One Push Too Many


By RedKage

Charles sat on the couch with his head leaned back. It had been three hours since Darren ran off, and Charles was frustrated. After he had finished cleaning up, Charles tried to put on a shirt, but when the fabric rubbed against his nipples, he had nearly passed out in ecstasy. So he abandoned the shirt and walked back out into the living room, only to fall to his knees, his cock erect, just by having cold air touch his nipples by passing an electric fan! After Charles recovered, he ripped the fan’s plug off, closed every open window, and plopped himself in front of the TV.

Then, he yelled at the top of his lungs. Why was it that Darren get to grow while he was stuck with a wimpy body and a giant dick!? It was Darren’s fault he was like this, so he should be the one growing!

And yet, somehow, he felt…happy…for Darren. After all, Darren was his friend, so he should be glad he could make him happy. After all, it’s not every day you can turn your friend into a knockout stud.

Something bugged Charles as he thought of this. If Darren can turn big, why couldn’t he? Even though after all that’s happened so far, Charles was still willing to try ANYTHING to get big again.

Grimacing, he pinched his nipple, and felt his cock grow bigger and harder until it was fully erect. Playing around with his nipple, he felt his balls churn and throb as he neared his climax. Moaning, he reached out and grabbed his cock and pulled it towards his mouth. As soon as it was within reach, he placed his lips as much as he could around the head and pinched his nipple as hard as he could, causing him to shoot his load.

Charles almost gagged by the sheer force and amount, but kept on drinking. His cheeks bulged visibly, and large amounts of cum flowed from the corners of his mouth and down his body. With his free hand, Charles rubbed the cum on his body as much as he could while continually drinking.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he finally stopped. Leaning back, he gasped for air, feeling very wiped out after three orgasms that same day! Charles poked his arm, trying to see if he was any bigger, but nothing happened.

"Damn!" Charles got up and kicked a nearby table. To his complete surprise, it flew across the room and broke into pieces as it slammed into the far wall.

"Wha-" Suddenly he began shaking violently. He could barely breathe as he fell onto the floor, his limbs twitching like mad. He felt that he was like burning in a furnace as spots formed before his eyes.

If anyone had been watching, they would have saw Charles having what appeared to be a seizure, but something else as well. His body slowly grew bigger with muscles and power. His deltoids blew out to the size of his head, and his biceps became watermelons covered in thick, pulsing veins. His chest, which Charles had always been proud of, kept on growing and growing until they were about a hundred inches around! His flabby stomach reverted to it’s perfect six pack, but then continued to develop until it was the most beautiful twelve-pack!

Charles’s upper body was breathtaking, and so were his lower parts. His legs, which once jiggled with leftover fat, now rippled into quads that grew and pushed each other, each one the circumference of people’s waists, and then some! His calves, which had always been his weak point, inflated bigger and bigger, until they were big enough for Charles to run around the world and back again!

Charles could only moan as his seizure weakened and his muscles grew. His hands darted out, feeling his new vastness, his newly formed power. He couldn’t resist bouncing his pecs, feeling then move like waves of water. To his surprise, his mouth was suddenly shut tight as he bounced his pecs. He laughed when he realized his chest was so big that they were pressing against his chin!

His cock seemed to like the feeling also, because it swelled up again. Grinning, he ran his incredibly strong hands up and down his pole, feeling it pulse with energy. Faster and faster he stroked, trying to release it. Finally, tired of waiting, he pinched his nipple again, causing his cock to climax like never before. Charles didn’t get a chance to enjoy all of it because after three seconds of release, he grew too tired and fell asleep.

* * *

"-arles." A distant voice called. "Charles!"

Charles moaned as his eyes slowly opened. Staring into his face was Darren, who looked worried for some reason.

"Hey." Charles said wearily. "Like what you see?"

"What did you do to yourself!?" Darren exclaimed.

"I tried growing myself. It worked, so now I’m a muscle GOD!" Charles moaned. Somehow, he couldn’t find the strength to sit up. Figuring it was just exhaustion, he paid it no attention.

"Muscle god?" Darren echoed. "Have you any idea what happened?"

"What are you-" Charles stopped cold. He had reached up to grab Darren by the shoulder, but it was…puny! Panicking, he sat up, only to be pushed down again by something big and soft. Straining his neck, he looked at what was stopping him and screamed.

He was skinny! His new muscles were now completely gone, and his whole body was so thin, he could see his bones! But that wasn’t the worst. What really horrified him was the size of his cock. It was HUGE! It was now longer then his leg, and the width of a redwood! And his balls, which were now so huge, they pushed his legs apart and was waist high with Darren, who, surprisingly, no longer had his muscles.


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