By Also_KnownAs

For the fourth time that day, the new men started to absorb the powerful juices they produced. There was so much of it this time, they began to feel giddy with the power pulsing through them as they metabolized the proteins and body- changing substances contained in the pools of milky fluid.

The doctor, though not unaware of what had been occurring between the two friends, had been nonetheless occupied with an extended period of notations and examinations of the new wealth of data he'd been observing. As he watched his two subjects adsorb the latest manifestations of the changes their bodies had gone through, he wondered what further changes could occur. Already, the two men had seemingly complete control of their bodies' forms and capabilities, with only the skeletal structure so far unaffected. The physical muscular growth as well as the increases in strength, flexibility, stamina and libido - some of which also controllable by each man at will - confounded him. There was either something unique in Todd's chemistry before the serum to cause such an unusual and unexpected manifestation of unknown human capabilities, or it was simply a side effect of the injection and human DNA.

Unfortunately, Chuck's similar manifestations were inconclusive, since his introduction to the new capabilities was as a result of his exposure to Todd's discharge. Perhaps Chuck's immediate development was a clue to the reasons. Todd's change had occurred gradually, as he slept. Chuck's was almost violent in its suddenness. That might point again to something in Todd's personal chemistry and DNA signature.

Then again, it might not.

One method of discovery would be to subject a new volunteer to exposure to the transforming fluid. But the only available volunteer... was himself.

The doctor was 45 years old, but that made him 22 years older than Todd, and although he didn't have Chuck's personal information available, he assumed he was about Todd's age.

What would happen to his own body if he undertook the transformation? He still had the original serum, as well as Samples of each man's clear, lubricating power-fluid and subsequent sperm. He could also get new Samples of the their recent discharge and re-test for changes and new manifestations. He had observed that only after the co-mingling of the fluids, Todd's sperm with Chuck's lubricant, were the men able to change their body structure and augment their strength. What change had occurred to cause that? And had any new capabilities manifested now that their fluids were being so totally intermingled - and might not that very chemical reaction be the reason for the men's seemingly inexhaustible sexual appetites and sudden homosexual actions where neither, as far as he knew, had shown any desire in that arena before? Perhaps the drives manifest as part of the process in order to complete. That might also explain Chuck's early reaction to Todd when they first met, even before any exchange had taken place!

So many unanswered questions.

But perhaps he could find some answers himself.

He watched as the men soaked up the last of the recent emissions, wondering anew how the body was absorbing the fluids directly. He observed how the men stood, how they acted toward each other now, how each seemed to grow increasingly comfortable with what was happening. Chuck, in particular, seemed to be acting in a sort of subordinate role, performing fellatio on Todd, then asking for the anal sex rather asking to perform it. And if Todd was in a dominating role, he did not appear to know it. In fact, Chuck had been the instigator of every sexual act. If the theory of manifestation of co-ejaculation via sexual activity to achieve optimal serum capabilities was correct, it would make sense that Chuck, as receptor, would more fully desire for the process to continue.

Or maybe it was just that he was a closet homosexual all along, anyway.

"Gentlemen," he said, "would you come here a moment?"

The men wandered to where the doctor sat at his terminals, lines of data flashing across the various screens. "More tests, Doc?" Chuck was smiling. His body was glowing with health and vitality.

"Don't know if your needles can pierce this cheek anymore, though," added Todd, slapping his sculpted ass loudly.

"Not at the moment, no. But I would like to hear you opinion on a proposal."

"Shoot, Doc."

The doctor looked both figures up and down, inwardly marveling at their innate beauty and obvious capacities. "I am considering joining you in this experiment."

"Really Doc?"

Chuck looked at Todd and then down at the little man in the chair. "Hell, I was wondering what you were waiting for. I mean, given the chance to experience what I've been feeling..."

"And whom," added Todd, jabbing an elbow into his friend's side jokingly.

"...I can't think of a single reason not to!"

"Hey, weren't you the guy complaining about his dick size and other little hassles a couple of hours ago."

"That was before the auto-adjustments kicked in, dude. Now," he said, pausing to straighten and play with his growth capabilities, showing an increasing control and finesse over how finely he could tune his parts by lengthening his cock into his cupped hand, allowing himself to swell to enormity, and then shrink himself to such a degree that he looked almost sexless before flopping his big prick back to its original, augmented size, "I got nothing but good things to say."

"Have either of you noticed any new capabilities following the last two absorption periods?"

"Say what?"

Todd sighed. "You may be physical perfection, but we need to do something with your gray matter."

"You really think I'm perfect?"

"Shut up. What he's asking is we just stewed in our own juices a couple more times. Once after I showed you what a fireman with an unending supply of cum looks like, and just now after I shagged you into next Tuesday."

"Is that what 'shagging' is?"

"Yes, Chuck. You've been royally shagged."

"Mm hmm. And you're next, buddy boy."

"Gentlemen, to my question?"

"We keep discovering these things by accident."

"Yeah, Doc. I've been too busy getting ass fucked to try anything new. And, I mean, what more could there possibly be?"

Todd reflected a moment, and then said, "Why do you ask? Should there be new stuff happening?"

"As I mentioned, I just don't know what might happen, now. But perhaps you're unaware that each new capability has followed a different combination of fluids. Todd's original development was as a result of the serum injection, then he had a refinement of his new body after absorbing his own discharge." "Clinically put, but correct," agreed Todd.

"Then you ladled a heaping helping of Todd's spunk on little old unsuspecting me, and I turned into Freakazoid before diving into my own cum flood and turning into Todd part 2."

"Yes. Then each of you masturbated to another ejaculation, followed by a third immersion which augmented your strength significantly."

"And the body changing thing?"

"That happened after you experienced each other's fluids, Chuck. After you gentlemen exchanged your discharge, it apparently drastically altered the subsequent biological enhancements." "After I sucked your dick, I think he means."

"Yes, Chuck. I remember."

"Then there was another exchange where Chuck mingled his lubricant with your sperm. Your 'fireman' reference I believe, Todd. After that, you almost immediately fell into a sexual coupling."

"Yeah, I have to admit that after I swam through our mixed drink, so to speak, I wanted you bad, Todd."

Todd nodded an agreement. "And you got me." They both grinned. "And have you gentlemen noticed that your previously voiced aversion to homosexual encounters has disappeared?"

Chuck shrugged, "If it feels good..."

"Do it," finished Todd. "And it does feel damned good."

"Uh huh, Todd."

"Do you both still also find hetero sex enticing?"

Chuck was erect so fast it wasn't funny. His cock knocked a tray of measuring instruments off the table. "I guess that answers that question," remarked Todd, but he was absently fondling his own prick as he said it.

"Sex," concluded Chuck, "is great."

"Do you feel you could engage in another round with each other immediately?" The men looked at each other. Chuck's erection did not abate, and Todd looked like he was on the verge of building his own stiff manhood in a second. "I see."

Todd shook his head, "But you were saying something about new capabilities?"

"And how you wanted to join the club?"

"Yes, and possibly. More to answer my own questions than anything else."

"But this feels so fucking great!" Chuck flexed his new muscles to bulging glory, sprouting a carpet of midnight curls across his chest and a sudden two- day growth of beard on his chiseled chin. His skin darkened to a Mediterranean hue and his powerful legs became covered with a fine forest of fur. His balls dangled with full ripeness and his eyes turned sea green. "Show him, Todd!"

"He's seen it."

"Show him anyway. You know you want to."

Todd's dick suddenly swelled, the shaft expanding thick and firm. Veins appeared on his groin and pelvis leading onto his cock where they grew thick. His dark mane of curls turned to golden cascades as his chest and arms bulged with new brawn. His nipples distended and darkened to copper. His abs burst with rippled glory, his waist tightening to 28 inches and his ass rode up and rounded itself. "It is pretty cool, Doc." His voice rolled like the ocean, a deep smooth rumble.


"How do you want it?"

"Pardon me?"

Chuck hefted his engorged member toward the doctor. "You want my lube and his sperm? You want it the other way around? Or you want the full treatment?"


"All of mine and all of Todd's."


A ball of clear honey appeared at the tip of Chuck's cock. "Just say when."

"You should probably get out of your clothes first, Doc. We saw what happened to Chuck, here. And we've been through a few refinements of the power juice. No telling what'll happen - or how fast." Todd was now holding his own hard prick, and a similar bubble of lube appeared from its eye.

"Just a moment, gentlemen..."

"Ready, Todd?" Chuck's flow had begun in earnest, glazing his cock's helmeted head and his hand.

The doctor was scrambling to unbutton his lab coat and struggling to loosen his tie.

"When you are." Todd released his flood of lube, then. And they unloaded it on the doctor. Drooling strings of the translucent honey soaked into his clothes and skin, a gleaming glaze quickly coating him with strong masculine intensity.

The two men began stroking their meat, posing with their burgeoning pricks over the doctor's small form allowing the excess lube to spread all over him. Immediately their balls began to fill up, swelling with cum. Todd's stroke was easy and casual, his eyes closed. He was sinking into the deep end of his own pleasure, sensing his touch along every inch as he grew longer and stiffer and fatter. Chuck's caresses were more insistent, as if he was pumping himself to erection. Both men had thickly coated cocks glistening brightly, drizzling copious amounts of their combined clear lube over the man in the chair. It wasn't long before they were both ready to deliver their final cargoes.

"Ready for step two, Todd?" Chuck was gritting his teeth in the strain to withhold his load. His nuts were glossy and round, the skin stretched taut holding in his fill.

Todd's voice sounded calmer, but there was a similarly strained edge to it. His cock was hot in his hand, as red as fire, the head as shiny and tight as a balloon. "Let 'er rip, Chuck."

The doctor could feel the burn as soon as the first drops of the men's seed hit the precum glaze. It seared into him, through him, penetrating every fiber of his body. Todd and Chuck were both breathing heavily, their bodies suffused with a constant thrum of orgasmic bliss, a powerful thrill of pleasure that emanated from their cocks and traveled everywhere on their new enhanced bodies. They were cumming in a hard torrent, spraying dual loads of their powerful seed all over the man responsible for their current near state of male perfection.

The doctor felt a sort of pain and pleasure pressing in and exploding out at the same time. His body had already started absorbing the men's essences even as they shot more and more onto his body. He could feel a hunger building, magnifying from inside, as if his form recognized this new food and wanted nothing else. The heat was unbearably wonderful and beautifully painful at the same time.

A deep growling moan escaped the doctor's throat. Chuck's load stopped just as Todd's did. Looking down, he could already see the doctor's features changing, his form starting to manifest the deep and satisfying changes to come.

Todd reached down and ripped the lab coat and shirt away, exposing the doctor's round, hairy belly and sunken chest. He squeezed the tattered clothing over the man's body, wringing more of the transforming juices onto the doctor's body, watching as it was instantly absorbed like water falling onto dry soil.

"Shit," said Chuck. "Is that normal?"

"What's normal," asked Todd quietly. "Get his shoes off." The doctor's bald head was filling itself in with new follicles of auburn. He watched the man's facial features refine themselves, the wrinkles filling in and the fat draining from his cheeks. His jowls disappeared altogether.

"He's getting younger!"

"I think it just looks that way, right doc?"

The man opened his eyes. They were clear and shining. As Todd watched, they turned gold. "I feel..." His voice was deep and getting deeper. "So good."

Chuck bent to remove the doctor's shoes, noticing an immense bulge that was filling the crotch of his pants. "That thing's gonna rip its own hole pretty quick." He was laughing slightly as he said it, and he untied the black oxfords just as the growth hit the feet.

"Look at your chest, Doc. Jesus, this is incredible!"

The doctor sat up, placing his hand against his chest, amazed to feel a deep separation there and a firm swelling on either side of it. He could feel his muscles growing under his hand, feel the strength building inside across his shoulders, down his back. He watched his belly disappear and be replaced with a smooth series of tight rippling abdominals. Standing up, he looked like he continued to stand up even after he gained his feet as his body expanded, driven upward as his entire form grew taller, driven outward by his ever expanding set of muscles.

His pants were starting to fall off his new shrunken waist, even as his swelling thighs threatened to burst the seams. And it did appear that Chuck was right, as whatever was growing from his crotch was filling up his pants so quickly that no one was surprised when the zipper gave way accompanied by a ripping sound as the man's new cock shoved itself into the open.

"Well, at least we know he's not Jewish," Chuck said, grinning as the doctor reached down to touch the quickly burgeoning mass of his uncut manhood. The tip was already glistening with a globe of clear precum. "Shit, I forgot about this part!"

"How could you forget having a yard-long hard-on?"

Chuck shrugged. "A lot's happened today."

The rip in the crotch continued, and more seams were bursting all over as the doctor's new muscular body manifested itself. "He's going to be one impressive fucker," Todd observed, watching the third man's skin grow smooth and silken, darkening to an almost Latino hue. The doctor's cock head pushed its way from its cowl, the ridges flaring outward as the flow of clear lube started running down the sides of the quickly growing erection in abundance.

"Well, we did give him quite a lot to work with."

"You ought to just ditch the pants, Doc. You'll be a lot happier."

"I think you're right," he answered, and with a flick of his hand and a swelling of his bicep, he was stripped bare in front of them except for a pair of rather sad looking black socks sunken around his ankles, the toes shredded from his still developing feet.

"You feeling okay, Doc? You're awfully quiet."

"He never was much of a talker, Todd."

"I'm feeling quite well, Todd. Thank you for asking." His voice was amazingly powerful sounding, deeper than either man even with the doctor's subdued tone. He had not yet touched his expanding cock, now at least two feet long and as big as his arm. His balls were hanging full and round. "This is quite an amazing experience."

"It gets better," volunteered Chuck.

"You want I should get any samples, Doc?"


Todd pointed at the man's incredible erection. "You have a pretty good flow going there. You want a sample for testing?"

"Oh, yes. Thank you Todd."

"Don't mention it." Todd was grinning slyly as he walked toward the doctor's engorged member and ran his hand up the length of its side, scooping up a handful of the clear honey.

"Oh my."

"Feels good, don't it?" Todd ran his grip up the side of the enormity again, pausing at the top to rub his fingers under the ridge.

"Oh. Oh, my." The doctor's balls swelled with a sudden growth spurt.

Todd dumped the sample into a petri dish as Chuck observed, "you might want to think about jerking that thing off about now." He folded his arms across his chest and motioned at the man's nut sack with his head. "Those things look pretty ripe to me."

"Yeah, Doc. Don't strain yourself first time out."

The doctor closed his eyes and placed his hand tentatively against the throbbing side of his meat, then moved his other hand to the opposite wall and started to caress his erection. Quicksilver shocks of intense erotic bliss took him, flooding his senses with a pleasure he never dreamt possible. "Oh, my," he said again.

"Master of understatement, this guy." Chuck wandered over toward Todd and leaned his arm against his friend's shoulder, looking pointedly at the doctor's still swelling balls. "I get that big?"

Todd seemed spellbound as he slowly shook his head. Then they both fell silent as something unexpected happened.

As he stroked himself, the doctor's cock continued to grow, getting fatter and heavier as a single thick vein appeared and inflated up the length of his cock, branching outward and helping it to surpass either Todd's or Chuck's record erection as the tip rose above the doctor's head and continued to extend. "Jesus," Todd said softly.

"Holy fuck," agreed Chuck. "Looks like the double load worked, huh?"

"Look at those legs!" The man's thighs were bursting with huge new muscular power. Balloons of brawn inflated across the ever-widening expanses. Veins were crawling over every inch, engorged and hot, pushing down his limbs and infusing his muscles with increasing size and command. His thighs were shoving against each other for space and he was repositioning himself to allow them to grow. His calves suddenly blossomed with hard, swelling muscle, spreading like an opening flower.

"His legs? Look at his arms! Look at his chest! The guy's a monster!" The doctor's chest seemed to be unfolding. Masses upon masses of new, thick power shoved out upon each other as if originating from somewhere deep in the crevasse developing at the center. The muscle fiber would swell and split, then swell again, growing in a rush of absolute capacity and amazing beauty. It was as if, with each breath, there was no exhale. His torso was cabled with thickness that didn't want to stop. It poured across his expanding shoulders and moved into the muscle of his arms, swelling them to grandiose bulks of tightly constrained force. Chuck circled around the man to watch as his back grew bigger, stronger, more massive by the moment. Bulging masses erupted across its expanse, then his lats were suddenly swelling outward, growing thick and hard with corded power.

The doctor stood there calmly growing massively muscled and ultimately strong and the look in his eyes was one of amazing calm. His first stage of growth was easily surpassing either what Todd or Chuck had originally gained in mass and height. And he didn't look like he was slowing yet.

"You feel like cumming, Doc?"

"Got an awfully full load building. Wouldn't want you to rupture anything."

"Not yet," he said softly. His features were still refining themselves. His cheekbones broadening, rising higher on his face. His jaw squared, his nose narrowed, his lips filled out. His neck lengthened, growing corded with strands of new muscular might. His eyelashes thickened, his brows arched into perfection. There was obviously some Latin blood inside manifesting in his new form. He continued to stroke his fullness even as he grew and it grew and his load swelled in his balls.

"I don't think he's gonna stop."

"Well, obviously he's gonna stop. He's gotta stop at some point."

Chuck shook his head dubiously. "I dunno, Todd. He hasn't even had his first bath in his own stuff, and look at the dude!" The clear fluid poured out of the amazing erection in a thick current forming a pool under all their feet.

The doctor closed his eyes, allowing his senses to fall headlong into the deep end of his unending tide of erotic pleasure. The bliss was almost painful in its fullness, shaking him to the core and back again with each stroke of his fully engorged cock standing over four feet high.

Then, he set his legs wide, taking a stance against the coming eruption, and moving his hand down the length of his manhood, he braced himself for the flood of cum he could feel shoving itself out of his balls.

When he came, he shot his wad in a burst so powerful it dented the metal ceiling.



It was an amazing display of sheer sensual power. He came and he came and he came some more. There seemed no end to his seed as he emptied himself in an extended and prolonged orgasm. Did a minute go by? Did two? Did it matter? It seemed like it would never stop when just as suddenly as it began, it did stop, and the doctor stood in his new, improved form for only a moment before his body was absorbing his own essence back into himself, and the final process of ultimate refinement began.

But it seemed to the other men that the first stage had never actually stopped.

They looked at each other. Chuck said, "Shouldn't there be a longer pause in there? It seems to me that when I..."

"When you changed, you went through two very distinct growing periods. But the Doc here..."

"...The Doc here is still..."


And he was still going. They watched as his body began a renewed round of growth. His dick was no longer swollen to its massive first erection, but it did seem to want to resist shrinking too much. And already the man stood at least a head taller than either of the other men and appeared to be still growing.

"So, what do you wanna bet? Seven six? Seven nine?"

"Eight feet, maybe." Todd turned his head slightly, looking down at the remaining pool of power juice. "Eight six?"

"Eight and a half feet tall? That'd be..."

"That'd be incredible," agreed the doctor, who simply stood stock still before the other men and continued to expand. His muscles were swelling with new growth everywhere. He was covered in his own seed but it was quickly disappearing. He seemed to be stretching toward the sky, the lines of his lengthening body quickly populated with new cords of power. His thighs ballooned with smooth brawn. His chest was beyond amazing and approaching impossible. His arms and shoulders did a damned good job of matching his chest. His prick was hanging in lush and astonishing abundance between his legs, a smooth, thick shaft stretching a foot and a half, maybe more, with the shining tip of the head peeking out of its cowled foreskin. His flat belly was rippling with constrained power. His skin was velvety and flawless, a cocoa brown color with a very light fur of dark hair across the chest and down the legs and arms. His eyes were similarly chocolate brown with flecks of gold.

"You almost done, Doc?"

He could feel the immense changes that had pushed his body to what it now was slowing down. The rushing sense of swelling power that had immersed every cell of his being into a shining pool of raw brawn and bulging beauty was cooling to a simmer. "Almost," he said. His voice had the tone of a mountain range, the power of a thunderstorm.

"Ooh," said Chuck, "chills."

Todd laughed slightly. "Got to admit, Doc, I do feel a little overshadowed."

"I'll see if I can remedy that," he said, smiling slightly. "I have a feeling that our combined emissions might cause a similar..."

Chuck clapped his hands together loudly. "All right! A little three-way action!"

"Calm yourself, boy. Let the man speak."

"Thank you, Todd. As I was saying, theoretically the explanation for my," he began, pausing to look down at his new form, "rather amazing transformation is that unlike either of you, my initial exposure consisted of an overdose of the fluids. Additionally, I believe each successive augmentation to your own physiognomies has redoubled the strength and efficacy of the discharge."

"Say what?"

"We double dosed him with stuff that was super strength. Since we've been playing around and absorbing each other's mix, our bodies have somehow managed to make up a new batch of the power juice that's extra strong and extra juicy. Now that it's inside the Doc, and it's mixing with his own power juice..."

"If we swim in his pool, we get bigger, too?"


"In theory," the doctor corrected. "Do you already have the super transforming power?"

"It isn't a power, per se, Chuck. It's more of a capability."

"Yeah, but super transforming power makes it sound more impressive."

As the doctor stood before them, they watched his body change in slight and awkward ways. One ball swelled and drooped while the other shrank. He lifted his arm and the tricep swelled with power, making his arm look lopsided. He tried to change his hair to a different color but all it did was frizz into an afro. "I seem to be able to do it, but perhaps I don't quite have the hang of it, yet." His nuts and arm returned to their previous dimensions.

"It takes some imagination and concentration, Doc. And from what I've seen, you've got plenty of the latter but maybe not enough of the former." Chuck scratched himself familiarly, adding, "lose the 'fro, Doc. It's not you."

"What? Oh. Oh, yes." And his hair fell in cascades across his shoulders again.

"Anything else?"

"Pardon?" Although the doctor's body and face had almost completely changed, it was weird to hear the familiarly befuddled words coming out in the deep baritone. And for looking like such a studly hunk, he stood like he was still a little man in a white coat. He was even attempting to keep one hand over his privates, to very little success.

"You'll get the hang of this, don't worry Doc." Chuck smiled encouragingly.

"What I was asking was basically what you asked us earlier. You notice any other new talents?"

"I'm afraid I'm still getting used to all this sudden change. It's a bit... disconcerting seeing everything from this angle. Although I must admit feeling extremely... potent."


"Horny, Todd."

The doctor actually blushed. "Also, this feeling of strength, although quite pleasurable, takes a little getting used to. I feel very, uh..."


"Chuck, shut up."

"It's as if I am living inside something I don't own, if you see what I mean. It's not exactly uncomfortable, in fact quite the opposite, but I must admit that I'm not adjusting quite as immediately to... everything."

Todd approached the larger man and reached to put his hand on the doctor's shoulder. It felt both soft and hard at the same time, like a piece of marble had been covered with butter-soft leather. The man's warm skin felt incredibly wonderful to touch. "Look at it logically, Doc. You lived inside that old body twice as long as either Chuck or I did in ours. Maybe none of us was still in puberty, but at least for me and him we could accept what was happening and adapt to it. You've only owned your improved body for a few minutes! It takes a little for the mind to get used to such a drastic change all at once."

"Yeah, Doc, give yourself a fucking break! It's not like Todd or I had to adjust to quite such a drastic change, either. We developed in stages, and you skipped a few hours and got everything - hell, looks like more than everything - all at once."

The doctor nodded, and stray strands of his new wealth of auburn hair swung into his face, startling him a bit. He raised his hand, watching the bicep swell and flex with detached interest, and moved the hair aside. "Perhaps you're right."

"I mean, it don't feel bad, right?"

"No, it certainly doesn't feel bad."

"Just weird. Right?"

"That would be one word for it."

Chuck smiled. "Know what I think?" Todd groaned, but Chuck went on. "I think you should go over there and start playing with yourself."

"I'm not sure..."

"To put it another way," explained Todd, "perhaps some experimentation is in order. Test your capabilities, explore your boundaries, discover what you can do now, how strong you are and can be, how your new body works and reacts to the tasks you give it."

"Yeah, and play with yourself! Jerk off a couple of times. Nothing puts you in touch with how you feel like a good hand job."

Todd sighed, but the doctor was smiling. "Perhaps you're right." He eyed the exercise equipment and sets of free weights with a renewed interest. "I would like to see what I'm capable of." He glanced down to where his hand was still attempting to cover his augmented prick, dangling in huge and obvious magnificence along his well-muscled thigh. "And I suppose modesty is a little ill-placed given the circumstances." He moved his hand aside and seemed to stand a little more erect, displaying the beautiful monster's magnitude with a sense of pride. As he turned toward the equipment, his hands began to explore his new dimensions, moving his touch across his chest and hips and butt, feeling the new huge muscle and tight power everywhere on his body.

Chuck watched the newest member of their exclusive club walk away, keeping an eye on the swaying globes of a perfect ass. "That'll take him a little while."

Todd nodded. "He looks so young."

"Gotta be freaky, going through something like that." He watched the doctor doing some limbering movements, smiling at the look on the man's face at the ease with which he was accomplishing seemingly impossible maneuvers, lifting his leg up perpendicular with his body, twisting himself over backwards until his hands touched the floor and then effortlessly moving into a handstand, his body not even shaking as he held the pose. "But he'll adjust. I mean, how could he not adjust to this?" Then Chuck bent his arm and watched the muscle swell, putting his hand on the bicep and feeling its hard strength. "It's just fucking amazing."

Todd looked at his friend. "He's funny, isn't he?"

"How do you mean?"

"I guess I just think it's funny, how it's like the doctor is gone but there he is over there, pressing, uh, it looks like about 3,500 pounds up and down over his chest. That funny little guy is gone, but instead he's just been put in another body."

"A better body."

"A much better body."

"So, what do you want to do now, Todd?" Chuck wiggled his eyebrows.

"You can't be serious. Not again. Not already."

"You know what the song says. 'Sex is natural, sex is fun, sex is best when it's one on one'."

"Were you this horny before?"

"Yeah, but I couldn't do much about it." He tried to look sexy, wiggling his hips and pouting his lips, but he only looked silly.

"A little advice, Chuck. You can manage to look sexy just walking around, or just standing there. When you try to look sexy, you just look stupid."

He straightened up and walked closer. "I'm just fucking with you." Todd watched the man approach, noting the line of his form, the curves and bulges, the skin like silk, the sway of his hair, the pendulum of his prick swinging thickly between his legs as he walked. "No, you just want to be fucking with me."

"Exactly." Chuck moved his hand onto Todd's prodigious member and stroked him. "Watching the Doc just now, seeing his body growing all that muscle, how his arms were bloated with power, watching his huge dick swell above his head... kinda got me all..." He let out a sigh that sounded like a deep growl. It was physical and intense. Todd felt it in his groin. Chuck stood chest-to-chest against his friend, their faces barely inches apart. Through a half-smile, he asked, "You want me to drive, this time?"

Todd put his hand against Chuck's meaty chest. "Hold on there, fuck buddy. I've been thinking."

Chuck pressed forward, putting his hand on Todd's hip, moving his other onto Todd's firm ass and pulling him closer. "Think later. Fuck now." Chuck was working his fingers under Todd's butt, digging his able and urgent touch into Todd's hole.

Todd huffed out a breath. His hand moved over Chuck's muscular mound and found his nipple, rubbing the firm nub with his thumb. "Haven't you been wondering what this is all for?" He lifted his leg slightly, allowing Chuck's probing fingers easier access to his undercarriage.

Chuck moved closer still, whispering, "What what's for?" into Todd's ear before licking his neck.

Todd was losing concentration fast. "Eh... everything. What... what's the point of this experi... uh, ooh, experiment." His leg climbed onto Chuck's hip, he was trying to keep from getting hard, trying to keep his supply of lube from escaping and smearing them both in a clear glaze of warmth. He knew he could start it whenever he wanted. He could feel lips on his neck, on his shoulder. He could feel teeth biting his hard muscle. Chuck grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled hard, bending his head back as fingers dug deep inside his ass. Chuck was kissing his neck, licking the indent between his shoulder and his sternum. He could feel his friend's hardness pressing on his belly, feel his size and heat, feel the ridges of his mushroom helmet rubbing against his own tight abdominals. Chuck was so hard, so hot, so big.

Chuck pressed his advantage, seeking Todd's mouth with his own, feeling the velvet of Todd's smooth cheek against the rough shadow of his own, pulling Todd's firm, tight muscles against the swelling power of his own. He no longer questioned his drives, his wants, his desires. He knew what he wanted, and that he wanted Todd right now. "Shut up," he said, pushing his tongue into Todd's mouth, sucking Todd's lower lip between his teeth and biting it softly. He kissed him harder, one hand digging into Todd's ass, his other cradling Todd's head, holding him against his kiss, loving the wet anxiousness of that passion.

Todd gasped his name, but Chuck ignored him. "Don't worry," he growled, "I'm in charge."

Todd knew he could struggle, knew he could match Chuck's strength, maybe surpass it, but he didn't want to. Whatever he was thinking about, it was gone. He was sinking into some fantasy, giving himself over, letting someone else take the wheel for a change. Chuck's hot breath against him was like a tonic, a perfume, a fire. His hands were rough on his skin, his handling was firm and demanding. "you want... you want me... to..."

"I'm in charge," he rumbled again, pulling Todd's hair in emphasis. "You'll know what to do." He opened his mouth and pressed it against Todd's, pushing all his lust into the kiss, sucking and teasing and exploring. "No more words." •

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