By Also_KnownAs

"What next experiment?"

"Todd, have you noticed that neither you nor Chuck has had anything to eat or drink since this morning?"

"I'm not hungry," observed Chuck.

"Me, neither."

"Yes, well, perhaps I should be more precise. Both of you gentlemen have experienced phenomenal muscular development as well as an overall increase in size. Both of those occurrences normally take several months or years to manifest, and are driven by intakes in proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc."

"Yeah, and?"

The doctor's brow wrinkled. "Yet your growth has occurred seemingly without such fuel and, even now, having spent several minutes during which you both continually increased muscular mass, soft tissue development, follicle stimula..."

"Soft tissue huh?" Todd wagged his dick toward Chuck to better illustrate the doctor's point. "Oh," he said, and grinned.

"At any rate, I'm sure you see my point."

"We should be starving, for one thing."

"And we aren't," Chuck reiterated.

"And if we're not starving, we should be exhausted."

"Which," Chuck began before launching his new, improved form in a series of twirling vaults across the floor, spinning in the air at the last twirl before landing both feet on the ground, hands thrown upward perfectly displaying what several Olympic-grade gymnasts often dreamed they could do, "we aren't." He wasn't even breathing hard.

The doctor scribbled a few more notes. Todd asked, "Do you know why?"

"I don't know anything, Todd, but I have a theory."

The huge man crossed his arms over his chest while Chuck sauntered back towards them from the other side of the room, walking with a sleek, controlled grace as if ready to take-off on another series of impressive gymnastic skills any moment. "And that would be?"

"You have, in fact, been taking in one form of protein."

Todd's brow arched, but Chuck said, "Jizz."

Todd glanced over. "You have such a way with words." Chuck smiled, pursing his lips and kissing the air toward his friend. "Tease." They were standing side by side now, two mammoth specimens of perfect male form and power. Living statues of innate strength and physical capability, more beautiful by far than any other human the doctor could remember. "You are correct, Chuck. Either by absorption or direct ingestion in your case, both of you have had numerous intakes of your own and each other's sexual emissions."

"I wish you'd stop calling it that, doc. 'Emissions' sounds like I'm a car farting out cum from my tailpipe." Todd laughed slightly at his friend's picturesque comparison.

"Be that as it may, my theory posits that you are both receiving whatever nutrients and protein your bodies require through that absorption or ingestion. Further, I don't believe the digestive process is necessary for your bodies to make use of those nutrients, otherwise you would both need to relieve yourselves of waste, and I see no evidence that that's the case, either."

"You lost me again."

"Chuck, you need to learn to understand science-speak."

"Clue me in, then, Seymour. I ain't all smart-like and learn-ed like you is."

"Have you taken a piss lately?"


"Feel like you need to take one?"


"But when you consider you've had the equivalent of three meals in the past few hours..?"

The light dawned in Chuck's bright blue eyes. "Oh! So, we take it all in, and none comes out. Nothing is wasted."

The doctor nodded. "Such would seem to be the case."

"What's that mean?"

"Well, in a broader sense, and excuse me for being clinical again, but it would seem to mean that you are now completely self-sustaining. You no longer require intakes of outside sources of fuel, you are providing all that you need - perhaps even more than you need to live and grow - yourselves. Additionally, you are producing a perfect fuel with no waste product."

"And that's good?"

"What do you mean, Chuck?"

"I mean, I can still enjoy a nice steak dinner if I want to. My body doesn't depend on this super-cum, does it?"

"I should imagine it's an either-or proposition. However, there has been no decrease in the level of sexual pleasure derived from ejaculation, if I'm correct?"

Todd nodded vigorously. "If anything it keeps getting more intense. The last time I came it felt... I can't adequately describe it, doctor. But, no, I think it's safe to say that rather than a decrease, there's been a gradual increase with each time." Chuck nodded agreement.

"This may be your body's way of telling you what it desires. A reward of sorts, indicating a strong preference for this particular type of energy renewal."

"You can't mean it's going to keep getting better? My next orgasm might be more intense than my last one?"

The doctor shrugged. "Or it may only seem more intense. It's difficult to gauge sexual pleasure on any chart or graph." He tapped his head. "It's all up here, as much as we may believe it's all down there. And if it bothers you, in time you may be able to control even that level of..."

"Oh, it doesn't bother me at all, doc. Nope. Nuh uh. No."

"Yes, well, I was wondering if you gentlemen would assist me with another theory."

"Lead on, Doc."

The two men followed the doctor back toward the collection of weights at the end of the lab. Chuck was rubbing his hands together in anticipation of another round of pumping his muscles to full strength. Todd was merely smiling, his teeth glinting on the darkly tanned skin of his face. "Cool," said Chuck.

"My theory is this; I believe that in addition to possessing control over the appearance of your musculature, you also now possess control over its strength."

"Isn't that the same thing?"

"Normally, and with some exceptions, yes it is, Chuck. An increase in dimension equals an increase in strength, but you may also increase the size merely by pushing a muscle beyond its abilities, forcing a false growth that yields some additional strength but not commensurate with the increase in size."

Chuck looked at Todd for a translation. "Bodybuilders get huge, but sometimes hugeness doesn't equal strongness. You may find two guys who can do equal amounts of weight, but one might be physically bigger than the other because he's concentrating on size, not weight." Chuck nodded and the doctor continued.

"My theory is that just as you can, for lack of a better word, 'imagine' your body to manifest different physical characteristics, changing the size and shape of your muscles and soft tissue..."

"My cock," corrected Chuck.

"...You should also be able to 'imagine' your muscles to be more powerful, more capable, without necessarily altering your physical appearance."

"So, if I wanted to, I could become stronger still but not swell up to..."

Then Chuck was swelling up.

Moving his arms outward, his chest began to bulge with thick fingers of muscle. The twin hemispheres burgeoned with increasing brawn, striations multiplying outward. His nipples stretched and expanded, staying perfectly round but growing to the size of silver dollars, then half-dollars. As his chest grew larger, they were pushed downward until the tips were pointing at the ground.

He glanced along his right arm as he bent it slightly and his bicep ballooned, then his tricep was inflating. Thick veins, like twisting ropes of power, vined along the muscles and increased their size even larger. He glanced left and the other arm swelled to match, expanding with obvious power, vascular and immense. The effect moved down his body, the smooth rippled muscle on his stomach inflating into cobblestones. They popped outward one after another, creating an eight-pack of incredibly defined strength.

Straightening his head, Chuck's neck turned into a display of corded power connecting to his distending shoulders. Todd watched the strands of muscle crawl across each other like snakes under the skin, swelling and multiplying until Chuck owned bowling balls of might. Then Chuck lifted his arms away from his gargantuan torso and his lats started to spread like wings, growing wider and thicker, opening like a cobra's hood from his back.

Chuck bent his head and watched as his legs joined in, enlarging to enormity, the muscles fighting each other for space under the skin. First his thighs began to amplify, swollen and huge with masses of muscle cut to perfection. More veins crawled beneath his skin to feed the monsters, then moved down as Chuck pivoted around to display the suddenly blooming diamonds on his calves. Chuck's ass looked like two smooth globes of condensed power, round and firm and high. His waist was impossibly thin for the width and size of his upper body. New muscle seemed to appear as if by magic across his back, bulges of force blossoming across his widening expanse.

Bigger and bigger, the muscle was filling out in broadening masses everywhere. He turned to face them again, displaying a chest that looked like it couldn't possibly grow larger even as it did. Fat strands of strength seemed to split and multiply, every striation of muscle testing its own upper limit in size.

He stood there a moment, looking nearly musclebound, and his phenomenal growth slowed and finally stopped. "How does that feel?" Todd asked, looking at probably the most muscular man anyone had ever seen.

Chuck's voice was another octave lower, as if it was living inside the cavern of his chest and gained volume and strength from so deep and wide an enclosure. "Fantastic, actually. Feels like I'm filled with strength beyond strength. Todd, you gotta try this."

"Make a muscle," Todd instructed.

Chuck grinned, showing a smile of perfect white teeth. Spreading his arms wide, tensing the consummate strength inhabiting his every inch, he asked, "Which one?" Ripples of suddenly swelling growth displayed along his body as Chuck showed the control he held over this newly muscled form.

"Start with an arm and work down," smirked his friend. "I just want to see if, now that you're so huge, you're still as flexible. Wouldn't do to get too big to move."

Chuck bent his arm and a football of power grew higher and thicker, then the head of the muscle split before reaching its ultimate flex, towering huge and full on his upper arm. His tricep's growth displayed the same incredible development, so that Chuck's arm was as big - or bigger - than his head. The muscle along his shoulder looked like a pack of eels, thickly corded and engorged with might. He smiled broadly, bending and unbending the arm to flex and swell the muscles. He bent both arms into a double-bi, his smile growing brighter as he both felt and saw the enormity of his strength.

"No problems?" asked Todd.

"Problems?" thundered Chuck.

"Nothing stiff, everything still smooth and flexible?"

Chuck laughed slightly. "Stiff? You mean like..." And his cock began to swell and lengthen, reaching erection with the same suddenness that he'd grown his muscles. The head reached up and up, crawling along the hard, rippled contours of his belly.

"You know what I mean, Chuck."

The other man smiled and nodded, reaching his arms above his head and proceeding to very slowly bend himself over backwards. The new size and shape of his muscles responded with effortless fluidity, aiding this seemingly unachievable maneuver by adjusting themselves to support the weight of Chuck's upper body as his torso bowed back.

Todd and the doctor witnessed Chuck's amazing exhibit of strength and flexibility. Chuck was bending in two with impossible slowness and no hint of strain. It appeared as if the man's spine was made of rubber. But the way in which the muscles flexed and extended, bulged and stretched, showed exactly how much control he had over his body.

"Wow," said Todd, "that looks painful."

Chuck moved all the way over, placing his hands on the floor and lifting his legs over his head in the same slow, achingly graceful move until he was balanced on his hands, the muscles of his upper body swollen with power. "It really isn't, though," he said, a look of wonder on his face at his own accomplishment. Then he pushed off the floor to land on his feet, and he was deflating again, his body returning to its relatively smaller size.

The doctor paused as he wrote a few notes, then said, simply, "Yes."

Chuck looked at Todd. "It's nice to have choices in life."

"Isn't it?"

"You gotta give that a try, Todd. It's an amazing feeling to be so big, to feel that powerful."

With no more than a simple raise of his eyebrows, Todd followed Chuck's advice and began to swell with new strength.

"There's one thing, though," he remarked as he lifted his arms and watched them inflate, observing the branches of vascular development creep over the new growth. "I've never found all those veins very... aesthetically pleasing."

"Gotta feed the monster somehow, Todd."

"Maybe." The growth moved across his chest, which bloomed with sudden muscle. Thick cords of power stretching out from the center like hands under his copper skin. "But maybe you were concentrating on only the size and not the..." And rather than voice what he meant, he demonstrated his meaning as the thick globes of power seemed to refine themselves until the veins were gone and only the striated muscle remained.

As his size and strength increased, the new bulges swelling across his body, they each started out with a sudden engorging of the muscle, with networks of thick veins suddenly swelling into existence to push the muscle growth higher and harder and larger, then the muscle seemed to absorb the veins and perfect itself. "Impressive," said Chuck, though whether he meant the control or Todd's appearance he didn't say.

The process continued as Todd watched himself grow into a new, vastly more muscular body and then polished each bulging mass to smooth perfection. He took time to see that the muscles developed in symmetry to each other, so that his thighs were the same size, had the same amount of muscle arranged in the same way. His arms had balanced amounts of muscle, swollen huge and smooth and flawless. The twin globes of his chest were identical displays of hard strength. Even the round firmness of one buttock matched the curved beauty of the other. The doctor was scribbling notes as he watched Todd take full control of his musculature, amazed as he watched the very muscle seem to re-arrange at times to conform to Todd's wishes.

Finally, Todd moved his hands down his body and as they passed over the contours of his swollen frame, the final adjustments manifested beneath his touch. Where he felt non-conformities before he touched them, after his hand passed they were flawless. It seemed to Chuck as if Todd's hand held magic. He watched his friend's form transform from that of your average incredibly beautiful bodybuilder with masses of hard muscle and thick vascularity to one that was nothing short of perfection.

"There," Todd said at last, straightening to his full height with his arms outstretched, "what do you think?"

Chuck bent his arm, causing his bicep to swell into a small ball of striated power, and rubbed his chin, his gaze scanning Todd's flawless physique up and down before he snapped his fingers and said, "I got it! You know what you look like?"

Todd looked down at himself and then shrugged. His shoulders bunched and swelled like newly formed mountains.

"You look like a comic book hero. Know what I mean? They're always drawn in that sort of idealized powerful precision, where every muscle is sculpted and flexed. I mean, you never see real people, even bodybuilders and muscle beach freaks, who look like that. But you..." He wandered full circle around his friend, taking in every sculpted angle, every perfected curve and powerful prominence, marveling at Todd's physique, its suggestion of absolute power coupled with absolute beauty, and said, "you're the real deal."

"So, I'm all Superman and Batman and X Men and shit?"

"Dude, you are so Superman you'd make Lois cream her panties. Hell, I'm ready to get stiff just looking at you!" He wandered over and ran his hand across Todd's chiseled torso, moving his touch over the smooth, hard muscles of his friend's chest, then down to the symmetry of his abdominals, then further down where a fine, thin trail of dark hair started from his navel and lead downward, spreading into a thick triangular bush of pubes that capped the thick, flawless shaft of Todd's amazing cock, now as perfected as any other part of his form, hanging perfectly straight over perfectly round balls, also perfectly balanced in size and shape and appearance, all leading down to a thick-lipped helmet in perfect proportion to everything else. "I'm not sure even old Clarkie has one of these, though." He lifted his friend's prick into his hand, feeling its weight and mass. It seemed just as firm and powerful as the muscles on Todd's improved body. "You could be a sculptor." He squeezed Todd's manhood slightly, making his friend rise up on tiptoe for a moment before Chuck let his cock fall back between his thighs where it slapped against the hard muscle before hanging in thick perfection, dangling straight as an arrow and fourteen inches long.

Todd smiled. "Thanks, man." Then his body started to transform back into the less muscled, athletic form that Todd had adopted. He checked himself out to see that the symmetry he'd accomplished in his larger self remained in his normal dimensions and turned to the doctor. "Before we got all bodybuilder, you were saying that size isn't necessarily a factor in our increased strength but that it should work just the same. I just wish I'm stronger and I am?"

"More or less. You're the better judge than I." And he motioned to the weights.

Todd shrugged, leaned down, grabbed a bar in his right hand with what looked to be a rather impressive amount of steel mounted on it, thought to himself, 'I can lift that easily,' and after a slow start, he did. His body did not fully ignore its growth capabilities, however, and as Chuck and the doctor watched, they could see new muscle manifest as Todd's body lifted the weight, adjusting its strength capacities by increasing its muscle mass to counteract the demand. Todd seemed unaware of it.

"Hmm," he said, shoving the bending bar above his head, slowly at first and then with increasing ease as his muscles compensated for positioning, those no longer needed for lifting off the floor decreasing while those needed to lift above the head increasing. The shifting of Todd's muscular development made Chuck slightly uneasy. "How much am I lifting?" There was no strain in his voice at all.

"Uh, it's hard to tell when the weights are flying around like that, bro."

"Oh, yeah." He set them down and bent to check for himself. If he was aware that his body's muscle was deflating as he released the weight. "Whoa," he said quietly.

"What's the verdict?"

"I just dead-lifted 1,600 lbs. In one hand. Over my head."

Chuck nodded. "Several times. Uh, were you aware how weird your body was acting?"


The doctor interjected, "Not under the circumstances. Perhaps it's a question of control and growing awareness of your new bodies." Todd looked worried, so the doctor comforted him. "In reality, your body was reacting naturally."

"Naturally being a relative term in our case, I guess."

"Right, Chuck. Todd, your muscles did compensate for the increased demand you set on them, but I do not think you were in control of your body."

"Control of it? I just did what you asked. I imagined I could lift the weight, and then I could."

"I should have been more precise, then. As you lifted that bar, your muscles were enlarging and adjusting to help your frame manage the burden. They were visually stimulated to growth as they were needed and receded when they were not."

"So, I was all..." "Bulgey," clarified Chuck. "It was weird looking, man! Your shoulder would suddenly get all huge, then your leg, then both legs, then just one again. It was all happening really quickly and I suppose it was pretty cool, but it looked... weird. I mean, parts of it looked really cool! When you first started, you could just see your muscle swell huge! It was like the biggest, baddest pump anyone ever did! But as you moved, one muscle would deflate, or quiver, and another would suddenly get swollen, maybe just this weird finger of muscle...."

"I get you. So, instead of me being aware of what I was doing, I was just letting my body do its thing. I need to be in control of how I'm using my strength, get more in touch with my body."


"Let me give that another try." Todd looked around and found another barbell, this one loaded with even more steel. He told himself, 'Okay, Todd. Feel your muscle, feel the weight, control it, master it, use it.' He set his left hand, this time, in the center of the bar and started more slowly, pulling against the weight and feeling where his body was stressing, feeling the rush of strain and relief through his muscles, closing his eyes to concentrate on the messages his body was sending and sending his own messages back. Tighten that muscle, make it stronger, not bigger. Harder, harder still. Pull there, bend there, more strength, flex, release.

When Chuck let out a small, "Whoa," Todd opened his eyes. What Chuck and the doctor saw was a fully-flexed Todd holding a bending bar of incredible weight over his head. Todd started to pump the weight, feeling the power and strength flowing into his arm and shoulder, across his back and chest, through his legs to support it all. But it was all so easy, the weight not straining him at all.

"Better?" he asked. He was smiling. He already knew the answer.

"Much, buddy." Chuck was now smiling, too, maybe because he was watching what he himself could accomplish. "The muscles were still reacting, but more, uh, normally I guess is the word. Not these wildass bulges popping out everywhere. You were just... managing the weight." Chuck looked his friend up and down, marveling at the display of raw power, the beauty of his form, the way his muscles moved under the skin as he flexed and pumped. "How'd it feel?"

Todd set the weight down, straightening and stretching. "Really nice."

"Make a muscle for me." Todd bent the arm that had been performing beyond normal human capability and Chuck tested the density of the perfect ball of muscle that swelled into existence. "Hard as steel."

"Well," concluded Todd, "that's handy."

Chuck looked at the doctor, saying, "But there must be some upper limit to that. Human muscle tissue isn't steel. How can we do this?"

"Why are you always questioning the good stuff, Chuck? Shit, it turns out we can lift thousands of pounds with the ease of lifting a sack of flour and you go all logical on me."

"Practical as well as logical, Todd. Chuck has a valid question. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer. This is all new territory for me. Since the exchange, I've seen none of these manifestations of physical prowess before in any previous test subjects."

"The monkeys, you mean."

"True, you are the first humans to take the serum. Unfortunately, that also means that from here on..."

"From here on you don't know what will happen to us."

"Not precisely. But it won't be completely unknown territory."

"So, this could all be temporary? I could wake up tomorrow and be plain ol' Chuck again, the dumpy white guy?" He was looking down at his new body as if to burn its contours into his memory.

"No, that will not happen. As I said, there has been an alteration to your DNA, the basic structure of your body. It could only be changed with some sort of anti-serum, and there isn't one."

Chuck sighed with relief. "Cool."

"But what else might happen, doctor?" Todd started to pace, rubbing a hand through his cascade of midnight hair. "I mean, you don't know, right? We could burn ourselves out or something. What if my heart can't take the strain? What if the orgasmic pleasure becomes so intense I get addicted to it? I mean, if I wanted to, I could just start cumming and not stop."

"Can we?" Chuck seemed very interested in that.

As if to illustrate, Todd turned, grabbed his suddenly erect cock, let his balls swell until they hung a good 8 inches and started fountaining a stream of incandescent white jizm, hurling his powerful seed across the room in an unending torrent that seemed to go on and on. Chuck's jaw dropped and the doctor was watching Todd's balls as they seemed to slowly pulse, shrinking slightly as he released the sperm and then swelling larger again, replenished with more and more.

The pool of thick, white cream spread and splashed against the wall. Todd was breathing in slow, steady gasps. He wasn't stroking himself or doing anything to bring forth this flood of cum other than to point his cock away from the other two men and continue to jet. He could feel the tingling orgasmic rush of pleasure along the length of his prick, as if it were sheathed in it. Cascades of gratification surrounded it, infused it. But something was different.

"Okay, Todd, we get the point."

"Hmm," answered Todd.

"Hmm?" asked Chuck.

The flow stopped. "Well, that was a disappointment." He flicked the last thick droplet off the tip of his prodigious instrument.

"What, that didn't feel good?" Chuck wandered closer to his friend, his gaze looking over at the spreading pool of white on the floor tiles.

"No, it felt good. Not great, just good."

"Not great?"

Todd shook his head. "Just good. Like when you're stroking yourself toward orgasm, that kind of constant stimulation, but not like the point of orgasm."

"That screaming, mind-numbing pleasure that shakes you from your head to your toes, filling you with complete bliss and gratification."

"Right. Not that."

"Hmm. Well, it was mighty impressive, nonetheless." He glanced down, patting Todd's glistening helmet fondly. "You can turn that off now, big guy."

"Oh. Yes." And it resumed its flaccid state, hanging between his thighs like a dangling pendulum, 12 inches long and thick as a tree branch. He looked over at the flood of his semen. "I suppose I should clean that up."

Chuck looked over. "Allow me." Then the golden god wandered toward the pool, walked to the center and waited to absorb the essence, re-energizing himself in the process.

But nothing happened.

Chuck lifted one foot and watched strings of thick white cum drip off. "What's up with that?"

Todd looked at the doctor, who was writing things down, and said, "Doc? You have an explanation for that?"

"Hmm? What?"

"It's not working," complained Chuck.

"What's not? Working? Oh. Well, of course not. That is only one part of the formula, of course."


Todd thunked his forehead with the palm of his hand. "The lube junk."

Chuck nodded. "Oh, yeah. I forgot." Then he simply lifted his prick like a hose and let loose, watching as a flow of his own clear fluid began to intermingle with Todd's puddle on the floor around his feet. "There sure is a lot of it."

"Thank you," said Todd.

Chuck grinned in spite of himself. "Look at me, I'm a lawn sprinkler." He shook his cock like a hose, spraying the syrupy lubricant all around the white cream. After a few moments there seemed to be equal parts of Todd's seed and Chuck's precum and the process started working. Chuck reached down and coated himself with the stuff until his body glistened as if coated with honey. "Why don't you join me, Todd? There's plenty to go around, thanks to you."

Todd rubbed his hands together, dashed toward the puddle and fell to his knees, spreading it all over himself. "I was feeling a bit peckish." He spread the fluid over his rippled belly and under his arms, rubbing some on his face as well. "Is it just me, or is this getting less weird every time it happens?"

"It's just you, Todd. This is fucking insane."

After another few moments, they'd absorbed all the spunk and stood next to each other, feeling immensely satisfied and incredibly powerful. "Wow," observed Chuck, "that was an especially good load." He was moving his hand across the split head of his bicep. It was tight and hard under his glowing skin. "It's like all that power you built up in the dead lifts was in there, and now it's all soaked inside."

"Yeah, it was. I feel..." Todd looked over at Chuck's sun-kissed features, his lips full and sensuous, his bright eyes the color of a Caribbean bay. Reaching over, he cupped the other man's chin in his hand, pulling his lips to his own and kissed him softly, warmly. Chuck pulled back slightly, and then leaned into the kiss, pushing his tongue into Todd's mouth, his fingers crawling into his friend's luxuriant head of blue-black hair. It was cool and as soft as silk. His other hand reached down and behind, his touch moving over the smooth muscles of the man's back until it reached his ass, and he grabbed a handful and squeezed meaningfully.

Todd gasped, then redoubled the kiss, twisting his head to fully engage Chuck's mouth, welcoming and teasing the other tongue with his own. One of his hands found its way behind Chuck's head, and he pulled the man into his embrace, a thrill of erotic pain emanating from where Chuck was kneading his butt cheek and echoing through his loins and belly. His other hand was caressing Chuck's well- muscled chest, his fingers brushing against the man's erect nipple before pinching and twisting it, feeling the result against his thigh when Chuck's prick suddenly twitched and shoved against him. He felt the warmth of it grow into heat, felt it begin to lengthen against him. He released a deep growl of pleasure in his throat, kissing his friend's open mouth, sucking his tongue, nibbling his lower lip.

Todd felt his own growing appendage rubbing itself against Chuck's, shaft to shaft. Thick tangles of erotic bliss erupted as their cocks touched, shooting quicksilver shocks of pleasure through both men as if they were of opposite charges and their pricks were shooting sparks when they met. He rubbed himself against his friend, moving his hips to increase the cock-to-cock friction. He could feel their abdominals meeting, his own smooth rippled power rubbing across Chuck's muscular belly. He moved his hand off Chuck's chest and down, his palm against his friend's sweat slick skin until his fingertips found the soft curls of the crown of pubic hair above Chuck's amazing prick. It was soft and warm, and his dug his nails against the flesh and scratched, causing his friend's manhood to wag ponderously.

Chuck laughed slightly into their kiss, moving his hand off Todd's ass to find his cock instead. He moved his palm beneath his own prick and filled his cupped hand with clear, thick lubricant, applying this slick grip to Todd's enflamed cock and began to stroke him slowly, feeling his friend expand under his touch.

The doctor was too busy entering his notes into the computer system to pay much attention to what the two men were doing, not that he would probably do much more than take more notes and ask some inappropriately timed questions.

Todd sucked in a shuddering breath, and said softly, "Get big for me." He brushed his lips against Chuck's. "Like before," he whispered, "get huge, wild, make your muscles grow."

Chuck moved his mouth to Todd's ear. "Did that get you hot?"

"Yes." Todd licked Chuck's lobe, he kissed his neck. "Hell, yes."

"Touch me." Chuck lifted his right arm, and Todd's moved his hand upon his friend's bicep. "Make it happen," Chuck instructed, and as Todd moved his hand across his arm, the bicep began to swell with muscle and power as if Todd's stroking were making it grow. As if Chuck's whole arm was a prick. "Can you feel me?"

"Yes," Todd said. His teeth clenched as Chuck's hand stroked his burgeoning cock, running his tightening grip the entire length of his shaft and rubbing his thumb under the ridged head.

"I can feel you, too." Todd moved his hand over his friend's arm, magically creating bulging power wherever it traveled. Chuck bent his arm, making the muscles inflate obscenely. "Make me huge."

Todd pressed his hands to Chuck's chest and felt the fibers of his muscle begin to expand. The perfection of Chuck's twin hemispheres grew larger and larger, then his nipples followed suit, growing huge. Todd rubbed the heals of his hands across Chuck's erect dollar-sized nipples, then moved his hands down to feel Chuck's rock-hard abs enlarge against his touch.

Chuck felt Todd's hands leave his body for a moment, then felt the slightest featherlike touch along his lats and obliged his friend's desires, flaring and expanding his back. He could feel his body growing ever larger, ever more powerful, his muscles swelling with overwhelming strength.

Todd closed his eyes, running his hands along Chuck's hard, muscled form. The man's body was slick with sweat, his skin smooth and soft, like velvet over marble. He felt a trickle of his own sweat along his back, winding its way down and between his butt cheeks. He arched his neck as Chuck's hand job took on new emphasis, and he allowed his own cock to swell larger against Chuck's grip, blooming the head like a mushroom. His flow of lube was coming now steady and thick. He could feel the warmth trickle down his legs.

Opening his eyes, he gazed at the mammoth display of muscled power before him. Chuck's body was swollen huge with brawn. 'Shredded' wouldn't even begin to describe how he looked. Each muscle was pumped full and high and hard, seeming ready to burst through the skin altogether. Chuck's heavy arm stroked Todd's huge erection with steady, firm caresses. Todd's clear lube was mingling with Chuck's flow, the muscle man's stiff erection standing twin to his own, rubbing itself between their bodies creating a slick of the clear honey covering their silken skin. Todd could feel Chuck's intense heat, as if his friend's prick was on fire from within.

He could feel Chuck's hot breath in his ear. "Do it for me," he whispered hoarsely, "make yourself Superman. I want to feel Superman's strength here against mine. I want to feel your muscles, your power, your perfection."

Then Todd was growing, allowing himself to grow. His shoulders were swelling with brawn. His chest bulging against Chuck's own immensity. He could feel his strength magnifying moment by moment. He felt the hard might of his growing power as his body obeyed his wishes, felt the swelling strength as his form changed into the muscled perfection he'd sculpted from his own flesh. It was as if his body remembered that shape, the flawless lines, the perfect symmetry. He was returning to a familiar suit of clothes, feeling an erotic charge of an intensity that matched the electric surge of power and muscle he could feel everywhere.

Then there were two men there in the lab, two men of unequalled size and strength and beauty. One, a blonde bodybuilder whose muscles seemed too big for his skin. His form was strength incarnate, with thick veins of hot blood feeding his unstoppable might. The striations of his power were deep and hard.

The other was a man of perfected power, a man no less swollen with strength but whose body was smoothly sculpted, brawn carved from curves that flexed and bulged in a beautiful dance of skin and muscle. Where one appeared nothing but raw and carnal power, the other was beauty and strength married in perfect harmony.

They both gleamed like polished bronze, their bodies coated with their mingled lubricant which flowed more and more abundantly from twin pricks swollen huge and hard and hungry for release. Chuck was kissing Todd's mouth hungrily, sucking on his tongue then plunging his own inside. "Fuck me," he pleaded. "I want to feel you inside me. I want you inside. All of you. It's what I wanted when I first saw you this morning. It's all I want now."

Todd said nothing. The men disengaged their caress and Chuck turned around, pushing his ass against Todd's monster. "Fuck me," Chuck said again, his back swaying slightly away as Todd grabbed his friend's hips and moved himself lower. Chuck could feel Todd's warm flow of lube glazing the expanse of his back as he bent over. It felt like the guy was pouring a can of motor oil over him. Concentrated drizzles fell off the thick wings of his lats and crawled under, clinging to the hard bulges of his belly muscles.

Todd moved the tip of his helmet to kiss the lips of Chuck's ass. It seemed much too small to take his huge girth, but he was too far lost in the erotic thrill of Chuck's desire. He could feel a want inside himself, to master this hunk of supreme power in front of him. He was turned on by the sight of so much powerful muscle, so much hard strength, and he moved himself forward against Chuck's asshole, slowly moving his inches inside. And it was as if Chuck was welcoming him, he could feel his friend's hole opening to swallow him, and then firming up around him. Chuck tensed up at first, feeling Todd's hugeness entering his virgin hole. Then his muscular control kicked in, helping Chuck adjust to the new sensations, feeling Todd inside and helping him dig deeper.

Chuck didn't care if he was ripped open, if Todd's monster shoved so far inside him he was torn in half. He wanted to feel that huge, perfect dick in him, shoved inside all the way. But Todd only pushed himself if a couple of inches before pulling back out.

Todd's flow of lubricant was steady and thick, and it was working just as promised. It felt so tight inside Chuck, it felt so right and so good. But he wanted to savor this, he didn't want to cum yet. So he started slowly, so achingly slowly, moving in a few inches, then withdrawing. His lube was readying the trail, and he pushed himself in again, slowly, very slowly, moving the head and then the start of the shaft up his friend's begging ass.

Chuck moaned. He could feel Todd inside, feel him moving deeper and deeper, he wanted so much to be filled, then Todd was withdrawing again, just as slowly, just as deliberately. It was torture.

Todd was smiling, lost in a bliss he did not expect. There was something else happening, something beyond sexual pleasure as he connected with Chuck. It was even better than being sucked off. And then he was moving inside again, moving his hips forward, tensing his ass.

Chuck was in a frenzy of ecstasy. This was more than he had hoped, more satisfying by far than jerking off. He could feel his load building, a heavy burden of his seed filling his nuts as Todd continued to leisurely buttfuck him. There was a sudden, thunderous eruption of bliss when Todd connected with Chuck's prostate. It was as if he'd been plugged into heaven, he could feel himself filled with pleasure beyond anything he'd felt before.

Todd felt it, too. Just as he connected there, a rush of orgasmic bliss ran through his being. He rubbed himself against Chuck, then let himself swell slightly inside, his cock expanding like a balloon. Chuck swallowed hard and a gush of his lube spurted out as if he was cumming, but he wouldn't allow that yet. His balls were hanging fat and lush with his load, stretching to hold the enormity of his pleasure. He reached under and started stroking his meat, his pleasure redoubled. His cock felt as hard as iron, as hot as molten steel.

And Todd began to pull out again, but halfway there he suddenly thrust himself more fully forward. A foot of his thick cock shoved itself inside, and both men shook with ecstatic bliss. Finally, Todd began fucking Chuck's ass in earnest, shoving himself harder and harder into his friend, melding with him.

Chuck was having trouble holding himself back. God, it felt so good. So incredible. He was swimming in ecstasy, drowning in the pleasure of their joining. His balls were hanging lower and lower, swollen ever larger with spunk.

Todd's nuts were churning in their sack, and he could feel the wall between himself and orgasmic release growing thinner and thinner. His lube was gushing now, pouring out of Chuck's ass even as it heightened his pleasure. He grew larger inside, swelling with power and joy.

When they finally came, they came together. Chuck's load blasted out of him as Todd's load blasted into him. The thick warmth suffused him utterly, as if Todd's strength was flooding his guts. There was so much that it flooded backwards, too, as Todd came and came, emptying his balls into Chuck's ass.

Chuck's flood came like a hydrant on a summer day. A gushing torrent of white cream spraying hard and full. They came together and stopped together, as Todd withdrew from his friend's tight butt and collapsed over him, throwing his arms around Chuck's rippling torso and laughing with unfettered happiness.

"Oh, good God, that was amazing!" He was grinning broadly, lost in a haze of orgasmic afterburn.

Chuck fell to his hands and knees, then rolled onto his back. Todd slid around his friend's body so that they ended up lying one atop the other in a huge puddle of their combined fluids, slick and hot all around them. •

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