By Also_KnownAs

The two huge men were forced to sit in the back of Chuck's pickup, the only vehicle able to accommodate their larger dimensions. The wind turned their towels into flapping flags that they held down, but the sun and air felt wondrous against their skin. To Todd, it was as if his exposed flesh was super naked. He could feel every sensation magnified. Chuck had a similar reaction, even to point of feeling the need to stand up and face into the wind as the doctor drove along a back road to the lab. As his hair fanned out behind him like a banner, he opened his towel to let the air circulate through his undercarriage, reveling in the sensation. "I never want to wear clothes again," he told Todd.

"I know exactly how you feel," his friend agreed, "but I'm not sure that's entirely realistic."

"Fuck realism," he answered, and he tossed the towel overboard.

"Hey! You owe me one bath sheet, asshole!"

Todd, still wearing his makeshift kilt, and a butt naked Chuck strode into a large room that seemed overwhelmingly white. Gleaming metal instruments sad silently around the floor and there was an antiseptic smell in the air. The doctor led them toward two tables surrounded by various devices. Immediately, he picked up a small pen-shaped instrument and held it up to Todd. "This is a laser tape. A sort of extremely accurate measuring tape." He demonstrated on himself. A schematic of a human figure appeared on a computer screen, subdivided into its various parts. He touched the pen to the figure's arm and then shined a thin red beam across his own forearm. "Where the beam is broken, the instrument makes a measurement." He showed them the display that clearly indicated how wide his arm was in centimeters. Todd nodded, remembering his earlier experiences with the device before receiving the serum. "Now, let's see how you really measure up."

He cleared the screen and typed in Todd's name. Then he methodically started to shine the beam across his dimensions, asking his to lift this arm, bend that knee, inquiring whether a muscle was relaxed or flexed. He took dozens of measurements and each time, a number attached itself to the matching part on the display and the figure's dimensions adjusted accordingly, growing more and more to resemble Todd's electronic shadow.

When he was done, he typed a few characters on the keyboard and saved the data. Then it was Chuck's turn. A new, clean figure appeared on the screen and the doctor began to change its dimensions to match Chuck's.

"Well," said Todd after that process was done, "any surprises?"

"Hmm? Oh, um, the data will have to be processed and compared. Chuck's original information is not stored in the system so we won't be able to measure the improvements in his case, but we have your old data here and we can take a look.

A page of data appeared on the screen with two silhouettes. The latter was obvious the Todd of today, and the other a picture of the old Todd. They were scaled to match and even here the difference was astounding. "Uh, what's this in English?"


Todd pointed at the figures. "In feet and inches."

"Oh. Yes." He pressed a few keys and the figures changed. Todd scanned them with a growing grin and Chuck whistled low. "Now the weight and ratio measurements. If you'll step over here please, gentlemen." He indicated what looked like a small metal platform. "This will..."

"This'll weigh us and also measure the fat content of our bodies, displaying that as a percentage of total body weight." Todd tapped his forehead. "See, I remember shit when I want to."

He stepped on the scale and the computer beeped after a moment. They went back to the screen to see the result.

Chuck read aloud, "previous weight, 254 lbs. Body fat ratio, 30%! Hell, Todd, you were a mess."

"I can remember someone else in the room who wasn't exactly..."

"Current weight, 277 lbs.! Body fat ratio, 12%. Well, that's certainly an improvement."

"Good God, Doc! Where did all the fat go? And I certainly don't feel like I weigh almost three hundred pounds. If anything I feel lighter, not heavier."

"The fat has been converted to muscle. Fat is merely the body's way of storing excess energy, and in your case we've modified that stored energy to protein, or muscle. Muscle fiber is also denser than fat, so an equal portion weighs considerably more."

"Yes, but... that much more?" He was feeling his chest, pushing at the dense fibers curiously.

"Don't forget that you're a little taller than you were, too." Todd stood up as if to emphasize his point.

"It does seem out of proportion. Perhaps subsequent tests will reveal how this is possible. Chuck?" The Doc motioned to the platform and Todd's friend stepped onto it. Another beep and the computer displayed the results.

Todd spluttered. "327 lbs.! 10% body fat!" He looked at his grinning friend. "That doesn't make any sense. No way he's got 50 pounds on me!"

"He appears to have more mass, but perhaps the length of time between your initial growth and the subsequent refinement via bodily fluid intake might account for it." He looked more closely at Chuck's arm, leaning toward it and pushing at the muscle with his finger. It did not budge. "Perhaps the reason for the difference in appearance also accounts... Chuck, could you step over to the weight bench, please?"

Chuck seemed more than happy to oblige. "I've been waiting for this part, to see just how strong all these good looks really are."

"We'll start with a bench press. Todd, would you load 400 lbs., please?"

Chuck spluttered. "400? Don't you think...?"

"Trust me. Ready Todd? All right Chuck."

Chuck wound his grip around the bar and prepared himself to grunt. His abdominal muscles tensed and swelled visibly as he started the lift in preparation for the strain, but they relaxed almost immediately and the bar went up very fast. "Are you sure you got the right weight on there, bud?"

Todd looked at the plates raised motionless in front of him. "400. On the nose."

The weights lowered with a crash. "I need more."

"How much?"

"Double it."

"You sure?"

Chuck was grinning broadly. "Eight hundred."

Todd moved the pin down, nodding when he had it in place. Chuck's grip tightened and he lifted again, a laugh escaping his lips. "This is too funny." He dropped the new weight and said, "go to 1,200."


"Yep. This is so totally fun, you can't believe it."


Chuck's arms bulged and his chest heaved. The fibers of each muscle stood out in bared power as he hefted the weight with slightly more strain but still considerable ease. He pumped out a few reps until it was clear that he'd grown used to the weight. The muscles of his body had slightly enlarged, pumped with fresh blood and growing to handle the increased weight. "More," he said.

"How much?"

"Another 400 lbs."

"You sure?"

"Oh, yeah." His grin verified what his voice was saying.

"Okay, that's 1,600 lbs. Go for it, bro."

One, two, ten, twenty reps. His chest was red, the muscle mass swollen and angry. Thirty reps. Fifty. Chuck's arms were blown up like balloons. He was using his whole body to lift the weight. His 8-pack looked like a cobblestone street. Seventy reps. He was still grinning, though. Eighty. His body was working to perfection, doing whatever he required of it.

One hundred. He let the weights rest.

Gaining his feet, Chuck was bouncing slightly with excitement and energy. Todd's face was a mask of amazement and something else. Envy? Chuck had never felt anything like this. It was different from the absolute pleasure of the orgasm from his giant hard-on, this was no less complete but a different kind of joy. The joy of strength and power and size. "Wow," he said, "that was amazing."

"Look at yourself, Chuck." Todd's voice was a quiet earthquake.


Todd grabbed one shoulder and spun the man around. What he saw in the mirror made him stop dead. "Holy..."

He was the very picture of muscular perfection. His chest was piled with strength. His arms swollen with power and muscle. Like a roadmap of the male physique, all his muscles stood out in sharp, clear definition. The term 'shredded' was only a hint at what he looked like. Lifting his arm, his shoulder suddenly loomed next to his broad neck like a bowling ball. Bending his elbow, his bicep jumped into power, the head of the muscle splitting into two separate displays of absolute force. He felt an intense energy running through him as if he could take on the world, wrestle a bull to the ground, ride a rocket to the stars. "What the hell..."

"Step onto the scales again, please."

He sleepwalked over to the platform, his head turned to watch his body retreat in the mirror. God, his ass looked great. Stepping up, after a moment the computer beeped again and Todd was scratching his chin in obvious befuddlement. "How is that possible?"


"I'm not sure."

"What? What?" Chuck dismounted and looked at the measurements. The screen read 354 lbs. 8% body fat. He had gained 30 pounds, all of it without a doubt in pure, massive muscle. He bent his arm again and grinned when the huge bicep split cleanly at its peak. "Wow," he said, "I'm buff."

"Metabolism," said the doctor.

"Huh?" said Todd.

"Chuck's metabolism has apparently been altered to such an extent that it is turning any available energy - fat - into muscle as it is needed. I can't think of any other way this could be possible."

"What about me?" Todd's fists were on his hips. "What about my needs?"

"One way to find out."

They went back to the weight bench. "Start me at 800, Chuck, you muscle monster."

"Okee dokee."

In short order, Todd was up to 1,600 lbs. like his friend, but not satisfied just to match him. "Go for it," he said after 40 reps.

"One ton?"

He nodded, grinning. "I can do it. I know I can."

And after 50 reps of 2,000 pounds, Todd let the weights fall and stood up, his body displaying fresh new power along its lines. Even though he hadn't used his legs, even his thighs and calves looked bigger, fuller, more massive. He stretched his arms over his head, the curves of his triceps swelling along the undersides, then brought them down into a tight double-bi that would have sent the Mr. Olympia judges into ecstatic frenzy. "Wow, that feels great." He pushed for just that much more, tensing the muscle tighter still until it bulged hard and red, pumped full to bursting.

"Always have to do better than me, doncha?" Chuck was leaning leisurely against the wall, his huge arms folded across his immense chest.

Todd's smile blazed. He tried to present a few poses like the bodybuilders did, but he'd never tried before and it ended up looking a little silly. He was feeling the swell and hardness in his arms and chest as he stepped back onto the scales for a second measurement. "How'd I turn out?"

"Not bad, big guy," Chuck admitted. "322 lbs. A 50 pound gain in about 30 minutes. And body fat down to... 6%."

"Damn. Maybe I should go again."

Chuck laid a meaty arm across his friend's broader shoulders. "It's not a competition, you know."

"Chuck, everything's a competition."

His friend smiled. "Does that mean I win?"

The doctor seemed confused. Maybe even upset. He was looking at the figures he'd just taken, studying the comparison charts. "Something wrong, Doc?" Todd's vice was a deep rumble, a smooth roar of masculine power. The two naked men, walked up on either side of the elderly man, leaning down to read the screen which looked the same.

"My measurements are all incorrect in light of," he paused, gazing toward one and then the other of his subjects, "recent activity."

Chuck rubbed his washboard belly absently to kill an itch in the chilly room. "Sorry about that, Doc." His voice, though only slightly less baritone than his friend's, still might have shaken the ceiling tiles with ease.

The little man turned, adjusting the glasses on his nose. "How do you both feel?" Todd straightened, his muscles rearranging themselves along his frame in a massive show of perfect power. "Fantastic."

Chuck smiled, scrubbing his hand through the wealth of midnight locks covering his head and cascading down to his butt. "Ditto. Seriously, I mean, do we look like we'd say anything else?"

"Well, not to put too fine a point on things, but I was wondering if you were having any thoughts of a sexual notion."

"Oh, you mean the monster." Chuck hefted his huge uncut meat, waving its foot of sex flesh at the man.

Todd laughed slightly, petting his own slightly less showy giant's 10 inches fondly. "I'm ready when you are, Doc. Just say the word."

"I should very much like to collect samples of the emissions, if I may."

Todd had to laugh again at the little man's oddly detached attitude toward what had been happening. "Fine by me." Chuck nodded and was already stroking himself to erection, holding the thick root of his manhood in one hand while the other gave slow, steady caresses to the shaft. Todd's touch seemed to be petting his cock as if it were a snake to be charmed to attention.

Both methods worked, no matter what the technique. While Todd closed his eyes, apparently concentrating on the pleasures of his flesh, Chuck's eyes cast down to watch with an intense fascination as his prick started to grow thicker and longer, the helmet emerging slowly from his foreskin, almost seeming to inflate. He rubbed his thumb under the ridged lip, urging it on until a swelling bubble of clear liquid appeared at the eye. "Here I go, Doc," he said, as the dome turned into a drizzling flow, like a thin thread of glass falling from the slowly pulsing beast.

Todd's streams did not begin until his cock was angling itself upward, but when it started the flow was sudden and thick, streaming over the head and shaft to coat his meat like honey. "Me, too," he said, opening his eyes. His cock was pumping the fluid in a steady, even current as if a spigot had been turned on. Chuck's started slowly but was catching up quickly, and soon both men had burgeoning erections shining with a slick film that flowed down the contours and over the men's balls before gathering in a pool on the floor.

The doctor gathered a healthy sample from each man, holding a glass vial under their nutsack until he seemed satisfied and then held two more empty vials for the second emissions about to be loosed. "I'm ready when you are, gentlemen."

"So good," moaned Chuck, his slow stroking continuing unabated as if the man had not spoken. "Feels so fucking good."

Todd nodded an agreement, biting his bottom lip. His flows seemed to increase suddenly, the clear honey of the lubricant pouring out of his prick. "My balls are burning," he said. The doctor believed that was probably an overstatement, but he did observe the Same swelling that he'd seen before. Each of Todd's testes was growing larger and larger as if filled to bursting with their cargo. The man's penis had increased dramatically in size in the last few moments, and the doctor assumed that ejaculation was imminent.

"So good, oh God, so good," Chuck moaned again.

The doctor stood back as Todd's load unleashed, a sudden hard fountain of thick white fluid that arced high overhead in the lab, coming back down partly mingling with the clear puddle. Waiting until it had all been released, the doctor gathered a Jeffple of the unmixed white fluid - he did not think it was semen - into a vial and then looked at Chuck's genitals.

"Oh, God," Chuck said again, and Todd looked over as he recovered from his own third orgasmic release of the day, of the morning, and saw something his eyes told him was impossible.

Chuck was slowly stroking his meat, his hands and prick coated with an unending flow of the clear lube, his cock swollen red and glassy hard, but the guy's balls were huge. They were pressing themselves against each other, against his thighs, swelling as he watched them. "Jesus, Chuck, let go already. You're gonna break your balls!"

Chuck moaned long and low. His nipples were swollen and hard on his mammoth chest. Even in the chill of the lab, he was sweating. "So good, oh man, yes, yes, yes..."

"I mean it, Chuck, blow your load or something bad's..."

"Ahhhhh..." His balls ballooned. They were on fire. His body shook. "Ahhhhhh..." Then he came.

He threw his head back and arched his back, shoving his enormous erection up and the thick, white fluid erupted as if from a volcano. The doctor and Todd both watched in stunned amazement as the man's balls slowly receded, his great load rushing up and out in an unending, extensive ejaculation. Todd could hardly imagine what Chuck felt like as his dam burst in one, long flood.

Finally it ended, and Chuck doubled over laughing, still hanging on to the overwhelming currents of erotic bliss that shook him from head to toe and in every fiber of his being. "Better and better," was all he said.

The doctor scooped some of Chuck's flood into another vial and placed it on a tray with the others, taking all the samples to another table.

Chuck was looking at his wealth of essence on the floor, seemingly debating whether he wanted another dose. Todd was already spreading a thin coat of the mixture on his skin, humming some tune softly. Chuck thought it might have been Whistle While You Work. With a shrug, he followed his friend's example muttering, "couldn't hurt."

The doctor was already analyzing Todd's two samples, watching a screen to see what the results would be. When he turned, he watched as the two men's physiques began to change yet again, and he shook his head ruefully. It was another refinement, or rather a re-refinement that was taking place, as each man's newly grown muscles were again made smooth, perfectly proportioned, beautifully symmetrical. Idealized versions of the human male, now even more muscled and powerful. Todd was seeming to wash his face in the stuff, and Chuck followed suit after a moment.

The doctor turned back to his studies and pursed his lips. Momentarily, the two men were on either side of him. He could feel a heat emanating from each. "These are the results from your samples, Todd. I think..." he began, then paused as he turned and looked at the man. Though his face had only slightly altered, the differences were striking. He looked almost too beautiful, now. He thought that any woman - indeed, any man or woman who gazed at his face would have a hard time not swooning or fainting. All he said, though, was, "Interesting." Todd's new face was a dark beauty, with long thick lashes and lush, full lips. His skin was darker, his complexion Mediterranean. The golden curls of his mane only accented his sculpted magnificence.

One of Todd's perfectly shaped brows arched. "What?"

Chuck looked over. "Wow, Todd."

"What?" He looked up, and swallowed hard. "Jesus, Chuck."

The doctor looked over as well, and Chuck's bronzed beard-shadowed face had been replaced with one as beautiful, if different, as Todd's. The line of his cheek was more defined, the jaw more straight, the nose more aquiline. His eyes were a piecing deep green, like emeralds. Not a crease or a line marked him anywhere.

"You want me to fuck you now or fuck you later?" Todd's ice blue eyes flashed and he wiggled his blonde brows.

"Later. Go ahead, Doc."

"Ahem. Well, this is the clear fluid. As you can see, it is mostly enzymes and proteins. No sugars at all, which explains its high viscosity."

"It's huh?"

"Why it's so slippery, dummy." Todd rapped Chuck's head.

"And this," he said, the screen changing, "is the white fluid. Which appears to me to be... sperm."


He nodded. "As far as I can tell, yes. Now, when we combine the two, an interesting chemical reaction takes place." Another screen appeared. "As you can see here."

"I can?" Chuck got another thwap on his head.

"This is an odd assortment of proteins and enzymes, including a rather extraordinarily high amount of testosterone, which is to be expected, but what interests me is this table, here."

"And... what is that?"

"This appears to be recombinant DNA."

"It's what?"

"Yes, your genetic structure is being altered with each, uh, application."


"I'm not actually sure. But from the appearance," he said, gazing back and forth, "it doesn't appear to be detrimental."

"But why is that happening? And why is it affecting us like this?" Chuck stood up and held his arms out, illustrating exactly what he meant by 'this,' displaying the perfected male beauty of his new form.

"Again, I can't say for certain. We knew the serum would react positively in the male system, enhancing certain functions concerning muscle development, sexuality, virility, et cetera. Perhaps it was something in your own make-up, Todd, that has created this chemical reaction that brings on the, well, remarkable development which we have witnessed."

"And this will keep happening? Every time? How is that possible?"

"It's impossible to say what will happen, but based on observation of reaction to date I don't see a reason that it would stop."

"So, we'll just keep getting bigger? Stronger?" Chuck's tone didn't sound like he minded that possibility.

"Stronger, possibly. Bigger... less certain. I believe that much of the weight gain we saw earlier was not in muscle mass, but rather muscle density."

"In English?"

"You have more muscle, therefore more strength, and we saw a certain amount of growth but certainly not enough to account for a gain of 30 pounds, as in your case, Todd. Instead, I believe that you are realizing an increased amount of muscle but it is, um, super condensed. More muscle fiber in a smaller amount of space. You therefore weigh more and are able to exert more strength and pressure, but your appearance changed only slightly other than the first remarkable growth."

"And that first growth?"

"Is your body expanding as far as possible to accommodate... you must understand this is all conjecture on my part, based only on the evidence at hand."

"So, stronger and more powerful, but not musclebound."


"And the other... the face and the other physical enhancements"

"The 'we're beautiful motherfuckers' part, he means."

"Thanks loads, Chuck."

"Genetic imperative, I imagine."

"You lost me again."

"Any species relies on propagation to survive. The most powerful, the most capable members of that species pass on their genetic advantages to benefit the entire species. I suppose your physical beauty could be a manifestation of that survival trait."


"More people want to fuck us."

"Oh." Chuck was grinning. "That probably explains..."


"Well, remember this morning when I walked in, and I was acting..."

"You were acting totally weird, yeah I remember."

"Well, it was because when I saw you, when we were in that room together, it took everything in me not to hump your bones and suck your beautiful dick right there."

"Beg pardon?" Todd looked perplexed. The doctor was nodding.

"Yeah, it was like... heat and you were giving off... this scent that just drove me... I tell you, Todd, I could hardly control myself. And I'm deadset hetero."

"Uh huh."

"But now I'm here with you and, I gotta say you look better than ever and I'd still suck that cock in a minute, but I'm not feeling that Same drive." He looked at the doctor. "But you're not feeling anything?"

"I must admit that I can sense a sort of... tugging toward you. But I'm a bit past my prime as far as the mating rituals go."

"You want to suck my dick?"

Chuck shrugged. "That's one prime piece of horse hanging there."


"It's strange, I admit. I've never really considered anything like that before, but there's just something about how you're standing, how it's hanging, something so beautiful and perfect about it that I want to, you know, have it. Stroke it. Suck it."

The doctor looked at Todd. "Any confessions of your own?"

"Well, I mean," he started slowly, scanning his best friend's proportions, how his chest rose and fell, those huge rosy nipples, the swell of his arms and legs, the thick tube of meat and the perfectly shaped balls. He started to think about nuzzling them, smelling them, running his tongue up the long, long shaft and teasing the head free of the foreskin. "Maybe," he said.


Chuck's smile lit his dark features. He spoke directly to Todd, now, explaining himself. "It's like, I mean, I love fucking. I totally love sliding into some girl's beautiful wet pussy. I love eating her out, licking her and making her more and more wet. And I have no doubt that I still want to do some of that business, although, from the shape of things - or, rather, the size - maybe that's not as possible as it once was." He sighed. "But this is something else. Not exactly sex, more like possession. Or maybe it's only sex, and not fucking. Or only pleasure, and not sex. But I feel like, I feel like if I could suck that dick of yours, if I could pull you into my mouth and rake my teeth across your shaft, tongue your leaking slit, lick your balls as they swelled with your power. If I could feel your muscles, feel your weight against me, supporting you, caressing your skin, playing with your tits. Man, I mean, you know? I mean, it's just totally hot. A hot feeling."

"So, you're saying you want to suck my cock. I mean, I'm just..." Todd's gaze moved down his friend's body. Something about his stance now, his ready position. He was breathing heavier, he was licking his lips slowly. Did he know he was caressing his own chest, that his fingers played along the line between the globes, that his nipples were enlarging? Did he realize how hot he looked standing there like that, how fine and shiny his hair looked, how deeply jade his eyes were? "...trying to make sure I understand."

"I'll suck your dick better than anyone's ever sucked any cock before. I'll suck you to heaven and back. I'll suck your cock and drive you insane and I still won't stop." Chuck was already lowering himself to his knees.


"And then you're gonna suck me dry." His tongue poked between his full lips and wound itself around his shaft. He moved his mouth along its length, placing soft wet kisses teasingly at each inch. He bent low, his body suddenly sinuous and sensual, and looked up through a cascade of dark hair at his friend's eyes as he opened his mouth and pulled Todd's monster inside.

Todd could feel Chuck's ministrations intensely. He was being swallowed whole, deep throated, and if this was truly Chuck's first attempt at sucking a dick he would surely turn pro immediately. His teeth tightened on the girth, and Todd felt his flow begin. Chuck's grin spilled a drizzle of clear fluid, and he started moving his mouth up and down, sucking like a Hoover. There was so much lube that it spilled down the shaft, already engorged and throbbing, but Chuck was swallowing some of that fluid, too.

Todd released a moan. Damn, Chuck was true to his word.

The clear flow spilled down Chuck's chin and neck, coating his chest in a glistening glaze. Todd closed his eyes to concentrate on the incredible blow job going on down below. The doctor, after a moment of observation, decided it might be better if he observed from a more discrete vantage point. After all, this was something else that was unexpected, assuming that both subjects had shown no previous interest in homosexual sex. How far would they go? Were all inhibitions lost? And was this a drive they each felt, or was it simply that the lack of a female sexual partner had forced Chuck to... so many questions!

Todd moaned again. Todd moaned a lot, Chuck thought. But damn this was hot.

Todd's skin in his hands was silky smooth, soft yet supple. And he could feel the writhing muscle just under the surface, the power and strength coursing there. The feel of the warm lube over his chest was making him even hornier, instead of less.

"What are you... what... oh... uh, uh.... Mmmmm..."

Chuck raked his teeth along Todd's prick. The slick lube was salty, almost spicy. The male scent, like sweat and musk, swam deeply through his senses. But Todd was getting too big to handle in this position. Chuck wrapped his lips around the shaft, sucking against the stiffening cock, feeling it swell, feeling its heat increase. "We need to make a few adjustments if you want me to finish this," he said. His fingers dug into Todd's ass flesh, squeezing a further swelling of growth into the meat.

"Whuh... why did you stop?"

Chuck's lips twisted into a half grin as he slid his hand along Todd's monster, moving his grip up its length and rubbing the tip of his thumb under the ridge of the helmet. "You're getting a little large, my man. Unless you want this thing," he nodded toward the burgeoning beast, slipping his grip back down its length again, "punching through the top of my skull, we need you on the floor."

Todd smiled then, too. Chuck licked the length of his pole, forcing Todd to suck in a deep breath through pursed lips. "You're the boss," he said between clenched teeth.

Chuck squeezed Todd's cock tightly. "Believe it." As Todd kneeled, Chuck moved his hands across his friend's impressive contours, leaving a slick trail of Todd's juice across his glowing coppery skin. The touch lingered at his nipples, and he pinched them in unison.

Todd's rippled abdomen retracted, then relaxed. His smile increased and he closed his eyes, allowing Chuck to take control of the situation. He seemed to know what he was doing. His deep voice rumbled softly. "You sure you've never done this with another guy, before?"

"You want to have a conversation," Chuck asked, moving down Todd's reclining form toward his still lengthening meat, "or you want me to suck you dry?" He didn't wait for an answer.

Again, Todd felt himself sliding down Chuck's throat. It was warm and wet and slippery. It was a pussy with teeth and a tongue. How Chuck could take him so deeply and still manage to breathe was something Todd intended to ask him.


His eyes still closed, he felt Chuck's weight moving across him, lying atop him, the muscles of their bodies pressing against each other, the hemispheres of Chuck's massive chest on Todd's heaving rippled belly. Chuck was straddling Todd, his knees bent, his ass pointed at Todd's chin. Todd opened one eye, spying Chuck's muscular butt moving slowly back and forth as his friend's mouth fucked his cock. His friend's dangling prick, semi-hard from what he could only assume was Chuck's earnest ministrations, dragged along the crevasse of his own chest, painting a streaming trail of clear lube in the deep valley of muscle.

Grinning, Todd bent an arm, sensing again the deep satisfaction of the power held in his bicep as it inflated, and moved his grip onto his friend's ass. Then his other hand, too. He began to knead the muscular flesh, teasing the edge of his asshole with a brush of his thumbs, then he dipped down to collect some of his friend's natural lube and pushed his finger inside, fingering Chuck's hole.

His friend's sphincter closed on his digit, then opened and invited further investigation. Todd knew what this felt like, having sometimes fingered his own anus as he jerked off in the privacy of his shower. He leaned up, feeling aroused now both below the belt from the intensity of Chuck's oral attention, and now above the shoulders, his eyes drinking in the tanned globes of the beautiful ass inches in front of his face. Chuck's balls swung back and forth in a semi-circle around his smooth, thick cock. A single thick vein snaked along the shaft like a trace of dark stone on a marble column. Todd leaned forward, his abdominals swelling into power to support his massive upper body, and he laid soft kisses all around Chuck's rosy asshole before darting his tongue forward to lick the salty sweat off. Chuck moaned, and Todd felt it reverberate along his stiff cock. Todd could feel his load building to climax. He would have bet that the lube was flowing like a river, now, and he reached to cup Todd's suddenly swelling balls in his hands and squeezed them slightly, then marveled when they enlarged in his hands, feeling them inflate like water balloons filling with his friend's potent seed. He pulled Todd's cheeks wider and plunged his tongue inside, then reached underneath and started to stroke his swiftly growing prick, now swelling and hardening with almost magical speed. Todd's balls continued to expand, dropping lower and growing bigger with every heartbeat.

Todd tightened his own asshole against cumming. He was so deep inside Chuck he thought his cock head was probably tickling his friend's gullet. He felt huge, hot and hard as steel. He was eating out Chuck's ass like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch.

Chuck sucked like a Hoover on Todd's fat prick. He wanted to swallow him whole. He felt a sudden swelling all the way down his throat and knew that Todd was finally surrendering his load. The excitement and erotic charge of the anticipation set off his own alarms, and he could feel the quicksilver surge of his own seed as it began racing up his own engorged member.

They came together, Todd unloading into Chuck's hungry mouth and Chuck spraying his charge all over Todd's belly and crotch, down his legs and under him, coating his ass and thighs.

"Interesting," said the doctor. It was the first thing he'd said during the nearly 15 minute suck and stroke session.

Chuck felt Todd's heat spreading inside him. It was like swallowing lava, like feeling the sun flowing into him. It was life itself, it was getting an erotic charge direct from the source.

Todd felt his orgasm grow overwhelming, the joy flooding his heat pushing everything else out until something hot and wet spread itself all over him, gushing across his skin like sizzling cream.

Chuck's orgasm was a crescendo in time to sucking his friend off. His entire body, inside and out, shook with an intensity of pleasure and fulfillment he'd only touched before. How it could possibly feel better than it had felt before was beyond imagining. He wondered for a moment if this cycle could continue, if it could possibly feel better still the next time, but the thought was obliterated when the heat inside unexpectedly grew incandescent and he threw himself off Todd's cock and rolled onto his back on the cold floor, grabbing his belly and folding in on himself.

As Chuck rolled off of him, Todd's skin felt as if it were on fire. Wherever Chuck's juices coated him, his flesh blazed as if dipped in acid. His hands clenched into fists, his back arched high, his muscles clenched and reddened with strain.

The doctor rushed over, placing his hand on Todd's shoulder and called his name, but there was no response. He gazed at Chuck, who was exhibiting similar distress, and noted that the other man's body was as red as if the man had lain in the sun too long. The redness emanated from his midsection, but within moments his entire form was on fire.

All of Chuck's emissions, which had coated Todd's skin and the floor around them, were being drawn into Todd. Everywhere it touched, that same redness grew and spread.

Both men's forms twisted in seeming agony.

Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, Todd grew suddenly still, panting heavily, the red of his flesh dimming. Chuck, almost at the same time, also relaxed visibly, his eyes closed, air drawn into his lungs in short, deep breaths.

"Transference?" The doctor's brows fell together as he attempted to piece together what was happening. "Always before, each had drawn on his own emissions." He mused aloud, grabbing the pad and pen from his pocket as he mumbled. "I observed each man performing sexual activities with the others, when no homosexual proclivities had previously manifested." He tapped the pen against his lip before continuing. "That I know of. However, neither subject showed any hesitation nor self consciousness once the interaction was taking place. Indeed, the subject of the volunteered fellatio engaged in analingus with the partner halfway through the ministrations.

"This may suggest one of two things." He paused, looking down at the two men's muscled forms, still seemingly passed out on the floor. "Perhaps both. The absence of a female caused their enhanced libidos to overcome previous sexual preferences and encourage suppressed homosexual urges already present in order to satisfy overwhelming sexual need. Or, each male had an unconscious desire to exchange sexual emissions with the other as some act heretofore unobserved in connection with the formula and we are moving to a new and unknown territory in the experiment.

"Both subjects exhibited sudden and unexplained pain immediately following simultaneous ejaculation and..."

"Ohhhh, my head."

"My body."

"Yeah, that too."

The doctor stopped writing and looked down as each man stirred back to wakefulness.

Todd and Chuck each lay on their backs on the floor. The doctor said, as if to himself, "I observe no immediate physical changes as have previously manifested immediately following any sexual discharge." Then, his voice more animated, "How do you feel?"

"Which one of us?"

"Either of you. Chuck, you ingested Todd's entire ejaculation."

"Are you congratulating me or making an observation?" Chuck sat up, a relief map of muscle popping into power on his stomach as he did so.

"Well if it's not a congratulations, Chuck, consider yourself thanked." Todd rolled over to his side, looking at his friend. "That was the best blow job I've ever had, my man. You are one killer cocksucker."

"Coming from a man who's cock nearly killed me, I'll take that as a compliment."


"No, really Chuck. That thing you did with your teeth?"

"Under the ridge? On the underside?" Todd nodded, then gave a thumbs up, his white teeth flashing into a broad smile. Chuck shrugged. "Just something I picked up somewhere. But you! Todd, man, where did you ever learn that asshole routine?"

"The rimming?" Todd's muscled shoulders mirrored Chuck's shrug. "Just something I picked up somewhere."

"Gentlemen, please..."

"You feeling okay?"

Chuck's eyes narrowed for a moment as he did an internal check. Then he nodded slowly. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay." He was suddenly on his feet, rising with a gymnast's grace and agility. "Great, in fact!" He looked down to check himself out, moving his hands across his bulging contours. A spill of black silk cascaded forward and he held it aside, his fingers dancing across his belly's 8-pack, his slim hips, his ample cock. His voice sounded slightly disappointed when he said, "no changes, though."

Todd rose as well, moving with catlike grace. His dark skin was like bronze, the muscles moving beneath the flesh with consummate power and beauty. He lifted one leg up, watching the muscles of his thigh burst into power, then continued to lift it, a look of wonder on his face. His leg lifted perpendicular to his body, stretching to reach over his head. He stood motionless, effortlessly holding his leg against his body, the foot wiggling overhead. "Wow, this is pretty amazing."

"Shit," said Chuck, who followed suit and found his body equally ready to obey. "Shouldn't this hurt, like, a lot?"

"I would think so, but...." Todd was moving his body in graceful arcs, realizing that he now had an unnaturally flexible frame. "It doesn't." He bent over backwards, his powerful body allowing the movement to progress at an inhumanly slow pace, each finger of muscle taking over as needed, his body reacting to the demands he placed on it without seeming effort or strain. He performed a handstand, keeping perfectly still, not a tremble anywhere, then did a series of pushups from that position, his triceps bulging with fierce brawn, his shoulders bunching and flexing, moving up and down as if someone else were holding his feet and dipping him. Then with a flip through the air, he alighted back on his feet again, perfectly.

Chuck was grinning broadly. "You know what this means, right?" Todd arched a perfect brow in question as Chuck raised his finger, drawing the other man's attention as he bent over, folding in half, opening his mouth and sucking his own prick inside, a joyful moaning coming from him in lengthy satisfaction.

Todd puffed out a sudden quick breath. "Shit, now I'll never get any work done."

The doctor was quickly scribbling in his book, then said, "Any other new, erm, talents?"

"Chuck? Chuck. You wanna stop blowing yourself for a minute and..."

"Not really, no."

"You can't possibly be ready to cum again so soon."

"Aren't you?"

Todd considered the question a moment, and almost immediately a very discernable swelling came over his member, each beat of his powerful heart sending renewed heat and size into it. The head was dropping lower and blooming like a rosebud. "Oh. I guess so."

The doctor was writing in his notebook. "Almost constant arousal at will." He looked up, "At will?"

"What?" Todd looked up from his enlarging meat. Chuck stood with his arms folded across his mammoth furry chest, looking self-satisfied with himself.

"You can, in a manner of speaking, turn it on at will. Can you also turn it off?"

Chuck's mouth quirked in a sideways grin. "Sure, but why would we want to?"

Todd realized Chuck was right again, and as if he had turned off a spigot of desire, his prick was returning to its more natural state as suddenly as it had begun growing. He was grinning too, thinking that his definition of a natural state had changed dramatically over the last few hours.

"Control over bodily functions seems complete and total. Very..."

"Interesting. Yeah, we know that, Doc." Chuck walked toward Todd and threw his arm across his friend's shoulder, gesturing to include them both in his next statement. "And we're gorgeous and horny and hung like the proverbial horse." He jabbed his thumb into the thick meat of his own chest, not denting it in the slightest. "But as you'll recall, I never signed up for this... this... experiment of yours."

Todd's perfect features frowned. "You're complaining? You have got to be kidding me."

"Okay, reality check bro." Chuck stepped away from his friend, moving his hand down to heft the one-foot length of his substantial prick in his hand. "What the hell is this good for?"

"Okay, once again, you have got to be kidding me."

"I'm serious. Sure, I can suck myself off. I assume you can suck me off since I can suck you off."

"Yes, yes you can."

Chuck grinned in spite of himself. "That's not the point."

"Then, I'm still missing the point."

In an instant, Chuck was suddenly erect. To Todd and the doctor, it was as if someone had suddenly inflated his cock with an air hose. One minute, Chuck's impressive 12-incher was hanging thickly between his smoothly muscled thighs, the helmet hidden under the cowl of his foreskin. The next, he was sporting a 2-foot woody, his prick engorged and amazing, standing stiffly at attention. The head was red and glossy, the shaft as thick as a beer can, the skin stretched taut and shiny. "How'm I ever going to fuck anybody with this thing?" He turned profile to more amply display his assets. "I have a damned firepole between my legs. I could jack up a semi with this thing."

"How'd you..?"

His balls joined the party, swelling large and round as rapidly as his cock had erected itself to its current state of bloated bliss. He shifted his feet wider to account for the baseballs suddenly hanging heavy with ripeness under his prick. "And these things." He gestured at them, and they grew even bigger. "Who's not going to run screaming from me when they start swelling up like balloons?" In emphasis, they grew just that much larger before the entire collection of Chuck's genitalia returned to their normal impressive though flaccid state.

"Chuck?" "Todd?" he mimicked.

"What did you just do?"

"What? This?" And again, in magic transformation, where there had been a beautiful 12-inch cock and a set of ample balls, there was a rock-hard erection standing at full mast rising above two of the most impressive nuts - well, grapefruit - on the planet before there was just Chuck and his amazing cock again. "That's nothing."

Todd wrinkled his forehead and, sort of half-heartedly, his own cock slowly extended and enlarged, the growth increasing rapidly until he was sporting his own blue steel stiffy. He touched it tentatively and was rewarded with the familiar deep shock of erotic pleasure. He pursed his lips, glanced away, and a steady flow of clear lube gushed from the tip to coat the masterpiece of male potency. "Cool," he said.

"Yeah, whatever." He turned to the doctor. "So, while Cockzilla here amuses himself with his amazing self-lubricating erection, answer me that, Herr doctor. Am I ever going to get some pussy again?"


Chuck crossed his arms over his chest. The doctor thought that it seemed like the man's shoulders grew just a bit larger. Todd's deep voice was as smooth as glass. "That would be nice."

"The human vagina was never meant to accommodate anything of your size. The chances that you will again enjoy a male-female sexual relationship including vaginal intercourse are... unlikely."

"Uh huh."

"Which is not to say that it's impossible. I'm told many women are attracted to large male genitals, and I don't think I'd be wrong to say that with one possible exception, there are no larger male genitals to be found than those with which you are equipped."

"Hey, this is neat!"

Chuck and the doctor looked over to watch an amazing and wholly unbelievable display. Todd's body was altering before their eyes.

He was the Todd they had both become familiar with, at first. An inhumanly beautiful man with darkly tanned skin, a flowing mane of wavy gold locks, ice blue eyes, a narrow nose and full, sensuous lips. As they watched, Todd's head of hair darkened to chestnut, and then to black. His skin turned from a deep, dark bronze to a golden brown. His eyes even altered, becoming emerald green. Small refinements over his facial features and body continued until there seemed to be another man standing before them. A man who could be identified as Todd if you knew what Todd looked like, but the figure of a man with enough differences in appearance and stature that he wasn't Todd anymore.

His hair was just as long and full, his body as well muscled and bursting with health, his skin still glowing under the lab lights, but he wasn't Todd anymore until his familiar, albeit deeper than normal, voice came out of the new mouth. "Cool, huh?"

"Okay. I give up. How's that possible?"

Chuck was probably asking the doctor, who seemed as dumbfounded as he was, but it was Todd who answered. "Search me. I was playing with the dick thing, making myself hard and soft and hard again, and I started to wonder if I could get a foreskin like yours, because I think it looks kinda sexy. Sort of." Chuck arched an eyebrow and checked out his cock as Todd continued. "And as I wondered that, it just happened. I had a foreskin." And just as quickly as he said it, he had one again. The flesh of his cock just extended down while its overall length stayed the Same, gifting him with a snug collar of skin that hooded the head of his prick. "So that set off my imagination and I started thinking, like, 'I wonder what it would be like to have black hair.' Or red hair!" And his hair changed again, turning strawberry blonde. "Or what if I had more hair on my body." And he did, a carpet of hair spreading from between the muscles of his chest and moving outward like a fur tide, then down, over his belly, spreading wide on his groin, his mane growing darker again to match this new garden of curls growing over his muscled torso. "Or no hair at all."

And it all fell out. All of it. And he stood there, bald and completely hairless, his skin bronzed, his features back to original Todd-ness, a forest of hair at his feet.

"Muscles and skin," murmured the doctor. "Huh?" said Todd and Chuck at the Same time.

"You can't grow shorter, correct?"

Todd tried and nothing happened. "Looks like not."

"Nor taller."

Again, "Nope."

The doc nodded. "The changes you manifested are likely an extension of the new total control side-effect. You're able to change any physical characteristic of your body as far as your muscles and skin will allow, Therefore, pigmentation, follicle stimulation, alterations to your musculature. But not skeletal. They are all extensions of what..."

"Hey, that would mean..." Chuck glanced down, and his cock shrunk as they all watched. Ten inches. Eight. Six. Four. Then it bloomed to twelve again, extending out and down like an unfurling tongue. "I'm happy again."

"Because you can fuck?"

"Because I can fuck and because I look like this." Then his features started to change, his hair turning a familiar shade of blonde, growing curly, his skin growing darker, his musculature slimming slightly, his eyes changing from green to ice blue, almost silver.

"Hey! You're me!"

"Hey, I'm whoever I want to be!"

Then, as the doctor watched, the two men began a series of rapid metamorphoses, changing body type, complexion, hair and eye color, hair style, body hair developing over one set of muscles, then another, the floor beneath them looking like a summer lawn covered with dark cuttings.


Todd's nipples grew suddenly huge, hair again sprouted on his head cropped close in a flattop. His arms and shoulders began bulging with thick striations. The separation between the hemispheres of his chest deepened by the inch as he allowed the power buried inside his muscles to manifest as increased size. He appeared to be expanding as if inflating with brawn. His upper arms grew obscenely huge, his back finally joining the jamboree as his lats blossomed wider and thicker.


Chuck grew a mustache and beard, his hair dark and hanging to his shoulders. His body grew hair everywhere, a wealth of silken curls carpeting a body packed with dense muscles, hard and massive and raw. Thick veins began twining across his bulging contours like snakes.

"Gentlemen, please!"

Each man eyed the other and as if they came to some silent agreement of competition, their cocks suddenly began to burgeon, lengthening themselves to ungodly, impossible spans. Veins began popping on their loins, crawling up their bellies thicker, filled with the hot blood necessary to feed their beasts to engorgement. More veins, big and small, webbed the shafts that continually solidified and expanded. The heads bloomed and swelled, larger and larger still.


They both looked over at the doctor, suddenly aware of their rivalry. They were sporting mammoth appendages, reaching beyond their knees, thick as their arms. They had giant cocks almost cartoonish in appearance, overly developed and impractical for anything, but amazingly potent and feral hanging from their loins in overripe abundance. Thick, firm shafts like third legs leading down to drooping helmets as big as fists, smooth and perfectly formed. "Oops," said Todd sheepishly.

"Still," said Chuck, holding up his enormity with both hands, muscles bulging on his arms with the effort, "that's pretty impressive if you ask me."

Todd had to nod an agreement. "Sorta gross, though."

Chuck's dick shrunk down to a more manageable size. It looked like a tape measure was rewinding into its holder. Todd's followed suit soon after. "Something to keep in mind should we ever need it, though."

Todd was refining his overall look to one that suited him for the time being. It looked, not surprisingly, very close to how he'd looked before anything started changing. "And what, pray tell, would that situation be?"

Chuck had also returned to his previous raven-haired god incarnation, although he seemed to like a little more fur on his muscles than before. "I don't know. Taking a piss in a biker bar. Imagine seeing one of those in the stall next to you!" Todd smiled. "That would put things into perspective, I suppose."

"Are we all quite finished?"

Todd looked down and, making a gesture as a man would if he were adjusting himself in his briefs, tugged his dick out a bit longer to match Chuck's ample measurements. "Yes, sir."

Chuck grinned at his friend, saying "Funky!"


"That thing you did." He followed Todd's example, gripping his cock in his hand and tugging on it, making it seem to lengthen as he pulled it. "Kinda cool." Chuck opened his hand, making himself swell to fill his grip. Then he squeezed, and the shaft returned to its previous dimensions. "Chuck gets big, Chuck gets small, Chuck gets big, Chuck gets small."

"Very amusing."

Chuck lowered his voice to a deep rumble and bent one arm, swelling the bicep to enormity. "Chuck get big." With his other hand, he pulled a couple extra inches of length out of his prick and made himself swell to beercan thickness. "Mm. Chuck very big!"

Todd looked at the doctor and said, "He could go on like that for hours. Let's move on."

"Very well. On to our next experiment." •

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