One Push Too Many


By RedKage

"What just happened?" Charles stared at his newly muscle-bound friend.

"I…don’t know." Darren began to squeeze his various muscles, as if he was trying to see if they were real or not. He now had the body of an amateur bodybuilder, one you’d most likely find in high school or in college. "I…I think this is another side effect."

"You think!? You’re almost as big as I was three years ago!" Charles poked Darren’s chest. It was as solid as a rock. "What I want to know is why?"

"Umm…"Darren scratched the back of his head, an action that nearly tore his shirt to shreds. "I think…that the chemicals caused the over concentrated hormones and stuff to, uh, mutate into a kind of…super steroid induced semen."

"You mean…anyone who gets covered in my cum will grow?" Charles gaped.

"I…think so, but I’m not sure if it’s skin contact or indigestion that activates it."

"But you didn’t swallow any." Charles pointed out.

"Some got in my mouth when you hit me in the face." Darren replied. "I’ll have to do further testing until I try another formula. This…is really…" Darren pulled his pants waist a bit and peeked down. "Unexpected."

"It’s not fair." Charles whined. "How come you buff out while I’m stuck with a giant dick?"

"I said I was sorry, geez!" Darren sighed as he opened the closet and pulled out a mop. "I guess we should start cleaning up."

"Cleaning…what up?" Charles looked around, confused. There were no longer any signs of cum anywhere. Even Darren’s shirt was now dry and clean.

"Fascinating." Darren said in awe as he ran a finger along the couch. "It seems that you semen can dissipate into basic harmless gas in mere moments! Now, if we can just-"

"You can just go look for an antidote already!" Charles grabbed the mop from Darren’s hands and started whacking him with it. "I wanna get back to normal, and I wanna get back to normal NOW!"

"Yes, yes, yes." Darren sighed. "I’ll get to work right away."

* * *

Charles felt the hot water wash over his body as he lathered his hands with soap. Even if all the cum had vanished, he still felt the need to wash himself up, so he got into the shower and started it up. However, right before he began to scrub himself, he stared at his massive cock.

"Better avoid touching that…" Charles said to himself. He didn’t want to go weak in the knees. Sighing, he ran his soap-covered hands over his chest, brushing the nipples in the process.

What happened next was a blur. Charles was hit with a very intense wave of pleasure, causing his cock to jump up so fast that it hit the shower wall, then smacked him hard in the face! At the same time, his legs lost all his strength, which buckled instantly. Finally, the force of the blow from his suddenly erect cock caused him to lose balance and he fell backwards onto the shower floor.

Within moments Darren rushed in. What he saw was Charles lying on the floor, sporting a massive erection, and, to his surprise, a large hole in the wall where his cock had hit. "What happened?" Darren rushed to Charles and pulled him up.

"I…don’t know." Charles stared at his dick, baffled. "One moment I was washing myself, the next…."

Darren stared at the fully erect cock, his eyes wide. "Did…you do something that might have set it off?"

"I don’t know!" Charles exclaimed. "All I did was started washing my chest, then all of a sudden I had this massive hard-on!"

"I wonder." Darren looked peculiarly at Charles’s chest. After a long moment, he reached out and poked Charles’s left nipple.

Charles’s dick suddenly exploded with cum! It gushed out of his dick, spraying everything in sight!

Darren, surprised, pulled out a tube with a cap on it. He opened it and filled it with cum, then capped it again. Next, he opened his mouth and started to drink cum while his hands went and rubbed cum all over his body.

Unlike the first one, Charles stopped after twenty seconds or so, tired and surprised. "What…the…HELL!?"

"Your nipples have apparently been sensitized." Darren licked his lips. "It must be another one of the side effects, so I’d be careful if I were you."

"I don’t want this!" Charles cried. "There’s no way I’m gonna have a cum button! And…eww! Why the hell did you drink my cum!? What are you, gay!?"

Darren stared. "You mean…you don’t know?"

"Know what?"

Darren stared harder. "You…are really stupid."

"What do you mean!?" Charles was starting to get annoyed by Darren.

"I mean, it was so obvious."

"What are you-" Charles blinked, his mind finally registering what Darren meant. "Oh."

"You really are stupid, aren’t you?" Darren shook his head. "And here I thought you knew since day one….ohhh…..GOD!" Darren moaned as his muscles suddenly twitched and expand in front of Charles.

Darren’s shoulders broadened further and bulked up with muscle until they looked like bowling balls were set in. His biceps grew larger and thicker, soon reaching around forty five inches, cold! His forearms also bulked up, becoming a pyramid shape.

Darren’s chest, which was already big, grew bigger and bigger, until there was a loud tearing sound as it ripped straight down the middle, revealing pecs the size of basketballs, and a perfectly defined ten pack!

Darren’s legs also grew to support the growing mounds of muscle. His quads, already big, grew more and more, so big that they actually touched each other! His calves inflated like two balloons, and grew as big as one!

Finally, the already obvious bulge in Darren’s pants stretched even bigger! The fabric audibly groaned as it tried to keep in the growing muscle, but to no avail. After a long battle, his pants finally burst open, and a long, thick, 12-inch dick flopped out, with balls the size of oranges.

"Ohhhhh yeah…" Darren moaned as he cupped his balls. "THAT’S what I’m talking about."

"I feel like some sort of cow." Charles muttered, glaring at Darren jealously.

"Don’t worry, I’ll get you back to normal soon." Darren said without looking up. "Only…"

"Only….what?" Charles asked.

"Only I wanna show this body off first!" Before Charles could do anything, Darren ran out of the bathroom, grabbing a pair of shorts from Charles’s open dresser, and dashed out the front door, leaving Charles standing alone in the cum soaked bathroom. •

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