Photoshop BE


By Leminnes

Before I post this, I just want to thank omelissokomos for editing pretty much all off my stories. I'm not sure how good my stories would be without him getting rid of all my mistakes. Alright, now for the story:

Hermón was having the most horrible day Living in an orphanage didn’t help much, well, just being Hermón didn’t help much seeing that he was the least liked, weakest and dumbest one there. Weighing only 85 pounds, he was extremely skinny, but still sort of strong for his age, though it really didn’t look it. He was about 5’ 7” and those 85 pounds didn’t have much to fill up. He really only started puberty four hours ago so he didn’t even look 13; he really looked about 10.

Hermón was only 2 years old when his mother dropped him off at the Lugwig Jermone’s Orphanage. The story that was always told to him by his “mothers” was:

“Well, you see, Hermy, your mother wasn’t here for long, but she did leave a lasting impression. She came in about midnight yelling nonsense at the top of her lungs. Some of the only words we could understand was ‘I can’t have him!’ and ‘He can’t be mine!’. It seemed she just didn’t want you anymore. She left right after writing in all the forms and turning you in. We weren’t able to check the forms before she left, but when we went through them, we saw she had skipped over many categories such as ‘Father’, ‘Mother’, and ‘Reason.’ We just couldn’t figure it out. We still kept you because we felt it was our duty.”

It was always the same dull story to him, but it the “skipping categories” part that always caught his interest. Why would his mom skip those? Maybe she was in too much of a hurry or she just didn’t want him to come looking for her. Either way, she had gotten her way. She had left in a hurry, and he hasn’t ever gone looking for her, even though that didn’t mean he never thought about it.

Each day at Lugwig’s was planned out for the orphans. Monday thru Friday always included school, but after they got back from school, each age group, 10 and over, was allowed an hour in the computer lab. Since Hermón was only 13, he got the computer on Wednesday at noon right after the 14-year-olds. Today was only Tuesday though, and as stated, he was having the worst day of his life, or so it felt.

The day had started with him waking up in his uncomfortable, dirty and small (even for him) bunk bed, and from there the saying “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” really caught up with him. He flipped out of bed just as Tim, his bunk buddy, decided to jump down from his bed, and he landed right on Hermón’s head. After yelling at each other over who was to blame, Tim punched Hermón right in the nose and walked out the room leaving the scrawny youth crumpled on the floor. Struggling to get up, he leaned onto the bed and twisted himself up until he was walking upright. He staggered to the nurse’s office.

Next to the bedroom, the clinic had to be one of the rooms he was in the most. Always getting tripped, punched, kicked, shoved and even head butted made him a regular visitor. Sitting on the table and humming to himself as blood tricked down his nose would’ve been quite a sight, that is, if you weren’t Mrs. Manning. Mrs. Manning was the nurse of the orphanage and saw Hermón all the time. She fixed him up in no time and sent him back out, but as soon as he stepped into the hallway, he slipped on a puddle of water that had formed from the leaky roof, and he banged his head on the concrete floor. He spent the next two days knocked out on the clinic’s bed.

He woke up and first saw Mrs. Manning overhead.

“Are you all right, Hermy?” she asked.

“I–I think so,” he said rubbing a large bump on his head.

“You’ve been knocked out for two days, honey,” she said obviously concerned.

This sent Hermón into a state of shock. He had missed his computer day. He didn’t get to look at his websites, talk to his Internet pals, or even play a game.

“What about my compu—”

“Computer time? Oh well, Mrs. Cordally and I said we’d let you have the whole room to yourself right after you woke up and recovered,” she said in very perky voice. “Let me check if you’ve developed a concussion or anything of the sort.”

After giving Hermón a thorough examaination, Mrs. Manning said, “Everything looks OK, Hermy. You seem quite all right to me, but I want to you to come back if you start feeling dizzy. In the meantime, I suggest you wear this hat. That bump of yours is awful nasty. Don’t want getting any more attention do we?”

Hermón shook his head ‘no’, put on the beanie hat and zoomed off to the lab. He opened up the door and saw that the 15-year-olds were in there, but just Mrs. Manning said, Mrs. Cordally, the computer lab assistant, saw him and asked for everyone to leave.

“I know you’re disappointed, but I promised Hermy to give some privacy. I will give you all extra time next week,” Mrs. Cordally yelled at the angry 15-year-olds. “Come here, Hermy, and you can use this computer. I have to leave for a while, so you’ll have the whole place to yourself.”

With that she left Hermón alone in the room. He sat at the computer she had told him to use. Moving the mouse to turn off the screensaver, he saw that a window was already open. On the task bar, it said “Limewire”, but Hermón had no idea what that was. The student before him must’ve been using it. It seemed that they were downloading something off it though.

“Photoshop… BE?” Hermón said very confused. He had heard of Photoshop, never used it though, but he never heard of Photoshop BE. He let it finish downloading, and being a bit curious, he decided to install it too.

After a few minutes, it was finally done. His curiosity and excitement had gotten the better of him. He was almost jumping in anticipation. He opened it up, and a screen popped up for loading. When it was done, another window appeared asking for his information. It was sort of surprising how personal it was.

Name: Hermón Manue

Age: 13

Ethnicity: Russian

At that point it did occur to him that he was all Russian. It was what his mother put in the forms, though she was sort of negligent in the other details. He pressed Enter, and a small, blue loading bar appeared. When it finished, a few windows came up with the biggest one had a 3D image of him completely naked. This came as a huge surprise and a shock. Here was his small, skinny body and tiny genitals all exposed.

After settling down from shock, he examined the other windows. The first was a somewhat-large window that said “Info” and said much about him:

Name: Hermón Manue

Age: 13

Weight: 84.5 lb

Height: 5’7”

Ethnicity: Russian

Other: Mongolian

Fit: Non-puberty

Penis Size Soft: 0.25 in.

Penis Size Erect: 0.5 in.

All it said there was absolutely true. He wasn’t sure how it knew he had Mongolian in him though. He was confused but still continued. The next window said “Attributes”:

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Sickly White

Sex: Male

Foot Size: 6

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: straight, un-tampered

Hair Amount: 0/100 [no hair, except head]

Again, everything was right. It was kind of creepy but he continued to look. The next window said “Surroundings”:

Cash: N/A

Job: Student

Salary: N/A

Living Conditions: Poor

Furniture: Poor

Couch: Poor

Bed: Poor

Computer: good

Kitchen Appliances: Poor

Bathroom: Poor

General: Poor

Life Style: Orphan

Sex Life: None

Sex Drive: 0/100 [Non-puberty]

Now it was getting creepy, that it even mentioned his “Sex Life” just raised the hairs on his neck. He still wasn’t sure what this thing was supposed to do, but he decided to mess around with it and change everything here to what he wanted to be. First he changed info:

Name: Hermón Manue

Age: 18

Weight: 225 lb

Weight Gain: Pure Muscle

Height: 6’7”

Ethnicity: Russian

Other: Mongolian

Fit: Swimmers Build/Jock

Penis Size Soft: 12”

Penis Size Erect: 18”

He put a great deal of thought into each of those. He decided he liked his name and kept it. He wanted to be old enough to get out of this place though, so he changed it to 18. He wanted to be really strong. He wasn’t sure how strong 225 lbs. was, but it being 140 lbs. heavier than before was sure to make a change. He also didn’t want any fat on himself. He definitely wanted to be taller, and he decided he wanted to stay Russian. The Swimmer was put in because he loved to swim, but he threw in Jock just to make sure. The part that confused him was the Penis Size. He didn’t know what was too big or too small, he just wanted to be bigger then he was now. He was quite happy with his changes.

He next went to Attributes and changed a few things there:

Eye Color: (Color Swab) Dark Green

Skin Color: (Color Swab) Sun Tan/Italian

Sex: Male

Feet Size: 14

Hair Color: (Color Swab) Thick Black

Hair Style: Gelled, Spiked Front.

Hair Amount: 60/100 [Above-Medium Amount]

He was sure he wanted green eyes. Once on a trip to the beach, he saw a guy who wasn’t hugely muscular, but every girl in the class wanted to meet him just for his green eyes. He wanted a sun tan too; he went through the color swab finding the right color. He saw that the colors were only regular skin colors but you could open an irregular skin color box, which had neon green, dark blue and many other colors. He wanted his hair to be thick because now it was quite thin, and he wanted it spiked like the models on TV. The last category confused him too. But it said ‘0’ before, and he knew he wanted it to be different so he changed it to ‘60’.

Next was Surroundings, which was actually one of the ones he was most excited about:

Cash: Over $10,000 a month

Job: Bachelor

Salary: Stocks

Living Conditions: Very Good

Furniture: Good

Couch: Good

Bed: Superb

Computer: Very Good

Kitchen Appliances: Superb

Bathroom: Superb

General: Very Good

Life Style: Bachelor, Jock, Swimmer

Sex Life: Astounding

Sex Drive: 99/100 [100 Ejaculations per session]

Once again, a few of these confused him. He definitely wanted to be a bachelor because he wanted to be alone and $10,000 a month sounded pretty good. He wanted all his living conditions to be ‘Superb’, but a box kept on popping up saying something about ‘Different circumstances required.’ He wanted to be a Jock and a Swimmer, which was established at the beginning. The last category was the most confusing. He had heard from some 17-year-olds how amazing sex was so he decided he wanted it to be as high as he could. He definitely wanted anything higher than it was before.

After looking at the windows again, he noticed that the model of him had changed a lot. It was a good looking, no, an amazing looking man looking back with a smirk on his face. He looked at the penis and saw how long it was, and he almost exploded with laughter. It went down to his knee and was at thick as his leg. He had to change that. So he changed it to 10” soft and 12” hard. The penis deflated to a more manageable size.

Not sure what to do next, he stared at the gray 3D model on the screen, but then something caught his eye. It was a small tool bar on the left of the screen He put his mouse over one with an icon of a circle and a dot inside it. A small description in a yellow box showed up and said “Enlarge”. He clicked it and moved over to the image. Each body part he put the arrow over glowed and said what it was over it. He put it over a bicep, and the word “bicep” glowed above it, and this happened for every other body part. He noticed that his balls were still sort of small for his large penis. He went over them, pressed down on his mouse and saw his 3D balls enlarge from orange sized to grapefruit. He was quite excited.

Right then a small window appeared that said:

Auto-Save Activation: Would you like to turn auto save on?

Yes No

Not sure what to do, he pressed ‘Yes’ and then another window appeared it said:

Mind Ready Options

[ ] Change world to changes

[ ] Change mind to changes

Time: 0:00

OK Cancel

He wasn’t sure what to do here either, so he decided to click both of them. He had noticed another checkbox appeared, but he just ignored it, and he pressed OK. He also set Time to 1:00. He thought it meant it was going to save every one minute. With that he went to look at the small windows again. He saw that right next to the Surroundings tab was another tab that said “Family.” He clicked on it and saw:

Family Members: Mother, Father, Step-Brother

Mother: Claira Michell Stetson

Job: Lawyer

Father: Johan Manue (deceased)

Step-Brother: Kaz Michel Ron Histmire

Family Salary: N/A

Family Status: N/A

That was all he read of it, but he felt almost he was about to burst. He had a brother! He was overly excited when he felt a tingle all over his body. He felt unbearably weird, and, well, stretchy, and he found out why when he looked down to see the ground was further away from him. At once, he ran out of the computer lab and headed to the clinic, but Mrs. Manning wasn’t there, so he ran to the bathroom. There he looked at himself in the mirror. He tore off his clothes to see what else was happening to him. He still looked like himself, but an older version of himself. Not much else had seemed to change. He was taller, and his hair was a bit longer, and a few hairs were appearing around his navel. He was growing older by the second. He felt itching under his arms and looked to see a bush of hair in his armpit. All that seemed to be happening was that he was getting older.

Not much muscle appeared, and his penis grew to only about four inches. He did have quite a lot of hair though. A small ring of hair was around each of his nipples and a lot of curly hairs erupted around his penis and traveled up to his belly-button. Once he felt the tingle stop, he saw in the mirror that while he looked older, he was still skinny, pale and very unhealthy looking.

Once again he felt the tingle all around his body. The first time was more of a tickle, but this time it felt like someone was scratching him, but what was weirder is that it felt like it was under his skin. At first it was just a small bump in his chest over his heart, but then the bump started moving over his body as it slowly grew (well, probably fast but everything seemed to be going in slow motion).

His biceps grew to an incredible size weighing down his arms, making him sort of look like a monkey. Then it sped down to his torso as a beautiful 10-pack of abs started forming under his skin. All of a sudden, he was able to lift himself up again to see that his pecs had grown to the size of cast-iron skillets. Then he saw his sad feeble legs struggle under the weight, but just as he felt he was going to collapse, they started growing too until it looked like someone had shoved footballs in his calves and soccer balls in his thighs. When this was done, he looked and saw an ugly but strong guy in the mirror. He had wide shoulders and amazing muscles, but his face still looked far too ugly to be on that body. He knew it wasn’t over.

He felt a tingling sensation again under his skin. This time, something did happen to his face. It melted into a nasty glob, but he felt bones moving and thickening under his melting skin. Suddenly the skin reformed, and a beautiful and jock face appeared out of the goop. His chin was wider, his cheeks were sticking out a bit, and his eyes were further into the eye-sockets.

Once again he felt the tingling, but this time it was in his groin. He looked down and saw his tiny 4 and ¼ inch penis. It looked painfully out of place. Then the tingling grew, and suddenly the penis started growing to a huge length. It went from 5” to 10”in about a minute and then stopped right on 11”. He looked down and saw his amazing manhood. He didn’t know how important it would be later.

Again the tingling stopped just to start up again in his eyes. I guess it’s going in order, thought Hermón. He was right. He looked closer into the mirror and saw as his eyes turned a pale white for a few seconds, then a dark green hue started emerging around the pupil until it filled the whole iris. He felt the itching all over his body, not nearly as severe though. He looked at himself almost knowing what was coming. His skin pretty much did the same thing his eyes did. They drained of all color to a pure white, which wasn’t much of a change from before, but then he watched as his huge penis’ tip stated turning a dark black. He knew he hadn’t chosen that for the color but as soon as it left the penis, which was actually quite a long time, it turned to a deep tan with an olive hint to it, much like an Italian. Soon it had covered his whole body with a deep wonderful tan from his feet to his deeply cut abs to his huge pecs and finally to his beautiful face.

Next thing he felt was a itching in his toes. He looked down to see that he had left his shoes on. He was also very surprised that his feet hadn’t grown at all, but that was soon about to change. Before Hermón could take them off, his feet were already growing to a very large size and were ripping his shoes to shreds. Once they had finished growing, all that was left was a bunch of tiny pieces of cloth and small shoe soles underneath his feet.

The itching traveled up to his head and to his hair which surprised him. He could actually feel from each hair follicle twitching. What happened was very shocking, all his hair shot out his head, and he felt as new hair was being grown. Short, silky, black hair protruded from his scalp. The only part sticking up was the front. He looked into the mirror and saw an amazingly gorgeous man in the mirror. It was everything he ever wanted to be. He was almost sick of this tingling already, but it wasn’t done with him.

It again traveled all over his body, but it stung more in some specific parts. His groin and his pecs were among them. At first he didn’t know what was coming but then it dawned on him. The hair around his navel started growing again, but this time it didn’t stop at his navel. It also went up to the middle of his huge pecs and covered them in a large mat of hair. He saw as the hair on his pecs traveling over to his armpits and his armpits became even bushier. He also saw that a huge bush was around his penis. He turned to see that his back also had a small amount of fur as well as his butt. It actually looked very sexy. He turned around to see that his legs and a small part of his feet were also very hairy with his curly black hairs.

This time the tingling gathered around his abs and split into two. One traveled to his head, and the other traveled to his penis. The first thing he noticed was the lack of some information in his head. He had pretty much forgotten everything about his life. It was being cleared for a blank slate. Then, quickly, memories started surfacing inside his head. First, he remembered being at the orphanage, but instead of the antisocial nerd, he was one of the big bullies who always picked on the old him. He remembered pushing freshmen in the toilet on Freshmen Hell week, even though he was a freshman too at the time. He remembered being on the football team and being star quarterback in his freshmen year. He also remembered that he loved swimming in every way; in fact, he was team captain for his high school in swimming too. He also remembered that he was known as the ‘Prodigy that never Became One’ because he had just turned into a bachelor right after he graduated high school instead of going to college. All he did was use all the money he had taken from all the nerds at school for 7 years, which was more than enough, to buy a pad and buy a few hundred stocks which never seemed to drop.

Then the tingling in his groin became more evident as more memories poured in. He remembered that he had the sex-drive of a horse with the penis and balls to match. Right then he felt a swelling in his groin as he opened his eyes to see his balls grow to an enormous size and a great pleasure gripped him. He felt that he had to have sex all the time. Then he remembered that he had sex with every girl he could, from a 15-year-old freshmen to the hot 27-year-old teacher, none of which he had gotten pregnant because he always wore an extra-extra-extra-large condom to hold the over 100 ejaculations he can have while fucking a girl. He had even experimented with guys but found it not quite as fulfilling.

This whole time he had his eyes trained on the mirror, and when the transformation was finally finished he turned to see a very hot girl waiting at the door.

“Hey, Michca!” he said in a loud baritone that rumbled the whole room. “Are you up to a wonderful fucking tonight?”

“I am here for you, Herm,” she said in a saucy voice looking down at Herm’s huge dick. “I’m your bitch, just command me.”

Herm went to her and picked her up of the floor with his dick swinging in between his legs. Michca ripped off her clothing and jumped into bed with her double-D breasts flying through the air. Herm jumped into bed and started fucking her right away. He was about to have one of his 100 ejaculations when a small voice came from the back of his head:

“Find your family,” it said.

He ignored it for now. He loved his life and his girls. The only thought in his mind was how his body and his dick were the two possessions he’d ever give up as he slipped his huge 12” dick with its XXXL condom into Michca’s wet pussy giving her his 10th out of 100 ejaculation. •

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