bite for bite. He was an efficient eating machine just like his uncle. Finally Joey took one more piece of meat and put it on his plate. “Man, I’m getting stuffed,” he said. He started eating the meat, a little more slowly than before. Nate smiled. He put two pieces of meat on his plate. “Watch me, Uncle Joey,” he said. “I’m gonna eat more meat than you did. I want my muscles to grow huge like yours real fast.” Nate gobbled up the two pieces of meat just as fast as his first piece. His stomach was like a bottomless pit. Joey looked at the muscular kid stuffing his mouth with food and said “Way to go, stud. I bet you put on another pound or two of muscle tonight. Tomorrow you’ll be bigger and stronger. You keep workin’ out and eatin’ the way you are and you’ll be 180 pounds of solid muscle before you hit 14 years old. You’ll be way bigger than I was at your age.” Nate flexed his right arm and smiled. “Yeah,” he said as he looked at the bulging muscle. He finished all three plates of food before Brian had finished his own one little plate.

After they were finished eating dinner, Joey turned to Nate and said, “Ya know, Nate, I think it would be fun for you to have a little arm wrestling contest. You can arm wrestle your older brother here. Yeah, I know you’re gonna win easy, but its fun to arm wrestle with wimps like Brian. Its fun to feel just how weak they are and to feel how easy it is for your big muscles to just smash their pathetic little stick-boy arms to the table. You get a real good rush when the power of your big muscles smashes their hands down on the table and you’re not even trying hard. I had a lot of fun in junior high and high school arm wrestling with kids. Some of 'em didn’t want to wrestle me, but I didn’t care. I made 'em do it anyway. I loved the feeling I got when my big arm put those little wimps in their place. I wrestled with big guys too and usually I won. But the wimps were really fun. It was great watching the eyes bulge out of their heads as they watched my big bicep flex next to their puny little arm when we locked grips. Then they’d try to push my arm down and I could hardly feel a thing they were so weak. Then that bicep would smash their little arm down so fast they thought they had been smashed by a big machine. God that felt great. Funny thing, some of those wimps would ask to do it again and again. They got a charge out of feeling just how strong this big mother was. But even if they didn’t wanna wrestle I made 'em do it. I always told the wimps what to do. Just like you’re gonna do, Nate. Those wimps always obey this.” Joey looked over at his bicep and flexed. The huge muscle exploded in his arm. He didn’t care whether Brian wanted to wrestle Nate, just like he didn’t care about the wimps in school. He was only thinking about Nate, the stud like him, and how buzzed Nate would feel when his big muscular arm smashed Brian’s little stick arm, just like he the buzz he used to feel in school. Joey was a jock. He did what he wanted. And now Nate was gonna do what he wanted too.

Nate’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, that sounds real fun,” he said. He put his elbow on the table and said, “Let’s wrestle, bro.” Brian just sat there. He knew how strong his little brother was. He knew he didn’t have a chance. He was just going to be a toy for Nate, a flabby little toy that Nate could play with and show off how strong he was. Finally he said, “Uh, I don’t want to, Nate.” Nate looked Brian in the eyes and gritted his teeth. His beautiful blue eyes looked menacing. “I don’t care what you want, wimp. We’re gonna wrestle. Put your arm on that table NOW.” Brian knew he had no choice, so he put his elbow on the table. His arm was longer than Nate’s, but Nate’s forearm and upper arm were far larger and more muscular than his. His arm looked like a stick covered with fat. Nate’s arm was bulging with muscle, with fibers and veins everywhere. Nate smiled as he compared his big, rippling arm to the scrawny stick of his brother. The brothers locked their grip.

Joey said “go.” Their arms just stood there in an upright position, not moving at all. Nate looked down at his arm. His bicep was bulging, but it was bulging the way it always does when it has something easy to do, like lift a piece of paper up and down. Brian’s flabby arm was quivering. Brian was straining his muscles as hard as he could pressing against Nate’s hand, but all his straining was nothing to Nate. “Jesus, bro, that feels like a feather pushing on me. I can hardly feel that. Come on, bro, put some muscle into it!” said Nate, laughing at the pathetic weakness of his brother. Brian gritted his teeth and pushed as hard as he could. Nate started moving his arm back and forth, toying with his weak brother. Both of the brothers watched Nate’s big bicep as it flexed. The hard fibers of muscle were bunched in a big ball, twitching under his paper-thin skin. Veins were crisscrossing the muscle, surging with blood, feeding the huge beast. That beast looked absolutely huge and ferocious next to Brian’s flabby little bicep, which didn’t even make a bump in his arm. Nate pushed Brian’s arm back and forth like a cat playing with an injured mouse. Finally, Joey said, “OK, stud, put him away.” Nate grinned. Instantly his bicep bulged, and with a surge of overwhelming force he smashed his brother’s hand down onto the table like he was swatting a fly. Brian grabbed his hand which was in pain from hitting the table. Nate didn’t care. “Wow, that was fun,” said Nate. “It felt so cool when Brian was strainin’ as hard as he could and I could hardly feel it. Geez these muscles are strong.” He flexed his arm and looked proudly at the rippling muscles. “Then, SMASH! This big monster just put him away like he was nothing. That felt fantastic. My big muscles smashing his little arm. God it feels great to be strong.” Nate flexed his bicep again and waved it in front of Brian’s face. A rush of hormones was surging through his body. He felt like a total stud.

Joey smiled. “Yeah, I thought you’d like that, stud. Makes you feel real good, doesn’t it.” Then he turned to George. “OK, daddy, you’re next. Little Nate here wants to arm wrestle you.” George looked horrified. It was bad enough that Brian was humiliated by his muscular little brother, but now he was going to be the next wimp to be dominated by Nate’s young muscles. “Come on, Joey, you can’t be serious,” said George. “I’m a grown man and Nate’s just a kid.” Nate looked his father in the eyes with his beautiful steel blue eyes, which now looked angry. “I’m not a kid anymore, Dad. I’m a man. I’m a real man. And I’ve got tons more muscle than you got. Strong muscle. Muscle that can whip your ass any time I feel like it. So put you arm up on that table and fight me like a man. You afraid of wrestling a 13-year-old, Dad?”

Joey looked at George’s face, which had fear written all over it. “You don’t wanna piss off the kid, George. He wants to fight you. You better do it. If he gets pissed off no telling what he could do to you. Shit, one time when I was in Junior High some 30-year-old punk pissed me off and I pounded him so bad he went to the hospital. Had a ruptured spleen. My fist hit his gut so hard it busted his organs. I tell you George, you don’t wanna piss off a musclekid.” George looked at his younger son with a look of total terror. Nate smiled menacingly and made a fist, flexing his forearm, upper arm and delt as he did it. George suddenly realized that Nate now was the man of the house. He ruled it. He was the king. And George better not piss off the king.

Nate put his elbow on the table and George did the same. Nate’s arm was several inches shorter than George’s, but it was far more muscular. Both his forearm and his upper arm looked to be about the same size as George’s, but Nate’s mass was solid muscle while George’s mass was fat and flab. “Whoa, wait a minute,” said Joey. He grabbed a telephone book from the shelf and put it under Nate’s arm. “OK, now that’s fair,” said Joey. “OK, men, ready, set, GO!” At “Go”, Nate’s bicep exploded and in a split second it smashed George’s arm to the table. Nate smiled and held George’s hand pinned to the table, helpless to resist. “Wait a minute,” said George. “I wasn’t ready.” Nate let go of his arm and said, “OK, lets have a rematch. I’ll wait till you’re good and ready.” Father and son locked grips again and Joey said “Ready, set, GO!” Their arms didn’t move from the center. It was clear that George was straining mightily, but Nate was just holding his hand steady, like he was holding back the arm of a little girl. Finally he said “Are you ready, Dad?” His dad looked up at him, not realizing until he saw Nate’s calm face that the kid wasn’t even trying hard. He pushed his arm harder against Nate’s rock-like resistance. Nate laughed at the puny effort. “Yeah I guess you’re ready.” Then he willed his young muscles to apply maximum force, and the 13-year-old monster that was his bicep bulged under his skin. In less than a second, that monster smashed his dad’s arm to the table like it was nothing. “Muscles rule,” yelled Nate as he flexed his guns in front of his brother and his dad. Brian and George looked at each other with a look of total defeat in their eyes. Joey punched Nate playfully but hard in the shoulder. The punch would have hurt either Brian or George, but Nate couldn’t even feel it. “Way to go, stud,” he said. “You’re the man.”

Well, the next day was Saturday. Joey went out and bought a ton of equipment and weights for Nate and brought it over in his truck. Joey made good money in construction. He spent a lot on Nate’s equipment but to him it was worth it. Nate seemed like a son to him. He wanted the kid to build big muscles like he had. He wanted Nate to have the best. Before they could set up the new equipment, they had to move Nate’s furniture into Brian’s room. Nate and Joey moved all of Brian’s stuff to one half of the room. “Ya gotta get rid of some of this shit,” said Nate. “Not enough room for it anymore.” Then they moved in Nate’s stuff. They put Nate’s bed under the window, just like he wanted it. Nate had just as much stuff as Brian, and he started putting some of it on Brian’s side of the room. “Hey, that’s my side,” said Brian. “Tough shit,” said Nate. “I need the space. What are ya gonna do, cry to Daddy? You touch any of my stuff and you’re toast.” Brian just stood there helplessly as his younger brother took over his room. Then Nate started posting more pictures of huge bodybuilders all over the walls. He had left up the pictures in his own room, but now he was putting up more pics in Brian’s’ room. He even took down some posters Brian had put up so he had more room for his pictures. He left Brian with only one wall, the wall beside his bed. Every other wall was covered with musclestuds. “Hey, that’s not fair,” said Brian. “I get two walls and you get two walls, even Steven.” Nate looked around the room. “Well, my bed is under the window, so the wall there is really small. So I need another wall and I’m takin' it. You got one wall. That’s enough for a wimp like you.” He said this like he was doing Brian a favor letting him have one wall in his own room.

After Nate had moved in to Brian’s room, he and Joey set up the equipment in Nate’s room and brought up all the new weights. Nate got a bench with a rack. The bench had a ratchet that let him move it up to do incline presses and seated military presses. He got a squat rack. He got a pulley machine for lat pulldowns, rowing, and chest flyes. He got an ab board for crunches and leg lifts. He got an Olympic bar with hundreds of pounds of plates — 45’s, 35’s, 25’s 10’s and 5’s. He got lots of dumbbells and bigger weights for his barbell. The room looked like a real gym.

Brian was in his own room, trying to figure out where he was going to put all his stuff, and being careful not to touch any of Nate’s stuff, when he heard Nate yell, “Hey, Brian, get your ass down here and look at something.” Brian went down to Nate’s room and saw Nate on the bench. The Olympic bar was on the rack and there was a big 45-pound plate on each side. “Check it out, bro,” said Nate. “This is 135 pounds. Its more than I weigh. Its kinda the minimum you put on these Olympic bars for bench presses. If you put little weights on these bars, guys laugh at you.” Joey stood there listening to Nate. He was amazed that Nate already knew about how things were in a gym. He nodded his head. “Yeah, you’re right, stud. These bars are for real men. And real men don’t do less than two 45 pound plates for benches.” Nate smiled. “OK, bro, watch this.” He lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it down to his chest. Then he pressed it up and down 10 times easily and put it back on the rack. “Piece of cake,” he said. “I’m gonna use an extra 10 pounds, maybe more, in my next workout. This bench and the rack are great. It makes me real strong.” Joey gave the little stud a high-five.

Nate and Joey did a workout together with Nate’s new weights. Brian kept coming to the open door to watch the two muscle studs work out. Nate was the spitting image of his uncle. Good looking and muscular. He just had to put on another 100 pounds of muscle and get taller and he’d look like an identical twin. Brian knew he would do it. He was a dumb jock, just like Joey. A dumb jock that would rule his world. As Brian had learned, you don’t have to be smart to take control and rule everyone around you. You just need muscles. And Nate had lots of muscles. And with his drop-dead good looks, he would get what he wanted without even needing to use those muscles. People would just look at him and do what he wanted. He just had that way about him.

The two muscle studs pumped the weights. Joey gave Nate some pointers and spotted for him as he lifted incredibly heavy weights for a kid his age. At the end of the workout they were both dripping with sweat. Their muscles were pumped and bulging. Joey said he had to take off, so he gave Nate a high five, went down to his truck and drove away.

Brian had gone back to his room and was lying on his bed when Nate walked in. He was dripping with sweat. His skin was red and the fibers of his muscles were almost bursting out from his skin. He was totally pumped. He shut the door. Then he ripped off his sweaty workout shorts and threw them on the floor, right next to Brian’s bed. He was totally nude. Brian’s eye’s bulged out of his head as he stared at the body of his nude brother. Nate stood naked in front of the mirror and flexed his biceps. Brian couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His naked brother was standing there six feet away from him, flexing his muscles in the mirror. Nate hit several poses, flexing all his muscles, not paying the least bit of attention to the bulging eyes of his brother. Brian thought he had died and gone to heaven. All of a sudden, all the shit Nate had dished out when he moved in to his bedroom — taking the extra space, taking the extra wall, taking over — seemed totally irrelevant. This stud was naked and flexing right in front of him.

Brian immediately noticed Nate’s cock. It was big and thick, hanging like a lethal weapon. His balls were big also, about the size of walnuts, and hung low in their sack. There was just a little pubic hair sprouting out in Nate’s crotch. Light brown pubic hair that signaled the onset of puberty in this young stud. Nate flexed away in the mirror, totally oblivious to his brother watching his every move. Like most jocks, he was totally uninhibited about his body. It was totally natural to him to rip off his shorts and flex naked in the mirror. Just like he would walk around naked and pumped in a locker room, he was naked, pumped and flexing in his bedroom. Oh yeah, his brother was there too.

Nate walked over to Brian’s bed and stood in front of his brother. “I think my arms have gotten a lot bigger in the last couple of days,” he said as he flexed his biceps. Brian could smell the sweat coming from Nate’s crotch, which was only a foot in front of his face. “I weigh 130 pounds now and I can curl 80 pounds for a few reps. Remember when I was doin’ 70 and you couldn’t even lift the fuckin’ bar off the floor? Well, now these mothers are even bigger and I’m even stronger.” He flexed harder and his biceps bulged to an incredible peak. Fibers and veins were everywhere. His pecs and abs were tensing right in front of Brian’s face. His cock seemed to get a little bigger and stiffer as he flexed. Brian’s mouth was open wide as he looked at his little brother’s bulging muscles and his big cock. Brian wanted to reach up and feel Nate’s body and cock, but he was paralyzed in awe. Nate lowered his arms and just stood in front of this brother, flexing his abs, his quads and his pecs. “These muscles look pretty hot, don’t they bro. Gettin’ bigger and stronger every day.” Nate didn’t even mention his cock. Brian thought that was one of his best bodyparts “Well, I gotta go take a shower. I really stink. Worked out so hard I’m sweatin’ like a pig.” At that, Nate turned around, opened the door and swaggered down the hall, headed for the bathroom.

As soon as Nate left the room, Brian got up and closed the door. Then he picked up Nate’s sweaty workout shorts and held them up to his face. He took a deep breath, breathing in the pungent smell of Nate’s jock-boy sweat. The sweat that had oozed off his buff body and crotch during his brutal workout, soaking into the fabric of the shorts. Brian’s cock got rock hard as he smelled the manly scent of his little brother. He ripped off his clothes, jumped on his bed and had one of the most fantastic jerk-offs in his life, all the while holding Nate’s workout shorts up to his nose and smelling his brother’s sweat. He smelled that pungent odor while thinking of the sight he had just seen. His muscular little brother, buck naked, standing in front of him, flexing his muscles and bragging about how big and strong he was. Brian shot load after load high into the air. Fantastic spasms of pleasure surged through his body. After he finished, he put his clothes back on and waited for his muscular little brother to return from the shower. Sharing his room with Nate wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

Well, all the next week Nate worked out with his new weights. He was eating more than ever. He said that since he could use really heavy weights now, and not that puny beginnners’ set, his muscles were growing real fast. He was putting on about a pound of muscle every day. Brian took frequent “study breaks” to hang around Nate’s room when he was working out. Kind of like a teenage girl finding ways to be next to the star quarterback on the football team. Brian just loved to see Nate’s muscles working. Nate showed Brian how to spot. Brian stood behind the bench as Nate lifted the huge weight off the rack. He was up to 160 pounds already. A 25-pound gain in his bench press in a week. He lowered the heavy bar until it just touched his bulging pecs. Then he pushed it back up, letting out a loud grunt as he got to the top. Then he cranked out rep after rep. Brian looked down in awe, watching Nate’s big pecs bulge as they powered up the heavy bar rep after rep. He was able to do seven reps on his own, but for reps eight, nine and ten Brian put his little fingers under the bar and lifted it ever so gently. He wanted Nate to do most of the work. That’s the way Nate wanted it. He wanted those muscles to work to absolute exhaustion. His pecs, delts and triceps bulged tremendously as they powered the heavy bar up. His shredded waist was several inches above the bench, being held up by his muscle butt and his big chest. “You got it, stud,” yelled Brian as Nate pushed out the last rep. His muscles were bulging out of his skin. Striations of fibers bulged in his pecs as they forced up the heavy weight. His skin was beet-red and covered with sweat. “Yeah,” Nate yelled, as he locked his elbows and crashed the weight onto the rack. Then he hopped up off the bench and flexed his pecs. Brian felt those big, bulging, striated globes of muscle, running his fingers over their hardness, feeling the erect nipples, feeling the cleavage between them, feeling the sweat covering the hot skin, just reveling in his brother’s muscularity and strength. This was his reward for spotting. Nate smiled as his brother felt his muscles. He knew he was a stud. It was only natural that his brother would think he was too.

After every workout, Nate came into their bedroom, ripped off his workout shorts, threw them on the floor, and posed in the mirror. Sometimes he would come up to Brian, who was lying on his bed staring at Nate’s body, and flex a bodypart in front of him. Quads, abs, pecs, lats, delts, arms. Whatever Nate had been training, he flexed it for his wimpy brother. And of course his big cock was hanging there. Nate would feel the flexing muscle with his little fingers and he could see Nate’s cock getting bigger and harder as his hands touched the flexing muscles. Nate seemed to like him touching his body. Brian would stare at the stiffening cock, longing to touch it. But he knew that was out of the question. He focused his attentive fingers on Nate’s muscles, which were getting bigger and stronger every day. After about 15 minutes of this, Nate would head off for the shower. Immediately Brian would close the door, pick up the sweat-soaked workout shorts, breathe in that heady sweat smell, jump on his bed and beat off, thinking the whole time of his muscular brother — the smell of his sweat, the feel of his bulging muscles, the look of his buff body and handsome face, and the sounds of him bragging about his muscles and his strength. Four of Brian’s five senses were totally turned on by his brother. Sometimes he would lick the sweat off the shorts, tasting its salty pungence. Then all five of his senses were buzzing through his body, turning him on beyond his wildest dreams. His orgasms were incredible.

Nate never seemed to notice that Brian’s cock was rock hard all the time when he was around him. From the moment Brian came home from school and saw his brother, his cock was rock hard. And it stayed hard as he watched him work out and flex in the mirror. By the time Nate went to the shower and he was able to beat off, his cock was throbbing. Every orgasm was fantastic.

After Brian beat off, Nate would come back from the shower, flex some more in the mirror and then get dressed for dinner. Usually he put on a tight cut-off tee shirt that showed as much of his muscles as possible and some shorts. All the while he’d be listening to rap music, which was blaring away in the room. Brian hadn’t been able to play any of his music since Nate moved in. It was all rap all the time. Nate didn’t like Brian’s music, so he couldn’t play it. That’s the way it was.

Brian’s cock would start to get hard again almost immediately after Nate returned from the shower. It got harder and harder throughout the afternoon and evening, as Nate strutted around in front of him, occasionally flexing his arm or his quads just to tease his weak, wimpy brother. Brian would watch in awe as Nate gobbled up huge amounts of food for dinner. He knew all that food would turn into muscle on his brother’s growing body. After dinner Brian tried to study while Nate was listening to his rap music or playing computer games. Nate didn’t have his own computer. Before he moved into Brian’s room he used the family computer in the living room. Now that he was in Brian’s room, he took over Brian’s computer. Even if Brian was using his computer to do homework, whenever Nate wanted to play a computer game he just pushed his weakling brother off the chair and take control of the computer. He just closed down whatever Brian was doing and started playing, not even bothering to let Brian save his work. Fuck, what Brian wanted was irrelevant to this musclekid. Brian was just a wimp. Wimps don’t have any rights. They’re just around to serve the guys with muscles. Brian knew he had to save his work every five minutes, because he never knew when Nate would decide he wanted to play with the computer. Brian just accepted this like everything else. Nate ruled. At least he got to keep feasting his eyes on the kid’s buff body. That made everything worth it.

When it came time to go to bed, Nate would first mix up a huge protein milkshake and drink it down like water. There was enough protein and other nutrients in that one milkshake to feed a normal kid for two days. Nate drank three of these a day in addition to his huge breakfasts, lunches and dinners. After drinking the shake and brushing his teeth, Nate would strip off all his clothes and jump in his bed under the window. For some reason, Nate liked to sleep in the nude. It let his body grow better, he said. He didn’t like his cock and balls trapped inside his underwear. He liked them to be free, free to grow with the rest of his body. Well, Brian certainly wasn’t going to object to his brother sleeping in the nude, not that he could do anything about it anyway.

Nate’s bed was right under the window. There was a bright street light outside that cast its light right onto Nate’s nude body in his bed. When it was hot, Nate would sleep on top of the sheets, leaving his whole body exposed to the light. Nate’s body was so efficient that he went to sleep almost immediately after he got in bed. He had worked his body so hard during his workout and eaten so much food during the day that his body was eager to rest and convert that food into more muscle, replacing the muscle that had been torn down in the grueling workout with muscle that was bigger and stronger.

Brian just stared at Nate’s body as the musclekid drifted into sleep. He was lying on his back. His huge chest bulged with muscle, his pecs pushing out even though they were completely relaxed. His nipples were erect, held out firmly by the hard muscle underneath. Brian could see a big vein running up the outside of his bicep, which even relaxed looked tight and shredded. His triceps and delts looked equally impressive. The striations of muscle were still visible under his skin. His waist looked tiny compared to his chest. Soon Brian could see the regular rising and falling of Nate’s upper abs, as he took the deep breaths of sleep. Like all jocks, his ab muscles seemed to power his breathing, rising and falling with each deep breath. In the glow of the street light, Brian could see the ripples on Nate’s abs. Even asleep they were as hard and shredded as ever.

Brian had been waiting for this time. As Nate slept, he stripped off his briefs and grabbed his stiff, throbbing cock. Then he jerked himself off as he watched his brother’s beautiful body in the glow of the street light. Brian did this every night. Just like his orgasms in the afternoon, these orgasms were incredible. For these orgasms he was actually watching his brother’s muscles as they moved and flexed with each deep breath of sleep. He could see Nate’s big cock, hanging there in his crotch, growing just like the rest of his body. Brian came over and over as he worshipped with his eyes the physical magnificence of his little brother.

One day about a week later — only a couple of weeks after his 13th birthday — Nate had put in an incredibly brutal chest and back workout. He now weighed 140 pounds and could bench press 185. He was really getting big and strong. He strutted into the bedroom, where Brian was lying on the bed as usual. Nate’s pecs and lats were really pumped. His abs were shredded too. His whole upper body was bulging and shredded. He ripped off his sweaty workout shorts. But instead of throwing them on the floor, he walked over to Brian and shoved them in his face. “You like the smell of my sweat, wimp? You like the smell of my stinky workout shorts? Yeah I know you do. I know what you do when I go take a shower. I know you hold my sweaty shorts up to your nose and breath in my stink. You like the smell of my sweat, don’t you wimp. You get really turned on thinking about my muscles pumping and my hot body makin’ all that sweat. It’s sweat that jocks like me make when we’re workin’ our muscles really hard. You little wimps can’t make sweat like that, 'cause you don’t have any muscles to work out. You just like to feel my big muscles and smell my sweat. You really get off on that, don’t you. Then you jerk off while I’m in the shower, thinking about my buff body and all the sweat I make when I’m workin’ these muscles. Yeah, and even then you’re not satisfied, 'cause you jerk off again in bed when I’m sleeping. You look over at my body and blast away, you’re so turned on by my muscles.” Brian looked stunned. He didn’t think Nate had any clue what he was doing.

“You think I didn’t notice your raging hardon all the time. Geez, you must think I’m a real idiot. I know I’m not as smart as you but I’m smarter than you think. Joey told me that there were going to be wimps that would be really into my muscles. Wimps who would want to touch 'em and feel 'em and see how big and hard they are. Wimps who would want to suck my cock. Joey said there was this wimp in his school who always wanted to feel his muscles and suck his cock. He was the best cocksucker Joey ever had. Better than any girl. Joey said it was great. This wimp would do anything Joey wanted — do his homework, bring stuff to school for him, anything. All Joey had to do was flex his muscles for the pathetic little wimp and let him suck his big dick once in awhile. Joey loved it. And now I’ve got one of those wimps right here in my own house. My own fucking brother.” Brian just sat there, completely stunned by what he was hearing. Nate continued to push his sweaty shorts into Brian’s face.

“Well, so far, you’ve had all the fun. You’ve been beating off to my body twice a day and I ain’t gotten shit. That’s gonna change, starting right now. I’m gonna start havin’ a lot of fun. You’ve been smelling my sweaty shorts. Well, now smell the real thing!” At that, Nate pulled his shorts away from Brian’s face and rammed his cock right up against his nose. Brian breathed in the heady smell of Nate’s sweaty crotch. The smell was a lot stronger than the smell of his shorts. Brian was almost blown away by the masculine smell of his sweaty, pumped brother. As Nate’s cock was pressing against Brian’s face, it was getting bigger and thicker and harder. Nate thrust his hips back and forth, rubbing the big weapon across Brian’s cheeks. Instinctively, Brian started licking his brother’s big dick and the big balls hanging below it. They were covered with sweat and tasted real salty. Nate’s cock stiffened into a steel pipe — big, thick and hard. It was now pointing upwards. Brian took a break from his licking to get a good look at his brother’s dick. It was more than twice the size of Brian’s cock, probably about 8 inches long. Brian’s erect cock didn’t even measure 4 inches. And Nate’s cock was thick, real thick. Thick like all the rest of his muscles. Nate liked the feeling of his brother’s tongue caressing his big cock and balls. He was really getting aroused. But he had some other things he wanted to do before he came.

“Get off that fucking bed and stand up,” ordered Nate. Brian got up and stood next to his brother. “Move over to the mirror,” said Nate. “Take off your clothes. Let’s compare our bodies.” Brian took off his shoes, shirt, pants and underwear. He stood buck naked next to his little brother. The contrast between the two brothers was striking. Brian was about 3 inches taller than Nate, but Nate now outweighed his brother by 10 pounds of muscle. Actually, Nate probably had 50 pounds more muscle on his body than Brian. He was all muscle and Brian was all flab. Brian was pasty white and flabby, with a layer of fat covering his wimpy body. Nate was tan and totally muscular. The only white part of his body was his crotch and butt, which were now exposed to the light. The boys immediately looked at their cocks, which were both totally erect. Nate’s was big and thick. Brian’s was small and skinny. Nate smiled as he saw how much more of a man he was than his brother.

And of course he was a man in all other ways too. His shoulders were at least six inches wider than his brother’s. They were capped with muscle — delts that looked like cannonballs sitting on top of his wide shoulders. Brian had nothing but bone, and narrow, skinny bone at that. His shoulders were no wider than his hips. Nate’s shoulders were twice as wide as his hips. Nate’s neck was thick and muscular and his powerful traps bulged out, making him look incredibly athletic and strong. Brian had a skinny little neck and no traps at all. Nate’s chest was huge, his big round pecs, striated with fibers, pushing out from his big ribcage. His lats flared out like wings, big slabs of muscle that tapered from his wide shoulders to his narrow hips. Brian had no lats at all. Nate’s abs were shredded and hard. The 8-pack of corrugated muscle glistened with sweat. They looked as hard as bricks. Brian didn’t have any abs. Just soft fat covering his wimpy gut. Nate’s quads and calves looked to be almost twice the size of Brian’s. When Nate flexed his quads the big slabs of muscle jumped to attention and became hard as rock and striated with fibers and covered with veins. Brian’s legs looked like sticks. Nate’s arms bulged with muscle. Big biceps, big triceps, big forearms. All bulging with fibers and veins under his paper thin skin. Brian had — well, what can we say — little straws covered with a layer of fat. The difference in the arms of these two brothers was incredible. Total strength compared to total weakness. Nate’s face was very good looking, with his blue eyes, perfect white teeth, high cheekbones and strong jaw. He looked like a young movie star. Brian was very plain-looking, not ugly but not good looking at all. It was very clear who got all the looks and muscles in this family.

Nate turned to Brian and said, “You like my body, wimp? Look at my body compared to yours. Its hard to believe we’re brothers. I’m such a stud and you’re such a wimp. I know you like my body 'cause you have a constant hardon every time you see it.” Nate flexed his arms and Brian stared in awe at the bulging muscles of his little brother. He nodded his head in total agreement. Nate continued. “You wanna service me, wimp? You wanna lick these sweaty muscles and then suck my big dick? You wanna suck me so good I shoot a huge load right down your little wimp throat? Yeah, I bet you do. You’ve been thinkin’ about it for weeks, haven’t you. Well, today’s your lucky day. I’m gonna make you my personal wimp-boy cocksucker. I’m gonna have a little wimp cocksucker just like Joey had and its gonna be you. You’re gonna do whatever I want — which of course you do already — and as your reward for being a good little boy you get to feel my muscles and suck my cock. You got that, wimp? Shit, it doesn’t matter what you think, 'cause you’re gonna do it anyway.”

At that, Nate grabbed Brian’s head and placed his brother’s mouth on his flexing bicep. “Lick that muscle, wimp. Lick all the sweat off that big monster.” Brian immediately obeyed, caressing Nate’s big bicep with his tongue. Nate smiled. “Yeah, you like worshipping my big muscles, don’t you big brother. You wanna worship all these big muscles. Well go for it, wimp. These muscles like to be worshipped. I’m gonna get really turned on having you worship my body. Then you can suck my cock and I’ll explode in your little throat. This is gonna be real fun.”

Brian felt like a kid in a candy store. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine something this good was going to happen to him. He immediately started devouring Nate’s body with his hands and his mouth. Nate flexed his muscles and watched his image in the mirror as his brother roamed all over his buff body with his hands and his tongue. Brian lovingly slurped the sweat from Nate’s pumped body, licking his bulging pecs and lats that had just finished their brutal workout and were striated and rippling. He rammed his nose into Nate’s big, hairless armpit, breathing in the sweat that had gushed out of his pores as he pumped the heavy weights up and down. He sucked on Nate’s hard, erect nipples, biting them gently with his teeth. Nate moaned with pleasure as his brother brought his sexual ecstasy to higher and higher levels. While Brian was sucking Nate’s nipples he was running his hands all over the young stud’s corrugated 8-pack abs, feeling the rock-like hardness of the rippling muscle.

Then he stood behind his muscular brother and felt his huge lats flaring out. The big slabs of muscle were incredibly thick, hard and hot. As he was feeling those big lats with his hands, he got down on his knees and put his face against Nate’s muscular bubble butt. Nate’s butt was round and hard, packed with muscle that helped him squat with over 200 pounds. His crack was extremely tight, the two big globes of hard muscle pushing in. Brian drove his tongue into the crack, tasting the salty sweat that those two big globes of muscle had produced. He ran his tongue in and out of Nate’s crack. Nate moaned again. By now his cock was pulsating. Then Brian moved his hands around and started fondling that big cock and those big balls. Nate looked at his body in the mirror, all pumped and shredded, with his brother’s little hands caressing his big weapon. Brian continued to drive his tongue in and out of Nate’s ass crack. Sensations of absolute pleasure surged through Nate’s body. He was in a total sexual frenzy. He couldn’t control himself. He let out a loud yell and his throbbing cock exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of white jism on the mirror. Brian heard Nate yell and felt his cock explode in his hands. Immediately his own cock exploded with spasms of cum that shot under Nate’s legs and hit the bottom of the mirror. Both brothers had the most fantastic orgasms of their young lives.

After a few wonderful moments, Nate turned around and faced his kneeling brother. Brian looked up at his brother’s body with a look of total admiration. Nate looked down and smiled. “I guess the cocksucking will have to wait until after dinner,” he said. Brian looked at that big cock, which was still hard and dripping with cum. He nodded his head. Then Nate punched him playfully but hard on the shoulder. “I gotta go take my shower now. No beating off while I’m gone, you understand, wimp? You gotta do it with me from now on. You’re not gonna get off unless I get off. You got that?” Brian kept staring at Nate’s pumped muscles and his big cock and said “Yes, sir.” This was one order he was happy to obey. Nate smiled and strutted out of the room to the shower. Brian got a damp cloth and cleaned all the cum off the mirror. •

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