Gaston's Growth

Yoko’s Game


By musclefreak4559

Johnny struggled against the chains that held him tight to the chair, Yoko walked over to him with a needle and that was connected to a test tube and then began to draw blood. “ We have a plan for you Johnny my boy,” Yoko said as he wiped the spot of blood off of Johnny’s arm and placed a bandage on it “ Jessie has an idea that might end this whole thing and your master can’t stop me!” Yoko laughed and handed the blood to Jessie who began to add a few drops of liquid to the tube. “ Hank’s formula has given me an idea. What if we were to create a serum to not only reverse the process but also neutralize it as well? The result is this liquid I hold here.” Jessie said as she hit some keys on the computer and showed a digital model of the serum’s affects. Johnny gasped as the muscular computer model shrunk to a normal size and then when stayed that way even when he was injected with a molecular compound like Fred’s. “ You bitch! You can’t do this. I won’t let you!” Johnny shouted and then felt Yoko’s hand slap him in the face. “ You my friend are not being receptive to our ideas! You don’t know what that fucker has done to me or this town! Now if you’ll excuse me I have a mayor to phone!” Yoko laughed and walked over to the phone. Jessie giggled madly “ Isn’t this wonderful Johnny! Soon you and I’ll be together, the whole Quest team back together again!” Jessie said as Yoko began to talk to the Mayor. “Yes mayor this man needs to be stopped and I think it is high time we do something about it! Yes I’ll be there right away, bye bye!” Yoko said as he hung up the phone and picked up his coat. “ I’m going out watch our little friend here until I get back!” He said and walked out to the car.

“ I got a transmission from Yoko’s cell phone, He’s talked to the mayor and I think he’s planning something big!” Dilton said as he worked on the new command center in the back of one of Fred’s many Hummers. “ Doc, we need to get to the mayor’s office now. You take Race, Hadji and Wolvie to the Mayor; the rest of us will be with Dilton and trying to locate Johnny.” Fred said the three gods and hopped out of the Hummer and walked over to the 2005 Ford mustang and hopped in and Fred turned to Dilton. “ Would you have anything that would help us find Johnny?” Fred asked Dilton smiled “ you mean with the locator watch he was wearing when he left. Hell yes!” Dilton said a keyed up a map “ He’s five miles out of town. Looks like he’s in another cabin!” Fred started up the Hummer and rolled out of the woods following Dilton’s directions and praying it wasn’t too late.

“ Alex, will you hold all my calls for tonight?” Mayor Fenton said as he paged his assistant. “ Yeah sure, What for?” She asked Fenton laughed. “ Just some kook who thinks he’s trying to save the town. I tell you what, if I had a penny for every kook who walks in here with some plan to save the town I’d be richer than the Donald would himself!” He said and then sat back in his chair. Alex was sitting at her desk when the door blew open and the three god’s appeared and walked over to the mayor’s door. “Hey , you can’t go in there without an appointment!” Alex shouted , Wolvie cocked his gun and pointed it at Alex “ Schedule this bitch!” Wolvie said and shot her computer. The Mayor heard the shot and pressed is intercom “ what’s going on in there?” he said and then Hadji ripped the door off the hinges. “ We need to talk!” he shouted as soon as they walked in. “ Who the fuck are you? I’m calling security!” he said but Race slammed a fist on the phone and crushed it , the mayor was stunned. “ What do you want?” he stammered Wolvie laughed “ Darlin, don’t play dumb with us. We know you talked to Yoko Kurama about some sort of formula and we’re here to stop you from even meeting that little fucker!” he said and then leaped on top of the mayor. Race smiled and then placed his gun to the Mayor’s testicles and cocked the gun. “ No please! I’ll do whatever you want just don’t shoot me!” The mayor shouted, Dr. Quest walked over to the mayor and looked in his eyes. “ You’re gonna cancel your appointment with Mr. Kurama and If he does come here tell him that we know what he’s up to and to knock it off! Got it , because if not we’ll turn you from Mr. Fenton to Mrs. Fenton !” he shouted and then they heard Yoko’s laugh. “ You boys know it’s illegal to threaten a government official don’t you?” Yoko said and then walked over to the mayor. “ So sorry I’m late, I had to go through a shit load of screening processes. Now Mayor we need to talk!” Yoko said and then felt him being placed in a chokehold by Race. Yoko struggled and kicked frantically gasping for breath and began clawing at Race’s powerful arms. Yoko passed out and went limp, Hadji picked him up in his arms and walked out , and the others followed and went home to wait for Fred.

Jessie poured the wine into her glass and looked at Johnny and smiled. “ How about a little music my sweet.” she said and pressed the play button on the CD player. Urge Overkill’s “Girl you’ll be a Woman soon” played in the background she began to dance in slow and soft motions , the wine sliding on the sides of her glass. Johnny fiddle with his chains, he was almost to the breaking point. Jessie moved to Johnny’s lap and began to give him a lap dance grinding on his thigh. Then the chains snapped , Johnny wrapped the chains around her throat. “ Johnny , you’re choking me! Stop please, for the love of god!” She croaked but Johnny was not going to kill her , just knock her out. “ Jessie clawed at her throat gasping for air until she blacked out and fell to the floor. Fred’s Hummer pulled up the headlights gleaming in the window. Fred burst in, “ Johnny, are you in here?” he shouted as he walked in. He saw Johnny standing over the unconscious Jessie. “ I took care of her, lets go!” Johnny shouted and ran towards the door. “ Nice to see you again Mr. Quest!” Dilton said , Johnny nodded hello and sat down. “ I’ve got a call from Wolvie, He’s got Yoko in his possession at home!” Dilt said , Fred started the car and drove off to give Yoko his punishment.

Fred walked into mansion and saw Yoko tied to a chair in the foyer. “ Yoko, Yoko, Yoko. What are we going to do with you? You just don’t seem to give up do you. I wish you’d just follow the rules here and do what we say!” Fred said and then punched him in the face but Yoko’s face began to sink in. Sparks flew from his face and then his stomach seemed to part. Yoko’s image appeared in the screen coming out of the middle of his stomach. “ Hello boys! Did you think that I’d let you capture me at the Mayor’s office did you? By the way Johnny , I have Jessie here and she’s not too happy about your little act of violence you performed back here. Now the game begins, I have with me 20,000 gallons of our new formula here and we plan to have it dumped into the water system in 24 hours. All you have to do is give up your little game. The clock is ticking Fred, It’s your move!” Yoko said and then the screen shut off. Fred smirked “ Let’s play Yoko.” he said and then picked up the phone and dialed the number. “Buu this is Fred. I need a favor?” Fred said , Yoko didn’t know that soon a new foe would come his way, because Fred had called up his secret weapon the most deadly assassin in the world Super Buu. •

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