One Push Too Many


By RedKage

Here is the next chapter in my series. And as promised, there is some growth! Though, it's not as good as others....but still, I'm improving, alright? And I promise I will have more growth in the next chapter.

Breakfast that day was full of surprises. Only after a few minutes of eating, Charles suddenly felt heavier and bloated. As he looked downwards, his eyes bulged as he watch his gut and breasts had expanded. When he got on the scales, he found, to his utter horror, that he had gained twenty pounds in no time flat!

"I was afraid of this." Darren said grimly. "Your metabolism is so low that anything you eat immediately turns into fat."

"Then fix it!" Charles roared. "I am NOT going to gain five pounds of fat just from eating one stinking meal!"

During the rest of the day Darren spent all his time in his room, working up possible antidotes. Meanwhile, Charles had difficulty adjusting to his new form. It took awhile before he got use to the weight of his belly and his massive cock and balls. The bad thing was, that his thighs and balls were so big that every step he took rubbed it and caused him to go into a mini erection, which felt about the same as a normal erection, only it was a fraction of what he could actually experience.

Finally, at four o� clock, Darren finally came out of his room holding three vials of liquid. "I finally managed to concoct three possible antidotes, each of them should restore at least one part of you."

"Like make this thing shrink?" Charles waved at his dick, which was hanging at an angle due to its semi erection.

"Not quite." Darren shook his head. "The formula I used on you was suppose to dispose of the hormones and testosterone, but somehow most of it is still locked in there. One of these will redistribute it, but I�m not entirely sure if it will wor-"

Tired of hearing Darren�s technical babble, Charles impatiently grabbed the vials and drank all three simultaneously.

"No!" Darren cried in horror. "You weren�t suppose to drink it all at once!"

"Why not?" Charles belched. "As long as it gets me normal, I don�t care really."

"Because we don�t know how one will affect your body, not to mention what those chemicals will do when they mix! Honestly, sometimes I think you�re so dumb sometimes that-"

Darren was interrupted when Charles belched again even more loudly. "Oh�I�m not feeling�so�BUUUUUURP!" At this moment some of the fat seemed to melt away. As Charles continued to belch, more and more fat disappeared until it got to the point that no more fat disappeared, even when he belched.

"Boy, that was�. BURP! Interesting." Charles remarked as he looked over his body. He no longer had had fat breasts, and he even had a bit of chest muscles back! But his gut was still there, even though it was not as big as it was before. There was still a bit of flab all over his arms and legs, but at least he was now at a more manageable size.

"Well, one formula worked." Darren remarked. "One of those vials was designed to use your fat tissue for an energy source, and it restored your metabolism to normal�though I think it was even improved it far more then it was suppose to."

"Okay then." Charles said, his belching finally coming to a halt. "Then what do the other two do?"

"Well," Darren said, looking at the empty vials. "One of them uses the extra energy to cause your muscles to go through a �work out� kind of state. The other re-circulates your hormones back through your body. However, there might be side effects."

"Like wha-" Charles suddenly gasp as he felt waves of pleasure wash through him, flooding into his dick. In no time flat, his cock grew harder and harder as he felt hornier then anyone ever has.

"Oh GOD!" Charles moaned as his cock grew bigger and harder. It went from two feet flaccid to three in no time flat, sticking out parallel to the floor. But he wasn�t done. He was still not fully erect yet. Before his eyes, his cock throbbed and veins pulsed as it rose slowly upwards. It kept on gaining inches both in length and in width. It pressed hard against his gut, and rose to the level of his chest his chest. Then it went up further, till he was able to see the head two feet away from his nose! If it had been any closer, Charles would have guessed that he would have been able to sock his own dick, but because of his stomach, it was angled outwards.

Pre cum was already flowing out of his cock head, pouring out in a continuous flow as it ran down his cock. Finally, he couldn�t resist. He hugged his dick with his scrawny arms. Immediately the feeling doubled by his touch as he began rubbing furiously, trying to beat off the giant prick.

Darren just stood, there, staring, his mouth wide open. He looked at the impossible sight of his friend hugging a cock that was as big as him. Slowly, he stepped closer and closer, until he was within arms reach. Then, he touched it.

In that exact moment, Charles shot his load. It was so sudden and unexpected that it hit Darren square in the face with the force of a fire hose. Not expecting such a force, Darren was thrown back and landed on the floor as Charles continued to cum. And cum. And cum!

Charles moaned in ecstasy as his balls continued to produce an endless stream of semen. It was practically raining cum as his shot continually in a steady, powerful flow. After awhile, his erection began to weaken, and his balls began to droop. However, everything in the room was now soaked with cum.

Finally, Charles stopped and plopped down onto the coach, exhausted. "My�GAWD That felt good!"

"It�s sure going to be a lot of trouble cleaning up though." Darren looked at the surroundings. "I think that the formulas were altered when you ingested all three at once, so it increased your sex drive quite a bit instead of curing you."

"It still felt good though!" Charles looked up. "Anyway, I don�t expect everything to work the first time, so just�" Charles�s eyes went wide as he stared at Darren. "D-Darren?"


"I think�you�re growing."


Right before Charles�s eyes, Darren was growing bigger, like a balloon being filled with air. Slowly, his shirt tightened as his shoulders broadened and his chest grew, stretching the wet shirt to its limit. The sleeves strained to hold in the biceps and triceps that were forming, which went from completely flat to the size of vein-covered softballs.

His legs, which had longed resembled toothpicks, now filled out to the size of tree trunks. His stomach, which had always been flat, now had ab muscles popping out, until he had a very defined eight pack. The last and final growth occurred within Darren�s pants. The bulge where his crotch was located grew bigger and bigger until Charles could only guess that it was now porn star level.

Finally, Darren stopped growing. He was now about five foot eleven, his new muscles stretching his clothes skin tight, trying to contain the size of the newly grown bodybuilder.

"Wow." Was all Darren could say. •

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