Photoshop BE


By Leminnes

Once again I come to tell my story. Gather round 'cause this is a long one. *Whips out guitar* *Plays an A Major Chord* And so the story started:

The silver Greyhound Bus stood in the broad, bright sunlight. It was strangely bright outside for a winter in New England. It should have been snowing. It was definitely cold enough, but the sun was still blazing on Hermón’s back. He felt like he was melting on one side and freezing on the other. He was an unturned roast over a fire.

Unfortunately, the line to get on the bus was pretty long so it was going to take a while before he got on. The bus driver asked him if he had any luggage, and he remembered that he didn’t bring any with him so he whipped out his Palm and pressed a few buttons, and a large suitcase appeared next to him.

While the old bus driver put his luggage in the bottom of the bus, he got up inside and walked down the aisle looking at everyone as he passed by. There was an elderly couple sitting in the front seat and behind them was a young woman of about 16 with a boy who looked about a year old. She didn’t have anyone else sitting near her. A few chairs back was a young man and his parents who were looking at him very angrily, and behind them was a woman of about 24 but not of great beauty. Last, on the back row of the bus was a group of boys, all about 16 wearing shirts that said “Proud to be Geek.” To say the least, this bus was very promising.

Hermón decided to sit alone in the middle of the bus and started preparing right away. He first pulled up the elderly couple in the front. Their names were Beverly and John Miller. Both of them were 67 years old and were on their way to their new house, which they had just bought with their life savings. They had never had any children and really never loved each other. They both had a common dream of being younger and actually loving each other.

The young woman behind them, Diana Hopos, was 16 years old and had a one-year-old baby named Brad. When she was 15, she got pregnant with a boy her age who disappeared soon after, and early this year, she had his child. Right now, she was on her way home to her parents after going to the city to see if the police had found anything about her “lover.” Her dream was to be older and have a husband but no children.

The family behind them consisted of three people: Gary Michles, 51; Jolene Michles, 51; and Michael Michles, 12. Hermón’s Palm said that when they were younger, they tried to have a baby, but it ended up as a miscarriage. They then found out that Gary had a condition that made it impossible for them to have a child. They waited years until they read about test-tube children and decided to try it, and Michael was “born.” Gary and Jolene’s dream was to have their first child survive and for Gary to be healthy.

Michael, at 12, only found out a year ago that he wasn’t actually conceived by his parents. Because of this he became an outcast at school and became an unpopular troublemaker. His dream was to actually been conceived by his parents, to have an older brother, to be popular and older himself.

Behind them was what looked like a 24-year-old, but his Palm told him only 19. Her name was Julia Curry. She was the only child to a Hispanic family. She grew up very quickly and never really became beautiful, unlike her mother who was a very pretty woman. Her dream was to live up to her mother’s standards.

And lastly, in the back was a large group of nerds that Hermón’s Palm identified as the “Geeks in America.” The group was formed in 1990 and was filled with geeks averaging 17 or less and almost all of who were unpopular and outcasts. They all seemed to have a common dream too: to become smart, popular jocks.

Hermón knew what to do. He modified everyone to their dreams listed on their short bio. He gave them all times that the changes were going to occur, and he made sure that some came first so he could be there for them. The first one to happen was the elder couple in the front. He had made it so that if they kissed they would start changing.

“John, you haven’t kissed me in such a long time,” Beverly said in a quivering voice to John. John then turned around and kissed her on the cheek. They suddenly froze.

First, Beverly started to change. Her wrinkles faded away until clean, fair skin with a tan luster was left behind. Her sagging breasts lifted up into a taut D-bra-size that made it look like she had put a couple of grapefruits underneath her dress. Her hair lengthened and grew to a beautiful almost golden luster. It then curled up into a nice bun on the top of her head. Her dress disappeared and was replaced by a skintight sleeveless tee and bleached blue jeans. Her face then transformed as her lips became fuller and her eyes became bigger. Her cheeks lifted, and her double chin disappeared as all the fat from her body dissolved showing a nice four-pack through her tight tee-shirt.

Then John started to change as all the gray hair on him darkened to a nice deep black. His wrinkles faded away leaving a deep bronze tan. His eyes deepened to a dark green, and his lips became fuller. His clothing disappeared showing a weird site of a naked old man with perfect bronze skin. Then his man boobs and beer belly melted away as an eight-pack appeared underneath his skin. His pecs started growing larger through the droopy skin making it rigid and thin showing all his veins and enhancing his eight-pack and making it look deeper and darker. Soon his calves and thighs along with his arms beefed up. His calves were huge, and his thighs were even bigger. His biceps looked like they’ve been stuffed with softballs, and as he moved to scratch his stomach, not even noticing his change, they flexed and bulged to an even bigger size. A hundred small veins could be seen crawling down his abs to his still inadequate package. The veins crawled all over his old-looking penis and balls and soon infused the stick in blood as it grew longer and harder. The balls also became bigger and to an incredible size. A smile came over his face as all his feelings and thoughts changed to match his jock body. His clothes reappeared as a tight two-layered tee, a polo shirt and a pair of bleached jeans.

He and Bev were now a perfect match of toned muscle and tanned skin. John rubbed his crotch unconsciously as Bev shifted her large breasts. After only a few seconds, the two of them started making out. Enjoying the little show, he wanted to wait until the next trigger happened, but after getting a bit impatient, he decided to trigger someone himself.

He stood up and went to walk to the young mother sitting behind the hot young couple. She was tending to her crying baby by trying to give him a pacifier.

“Hey girl, nice kid you got there,” said Hermón trying to start a conversation

“Yeah, he’s okay. His name’s Brad, my name is Diana,” she answered.

“Yeah, so want to dump him at his father’s place tonight and go get a drink somewhere?”

“No, he doesn’t have a father, and I learned long ago not to trust guys like…” She froze as the trigger started.

Diana actually didn’t change too much because she was pretty good-looking already. She had black curly hair and dark green eyes with full pink lips. She already looked much older than she really was so not much needed to change. She got older by about 8 years, from 15 to 23. Her breasts got a little bigger, and her face became fuller as her hips widened. But the big changes happened to little Brad.

First his cradleseat and clothes disappeared as he aged. He became bigger and bigger and soon he was about 6 years old with short brown hair and sharp green eyes. For being 6, according to Hermón’s Palm, he looked much older, about 9 or so. His square chin was already forming, and tiny muscles could be seen developing under his skin.

As Brad aged to 8, Hermón could see that puberty was starting. The baby fat on the boy’s face started disappearing, and his small penis was maturing and becoming a couple centimeters bigger. He then aged a couple more years from 8 to 10. A small four-pack was visible under his skin as the small athlete developed larger biceps, thighs and calves. His penis also grew a couple more centimeters and some hair could be seen growing around it. By now he already looked about 12, but the Palm clearly said 10.

At this point, he started aging again, but a bit more rapidly this time as puberty kicked in full force. His tiny four-pack grew to a six-pack as all his other muscles became bigger. His face elongated, and peach-fuzz was visible on his upper lip. His penis was now about 3 inches long and had around it a large dark brown bush that was crawling up his abs.

When he reached 13, suddenly his pecs burst into large plates, and his abs became an amazingly defined six-pack. His hair shaved away leaving a round baldhead giving him a tough and dangerous look. His penis also erupted into a mighty 6”, which was huge for someone his age. While he continued to grow, his penis just kept on getting bigger, and his balls became the size of large eggs. A large trail of hair traveled up his developing eight-pack and connected with the hair on his huge pecs and his armpit hair.

When he aged into 18, his penis was about 11” long, and his pecs and abs were so solidly defined that a basketball could be bounced off them. There was a goatee on his chin surrounded by dark stubble. He remained bald, and he had dark green eyes set deeply into his head. His chin was sharp enough to cut steel, and his neck was so thick it looked like part of his head.

He aged more to 21, and his goatee spread into a beard, and a buzz cut grew in on his head, and he became a bit taller. His clothes, which weren’t much, started to appear. A pair of tight gym pants and a very tight wife-beater covered his pecs and abs, and his pants hid nothing of his now one-foot snake. On his right hand finger appeared a large diamond ring, and on his other hand, a large school ring. When he came back to reality, he shook his head a bit and put his huge bicep over around Diana.

“Hey, you talkin’ to my girl, buddy?!” he yelled at Hermón in a thick New York accent.

“Hey, no man. We’re cool, I’ll just leave you two alone,” Hermón said as he stood up and walked to his seat again. He was ready for the next transformation. He turned his head towards the family towards the back. They were all yelling at each other.

“I know we never told you Michael, but we didn’t think you needed to know yet!” yelled the father, Gary, at his son.

“Yeah, well you should’ve! I’ve always wondered why I was so different from you guys! I even asked, and you never answered,” Michael yelled back at him. His mother just sat there in some sort of shock. “I just hate both of you. I wish my brother was born!”

“We both do, Mic…” The changes were triggered.

All three of them froze, and their clothes disappeared. Tiny 12-year-old Michael had hardly hit puberty. He had no underarm hair and very little pubic hair. His penis was hardly worth mentioning. He was the first to change. He first aged a few years from 12 to 15 and only gaining some height. Then his hair changed from brown to a bleached blond. He grew a few more inches from 5’9” to 6’2”.

Muscle was added slowly onto his body but not much as he grew a swimmer/skater’s build. His pecs were not gigantic, but they were just big enough, and he had a very nice six-pack. His legs and feet were large for swimming and balancing on his skateboard. His round face lost all its fat and became more angular and deep. Piercings appeared on his ears, his nose and lip and shimmered in the light. His skin deepened from a pale white to a light tan from spending all his time outside. Veins appeared all over his body and traveled down to his crotch. His penis became covered in a thousand deep veins as it grew larger and larger from its tiny two inches to a large 9” and 3” thick. His balls grew to the size of small oranges and released testosterone all through out his veins. His biceps grew, and his abs deepened to a marvelously defined eight-pack. An five o’clock shadow spread over his chin and cheeks, and hair crawled up his crotch to cover his abs and pecs in a light coating of brown hair.

Next was the mother’s turn. Jolene actually did not look too bad already. She had light brown hair and bright blue eyes, and her breasts were above average, but she did have a large layer of fat covering most of her body. As her transformation started, the fat was the first to go leaving a beautiful slim waist and a very nice thin but sexy face. Her breasts grew from a C to a D and perked up a bit as her nipples became a bit larger around. Her hair lightened to a medium blond, and her eyes deepened to a dark, rich blue. By now she looked like a gorgeous super-model. She had also regressed a bit to only 35 years old.

The father was the last to change. He already looked pretty good too, somewhat like an older version of his old son but a bit handsomer. He had black hair with some gray streaks, brown eyes and a very large nose. His ears also stuck out pretty far. He was fairly well-endowed also with a 6-inch penis and balls the size of small eggs, but according to Hermón’s Palm, they did not function normally. He also had a large covering of fat covering most of his body, and he was virtually hairless with some underarm hair and a small happy trail coming from his bush around his penis.

At first, not too much had changed. His graying hair turned back to a dark black and got a bit longer. Some fat evaporated but not enough to give him any muscle tone. He then started to gain some muscle as the rest of his fat disappeared. His large belly turned to a light eight pack as his pecs grew out and his nipples started pointing downward. His biceps grew huge with veins crisscrossing in every direction. Each of his legs became the size of a small oak tree trunk. All of his hair then lightened to a bleached blond like his son’s, and his eyes turned to a deep shimmering green. He had regressed from 51 to 35.

His face then started rearranging. His eyes moved further into his skull, and his nose became a bit crooked from a few too many breaks. His lips became fuller, and his chin became square and sharp. A goatee appeared on his chin, and his sideburns moved further down his cheeks. His hair became longer and a bit shaggy until it just touched his eyebrows. A thin covering of hair covered his abs and pecs. His penis grew a bit to 8 inches, and his balls enlarged to the size of large eggs. He now looked like a 35-year-old version if his son.

It seemed to be over, but Hermón had forgotten one thing. In the seat behind the naked, but hot, family a baby had appeared. It grew quickly from 2 months to 10 years old. It already had a four pack, large pecs, deep tanned skin and light blond hair like its mother’s. Its penis was already 5” long, and as he grew to 13 years old, it became bigger to almost 7” as hair started appearing around its dick and pecs, and a large dirty blond trail moved up his six-pack abs. He had a sharp chin and a light five o’clock shadow and he was only 13.

As he grew into 15, he went from 5’9” to a massive 6’4”, and his muscles grew to the size of a professional football player’s. He had a full blond beard, and his whole chest was covered in blond hair that swirled around his nipples and looked like it had been combed. He went from 15 to 20 and grew another 4 inches to 6’8”. His muscles were huge but not freakish. He had eight pack abs and pecs the size of cast-iron skillets. Hair covered all parts of his body except his back and swirled around down to his dick, which was 15” long and 4” thick and snaked down his leg. He had a wonderful face with a full beard and long blond hair much like his father’s. His name was Scott, the most popular and sexually-active kid at NYU and the star football player.

Once they had finished changing clothes reappeared on them. Mike got typical skater attire: baggy khaki pants and a white, close fitting tank top and Black Air-Walk shoes. Everything showed off his body amazingly. Jolene got a revealing tube-top with the words “Hot-Bitch” written on them and faded jeans that were low enough to show her pierced belly-button and six pack abs. Gary wore a tight football jersey and gym shorts that were thin enough to show off his package and just low enough to have it not stick out when soft. He also sported a baseball cap. Scott also got a jersey that said NYU on it and has a number 23 “Michles” on it and wore his blue football pants that showed everything, especially his 15” monster crawling a little more than halfway down his left leg.

After all their clothes reappeared, they started moving again. Scott gave Mike a noogie, and Mike tackled him, and the two of them rolled around on the floor wrestling. Hermón couldn’t help but be turned on. Gary and Jolene were making out in their seats, and Hermón watched as Gary’s now sexually-potent cock started growing until the head and then some poked out of his shorts while the couple kissed. Hermón was ready for the next change.

He moved to the seat next to the lone girl. She was not too good looking with bulky features everywhere, and her boobs sagged a lot because her mother insisted that she didn’t need a bra because only beautiful girls wore bras.

“Hey baby, you’re some hot stuff,” Hermón laughed to himself as he said this.

“But nobody thinks I’m hot. My mother always told me I wasn’t…” She froze just like the other ones, and her clothes disappeared.

Hermón didn’t really want too look at her naked because she really wasn’t good looking. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long before her breasts started to deflate and turned to a flat chest. It turned out that her mother had wanted a boy not a girl, and she was always mean to Julia because she didn’t want a girl, and so Julia was going to turn into a boy.

Her clit started to turn inward and became covered in skin and hair. A small bump appeared and started growing longer as two other bumps emerged under it. The three bumps got larger until a clear form of a small penis could be seen. It grew larger as a large flap of skin covered the tip. Hair covered the outer ring of her crotch and covered her balls. It stopped growing at 5 inches. The balls, soon after finishing growing, started pumping testosterone all over her body. Hair appeared on her flat stomach and chest and a few hairs appeared on her chin. An Adam’s apple appeared on her neck and her chin became square and her face elongated. She was finally a guy. Not a very good-looking one, but that was soon to change.

Suddenly muscle appeared all over his body. His flat, undefined abdomen contracted into a defined eight-pack. The muscle growth then quickly traveled up to his pecs turning them into giant slabs of marble. He was already starting to look like a Hispanic god, but not quite there yet. His biceps and legs grew at the same time to rival the size of ham hocks with huge diamond calves and tree-trunk thighs. His biceps were huge and were about as big as his giant claves. His face beefed up and became square and even manlier. His hair turned into a short, gelled style that only stuck up in the front. He was almost a Hispanic god, but a few things were left. Hair fell off all over his body except for his crotch, happy trail, armpits, and head leaving his back, face, pecs, arms and legs completely devoid of hair. His dick finally started growing and quickly started to rival Scott’s monster. It grew larger and larger and veins covered it from its small 5” to a massive 18” giant that hung limp from his crotch and hit the floor and already dripped pre-cum. Clothes started to appear on him, but it wasn’t much. He stayed shirtless and faded jeans were stretched over his giant legs showing the giant fuck-stick in all its glory. He was one hot man; even Hermón would fuck him if he had the chance.

As Hermón stared at the new José, the bus arrived at its destination. Hermón was excited because the next trigger was coming for the large group of nerds in the back of the bus. Hermón watched as the couple, Bev and John, got off the bus still making out. Diana and her hot husband, Brad, followed. Next was the amazingly stunning family of four with all the males’ dicks in full attention with the father’s dick pushing a quarter of the way out of his pants and looked huge even from far away and Scott towering over all of them. And José got up and started swaggering away with his muscles shifting under his skin, his dick getting harder as it rubbed against his leg, and his hair shimmering in the sun as he walked down the steps.

Still in daze, Hermón had forgotten to disembark before the nerds did so he jumped up quickly and ran into one of the them, Hermón just ignored him and ran out of the bus where he stood waiting.

The first nerd, a short, fat one about 14 years old with pale, freckled skin and a mousy face, walked out into the sun. A large flash emitted from his body, and after the light cleared away, a hot 17-year-old, naked, football jock was left standing there. Hermón had made sure no one would notice the jocks until he wanted them to. As each one walked out they each turned into their dream selves, the person they wanted to be. One turned into a baseball player and another a swimmer. Soon the group of 20 or so out of shape nerds had been transformed into a group of 20 or so hot, naked jocks. Hermón was ready for some fun.

Hermón pressed a button on his Palm, and all his clothes disappeared showing off his ten pack abs, giant pecs and his hard 13-inch fuck-stick wobbling in the cold air. Hermón wasn’t gay but was actually bi so he knew that after all that changing he knew he would need to have some satisfaction so he made sure he had some hot males left over after his ride. He was so turned on from the energy pulsing through his body that he quickly leapt at one of the jocks and started fucking him.

He slipped his stick into the jock's ass and started pumping immediately. He had made sure in his Palm that everyone had an unlimited sex drive and unlimited ejaculations, and before long, the jocks were all over each other in a giant orgy. A huge wrestler was on top of a smaller swimmer who was being sucked on by a baseball jock. Moaning could be heard from everywhere.

After 2 hours of fucking, Hermón and the jocks were still not worn out. Hermón was now sucking a 7’ bodybuilder with a dark tan and beautiful blond locks and an even more beautiful 14” penis. And at the same time a water polo jock was fucking Hermón in the ass with his 10” stick. The heat emanating from the group was enough to fry eggs on and cum was everywhere: in Hermón thick pubic hair, the thick hair on the bodybuilder’s ten pack abs, and even on his thick armpit hair. The jock-juice was literally on everything and formed cum-puddles on the ground.

The orgy never slowed down, but soon Hermón knew that he had to stop and resume his search for his brother. He was in such a energy rush that he almost forgot about his task. So he stopped sucking on the 15” dick of a hairy football jock and stood up and looked around him. There were twosomes, foursomes, and even fivesomes but he was going to have to stop it. He took out his Palm and pressed a button. Everyone froze, and all the cum evaporated from the area from each jock and from Hermón. He made all their penises soft and made their clothes appear. Each of them wearing their respective sports jersey or shirt. He made them all forget about what just happened and rewired their memories to think that they were always this way and are part of a group called “Gays Jocks in Sports” or GJS. They started chatting amongst themselves and soon all went to the bathroom for what Hermón guessed was another orgy. Just so he would retain the illusion, he set the time back to just after all the jocks got off the bus. The sun suddenly was high in the sky.

Hermón’s clothes reappeared, and he walked towards the bus terminal to sit for a bit. He looked at the sign over the terminal--“Springfield, Ohio Busses.” Still a long way to go but he was having a lot of fun along the way. •

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