Photoshop BE


By Leminnes

Hermón just couldn’t take it anymore. A voice in his head had been driving him crazy all week. The constant ramblings were even messing up his fuck sessions. Just yesterday he was having sex with Sarah, the most beautiful girl at the strip club he went to that night, and while they were doing it, a small shrill voice that sounded like one of the nerds he used to pound in high school kept telling him, “Find family, find brother,” and it kept distracting him from Sarah. He just couldn’t take it and had to stop fucking her. Sarah actually went home kind of disappointed, which was like a major blow to Hermón’s ego. Tonight he had a date with another girl, Heather, whom he met at another bar 3 nights ago, and this time he wasn’t going to mess it up. She came at about 7:00 PM, ready to go have dinner. They went off to Chalet Susana and had a wonderful meal as Hermón sweet-talked her into going back to his house. He walked her through the front door and into the bedroom where he pushed her onto the bed and started ripping off her clothes and exposing her large breasts into the air. She flew under the covers as Hermón ripped off his own clothes and showed off his huge pecs and solid ten-pack. He slid off his pants and boxers, and his huge one-foot penis flopped free, rock solid and ready for sex. He slipped on a condom and jumped into the bed. He pushed his penis into Heather’s vagina and had his first ejaculation right away. The experience was so hot. Once again, though, the voice in his head started up, but this time it was different. This time it said, “Use Photoshop BE to help find brother and help others.” ‘Help others?’ thought Hermón, ‘and what is Photoshop BE?’ Suddenly, all his memories came back to him from being a geek in school, finding Photoshop BE on the computer, and to changing himself into everything he wanted to be. But more importantly, he remembered that he had a stepbrother and how happy he was when he discovered that. This felt weird to him because, first, he still remembered his Jock memories, and second, he was still having sex with Heather. He then had his second ejaculation even though by now he would’ve been up to 30. “Heather… Heather!” Hermón yelled after his orgasm subsided. “What is it, stud muffin?” she asked in a very disappointed tone. “We need to stop. I forgot that I have to finish some work on the computer before tonight.” This was very awkward for Hermón’s Jock side because he had sex every night; he wasn’t sure what he’d do without it. “All right, Herm, but I want to see you another night,” she said as she got out of bed and pulled on her clothes (what was left of them anyway). “All right, Heather. I’ll call you,” Hermón said. Heather left the house, and Hermón watched her ass bouncing up and down while his huge hose hung half-hard between his hips. He came to his senses, pulled off the condom and went straight to his computer. He turned it on and right there on the desktop was Photoshop BE. He opened it up and saw that a file was still open along with a gray 3D model of him with three small windows and a toolbar. He wasn’t there to change himself though. He clicked on the Family tab and saw his family members. He ignored all the others and looked for his stepbrother’s name, Kaz Michel Ron Histmire. He copied it and was about to close the program when a small box popped-up onscreen:

Beta-Tester We hope you are enjoying Photoshop BE. Because of your participation, we are asking you to test a new feature of our program. You can now install the program on a small portable device. If you would like to download this program to your small portable device, just connect the device and press OK.


This was just a shock to Hermón. Luckily, he had just bought a Palm Pilot a few days back so he went to get it from his bedside table. He returned and connected it to his computer and pressed ‘OK’. A small loading bar appeared. He waited about 2 minutes, and it was done. He turned on his Palm Pilot and saw a small Photoshop BE icon on the Applications list. He tapped on the icon, and a small window appeared telling him that he could scan other people and change them too. This was really exciting for him because now he could help others. He opened up the White Pages on his computer and searched for “Kaz Michel Ron Histmire”, and he got excited to see one listing:

Kaz Michel Ron Histmire 0413 Elm Road Austin, TX

Hermón wrote down the address, jumped up and threw some clothes on. He had to use the Jock side of him because his Geek side wanted to wear baggy pants and an ugly loose shirt. Good thing the Jock kicked in, and he put on a pair of faded jeans and a tight white t-shirt that showed off all his muscles. He strode out onto the streets of New York when it hit him: how was he going to get to Austin? He lived in New York City, which was miles away from Austin. Although Hermon wanted to see his stepbrother as soon as possible, he also had this very powerful urge to help as many people as possible with his Palm so instead of flying directly to Austin, he decided he would take buses and trains and hitchhike if he had to. His first stop was to the NY subway. He walked down the stairs to the trains and bought a token to the Greyhound Bus Station. He entered the subway car and sat down. He looked around at everyone. He was very anxious to try out his Palm on someone when he saw a thin boy, no less then twelve, walk into the train. He was followed by a bunch of boys who seemed about his age. They all sat down and started talking amongst themselves. Hermón looked away a bit disappointed. Later as the train was moving, Hermón looked over again and saw that all the boys were still talking except the skinny kid who was all alone and looked really depressed. He saw as the boy tried to talk to one of the kids, but they just kinda passed him off. Hermón knew what to do. He took out his Palm and opened up Photoshop BE. The first thing it asked was if he wanted to scan someone. He pressed ‘yes’, and then it told him to point it at the subject. As he pointed it at the kid, he saw a small loading bar appear, and a gray 3D model started forming on the screen. Finally it said ‘complete’. He looked at the kid again and started getting to work. First was Info:

Name: John Paul Smith Age: 11 Weight: 92 lb. Height: 5’10” Ethnicity: English Other: Irish Fit: 2 weeks into Puberty; New-Athletic Penis Size Soft: 1” Penis Size Erect: 1.75”

This was pretty sad looking although it was better then his info before he was changed. The name was worse than his though; it was the most generic name possible. He was ready to give this kid some major changes.

Name: Chris Julian “CJ” Newman. Age: 16 Weight: 204 lb. Height: 6’2” Ethnicity: Italian Other: French Fit: 7 Years into Puberty; Ultra-athletic Penis Size Soft: 8” Penis Size Erect: 11”

That all seemed good enough. He made him Italian so he could get a good tan without burning and made it so he started puberty at 9-years-old so he’d be much further into puberty than most 16-year-olds. He also wanted to make him ultra-athletic so he would be popular. Next was Attributes:

Eye Color: Pale Blue Skin Color: Freckled Pale White Sex: Male Feet Size: 7 Hair Color: Orange Hair Style: Long, Curly Hair Amount: 5/100 [Small amounts of Pubic Hair]

Just as sad as before. Everything here was going to have to be changed too:

Eye Color: Rich Blue Skin Color: Dark Tan Sex: Male Feet Size: 14 Hair Color: Blond Hair Style: Highlights; Spiked Hair Amount: 35/100 [Full Underarm Hair; Full Treasure Trail]

This was getting more and more exciting. He could wait to see him change. Next was Surroundings:

Cash: $20 a Month Job: Student Salary: N/A Living Conditions: Normal Furniture: Normal Couch: Normal Bed: Normal Computer: Normal Kitchen Appliances: Above Average Bathroom: Below Average General: Normal Lifestyle: Youngest of Five Sex Life: Little Sex Drive: 5/100 [Masturbation]

Seemed like a pretty normal kid until he got to Youngest of Five. He decided he would look at Family really quick, even though he knew what was coming:

Family Members: Father, Mother, Four Brothers Father: Chris Mitchel Smith Job: Football Coach Mother: Adrina Kimberly Smith Job: Little League Baseball Coach Brother: Joe Patrick Smith Age: 35 Job: Professional Soccer Player Brother: Eoin Sean Smith Age: 21 Job: Professional Basketball Player Brother: George Linis Smith Age: 20 Job: College Major: Football Brother: Brice Michel Smith Age: 15 Job: Student Family Salary: $50,000 a month Family Status: Rich

It was exactly what he was expecting, a family full of sports fanatics, and this one kid was the one that they didn’t care about. He only did one thing to this and changed everyone’s last names to ‘Newman’ so they would still be CJ’s family. Next he went back to Surroundings:

Cash: $200 a Month Job: Student Salary: N/A Living Conditions: Above Average Furniture: Above Average Couch: Above Average Bed: Above Average Computer: Above Average Kitchen Appliances: Above Average Bathroom: Above Average General: Above Average Life Style: Second Youngest of Five Sex Life: High Sex Drive: 45/100 [Beginnings of Sex; 20 Ejaculations]

This seems to even everything out though he changed one more thing on Info. He added “Baseball” to CJ’s Fit category because he wanted him to be his mother’s favorite. He decided he wouldn’t look at the updated 3D model because he wanted to see his handiwork without knowing how CJ would look beforehand. So he went to File then clicked Save. The regular window asking about MindReady popped up. He checked the first two options and left the third unchecked. He pressed OK and initiated the transformation. The first thing Hermón noticed was a hint of grimace on the boy’s face as his clothes popped off him. He guessed that the program didn’t want any clothing on him as he changed. John definitely noticed as he jumped up and froze. No one else but he and Hermón saw what was happening. First thing to change was John’s age. He grew up a little bit to 16-years-old but not much else changed. He was obviously a late bloomer. Next came the weight. At first it was just a small bump on his bicep, but it spread out into his hands as his fingers became thicker and his wrists became meatier. The muscle started growing on his pecs as they lifted two inches up. Then it went to his abs as a nice eight-pack formed under the pale freckled skin. It went down to his legs as they thickened into legs that were made for running. When it was done, John looked much more like a man. Next Hermón watched as the freckles disappeared from John’s skin, and it filled up with a pale tan color. Then, John’s penis began to grow. It started off at about 2” but shot up to a huge 8” cock, and because he became an early bloomer, a few hairs sprinkled around his belly-button and a small bush appeared around his monster thick cock. When that was finished, Hermón looked down at his Palm for a split second, and a there was small window that asked him if he wanted to feel want the “subject” was feeling. He remembered his transformation and thought ‘hell ya!’ and pressed ‘yes’. At that moment, a flood of emotions filled his head: fear, excitement, and pleasure. Then memories filled his head. It was like he became John even though he was still looking at him. He felt as the familiar tingle filled his body, well, John’s body. He saw John’s eyes emptying of all the color and filling in with an amazing dark blue glaze that almost looked black. Then John slowly became darker as a beautiful, full-bodied, deep tan covered his skin. Then the tingle sped down to John’s feet as they burst into huge size 14 feet that were actually just the right size to match his muscular body. After that, he felt an itch in John’s scalp as John’s hair became lighter and turned to a highlighted blond that was short and spiked all over. The tingle jumped to specific parts of his body as dark blond hairs appeared on his pecs and his hard abs. He was starting to look more and more like a baseball player. Soon the tingle spread to John’s head and his penis. The tingling grew as John’s thoughts and feelings started to change. Hermón felt every memory draining from John’s mind. The memories of being picked on by all his older brothers and the braces and the disappointment his parents felt for him all left his mind as many other memories came flowing in to replace them. Memories of being the pride of his family and being the world’s strongest boy at age 9; memories of growing up and being in his mother’s little league team and being the best player and then growing up to be even bigger than his brothers and his father. John remembered joining the high school baseball team and becoming the star pitcher. He became the most popular kid in his high school. His kid brother Brice who was born a year younger than him was on the golf team. Brice was now the runt of the family, but he was one of the hottest, next to John. Finally almost all the CJ’s memories had replaced John’s except for few stragglers. Memories of sex and passion were flowing into his mind as he remembered all the girls he had sex with, from the whole Girls’ Softball Team to stealing his older brother’s girlfriend. He had done all of it. Right now he was on his way to his current girlfriend’s house for a passionate date. Suddenly Hermón’s connection to CJ got cut. He watched as CJ’s clothes appeared on him, a tight white baseball jersey with a number 14 over the left pec. He saw a number 14 tattoo appear on CJ’s bicep as well. Then tight sweet pants appeared on CJ’s huge legs and white Nikes appeared on his huge feet. CJ was now a classic jock. He sat down and looked smugly at the bunch of kids who were talking about him, and his hard-on could clearly be seen through his pants. The train pulled up to the station, and Hermón stood up. As he was leaving the car, he bumped into CJ who acknowledged Hermón’s superior size with a nod. Hermón’s job here was done. He exited the station and made his way to the Greyhound Bus office for his next destination. •

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